Powerscore LSAT Review: Is It Right For You?

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Powerscore is popular among LSAT takers because of its prep books called the Bibles. But does the same go for its LSAT prep courses? 

This Powerscore LSAT review looks into the company’s several LSAT course offerings. You’ll learn about their benefits, resources, and other important features. 

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Summary Table

Powerscore has three LSAT prep courses, so here is a quick summary of what each one has to offer:

On Demand

Live Online

In Person





(Traditional Classroom + Online)


$195 per month

(additional $350 initial enrollment free)




Eric Ockert

(99th percentile scorer)

170+ LSAT scorers

170+ LSAT scorers

Hours of live instruction


(Lessons are delivered through 30+ hours of recorded course lectures)



Supplemental instruction hours or digital content

55+ supplemental instruction hours

100+ supplemental instruction hours

100+ supplemental instruction hours

Weekly LSAT Clinics


(40+ hours of additional live instruction)


LSAC-licensed practice tests (in digital format)




Scoring and performance evaluation




Course materials

Course book, printed lessons, homework, explanations

Course book, printed lessons, homework, explanations

Course book, printed lessons, homework, explanations

LSAT Forum




LSAC Subscriptions

(must pay additional $115 for LawHub Advantage)

(must pay additional $99 for Prep Plus)

Not Specified

Powerscore LSAT Overview 

These are the things you can expect when you buy a Powerscore LSAT course:

  • Expert instructors
  • Comprehensive course materials 
  • Supplemental discussions from Powerscore’s CEO and vice president
  • Personalized online student center filled with homework, explanations, and other resources
  • Access to an LSAT forum where you can interact and see informational threads

Powerscore LSAT Review for 2024

This part discusses critical features or aspects of Powerscore LSAT courses. It aims to provide an in-depth analysis of their value to aspiring LSAT exam takers.  

Course Offerings 

Powerscore LSAT Course Options

In the past, Powerscore offered a wider variety of courses. It included weekend, accelerated, and advanced programs. 

However, the company reduced its 2023 offerings to On Demand, Live Online, and In Person. The differences between these courses result from them catering to different audiences. 

For instance, the first course – On Demand – is for students who want to study at their own pace. There are no live classes that have a set schedule, as it may be difficult for these students to attend them. 

Meanwhile, the other courses are for students who prefer interactive classes. The difference is that the Live Online course is purely online. So it accommodates students who cannot or do not want to travel. 

In selecting the best course for you, consider your schedule and learning style. Accessibility to in-person class locations is also a factor. Not all cities have Powerscore In-Person LSAT courses.

Also, content-wise, there’s little difference between the three. Students have access to a similar amount and type of materials. 

There might be a significant difference for On Demand students. After all, they have no live classes and only half of the supplementary instruction hours. 

But you can also fill that gap with tutoring, prep books, or other materials from Powerscore. 


The On-Demand course from Powerscore is the company’s most affordable option. But while it says the course costs $195 per month, that’s not all you have to pay.

You’ll also have to pay an initial enrollment fee worth $350. It covers the first month of subscription, course materials, and delivery fees.

You must have an LSAC LawHub Advantage subscription worth $115 for one year of access. You pay for it separately. 

So if you intend to enroll in the On Demand course for four months, your actual expenses would be $1,050. It covers the enrollment fee, three months of access, and LawHub Advantage. 

Thus, all Powerscore courses can be costly unless you finish On Demand fast. For the quality and volume of the programs, many students found the price tags worth it. 

Moreover, the company allows payment in installments. It is through Affirm and only for Live Online and In-person courses.  

Free Trial or Resources

Powerscore LSAT Free Resources

Many LSAT course companies offer a free trial of their courses. They do that so you can assess if they’re a good fit for you before purchasing. 

But Powerscore does not offer a free trial. They also limit opportunities for sit-in classes. It’s so that they do not undermine the experience for the actual enrollees.  

If you want a glimpse of Powerscore’s methodology, watch the company’s course previews. 

Another option is to take advantage of their free learning resources. Here are some of them:

  • Blog
  • Forum 
  • PodCast
  • Self-Study Site
  • Exam & Admission Webinars 

Among all these free resources, I recommend attending a free webinar. It will let you see how their instructors teach. You can also assess how informative their discussions are. 

Moreover, the company tends to give discounts to webinar attendees! So, not only do you get to check how Powerscore matches your needs, but you also save money. 

Lesson Videos

Powerscore LSAT Lesson Videos

Powerscore’s courses have more than 100 hours of videos, especially if you’re an On-Demand course enrollee. So you must know about their quality. 

Unfortunately, Powerscore’s videos won’t win awards. Their audio is low quality as it sounds grainy. But it isn’t choppy, inaudible, or incomprehensible.

Also, they are only recordings of online webcasts. You won’t see much of the instructor. Instead, the focus is on the material or presentation on the screen. 

If you want to see your instructors’ faces or many visual elements, this course might not be best for you. The same goes for people who are particular about video or audio quality. 

Live Webcasts 

Powerscore LSAT Live Webcasts

As I’ve mentioned, the videos for the On Demand course appear to be recordings of online classes. Most likely, they were from the Live Online course classes.

The said course consists of live online webcasts. Like the On Demand videos, the presentation or material takes up half of the screen. 

While the discussion is ongoing, there is an active chat room. If you have questions or clarifications, you can place them there. The co-instructors try to respond as soon as your queries come in. 

Even if you don’t see much of your instructor or coursemates, there is interaction. The instructors even come in earlier and leave later so they can address questions. 

Moreover, you can catch up by viewing a recording if you missed the live class. It’s accessible for up to 120 days, so you can rewatch them even when you’re farther along the course! 


The Powerscore courses are best for exam takers who are still building their LSAT foundation. 

The courses do not focus too much on difficult questions. Instead, they teach students the fundamentals, such as how to approach problems.

Students also find the courses to be well-paced. Indeed, many even took them as they needed help staying committed to their LSAT review. 

So if you follow the study plan or attend the live classes, you’ll progress well in your LSAT preparation. 

Homework, Questions, and Practice Tests 

Like other courses, Powerscore offers practice questions and tests to its students. Many are officially sourced, too, as students must have LSAC subscriptions. 

Aside from questions and tests, Powerscore provides homework for every lesson. Students like homework as it forces them to stay on track with their studies.

Homework also identifies which items they do not have a good grasp of.  

Supplemental Material & Instruction

Powerscore LSAT Supplemental Materials

The videos, lessons, questions, tests, and homework are plenty enough for some students. But that’s not all Powerscore has for its course enrollees. 

They offer over 50 hours of extra video lessons. These feature their executives: Dave Killoran and Jon Denning. 

If those names are familiar, that may be because they are famous personalities in the LSAT world. 

Dave Killoran is the author of the highly acclaimed Powerscore LSAT Bibles. Thousands of test takers credited these Bibles or prep books for their LSAT success. 

Sadly, the LSAT Bibles are not included in any Powerscore course subscription. So you’ll have to buy them separately. 

You can also take advantage of the supplemental material instead. For instance, each course has a unique, physical coursebook delivered to the students. 

There are also concept drills, problem sets, question analyses, and other resources. These are accessible through the online student center. 

If you’re a Live Online or In-person student, you’re also entitled to weekly LSAT clinic hours. These are extra live instruction hours delivered by expert instructors. 

During these hours, you get to hone your skills and master concepts. It also opens more opportunities for question and answer, interaction, and topic specialization. 

Instructors/Student Support 

Powerscore LSAT Instructors

The Powerscore instructors are remarkable and one of the courses’ most significant advantages. 

For the On Demand course, the primary instructor is Eric Ockert. He scored in the 99th percentile or top 1% of the LSAT. 

Ockert also has extensive experience – worth 15 years – teaching aspiring exam takers. So he isn’t just an exam expert. He’s also good at taking students toward their LSAT goals. 

Meanwhile, the Live Online courses are also taught by exam top scorers. They are LSAT experts who scored at least 170 on their LSATs. 

The high scores assure students that these instructors know what they’re talking about. But it’s not just that which makes them special to students. 

According to course enrollees, they appreciated the instructors’ openness to questions. They could clarify many things and raise their queries during the classes.

The swift response is not just because of the instructors’ expertise. It’s also because there’s often more than one instructor during class.

The co-instructors can respond to the questions students raise during class on chat. So those queries get resolved immediately. 

Note, though, that I based these assessments on the On Demand and Live Online courses. As of August 2023, the In Person course is still suspended. Because of that, there isn’t recent feedback on its instructors. 

But as the Live Online course virtually simulates the In Person, you can expect the quality to be the same. 

Powerscore LSAT Bibles

Powerscore LSAT Bibles

I can’t discuss Powerscore without mentioning its LSAT Bibles. These are prep books written by the CEO, Dave Killoran.

There are three books, also known as the LSAT Bible Trilogy. There is one book each for Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. 

Some students even review with just the Bibles – no paid courses. They find them comprehensive enough. After all, each provides practice questions, explanations, analyses, and guides. 

Private Tutoring

The private tutoring option is ideal if you prefer one-on-one guidance and instruction. Like the live course instructors, Powerscore’s tutors are 170+ LSAT scorers. 

Unlike the live courses, tutoring schedules have more flexibility. You can decide when to have a session and whether it will be online or in person.

Also, you don’t just receive guidance from a tutor. If you bought a package, you get course materials, extra videos, and score analytics. 

So you can experience many similar advantages as course students with private tutoring. It can be costly, though, with the most expensive package costing $7,200 for 60 hours only.

Powerscore LSAT Prep Pros & Cons


– Expert instructors who are quick to respond to queries with efficient explanations.

– Comprehensive and well-paced curriculum that includes the fundamentals.

– Supplementary discussions by well-known LSAT experts such as Dave Killoran.

– Active interaction between students and instructors during live classes.

– Accessible video lessons and class recordings you can watch any time.


– Low-quality videos and audio.

– Does not include the popular Powerscore LSAT Bibles.

– Course prices do not include a subscription to LSAC Law Advantage Hub or Prep Plus.


The Powerscore LSAT courses are best for students still starting their review journey.

These courses are excellent at establishing the fundamentals for students. They’ll learn about question types, analyses, approaches, and more.

But if you are looking for challenging LSAT practice questions, the courses do not really cover them. Instead, most of the courses’ questions are about basic or fundamental topics, rather than complex subjects. 

Moreover, discussions do not really include unique strategies you may use to approach difficult topics. Students even say that at the end, the courses focus on rehashing basic or fundamental lessons and strategies.

That approach may be helpful for those who are still struggling with the lessons. However, those who want to move on to advanced aspects of the LSAT, may find the end part boring.  

Powerscore LSAT Prep FAQs

Is PowerScore a Good LSAT Prep?

Powerscore provides good LSAT prep courses, especially for students struggling with the fundamentals. They are comprehensive and cover the fundamentals. Exam experts designed the curriculum delivered by competent instructors.

Is PowerScore Logical Reasoning Good?

Powerscore provides good training on logical reasoning for the LSAT. They are well-known for their prep book on the subject, known as the LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible. It discusses question types, explanations, and other tips to ace that section.

Is PowerScore Tutoring Worth It?

PowerScore private tutoring is worth it to students who only have a few queries. The same goes for those who are sure of their difficulties.

In both cases, you are sure what you want to achieve through tutoring. So you can avoid paying for hours wasted on you or the tutor trying to guess what you want or need.

Also, the tutoring is worth it because many materials come with the packages. For instance, you can access supplementary discussions delivered by the company’s executives.

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