Blueprint LSAT Review 2024: Is It The Best?

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The LSAT is a challenging exam to study for, and opting for guided prep feels safer than going out on your own trying to figure out how to study for this exam.

With a ton of prep options in the market, though, how do you guarantee that your money will be well spent? 

How do you guarantee that you’ll get the 160+ score, therefore justifying the choice of Blueprint prep?

Well, perhaps this Blueprint LSAT review could help put your mind at ease. 

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Summary Table

Blueprint LSAT Course


From $299 / Month

Personalized Study Plan


LSAT Questions


LSAT Practice Exams


Office Hours


Live Instruction 

37+ Hours

Hardcopy LSAT Books


Free LSAT Resources


Score Increase Guarantee


Blueprint LSAT Prep Overview

Blueprint LSAT is best known for its well-organized course curriculum and its highly engaging lessons taught by instructors who are highly knowledgeable in the different study areas.

All in all, Blueprint offers excellent guided LSAT prep, guaranteeing you’ll be equipped with everything you need to ace the exam.

They offer a range of LSAT prep options, including a self-paced course, live online classes, and a tutoring prep option.

Here’s what you get upon signing up for Blueprint LSAT:

  • A Personalized study planner that syncs to the Calendar App. 
  • A lesson learned journal.
  • 9,000+ real LSAT questions.
  • Over 68 interactive learning modules.
  • Hundreds of hours of engaging on-demand video content.
  • AI-powered QBank with over 7,500 questions.
  • Custom-tailored QBank practice sets.
  • 15+ actual Proctored LSAT exams.
  • Live Office Hours 6 days a week.
  • Recordings of Office Hour sessions.
  • Hard Copy books with extra content and guidance.
  • Access to LawHub Advantage.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Score increase guarantee.

Blueprint LSAT Review For 2024


There are 4 Blueprint LSAT prep courses to choose from: the Self-Paced Course, the Live Course, the 170+ Course, and the Tutoring packages.

Blueprint LSAT Prep Options


Access Period

Self-Paced Course

From $299 / Month To $1,399


Live Online Course


5 Months

170+ Course


8 Months

Tutoring Packages

From $1,000 To $10,499


At the most basic level, Blueprint LSAT provides the option of accessing their self-paced course on a month-by-month basis, depending on your study needs. 

For this option, you pay $299 each month which allows you to access the Blueprint study resources on an as-needed basis.

Just as well they also provide supplemental tutoring packages accessible on an hour-by-hour basis. This will cost you $250 per tutoring hour, but the minimum duration you can sign up for is 4 hours.

LSAT Study Plan Tool

Blueprint’s study plan tool instantly creates your perfect LSAT study schedule based on how many study hours you can avail per week and your LSAT exam date. 

Better yet, you can rest the study plan any time if you want to reorder assignments, adjust to a new LSAT date, or sign up for a new Live course track. 

This study plan seamlessly integrates live classes, pre-work, homework, practice sets, and practice exams, keeping you on track with your LSAT prep all from one handy tool.

Better yet, the study plan syncs with your Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar app, so you can see all your LSAT assignments from your calendar application at all times.

Course Curriculum

The Blueprint LSAT curriculum is organized into 69 interactive learning modules. Each module contains on-demand video lessons and quizzes.

  1. On-Demand Video Lessons

Blueprint’s video lessons are short and precise, breaking down the different LSAT concepts into understandable, digestible chunks. 

These video lessons are visually engaging and entertaining, filled with humor to make the content easier to remember.

  1. Quizzes 

You have quizzes mixed in throughout the video lessons in each module and this helps to enhance your content grasp, ensuring you apply active learning as much as possible.

  1. Lessons Learned Journal

Allowing for simplified note-taking, the lessons learned journal lets you create an entry directly from the practice tests interface. 

Blueprint LSAT Lesson Learned Journal

While in exam review mode, you can use the lessons learned journal to document any personal notes and insights pertaining to any mistakes you made on a specific question, strategy issues, etc.

This is an incredibly helpful tool that allows you to stay organized, making your LSAT prep that much more efficient so you won’t forget action items you are supposed to work on.

  1. Office Hours

Included with all Blueprint LSAT courses, you get access to live online office hours 6 days a week.

Each office hour session lasts about 2 hours, and this is the time when instructors take students on a deep dive into a particular LSAT concept or exam question type. 

Cumulatively, office hours amount to about 100 hours of live expert instruction, which is invaluable for any student hoping to score highly on the LSAT. 

Taking full advantage of these interactive lectures will help you optimize your LSAT prep, making Blueprint completely worth it. 

You can register for any topic that interests you and you can also submit specific questions about that topic in the lecture chat. 

Furthermore, you also get access to recordings of office hours so you can always go back to make references if need be.

If you want to take full advantage of the Blueprint LSAT prep, please do yourself a favor and attend as many office hours as you possibly can manage. Ultimately, office hours could be the sole difference between a 156 and a 176 on the LSAT. 

Live Lessons

Each live online LSAT Class is taught by 2 on-screen instructors in an engaging discussion-driven format, almost like a podcast. 

Class time is spent addressing your questions, modeling and teaching LSAT strategies, and providing you with guided practice and feedback. 

This means that you have to come to class ready to apply concepts as opposed to learning them from the ground up.

For that to be possible, though, Blueprint provides you with pre-work.

  1. Pre-Work

Pre-work refers to a series of videos covering underlying concepts and strategies that form the basis of each live lesson. 

Blueprint LSAT Pre-Work Lessons

This way, you go into a lesson understanding what makes sense to you and what you may need a little extra help with in the lesson. 

You have to complete your pre-work in advance in order to make the most out of your live online classroom experience, 

  1. Homework

The homework assignments given to you after the live lesson help to solidify your understanding of a specific LSAT concept.

  1. Flexible Class Scheduling

The Live online LSAT course allows for flexible class scheduling such that you can repeat and reschedule any class as many times as you want with any instructor.

This means that you can take the same class from different instructors, allowing you to get different perspectives on how to tackle difficult concepts.

blueprint lsat logo

Get up to $400 OFF

No code needed

blueprint trustpilot reviews

Holidays sale: Get up to $400 OFF today and start your LSAT prep the right way!


Best video lessons for LSAT in the industry.

Offers all prep options: online, live classes and private tutoring

Score increase guarantee


Higher price tag but we think it’s well justified.

Practice Material

As far as LSAT practice, Blueprint provides an assortment of practice material to work on in the form of practice sets and practice exams. 

  1. Pre-Generated Homework Sets

These are homework sets that appear fully formed in your study plan after you’ve tackled each set of learning modules.

The questions in this set are drawn from the massive Blueprint QBank, with over 7,500 real LSAT questions.

These practice sets are designed to give you practice in the types of questions taught in the modules. 

The best part, though, is that as you progress through the LSAT courses, more practice sets reinforce earlier concepts, combining more question types to get you ready for exam day.

  1. Self-Directed Practice Sets

About 25% of your practice will come in the form of self-directed QBank sets, whereby you get to customize your own practice sets based on the areas you need more practice on. 

This allows for a tailored study experience suiting your particular strengths and weaknesses and optimizing your LSAT score.

You can create practice sets in each of the 3 LSAT sections, getting the option of working on a  specific concept of question type. 

  1. Practice Exams

For each Blueprint course, you will get started by taking a diagnostic test at the start of your course, and you also take another diagnostic halfway through the course.

Blueprint LSAT Practice Exams

In total, Blueprint LSAT gives you 15 practice exams at your disposal, and it is advisable to complete at least 8 by the time you are done with the course.

In addition to that, it is also recommended that you do individual timed sections of real practice tests so you can better refine your technique and timing as it pertains to the specific LSAT sections. 

Blueprint offers practice exams in 2 formats: LSAT Flex containing 3 sections, and the full LSAT containing 4 sections. You can choose whichever format you wish to practice with based on how much practice you need and how much time you have available to take the exam. 

  1. Live Proctored Exams

Blueprint LSAT students additionally have the option of taking live proctored exams whereby they take a practice exam in a timed, test-like situation complete with a proctor. 

Better yet, the exam interface perfectly mimics the actual LSAC interface, complete with all the features, so you won’t get any surprises on test day. 

The proctored exams are scheduled as Zoom webinars and you can choose any exam you’d like to take during the proctored session.

Furthermore, these proctored sessions also apply to LawHub Advantage exams if you’d like to do so. 

The only downside is that when you take an exam through LawHub, you won’t get access to Blueprint’s score report, analytics, or explanations once you’ve completed the exam.

  1. LawHub Advantage

Each Blueprint prep course comes with an LSAC LawHub advantage subscription which allows you to access LSAC’s official LSAT questions and exams.

You get access to over 85 practice exams, providing the best kind of realistic practice regarding what to expect on the actual exam. 

  1. Answer Explanations

Blueprint LSAT provides over 300 hours of video explanations for all their practice questions and exams. 

Advanced Analytics

One of the Blueprint LSAT highlights is the advanced analytics which all students get full access to.

By providing an in-depth look into your performance, Blueprint’s detailed analytics will allow you to make faster progress with far less effort.

You have the overall analytics showing your progress over time in both practice exams and section exams. Then you also have aggregate analytics.

Aggregate analytics are based on the individual LSAT sections, and your performance here can be viewed by question type, by difficulty, and bookmarked questions.

Additionally, you can also view your performance by questions where you changed your answer, showing how often you changed from right to wrong and vice versa. 

This insightful analysis of your performance helps you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses, not to mention your test-taking tendencies as well. 

The AI-driven QBank similarly uses smart technology to guide your LSAT prep with personalized data-driven recommendations based on your performance 

You get guidance on how to create smarter practice sets, pinpointing your weaknesses so you can better eliminate your content gaps.

The guidance offered is very precise, highlighting the section, question type, and difficulty level to focus on, as well as the recommended time you need to spend on each subject area.

All this helps a great deal to take the guesswork out of your LSAT prep for an optimized studying experience.

Free LSAT Resources

Blueprint LSAT allows you to sign up for a free account, where you can sample a few of their features before committing to any one of their course packages.

The free 7-day trial comes with access to the study planner tool, + LSAT practice questions, 8 learning modules, and 2 full-length exams with a detailed score report, full explanations, and analytics. 

Their other free online resources, which you can access even without a free account, include the LSAT flashcards, logic games eBook, LSAT question of the day, and free LSAT events and webinars. 

Score Increase Guarantee

Blueprint’s score increase guarantee applies to all the Blueprint LSAT courses except the monthly subscription and 4-month self-paced course plans.

There are certain measures that you have to take in order to be eligible for the score increase guarantee. So make sure you read the eligibility requirements even before you get started on your Blueprint LSAT prep. 

Blueprint LSAT Prep Pros & Cons


– Very user-friendly interface. 

– Provides plenty of representative practice.

– The explanation videos are really well done.

– Allows for a very personalized study approach.

– Has excellent student support, even via email.


– Their coverage of reading comprehension is a little weak.


Blueprint offers nicely structured LSAT prep that’s not only informative but pleasantly engaging and entertaining as well.

Compared to other LSAT prep courses in the market, Blueprint LSAT leans towards the pricier side of things. But is it worth it? Absolutely!

The course curriculum overall is very well done. Everything is outlined logically and the modules are comprehensively done, complete with quizzes and homework assignments to guarantee your comprehension.

Aside from that, Blueprint LSAT instructors are very knowledgeable in their craft and they also offer great student support even after class. 

The instructors show a genuine interest in wanting you to succeed, which is an added advantage to taking this blueprint course. Just as well, Blueprint’s Logic Games section has been covered pretty well. 

The LSAT practice tests draw questions from the LSAC which means that you get to practice using very representative resources. Not to mention that the answer explanations are really well done too.

For each practice exam you complete, you get a full score report, complete with advanced analytics breaking your performance down to the last bit.

This makes it easy for you to assess exactly where you stand, including understanding the question types that you may be struggling with in a particular LSAT section.

All in all, if you are looking for more structured LSAT prep, you are better off going with a Blueprint Live course as opposed to the self-paced option.

Whichever the case, though, Blueprint’s LSAT prep certainly gives excellent value for money. 

Blueprint LSAT Prep FAQs

Is Blueprint LSAT Test Prep Worth It?

Yes, Blueprint LSAT test prep is worth it.

Although pricier than other options in the market, Blueprint prep is incredibly thorough, not to mention that the course also provides plenty of representative practice in readiness for test day.

The lessons are pleasantly entertaining and engaging, filled with helpful strategies and guided practice.

Also, through the flexible classes, customizable study plan, AI-powered QBank, and the advanced analytics used, LSAT Blueprint provides a tailored study approach suiting your specific schedule and study needs. 

Lastly, we have the office hours, which are an invaluable resource for any student when used optimally. 

Does Blueprint LSAT Come With Books?

Yes, Blueprint LSAT comes with books.

Each course comes with a hardcopy LSAT Strategy Guidebook, but aside from that, there are free books as well. You can download the Logic Games eBook completely free of charge.

How Long Is The Blueprint LSAT Prep Course?

It takes about 4 months to comprehensively complete the Blueprint LSAT self-paced course.

This is assuming that you tackle about 4 modules a week, complete with homework questions, additional QBank practice sets, and a full-length exam every week.

It will take you about 18 hours per week to get through each set of 4 modules, meaning it will take you about 17 weeks or so to complete all 69 learning modules. 

Of course, this is just a rough guide. Ultimately, your pace will depend on your comprehension, study schedule, practice test review sessions, etc.

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