DAT Discount Codes & Coupons 2024

This is the page where you will find the latest deals and coupon codes on all major DAT prep courses and programs.

We strive to track and compile the most current DAT promo codes, discount deals, coupons, and promotional sales.

We update this page regularly to make sure all coupon code are working. Please let us know if you noticed that a coupon code is not working for you.

Where Can You Find The Best DAT Discount Codes?

  • Most DAT discount codes are offered around major holidays such as New Year, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc.
  • Some promo codes are only available for a limited period, so if you stumble upon a great deal, seize it before it’s gone.
  • Some test prep companies, such as Princeton Review, offer discount sales pretty much all year round, while other companies hardly ever have such deals.
  • Different test prep programs have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages, so do not base your choice purely on which company has readily available discount codes. Be prudent in your decision-making.

1. DAT Bootcamp Discount Codes

Where Can I Find A DAT Bootcamp Discount Code?

For DAT Bootcamp, we have for you the best discount code available that will get you up $90 OFF. Just use this coupon at checkout ‘TESTPREPPAL10’

During the Black Friday period, you can use this code “testpreppal20” to get 20% off any DAT Bootcamp plan.

Up to $90 OFF


dat bootcamp testimonial 2
datbootcamp testimonial 1

The all-in-one DAT prep that everyone is talking about is here, plus with a discount


Offers excellent answer explanations.

Top-notch chemistry videos.

High-yield practice tests.


Sometimes the videos can be too detailed.

Use code at checkout: TESTPREPPAL10

Will DAT Bootcamp Give Me A Discount If I Reach Out To Them Directly?

Yes, DAT Bootcamp will give you a personalized discount if you ask for a group discount for your club or school.

How Often Does DAT Bootcamp Offer Discounts?

DAT Bootcamp offers discount codes most of the time. You will simply need find a working coupon code like the one we are sharing on this page. The biggest sale however happens in the holidays seasons and it can be up to 20% off.

If you have more questions about this, please refer to this page where we go into more details regarding the DAT Bootcamp promo codes and deals

How Good Is DAT Bootcamp’s Black Friday Sale?

DAT Bootcamp’s Black Friday sale can give you as much as 20% off. Use code “testpreppal20” in checkout to benefit from this deal.

How Do I Get a 20% Off Discount Code For DAT Bootcamp?

Currently, the standard DAT Bootcamp discount code is 10%, and it is really hard to find a 20% off promo code. 

Nevertheless, DAT Bootcamp offers these larger discounts occasionally, so simply keep your eyes peeled for that, especially around major holidays. (use code “Testpreppal20” for 20% OFF)

2. Kaplan DAT Discount Codes

Does Kaplan DAT Have A Discount Code For New Customers?

No, Kaplan DAT doesn’t typically offer a discount code for new customers.

However, if you are lucky, you may find a running promo code during the period in which you intend to sign up for the course.

When Does Kaplan DAT Offer Special Discounts?

Yes, Kaplan does offer special discounts quite frequently. 

For instance, Kaplan DAT currently has a discount code for new customers where you get 20% off using the promo code ‘BF20’. Click on this URL to benefit from this deal.

However, you need to keep in mind that this is a limited-time offer and only applies to Limitless prep by Kaplan™. 

Such offers are available pretty much all year round, with the variation being how good the discount offered is. 

How Much Can I Save On Kaplan DAT Using A Discount Code?

With 20% off, you can save about $120 on Kaplan DAT. 

Occasionally, you may even come across coupons that allow you to save as much as $250! 

3. Princeton Review DAT Discount Codes

How Much Can I Get Off 2024 Princeton Review DAT Black Friday Discounts?

The amount you can save on Princeton Review’s DAT Black Friday sale could vary vastly depending on the coupons provided by the test prep company. 

On average, expect to save about $400 on your subscription. You can see this URL to get that deal.

How To Get A Discount Code On Princeton Review DAT?

Currently, Princeton Review has a promo code running whereby ‘DAT200’ will give you $200 off your DAT 20+ membership.  

Besides that deal, using the ‘Email12’ promo code will give you 12% off the course.

Does The Princeton Review Have A Referral Discount Code?

In the past, the Princeton Review provided a referral program whereby you could earn gift cards worth up to $100. That no longer appears to be the case, as there is currently no referral discount code.

4. Crack The DAT Discount Codes

Are There Any Coupons Or Discount Codes For Crack The DAT?

Yes, there are quite a number of Crack the DAT discount coupons that you can use to save a pretty penny on your test prep.

‘LSUDAT’ will give you 15% off, ‘ELENIDAT’ will give you $20 off, while ‘PODCAST’ and ‘SHADOW’ will give you 10% off. 

How Does Crack The DAT ASDA Discount Code Work?

If you are a member of the American Student Dental Association, or ASDA for short, you are eligible for a 15% off discount code on your CrackDAT subscription. 

You simply enter your ASDA membership number when prompted, and you will receive your discount code.  

5. DAT Destroyer Discount Codes

Where Can I Find A DAT Destroyer Discount Code?

‘Think30’ will give you 10% off, while ‘lsupredental’ will give you 15% off.

Additionally, DAT Destroyer automatically offers bundle discounts when you purchase combo packages. For instance, you will save $50 on a DAT and Math Destroyer bundle.