DAT Score Calculator 2024

Welcome to the first and only DAT score calculator that is online and totally free.

Are you wondering how your performance on DAT practice tests would translate to the real DAT scoring system?

Then, you came to the right place.

DAT scoring system is very complicated and it’s very difficult to know your score on the real DAT just based on how many correct answers you got in your last full DAT practice test.

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For that reason, we did all the work so you do not have to.

We created this spreadsheet below that calculates your DAT score on the 2009 DAT exam based on how many correct answers you got.

All you need to do is enter how many correct answers you got on each section: Biology, Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Reasoning and Perceptual Ability Test.

The new tool will automatically calculate your Average Academic Score as well as your Natural Science Scores. Also, you will know in which percentile you will be positioned based on your score.

Note: the scaling is based on a scoring chart from the 2009 DAT exam. To read more about how Raw to Scaled score conversion works, read our article here

Please copy this spreadsheet to your personal Google Drive in order to be able to use the DAT score calculator

dat score calculator online
Preview of the DAT score calculator

How We Created This DAT Score Calculator?

We relied mainly on the new 2021 report by the American Dental Association that was released a few months ago. This report provided statistics about last year’s DAT results by pre-dental students. Based on those statistics we were able to figure out what score you should get in order to be for example in the 50th percentile (spoiler: it’s 18/30). Those statistics were the basis for creating this calculator to make it as close to real world numbers as possible.

For example, these were the results for 2021 tests. You can see that the mean (average) score was 18.66 vs 18.71 in 2016. So, average scores have stabilized in recent years.

dat scores academic average 2021 results

Also, we used this article from DAT Booster to be able to figure out how to scale scores for each section based on the number of correct answers. The ADA testing committee do not usually share how they do the scaling exactly as that varies every year. However, the scaling table shared by DAT Booster (based on 2009 DAT exam) gives us a rough idea on how the scaling works.