DAT Booster Discount Code: Use “TESTPREPPAL” for 10% off

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Since you landed on this page, you are probably looking for the best promo code available to save some money on your purchase of DAT Booster.

Well, at the moment, the best DAT Booster coupon code is TESTPREPPAL.

This discount will give you 10% OFF which is the most you can save on DAT Booster, aside from their usual Black Friday deal (not available now).

Quick Summary

  • DAT Booster frequently runs sales and special promotions throughout the year. Use code “TESTPREPPAL” to save 10% off.
  • Similarly, there are plenty of working DAT Booster discount codes that can help you save on your course membership.
  • The most you can save on DAT Booster is 15%, while the most common coupon code will give you 10% off.

What Is The Best DAT Booster Discount Code For 2024?

Currently, the best DATBooster discount code will give you 10% off the course. 

This means that with the discount in place, the 90-day subscription will cost you $254.99 whereas the 180-day access will cost you $424.99 saving you $45 and $75 respectively.

There are several working DATBooster coupon codes that you can use to get the 10% off especially our own discount “TESTPREPPAL” which is exclusive to our readers.

How Much Can I Save Using A DAT Booster Discount Code?

During the biggest DAT Booster sales, you could end up saving as much as 15% off your course subscription. 

A regular 10% off DAT Booster coupon code will end up saving you $40 or $70. 

It doesn’t sound like much, but hey, considering how expensive taking the DAT could end up being, even something as little as $40 is worth saving if you can.

How Often Does DAT Booster Offer Special Promotions?

The great thing is that DAT Booster runs its special offers and promotional discounts quite regularly.

In any given month, you can bet that there will be a special promotion running, half the time. So whenever you may be signing up for your DAT Booster course, you can almost always guarantee getting a discounted deal on the DAT packages.

Aside from the promo codes and coupons, Booster also frequently has free giveaway promotions whereby you could get a free test prep course. 

These giveaways typically happen on their social media pages, so you may want to keep an eye out for that especially if you are truly strapped for cash. 

Who knows, you may be the one lucky winner who gets to bag a free DAT Booster Bio Crash Course or a free DAT prep course membership. 

The third option is to look out for major holidays sales such as Black Friday Discounts where the biggest DAT Booster sales typically happen.

How Can I Redeem A DAT Booster Discount Code?

Redeeming a DAT Booster discount code is fairly straightforward. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Visit the DATBooster website and sign up for an account. 

Step 2: Once you’ve set up your account, you will be directed to the DAT Booster classroom where you should now click on the ‘Upgrade’ button.

DAT Booster Classroom

Step 3: You should now be directed to the DAT Booster upgrade page. Go ahead and click on the ‘Upgrade Membership for $299’ button in order to be directed to the payment window.

DAT Booster Coupon Code

Step 4: In the payment window that pops up, you should see a box where you can input your discount code. 

If you have a valid discount code, your discount should be processed immediately, and you will be notified of the same. 

If the coupon code has already expired, you will similarly get a notification alerting you that the code you have used is invalid and therefore no discount will be effected.

DAT Booster Working Coupon Code

DAT Booster Discount Code FAQs

Will DAT Booster Provide A Discount Code If You Reach Out To Them?

Actually, yes, DAT Booster will happily give you a discount code if you reach out to them requesting one.

The Booster team is rather friendly and always willing to help a student save money on their DAT prep.

First off though, if you are a member of a pre-dental club or society, begin by checking if there is a discount already set up for your society.

If there isn’t a discount in place, don’t fret. Just contact the DAT Booster team and they will set something up just for you.

Can DAT Booster Freeze My Account If I Sign Up Using A Discount Code?

Yes, DAT Booster can put your account on hold after you have signed up using a discount code.

Keep in mind though that you need to have a valid reason to request the freeze, such as, for instance, a change in your DAT test date. Also, another thing to keep in mind is that you can only pause your membership once.

How freezing or pausing the account works is that once you have signed up for the premium course, you can reach out to the Booster team requesting them to pause your account until a certain point in time.

Once paused, you will no longer have access to the account or the related DAT study material, until the time when your membership will be unpaused and then you can continue using your account as usual.

The time period during the pause will not count as part of your account usage. So if you buy the 90-day membership, then put it on pause after 20 days and have it paused for 60 days, those 60 days will not be deducted from your 90-day subscription. 

Can I Use A Promo Code To Extend My DAT Booster Subscription?

Yes, you absolutely can use a promo code to extend your DAT Booster membership in case you have already exhausted your 90-day subscription, or even if you are due for an extension as per Booster’s higher score guarantee

When Does DAT Booster Have Its Biggest Sale?

The biggest DAT Booster sale is typically around major holidays. For instance, their Black Friday sale tends to be pretty big, giving you up to 15% off.

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