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The new DAT Booster website is faster and far better than the previous version with many new features like performance analytics and Booster AI.

But, they have also raised their price.

So, you may be wondering: is the newly added features really worth the increase in the price?

Well, this is exactly what we will discuss in this new DAT Booster review.

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DAT Booster Testimonial

This is the best bang for your buck when it comes to premium DAT prep programs.


The best PAT section content in the industry.

Representative practice tests that closely resemble the real thing.

Beautifully illustrated videos that get right to the point.


Tutors take a little longer to respond to queries during weekends.

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Summary Table

DAT Booster Premium Membership

DAT Booster Premium Membership Max




Access Period

90 Days

180 Days




Video Content (Video Lessons + Solution Videos)

3,000+ Videos

3,000+ Videos

DAT-Specific Illustrations



Full-Length Practice Tests



Subject-Based Tests



Practice Questions






PATBooster Integration?



One-On-One Tutoring



Higher Score Guarantee



Mobile-Friendly Interface?



Mobile App?



AI Integration?



Additional Perks


• First Access to New Features

• Higher Priority Support

DAT Booster Overview

DAT Booster recently launched a whole new website and I must admit that I am quite taken by it.

The design layout is flawless, with all-around better content organization and plenty of handy new features that are guaranteed to make your DAT prep that much more efficient.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. So how about we start at the beginning?

To start off, the platform still offers two subscription options: a 90-day membership for $399, and a 180-day membership for $699.

At a minimum, here is what you get upon signing up for DAT Booster:

  • 8,900+ DAT practice questions, updated every week.
  • 3,000+ DAT-specific animated videos.
  • Over 420 video lessons.
  • Biology & Quantitative Reasoning cheat sheets.
  • Condensed Science study notes & plenty of handy study tips. 
  • 5,000+ Custom Illustrations to help you visualize difficult concepts.
  • One-on-one tutoring is available via chat support throughout your studying
  • PATBooster integration, complete with Fully Interactive 3D models.
  • PAT Generators give unlimited PAT questions.
  • 3-tier mark learning system.
  • Visualized progress and performance analytics.
  • Membership pause feature.
  • Higher Score Guarantee.

The big difference between the two DAT Booster membership options is that the Max subscription gives its users first access to new DAT Booster features. Additionally, the Max members also get higher priority support from the Booster team.

Now let’s take a finer look at what exactly the new and revamped DAT Booster has to offer its users. 

DAT Booster Review For 2024

Freezable Membership

One key aspect of the new DAT Booster is that you can now pause or freeze your membership, and then reactivate it to immediately resume your learning.

There are many reasons why a student may wish to put their DAT prep on hold for a bit, but then that always comes with the worry that you would be wasting your subscription, since the clock is ticking away anyway, regardless of whether or not you are using the study platform.

Well, with the new DAT Booster, that is now a worry of the past, as you can easily and effortlessly make use of the membership pause feature. 

Interface & User Experience 

One simple but important difference you may notice about the new DAT Booster website is that it is significantly faster compared to the old one.

Not to mention that it is far more visually appealing as well.

The content organization is much better too, starting from how everything has been clearly laid out for you in the Classroom page, cutting across to the organization of content within the respective DAT subject categories and even down to the various study tools. 

DAT Booster Interface

Navigating the DAT Booster website is a breeze right now.

You can make use of the Search function to quickly find content related to any DAT topic or subtopic, and there are also Hotkeys that allow for quicker navigation through questions. 

Ideally, all these changes have ensured that you can prepare for the Dental Admissions Test far more efficiently. 

Rather than wasting time sifting through a ton of material trying to find content related to ‘Arithmetic Sequences’ for instance, you can just type this into the search bar and you will get to see all question banks and video lessons related to the said topic.

DAT Booster Search Function

More efficient studying means accelerated learning, whereby you can focus your studies on exactly where you are falling short, therefore saving you valuable study time in the long run. 


Speaking of more efficient learning, you will be happy to learn that the new DAT Booster now features a fully mobile-friendly interface. 

All pages are fully mobile-friendly, which also applies to the PAT generators.

This means that you can pick up your learning from any of your devices, at any time, wherever you may be. 

Suppose for instance you were studying on your laptop last night, you can pick up where you left off on your smartphone while commuting to school, or on your iPad during your lunch break without needing to download anything else.

Just log onto the DAT Booster website from any of your devices and you are good to go.

Mobile App

Besides being fully mobile-friendly, DAT Booster has recently launched a mobile App as well where you can get instant access to Booster’s question banks, videos, and progress anywhere you go.

The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Up to $70 OFF


DAT Booster Testimonial

This is the best bang for your buck when it comes to premium DAT prep programs.


The best PAT section content in the industry.

Representative practice tests that closely resemble the real thing.

Beautifully illustrated videos that get right to the point.


Tutors take a little longer to respond to queries during weekends.

Use code at checkout: TESTPREPPAL

Course Curriculum

DAT Booster comes with a host of study materials to aid in your DAT exam prep. These study resources include:

  1. Study schedules
  2. Video lectures
  3. Science notes & cheat sheets
  4. Flashcards
  5. Practice tests & questions
  6. PAT exercises
  7. One-on-One tutoring

The key thing to remember here is that DAT Booster is a fully self-paced DAT prep course

Understandably, self-paced courses can be a little confusing with regards to how you can efficiently tackle all the study material at your disposal as well as optimize your study time. 

Not to worry though, that is where Booster’s study schedules come in handy, as these are essentially study guides that direct your learning while encompassing all the study materials and presenting them to you in reasonable, digestible chunks. 

1. Study Schedules

DAT Booster provides 3 study schedules: an 8-week version, a 10-week version, and a 12-week version which you get to choose depending on how much DAT prep time you have.

Besides helping you stay on track, each study schedule is designed to help you use DAT Booster to its full potential considering that all content within DAT Booster has been included in the study schedules accordingly.

Rather than feel flustered about how to go about your DAT prep, these well-thought-out schedules are the perfect starting point for your studying.

2. Video Lectures

DAT Booster’s video lessons are beautifully illustrated, which makes it easy to comprehend and master even the most complex concepts.

DAT Booster Video Lessons

Not to mention that it is also much more fun to learn concepts from lively, animated videos, rather than staring at a whiteboard for hours on end. 

3. Science Notes & Cheat Sheets

For Biology, you have the Feralis-Booster Biology notes, along with the taxonomy study sheets and Booster’s cheat sheets.

All these comprise high-yield content, making it easy to quickly reference the majority of the Biology content you need to know for the DAT. 

Besides Biology, you also have study notes covering General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry alongside Gen Chem Formula and Nomenclature review sheets; and Organic Chem Reaction, IUPAC, and Lab test study sheets.

In addition to providing quick references, using these will greatly help you determine what to focus on when reviewing the various science subjects.

4. Flashcards

The DAT Booster course comes complete with over 4,500 Quizlet flashcards and Anki Decks.

These will handily help you review your content grasp when you can only manage a 5-minute break from work or even during your commute. 

5. Practice Tests & Questions

DAT Booster has always prided itself in having very representative and realistic practice problems, and this remains the case even with the newly updated website.

One perk here is that the new test interface is an exact replica of the real DAT, right down to Prometric Delay, and time modifications to help any learners with testing accommodations.

DAT Booster Test Interface

The question banks come with a shuffle feature if you wish to mix things up, which may be the case if you are tackling a particular question bank for, let’s say, the 4th time now.

Additionally, there are hotkeys that allow you quicker navigation through questions.

Just as well, another pleasant introduction is the right-click option to cross out answer choices as you work through the practice problems.

The mark-learning feature now comes with a 3-tier question tagging system: ‘Learning’, ‘Reviewing’, and ‘Mastered’. 

Once you mark a question, either from the full-length tests or the question bank, you can later sort through the marked questions and tag them accordingly, based on how well you grasp the content being tested.

This allows you to create a database of concepts you are weak in and therefore need to apply more learning.

6. Illustrated Answer Explanations

All DAT Booster questions come with answer explanations, either in written, illustrated form, or video solutions for the more complex concepts.

DAT Booster Answer Explanations

Whichever the case, the visuals accompanying the solutions guarantee that you get to quickly, and clearly understand the explanation provided. 

7. PAT Practice

Your DAT Booster prep course subscription will come inclusive of PATBooster at no extra charge at all!

PAT Booster is the premier prep tool for the perceptual ability section of the DAT exam, and it comes complete with:

  • PAT Generator tools which provide unlimited PAT questions
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Fully interactive 3D models
  • PAT videos and guides

With PAT Booster, you get rigorous PAT prep that is guaranteed to make it easier for you to breeze past the PAT section of the actual DAT. 

8. One-On-One Tutoring

DAT Booster’s one-on-one tutoring comes in handy if you get stuck at any point during your DAT prep, or if you have a question on a specific concept where you may need further clarification.

This tutoring is available via the chat support feature on the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Simply initiate a new conversation with your query, and a Booster team member will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Booster AI

Still on efficiency while studying, another handy time-saving feature is Booster AI which is available within the practice questions.

DAT Booster AI

Booster AI is a personal tutor designed to answer your questions more instantaneously instead of having to wait for a few hours to get a reply from a tutor via the chat tutoring feature.

Whichever questions you may have regarding specific content on DAT Booster, you can turn to the AI to get further clarification on the answer explanation that’s been provided.

As of yet, Booster AI hasn’t been developed to see images yet. Nevertheless, it still does a stellar job of answering your questions.

DAT Booster Ask AI

If you have any concerns about the answer provided or still need further clarification, then you can always contact the team and get a response that may be better suited to exactly what you are looking for. 

Crash Courses

DAT Booster’s Crash courses are short 3-hour classes typically conducted within small student groups.

Each course is taught live, by an expert tutor whereby they focus on providing high-yield information you need to know for the upcoming DAT, as well as high-value tips & tricks to help you arrive at the correct answer more efficiently. 

From tips on how to cut down your QR answering time to narrowing down what you need to study for Biology, or even tricks to approaching different PAT problems, you are bound to leave with some valuable knowledge from each crash course.

Some crash courses even come with additional high-yield tests, focusing particularly on content that has recently shown up on the actual DAT, so that you are better prepared for the upcoming exam. 

Featuring new and fresh content, upcoming crash course dates are released every 2 weeks, and each class will cost you $125.

Visualized progress

Another pleasant DAT Booster update addition is the visualized progress across the entire website.

Making use of progress bars throughout the website, you can, at a glance, tell exactly where you stand in your DAT prep and how far you have to go.

For instance, you can see that you have tackled 3,106 Biology questions out of the 4,080 total questions so you are about ¾ through with your practice. 

DAT Booster Visualizing Progress

At the same time, you can also see how many 3,106 questions you answered correctly versus how many you got wrong. 

This visualized progress cuts across the performance analytics page as well, whereby you could even choose to see your progress in a color-coded format. 

DAT Booster Performance Analytics

The practice test results are broken down in a similar visualized manner as well.

DAT Booster Visualized Progress

DAT Booster Pros & Cons


– Constantly updated to keep up with the most current DAT.

– The website is fully mobile-friendly.

– Visualized performance across the platform.

– You can pause/freeze your membership at any time. 

– Highly representative DAT practice.

– Detailed answer explanations complete with visual graphics.

– Excellent coverage of the PAT and Biology sections.

– Comes with a higher score guarantee.


– The tutors take a little longer to respond to queries during weekends.

– The higher score guarantee only applies for students attempting the DAT for the second time. 


Is DAT Booster worth it? Absolutely!

For starters, it offers excellent value for money whereby your pro membership for DAT Booster cost is far lower compared to the Princeton Review and DAT Bootcamp, for instance.

Not only that but when looking at DAT Booster Vs. other DAT prep courses in the market, Booster’s practice materials are hands down more representative in terms of the question structure, and the content tested.

Even the exam interface for their full-length tests is a replica of what you will encounter on test day. 

All the materials are regularly updated to keep up with the current exam format, which keeps the DAT Booster study resources very relevant and up-to-date. 

For instance, the recent update has seen a complete overhaul of their General Chemistry section, complete with new video lectures, question banks, etc. 

Not to mention that Booster is now faster with a much more visually appealing interface across the board and far better content organization. 

My favorite part though, has got to be the fully mobile-friendly platform, meaning I can pick up my learning on any device, at any time, provided I have logged onto my DAT Booster account. 

Another commendable aspect is that users can now freeze or pause their membership and then reactivate it any time they wish to resume their Booster membership. The entire process is easy and quick.

I quite liked the animated videos, complete with custom illustrations.

They not only kept my learning fun and lighthearted, but I also found myself more engaged while watching the lessons and having better content retention overall. 

The higher score guarantee goes a long way to give you some peace of mind, knowing that there is recourse if you don’t end up benefiting from Booster. 

Highly doubtful that will be the case though, because I can 100% stand behind this prep course and vouch for its efficiency when it comes to getting you ready for the DAT exam.

Up to $70 OFF


DAT Booster Testimonial

This is the best bang for your buck when it comes to premium DAT prep programs.


The best PAT section content in the industry.

Representative practice tests that closely resemble the real thing.

Beautifully illustrated videos that get right to the point.


Tutors take a little longer to respond to queries during weekends.

Use code at checkout: TESTPREPPAL

DAT Booster FAQs

Will DAT Booster Be Sufficient For My DAT Prep?

Yes, DAT Booster is sufficient for your DAT prep even when used as a standalone resource.

From the representative practice to the highly informative videos and high-yield study notes, learners of all levels are bound to benefit from using DAT Booster for their DAT prep. 

Booster provides a comprehensive review of all the DAT subjects.

In particular, their PAT and Biology sections stand heads and shoulders above the competition in how thoroughly the content is covered while giving you just what you need to know for the DAT and not overwhelming you with unnecessary details.

How Long Does It Take To Complete DAT Booster?

Ideally, it will take you 10 weeks to complete DAT Booster which translates to 2.5 months of DAT prep.

This is the ideal amount of time recommended by the DAT Booster team themselves, as outlined in their 10-week study schedule.

That being said, it is still possible to complete DAT Booster in 8 weeks, which is the shortest amount of time within which you can complete the course. Or you could even take as much as 4 months.

It all depends on what kind of learner you are, how well you have covered the DAT content, how much time you have available, how much time you can allocate to studying daily, etc.

Ultimately, the outlined DATBooster study schedules are just a guide and you can feel free to tweak them accordingly based on what works best for you and your study needs. 

How Representative Are The DAT Booster Practice Tests?

DAT Booster has some of the most representative practice tests you will find in the market and this cuts across all the DAT subjects. 

Their tests do an excellent job of simulating the actual DAT in terms of the content scope, level of difficulty, and structure of the exam.

Furthermore, they also provide a very realistic test-taking experience, complete with a test interface that’s an exact replica of the real test.

Just to show you how accurate their tests are, Booster scores are deflated only by about 3 points, which means that the tests will give you a very clear indication of how ready you are to tackle the real exam. 

Are DAT Booster Crash Courses Worth It?

Yes, DAT Booster crash courses are worth it. 

They are very helpful in emphasizing what important details you need to narrow down on the various subject areas.

You also get to leave with a ton of high-value tips and strategies on how to approach and tackle the different types of questions and arrive at the correct answer choice.

Taught by highly qualified DAT specialists, crash courses contain a ton of valuable information that may be just what you need to get past the hurdle you are experiencing in that subject you find particularly challenging.

Granted, these crash courses are often very fast-paced. However, they do provide an extensive overview of just what you need to know to make the DAT that much easier to maneuver.  

What Is The Guarantee For DAT Booster?

DAT Booster’s higher score guarantee guarantees that you will score a higher Academic Average on your exam than what you scored during your previous official DAT attempt.

If you qualify for the guarantee then you have the option of either extending your DAT Booster membership for an additional 90 days, or you could request a 50% refund.

You can find out more about DAT Booster’s higher score guarantee here.

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