Kaplan vs DAT Bootcamp: 2024 Comparison

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Looking to ace your Dental Admission Test (DAT)?

Making the right choice between DAT Bootcamp and Kaplan can significantly impact your preparation. In this comprehensive comparison, we delve into every aspect to help you make an informed decision.

From pricing and course options to video lessons, practice tests, and live classes, we dissect the strengths and weaknesses of both platforms.

Whether you prioritize realistic practice exams or value live instruction, we’ve got you covered. Dive into this detailed breakdown to discover which prep course aligns perfectly with your DAT goals!

Kaplan Vs. DAT Bootcamp Comparison Table

DAT Bootcamp

Kaplan DAT

Study Type

On-demand Videos

Live + Recorded 

No. Of Videos/Hours

3,550+ videos

210 Hours

Practice Tests


Practice Questions



Course Books



Paid option available

Full-Length Practice Tests



Higher Score Guarantee


Access Period

90 days

90 days

Mobile App


Free Trial





Kaplan Vs. DAT Bootcamp Overview

Whether it’s SAT, MCAT, GRE, or DAT, Kaplan is a famous and reliable name in the prep industry with thousands of successful students.

They offer highly valuable DAT prep course options with live classes, private tutoring, and realistic DAT practice tests.

Bootcamp is another household name among pre-dental students. They have helped over 50,000 students ace the DAT with their powerful and engaging video lessons.

But which one’s better?

Let’s review and compare both.

Kaplan Vs. DAT Bootcamp Detailed Comparison In 2024

Pricing & Course Options

DAT Bootcamp offers two packages: Bootcamp Pro and Bootcamp Plus.

DAT Bootcamp Course Options

Bootcamp Pro costs $499 and offers 90-day access to all the course material, which includes the following:

  • Video Lessons
  • 8800+ practice questions
  • Study plan
  • Bio Bites
  • And other material

Bootcamp Plus costs $1,199 and extends the access to 180 days with five additional full-length practice tests for each module.

On the other hand, Kaplan’s basic DAT course is called Limitless Prep 3 Months and costs $699. This includes the following:

  • 70 hours of classes per month
  • 7000+ practice tests
  • 7 full-length simulated tests
  • DAT prep book
Kaplan DAT Course Options

The next variant of the same package costs $999. On top of the basic features, it gives you additional access for 3 months (6 overall) and also adds 1 hour of personalized expert coaching.

Then, there’s the 12-month variant; it costs $1,599, includes all the basic offerings, and adds 3 hours of personalized coaching.

Finally, they have a customizable Tutoring package. It includes the basic package and lets you add 5 to 40 hours of private coaching. This can cost you anywhere from $1,300 to $4,300.

Our Thoughts?

To be honest, both courses are fairly priced.

DAT Bootcamp is relatively cheaper, but it gives you on-demand videos only.

Kaplan is a little pricey, but it offers live classes, which is definitely a better experience.

So, for us, it’s a tie when it comes to pricing and course options.

Course Structure & Curriculum

Bootcamp functions like an extensive library packed with study resources.

These include videos, notes, cheat sheets, question banks, and full-length tests – all neatly organized by DAT subject areas like Biology, Organic Chemistry, and more.

While this could feel overwhelming and “unstructured” due to the abundance of materials, Bootcamp offers a structured study schedule that serves as a guiding roadmap.

This schedule is incredibly detailed, breaking down your study tasks day by day, even specifying rest days.

DAT Bootcamp Study Schedule

Following this checklist-style schedule, you systematically progress through the course materials.

The time investment per day can vary between 3 to 7 hours, depending on your study pace, the content covered, and your personal depth of exploration for that day’s topics.

On the other hand, Kaplan’s approach to preparation revolves around live classes instead of on-demand videos. It features around 70 interactive classes (1 hour long) monthly that you can join at your convenience.

You also receive a pack of DAT prep books featuring practice problems, content review, and strategies. These books take you a level deeper in your prep and give you a whole lot of content to consume.

But fret not. You don’t have to study everything on your own.

Kaplan’s learning modules are well-organized, aligning with different sections of the exam and progressively building from foundational concepts to more intricate topics.

The integration of live classes, video lessons, assigned tasks, quizzes, and other resources 

Finally, you’re not on your own. Kaplan also gives you a study schedule that is meticulously crafted and covers essential content review with valuable strategy tips. What’s impressive is

This makes sure you stay on course with the preparation.

Our Thoughts?

Both programs have a well-structured approach and curriculum.

However, Kaplan’s curriculum edges past Bootcamp with its live classes. They are amazing in terms of knowledge and offer flexibility in terms of attendance.

You can pick the times you want and simply sit in to study where you think you need more focus.

Also, Kaplan’s curriculum really creates a comprehensive and effective study experience, enhancing both information retention and strategy development.

So, Kaplan wins.

Video Lessons

Bootcamp has invested a substantial amount in video production and hence offers high-quality videos with great content, where every tutor explains complex topics with slides, animations, and hand-drawn illustrations.

DAT Bootcamp Video Lessons

Apart from video lectures, Bootcamp also features extraordinary practice problem video breakdowns.

Yes, you get in-depth videos breaking down the practice problems and explaining the solution, including all the answer choices.

DAT Bootcamp Video Explanations

Wait. There’s more.

Bootcamp also offers an amazing collection of Dr. Mike’s Videos in the Chemistry modules. These are so good and popular that they have a separate tab named after the tutor, “Dr. Mike’s Videos.”

DAT Bootcamp Dr Mikes Videos

Besides quality, you get quantity as well. In total, DAT Bootcamp gives you over 3500 hours of video material, which is amongst the highest in the industry!

Does Kaplan offer the same quality of video lessons?

In a simple and straight answer, no.

Kaplan’s strength is live classes.

Though they give you access to video lessons, they are not very well produced and lack the depth that DAT Bootcamp offers.

Our Thoughts?

Video lessons are clearly Bootcamp’s strength. They are high quality and abundant in numbers.

So, Bootcamp wins.

Practice Tests & Questions

Bootcamp’s practice tests for the DAT are incredibly close to the real thing.

They look and feel just like the actual test you’ll take at the test center. The questions match the difficulty, content, and length of the real test, making it great practice for the actual experience.

You get to practice 8800+ questions with 60 practice tests. And you get 30 more practice tests when you get the Bootcamp Plus.

Moreover, the Question Bank is especially helpful as it also features written and video explanations of each question below it.

DAT Bootcamp Question Bank

Moreover, Bootcamp lets you tag questions based on how well you understand them.

For instance, if you feel confident answering a particular question every time, you can tag it green (Mastered). Or, you can tag them yellow or red if you don’t understand them well.

DAT Bootcampo Mark Learning System

This is an amazing feature to boost your practice and learning.

With Kaplan, you get around 7,000 practice questions and 7 full-length practice tests.

Now, these tests and questions are highly identical to the real DAT exam. Kaplan, too, has mastered the art of offering real-like exam experience in terms of the interface, question length, and difficulty.

Kaplan DAT Test Interface

Moreover, Kaplan also gives you one free full-length practice test.

This means you can test your DAT prep and experience the actual DAT without even buying the course.

Our Thoughts?

Both Bootcamp and Kaplan give you a realistic test experience.

However, Bootcamp is slightly better for practice since it gives you a larger number of questions and more full-length tests.

Also, Kaplan’s problem explanations are not up to the mark. They just give you short test explanations. Contrarily, DAT Bootcamp offers extraordinary, in-depth video explanations for test problems. 

So, Bootcamp wins.

Live Classes

DAT Bootcamp is a self-paced course, meaning there are no live classes, office hours, or tutoring.

On the other hand, all of the Kaplan packages include live online classes. However, Kaplan takes a different approach by providing flexible drop-in-style classes instead of fixed live class schedules.

You get almost 70 one-hour-long sessions per month that you can join according to your availability and preference.

The live classes are led by expert tutors and take place inside Kaplan’s digital platform. 

These live lessons feature content review, practice problem explanation, and strategies and tips to ace the DAT.

Interestingly, Kaplan also lets you access the recording of these live sessions. Amazing, isn’t it?

Our Thoughts?

DAT Bootcamp clearly falls behind when it comes to live classes or instruction.

So, Kaplan wins.

Prep Books

DAT Bootcamp is all digital. Video lessons, notes, cheat sheets, everything is available online.

So, there are no books.

Just like live classes, this isn’t Bootcamp’s strength.

Kaplan, however, excels in this matter. Besides their online course, they also offer printed DAT prep material, which is also available on Amazon as a standalone prep resource.

Kaplan DAT Prep Book

Now, this book is different from what you receive with your course subscription. Still, it’s a huge bonus and advantage over other prep courses.

You get access to more practice problems, tips and tricks, and in-depth lessons.

Our Thoughts?

DAT Bootcamp is excellent when it comes to video lessons and other prep material like study notes and cheat sheets.

However, they don’t offer a prep book.

So, Kaplan wins.

Free Trial & Mobile App

It’s very crucial for some people to test a prep course before they can decide if they want to buy it or not.

So, free trials are really important.

Bootcamp does a fine job of offering free resources.

You get access to plenty of video lessons, notes, practice questions, and one full-length practice test.

Plus, you can access all of your prep material via Bootcamp’s mobile app, which is available on both iOS and Android.

Sadly, Kaplan doesn’t offer a free trial. It only gives you one practice test to experience its practice exam.

Also, Kaplan doesn’t yet offer a mobile app. You have to use a computer/laptop to access your Kaplan account and all study resources.

Our Thoughts?

Like the previous category (prep books), this one isn’t even a competition.

Bootcamp wins by a landslide.

Higher Score Guarantee

DAT Bootcamp doesn’t offer any score guarantees.

This doesn’t mean that their content or prep material is subpar; it’s just not their policy.

Kaplan offers a guarantee that you will increase your score if you buy any of their DAT prep courses.

Kaplan DAT Higher Score Guarantee

Our Thoughts?

A higher score guarantee offered by any prep company signifies a strong belief in their content and study materials.

While it doesn’t take anything away from DAT Bootcamp, Kaplan’s guarantee definitely brings a sense of affirmation.

So, Kaplan wins.

Verdict: Which One Is Better?

Both courses offer amazing value for money.

Which one’s better?

For those seeking a self-paced and comprehensive study approach, DAT Bootcamp feels like an ideal choice.

Its strength lies in the wealth of high-quality video lessons, extensive practice questions, and mock exams mirroring the real DAT test experience.

Plus, the structured study schedule aids in disciplined progress through the materials, offering a clear roadmap for preparation.

DAT Bootcamp’s affordability, coupled with its robust content, makes it an excellent fit for self-motivated learners keen on mastering DAT content at their own pace.

And yes. They have a mobile app, too!

On the flip side, Kaplan stands out for its live classes and structured curriculum.

The inclusion of live online sessions, totaling around 70 hours per month, appeals to those who thrive in a more interactive and guided learning environment.

Moreover, Kaplan’s comprehensive study materials, including prep books and organized learning modules, add depth to the preparation process.

It caters well to students seeking a more traditional classroom experience with scheduled sessions and guidance from expert tutors.

Not to forget, Kaplan also has a higher score guarantee. So, if you want a sense of security, Kaplan could really be the right choice for you.

Overall, both courses are great. However, after this review, and as of 2024 we think DAT Bootcamp is better than Kaplan DAT.

Bootcamp has been the favorite choice of many pre-dental students in the last few years. Mainly because they offer more and better practice tests than Kaplan.

After all, the most important thing when it comes to scoring high on the DAT is getting to practice as many questions as possible while having great answer explanations and this is where Bootcamp excels. 

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