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DAT Booster vs. DAT Bootcamp: Which is Better?

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Well, it’s time to settle this debate for once and for all.

In 2023, I think most pre-dental students would agree that DAT Booster and DAT Bootcamp are the best value-for-money prep courses out there.

However, the community is divided when it comes to which program wins the battle: DAT Booster vs DAT Bootcamp.

So, we bought both courses and we compared them in every possible way to see which one has the upper hand.

Let’s dive in.

****If you are in a hurry, here is what you need to know****

Both the DAT Booster and DAT Bootcamp are excellent prep courses.

DAT Bootcamp has a better user interface, a mobile app and more detailed videos (Dr. Mike’s Chemistry whiteboard videos are excellent). On the other hand, DAT Booster has a better Biology and PAT section, study materials that get updated more often as well as representative practice tests that are close to the real test. .

If money is not an issue, I recommend getting both of them as they can complement each other in many ways. After all, what’s a few hundred dollars if that means you can massively increase your chances of getting into dental school?

Whatever option you go with, we have coupon codes to help you save money on both programs:

DAT Booster vs. DAT Bootcamp Comparison

Subscription Length

90 or 180 Days

90 or 180 Days

Delivery Option 

Fully Self-Paced

Fully Self-Paced

Practice Tests



Practice Questions






Full-Length Tests



PAT Tutorials



Mobile App?



Tutor Support?



Crash Courses



Higher Score Guarantee






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Is DAT Booster Harder Than DAT Bootcamp?

Based on some online reviews, we can safely say that DAT Booster practice tests have been more representative of the real DAT test. Is DAT Booster therefore harder than DAT Bootcamp? not necessarily. It’s just closer to the real test.

Both DAT Booster and Dat Bootcamp are outstanding DAT prep programs that do a great job at getting pre-dental students prepared for the actual Dental Admissions Test exam.

As far as the difficulty of the practice tests that these two courses provide, they are very close to each other. As the DAT test questions change every year, that can make one course or the other seem more difficult compared to the real test.

With that being said, from multiple online reviews we gathered on Reddit and Facebook communities, we get the impression that DAT Booster practices tests have been more representative of the actual DAT test in the recent years.

However, you cannot decide which is the better DAT prep program, based merely on which is harder. Let’s take a deeper look at both courses and see what each has to offer.

We reviewed them all. These two are the best DAT prep courses

dat bootcamp course

More detailed videos, a mobile app and a better user experience

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DAT Booster

More representative practice tests and better PAT resources

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Overview Of DAT Booster

Up to $75 OFF


DAT Booster Testimonial

This is the best bang for your buck when it comes to premium DAT prep programs.


The best PAT section content in the industry.

Representative practice tests that are close to the real thing.

Beautifully illustrated videos that get right to the point.


No mobile app available

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A premium membership of DAT Booster will cost you $299 (unless you use our code TESTPREPPAL in checkout for 15% OFF). With this, you get access to every single resource in DAT Booster for 90 days, after which your subscription expires. And if you want to have access to the course for 180 days, that will cost you $499.99

DAT Bootcamp on the other hand has a starting price of $497 for 90 days and $897 for 180 days. (Use our coupon code TESTPREPPAL10 to get 10% off)

So, from a pricing point of you, DAT Booster is the most affordable DAT prep program you can currently find in the market that offers high-quality resources.

User Experience

This is will come down likely to personal preference.

Personally, having used both programs, I find DATBootcamp’s interface and user experience more fluid and faster compared to DATBooster.

They both provide almost the same features and the interface is very similar. But, DATBootcamp just feels better designed with faster navigation times.

Study Materials

The Biology and PAT sections, in particular, are Booster’s strong suit.

DAT Booster is perhaps the most representative resource you will find in the market. The course offers a great selection of questions and is widely recognized for having very updated content.

The Biology section in this self-paced course is very representative. Most students who have taken the DAT recently cited that certain questions on the real DAT exam appeared word-for-word as they did on the DATBooster practice tests.

Besides that, DAT Booster is also famed for having clear and concise videos, which many students find appealing.

DAT Booster fully integrates PAT Booster, which has often been famed for providing excellent practice for the Perceptual Ability Test. The PAT generators within Booster do a great job generating the most representative practice questions that will boost your PAT score.

On the other hand, DAT Bootcamp stands out with its detailed videos that cover the entirety of all the DAT subjects in a way that some people may find too much. If you are someone who does not have a strong understanding of most of the subjects, then DAT Bootcamp is here to make sure you do not miss anything and that you understand everything.

Practice Tests

Owing to the course’s high yield practice questions, DAT Booster is best used as a resource for additional questions to give you that extra boost of confidence to face the real DAT.

The study schedule provided by DAT Booster makes it easy for the student to navigate through the wealth of resources at their disposal in the course.

Besides the individual test and questions, the schedule guides you on when to start taking the full-length tests to better prepare you for the actual test day.

Taking these full-length tests under timed conditions is important in building your stamina for writing a long exam, seeing as the DAT exam is 5 hours and 15 minutes long.

Overview Of DAT Bootcamp

Up to $90 OFF


dat bootcamp testimonial 2
datbootcamp testimonial 1

The all-in-one DAT prep that everyone is talking about is here, plus with a discount


Provides all the necessary materials needed to prepare for the DAT.

The best user interface in the industry.

An advanced markup feature to easily improve on your weaknesses.


Sometimes the videos can be too detailed

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DAT Bootcamp offers two membership options. You can get Bootcamp Pro for $497, which offers 90-day access to their study material and resources. Or you could get Bootcamp Plus for $897, which provides you with a membership period of 180 days.

For this comparison, we shall focus mainly on Bootcamp Pro.

Besides the premium membership, DAT Bootcamp offers a host of free study materials. All DATBootcamp members have free access to the first exam of each subject.

User Experience

The best feature about DAT Bootcamp is its incredible user interface that’s easy to understand, and it outlines everything beautifully, making the website easy to navigate.

Right from the breakdown of the subjects to the flow of the course, the online dashboard is designed seamlessly in a way that makes sense to the student.

In addition to the user-friendly dashboard, DAT Bootcamp users also have the option of accessing the course via a mobile app that’s available on both Android and iOS. This way, you can review material on the go, which allows you to maximize every single minute of your DAT prep period.

Study Materials

Bootcamp is particularly excellent for Organic Chemistry. Dr. Mike’s videos are the best in any test prep in the industry.

DAT Bootcamp has plenty of study material and is a more complete resource regarding its coverage of the DAT sections.

The top-notch chemistry videos by Dr. Mike are pretty much the only study tool you will need to ace OChem.

DAT Bootcamp is very similar to the actual DAT in terms of difficulty, so you get a very realistic idea of what your actual DAT scores will be.

Practice Tests

Bootcamp similarly has a study plan that guides students through the course, and this study guide similarly includes time for practice exams.

It doesn’t just stop there, though. The DAT Bootcamp team has been thoughtful enough to provide a guide for how to use their full-length test simulations. This guide will help answer specific queries students often have, like “How many full-length tests should I take?”

Studying for the DAT can be a stressful period for any pre-dental student. But as the Bootcamp study plan shows, there is no need to panic when you realize you don’t have enough time to go through all the practice exams.

Verdict: Which is Better for You?

First, let me surface this by saying that both DATBooster and DATBootcamp are great DAT prep courses that help thousands of students every year achieve +20 scores on the DAT.

Either of these courses will certainly help you tremendously to achieve the high score that you are aiming for. There is no way to go wrong here in my personal opinion.

However, I guess you came here for a simple answer, right? So, which one is really the best?

It’s hard to say. But let me say this, each of these programs have some areas where they are better than their counter-part.

DAT Bootcamp has a better interface and user experience, a beautiful mobile app, better chemistry videos (Dr. Mike’s whiteboard videos are excellent), a more advanced markup feature to easily spot your weakness.

On the other hand, DAT Booster has a better Biology and PAT content and resources, study materials that get updated more often, more representative practice tests that are close to what you will get in the real test (this is a big one for many predental students).

Everything else is more or less the same.

So, it all depends on what you value more and what’s more important to you.

If money is not an issue, I’d actually recommend you buy both of them to make sure you get the best of both worlds. But I understand that is not possible for most people, so just choose what you feel better about and get right to work.

At the end of the day, what matters more is your dedication and hard work. So focus on that instead of wasting too much time trying to decide which DAT prep course to buy. Both of these programs are excellent, so do not sweat it and start your preparation.

Either way, do not forget to use our discount codes to save yourself some money by using these links:

Let me know in the comments about your experience with any of these programs, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Also, we actually did a few other comparison that you might find interesting:

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