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Blueprint MCAT Discount Code 2023

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Blueprint MCAT  is one of the very few test prep companies that actually guide you in how to think for and take the MCAT.

Their MCAT prep courses are incredibly helpful, and their practice resources do a great job of being representative of the actual MCAT.

The only thing is that their cheapest MCAT course is priced at $1,999, and as valuable as the course may be, many pre-med students are financially spread far too thin already to be able to shell out such an amount for an MCAT prep course.

This is where discount codes and coupons can come in handy in helping make an MCAT prep course subscription more affordable for you.

 But where do you even begin looking for a Blueprint MCAT discount code?

Quick Summary

  • Blueprint MCAT typically runs regular promotions and discounts on its website. At the time of writing this, this is best discount you can get 
  • On average, expect to save about $350 when using a Blueprint MCAT discount code. 
  • Blueprint MCAT has special partnerships with some student organizations offering discounts for their associate members. 
  • The biggest Blueprint MCAT sales occur on major holidays and other such special occasions, including Black Friday.
  • Aside from MCAT course discounts, Blueprint MCAT additionally offers scholarships to help ease your med school tuition.

What Is The Best Blueprint MCAT Discount Code For 2023?

Blueprint MCAT offers a variety of options to make your MCAT prep more affordable. This is done through a mix of special promotions, coupon codes, giveaways, and scholarships.

The best and biggest Blueprint MCAT discounts are typically offered around holidays and similarly special occasions, and you can always find these on their official discounts and coupons page.

Aside from that, there are also other places where you could find some great Blueprint MCAT deals like the one you see below:


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Back-to-school limited deal: Get up to $700 OFF today and start your MCAT prep the right way!


Best video lessons for MCAT in the industry.

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Regular Discounts

For 2023, your best bet at finding the best Blueprint MCAT discount codes would be by using this link

For instance, you would save more signing up for the 12-month Live Online classes than you would, signing up for the 6-month option of the same program.

With the respective discounts applied, the 12-month program will cost you around $254 per month, while the 6-month program will set you back about $383 per month.

So ideally, signing up for a longer-duration program would help you save more on your Blueprint MCAT purchase. In this particular instance, you’d be saving about $129 per month.

The good news is that the company is constantly running promotions on its website, so you are bound to find a running sale whenever you sign up for any of its MCAT courses.

You can easily get 12 months for the price of 9 months or 9 months for the price of 6. 

Pre-Med Student Associations

Aside from their regular discounts, Blueprint MCAT also has special offers for pre-med members of the Student National Medical Association, SNMA, and the Minority Association of Pre-Health Students, MAPS.

Through their partnership with these two societies, Blueprint MCAT offers 100 free MCAT courses every year to their pre-med members and these are awarded through a scholarship contest. 

This is majorly done to improve the inclusion of minorities in medicine, so if you fall under that category, you may want to inquire more from your respective association.

Associate members of SNMA and MAPS are eligible for a 20% student discount on Blueprint MCAT courses and exam bundles. They also get access to exclusive webinar events and free Blueprint MCAT resources. (ex: the free diagnostic test)

How Much Can I Save Using Blueprint MCAT Discount Codes?

With a discount code, you can save as much as $900 on your Blueprint MCAT course.

On average, the majority of their offers take about $450 off your MCAT course, and this is typically the discount used for their most popular courses. 

If you go with a longer duration course, you can save even more.

How Much Can I Save Using Blueprint MCAT Discount Codes

For instance, suppose you sign up for the 9-month self-paced course as opposed to the 6-month option. With a $450 discount factored in, the 12-month online course will have you spending about $222 per month, as opposed to the $333 you’d be spending in the 6-month program. 

This translates into monthly savings of $111, amounting to you saving about $1,000 in the 9 months it takes to complete the MCAT course. 

I don’t know about you, but saving $1,000 sounds like an incredible deal to me!

Another thing to note is that their Live Online course tends to have higher discounts than their Online course. 

Their tutoring packages typically come with a 10% discount during sales, but you can save as much as 15% during special holidays such as Memorial Day sales, for instance.   

Does Blueprint MCAT Offer Scholarships For Pre-Med Students?

Yes, in their quest to make access to the medical field more equitable, Blueprint MCAT does offer scholarships and financial aid for pre-med students.

This is primarily done via partnerships with various groups and student societies.

Currently, Blueprint MCAT has ongoing partnerships with the following student organizations:

  1. Student National Medical Association, SNMA
  2. Minority Association of Pre-Health Students, MAPS
  3. Comprehensive Medical Mentoring Program, CMMP

Their specific partnership agreements vary, but basically, Blueprint, through these associations, offers aspiring medical students free or heavily discounted access to the Blueprint MCAT test prep course. 

This access doesn’t just refer to the MCAT study materials but also includes workshops and admissions assistance.

Furthermore, students who are part of AAMC’s Fee Assistance Program are also eligible for reduced tuition scholarships on some of the Blueprint MCAT prep products.

If you qualify, your tuition will be discounted at 50%, which applies to the Live Online Courses, the 515+ Course, and the Online Courses. The reduced tuition will not apply to tutoring packages, practice exams, or the Blueprint MCAT QBank. 

Just as well, qualifying students are eligible for 30% off their Blueprint MCAT extensions after the initial purchase was made.  

Aside from their MCAT test prep resources, Blueprint MCAT also offers scholarships to help you pay for med school tuition.

These scholarship giveaways can be as much as $20,000 and they are regularly advertised on their social media pages, so you might want to keep an eye out for the next opening.

How Can I Redeem A Blueprint MCAT Discount Code?

Here are the steps to follow to redeem a Blueprint MCAT discount code.

Step 1: Go to the Blueprint MCAT website and navigate to the MCAT course you wish to sign up for.


Get up to $700 OFF

No code needed

blueprint trustpilot reviews

Back-to-school limited deal: Get up to $700 OFF today and start your MCAT prep the right way!


Best video lessons for MCAT in the industry.

Offers all prep options: online, live classes and private tutoring

Score increase guarantee


Higher price tag but we think it’s well justified.

Step 2: Select the access period that best applies to you. The options here are 6, 9, or 12 months. 

Step 3: After confirming the course’s offerings in the next window, click ‘enroll now’ and this will then take you to the checkout page. 

Step 4: On the checkout page, you should see the option to apply your discount code. Enter your promo code and proceed to checkout to finalize your purchase. That’s it! 

For the discount to apply, make sure you are using a valid coupon code and not an expired one. Most promo codes have a limited validity period, after which the offer no longer applies.

Suppose your code has already expired; you will get a notification in the checkout window stating that the code entered is no longer valid.

Keep in mind that coupon codes typically have a limited duration of validity. So if you have a working code, you are better off activating your Blueprint course as soon as possible before the code expires.

Just as well, if you happen to win a free Blueprint MCAT course via your SNMA membership, you will be required to redeem the course code within one month of it being awarded, otherwise, the code will be voided. 

As such, while applying for Blueprint MCAT scholarships, you have to remember to take your MCAT test date into consideration.  

Blueprint MCAT Discount Code FAQs

How Often Does Blueprint MCAT Offer Discounts?

Blueprint MCAT offers discounts very regularly.

You are bound to find special discounts running on their page almost all year long, with varying discounts for the different MCAT course packages.

Aside from that, Blueprint also offers exclusive discounts around major holidays, so you’d want to keep an eye out for these by regularly visiting their official coupons page

Does Blueprint MCAT Run Black Friday Sales?

Yes, Blueprint MCAT does run Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for their MCAT prep courses, and you can always expect these to be featured site-wide on their platform. 

Their Black Friday MCAT deals vary from one year to the next but overall, you could end up saving as much as $900 on a Blueprint MCAT prep course. 

Can I Get A Discount On My Blueprint MCAT Course Extension?

No, you can’t. Unfortunately, Blueprint MCAT discounts do not apply to course extensions. 

This is the same case if you happen to win a free Blueprint MCAT prep course. The free offer only applies to the standard course duration, and any extensions will need to be purchased separately at full price.

The one exception here is with regard to students who are part of AAMC’s Fee Assistance Program. In this instance, qualifying students are eligible for 30% off their extensions, provided they had made the initial Blueprint MCAT purchase prior to receiving tuition discounts. 

Where Can I Get The Best Blueprint MCAT Discounts?

The best place to look for Blueprint MCAT discounts is right on their website, where promotions and discounts are advertised regularly.

Blueprint MCAT advertises its promotions site-wide, so if there is currently an offer, it isn’t likely that you will miss it.

In addition to that, you may also want to regularly check their official coupons and discounts page for special promotions. 

If at all you lack any Blueprint MCAT discount, then you may as well go through their free MCAT resources as you keep looking out for their discounted MCAT courses.

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