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Pursuing a legal career is a costly undertaking, right from prepping for the LSAT, paying for the exam, law school tuition fees, etc.

The thing is that a good LSAT score can earn you many financial benefits down the road, including excellent scholarship opportunities and even down to a well-paying legal career.

But how do you get to attain a great score to begin with, when you can hardly afford a test prep course to help you prepare optimally for the LSAT?

Well, LSAT prep course discounts are a great way to help you boost your LSAT score without breaking the bank, especially if you are financially spread too thin as it is. 

Where Can You Find The Best LSAT Prep Course Discounts?

  • Plenty of LSAT prep companies will offer significant discounts for students who are beneficiaries of the LSAC fee waiver program.
  • If you qualify for a fee waiver from the LSAC, the best LSAT prep companies you should look into for course discounts include: Blueprint, 7Sage, LSAT Demon, LSATMax, LSAT Lab, and Magoosh.
  • Most LSAT prep companies have free accounts that come with some helpful LSAT resources, so you can try these out even without a coupon code.
  • Some companies will spontaneously run special sales on their LSAT courses, so just keep your eyes peeled, checking their websites regularly for a discount code.

1. Blueprint LSAT Discount Codes

How Do I Get A Working Blueprint LSAT Discount Code?

First off, Blueprint constantly runs promotions on their LSAT prep courses so you are likely to access the course at a discounted price, pretty much all year round. Use this link here to access the latest deals from Blueprint LSAT

Blueprint LSAT Discount Codes

Secondly, another way to get a working Blueprint LSAT discount code would be by signing up for one of their free webinars. 

Apart from being highly informative, Blueprint’s webinars are a great resource because after attending one, you will typically receive an exclusive promo code for a discount on a Blueprint LSAT course.

Does Blueprint LSAT Have Special Holiday Sales?

Yes, Blueprint LSAT does have special holiday sales around special occasions such as April Fools and major holidays.

Aside from that, Blueprint regularly runs flash sales as well.

While every LSAT prep package is discounted during their special holiday sales, the flash sales are more specific to certain prep options. For instance, you could have a tutoring flash sale, an LSAT Live flash sale, etc.

Which Are The Best Blueprint LSAT Discount Codes?

You can find the best Blueprint LSAT discount codes during their special holiday sales whereby you may end up saving as much as $500 on a Blueprint LSAT Live Online course, or up to 15% off the tutoring packages. Use this link to apply the best coupon code for Blueprint LSAT.

2. LSAT Max Discount Codes

Does LSATMax Have Any Discount Codes?

Yes, LSATMax regularly offers discounts on their prep courses.

The easiest way to get a working LSATMax discount code would be by visiting their official coupons page where you will find a list of their current and recently expired promo codes.

Aside from that, you can also be lucky enough to land upon a flash sale.

LSAT Max Discount Codes

LSATMax flash sales typically run sitewide, and you could get as much as 20% off a tutoring package.

Another option is to go for one of their enticing offers for first-timers whereby you could get your first hour of LSAT tutoring at a discounted price of $49 instead of the usual $200.

How Much Can I Save Using An LSATMax Coupon Code?

You can save as much as $1,500 using an LSATMax coupon code. 

The best LSATMax discounts lie within the bundle savings whereby you could end up saving up to $700 when you bundle the LSATMax 180 Course together with 20 hours of private tutoring.

Aside from that, current LSATMax students are better positioned to save more, as opposed to new subscribers.

Typically, during flash sales, current students get to enjoy 20% off while new members only get 10% off. This means that if you are a current student signing up for the LSATMax Immersive tutoring, you will end up saving $1,500!

Is There An Official Coupon Page For LSATMax?

Yes, LSATMax has a dedicated coupons page where they regularly update sales and offers on their LSAT courses and tutoring packages.

3. Princeton Review LSAT Discount Codes

Does Princeton Review Offer LSAT Discounts?

Yes, Princeton Review offers discounts on their LSAT courses, and their special promotions typically run almost all year round.

Princeton Review LSAT Discount Codes

If you want a working Princeton Review LSAT discount code, you can check their official promotions page where they have current discount codes for all their test prep courses, including the validity period of the specific promo code. 

How Often Does Princeton Review LSAT Have Sales?

Princeton Review LSAT sales typically run all year round, in which whenever you may wish to sign up for their LSAT course, you are likely to find a working discount code. 

Aside from the LSAT course promo codes featured on their promotions page, their sales also feature site-wide, so you are not likely to miss out on the exclusive discounts. 

4. Kaplan LSAT Discount Codes

Where Can I Find A Kaplan LSAT Discount Code?

The first way to get a working Kaplan LSAT coupon code would be from their official discounts and coupons page

Seeing as coupon codes only have a limited validity period, this discounts page is regularly updated with the most up-to-date Kaplan LSAT promo codes. 

Kaplan LSAT Discount Code

How Does The Kaplan LSAT Student Discount Work?

Financial need shouldn’t have to stand in the way of stellar LSAT scores or even entry into a good law school. As such, Kaplan’s LSAT student discount is meant to benefit economically disadvantaged students who may not be able to afford Kaplan LSAT courses.

So first off, you need to have your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Student Aid Report (SAR), clearly showing your EFC (Expected Family Contribution).  

Then you go ahead to fill this form and that’s it! You simply await your response from the Kaplan team which should come within a week.   

Eligible students can get up to 50% discount on their Kaplan course, and this is awarded purely based on your verified EFC score from your current FAFSA.

  • EFCs below $1,500 receive 50% off
  • EFC of $1,501–$2,500 receives 40% off
  • EFC of $2,501–$4,000 receives 30% off
  • EFCs above $4,000 are not eligible for our Fee Assistance Program

Before you begin your application, here are a couple of things you will need to keep in mind regarding Kaplan’s student discount:

  1. Kaplan’s Fee Assistance Program is available for students seeking enrollment in On Demand, Live Online, and In-Person courses for the LSAT.
  2. You need to be a U.S. citizen, or an international student enrolled in a U.S. college or university.
  3. Any discounts awarded must be used within 6 months of the award date, so you should time your application accordingly. 
  4. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed until all required documents are received. 
  5. Students will not be awarded a Fee Assistance Program discount for a live class that starts within a week or less.

Does Kaplan LSAT Have Black Friday Deals?

Yes, Kaplan runs Black Friday and Cyber Monday on all their LSAT courses.

These special deals are featured site-wide, and you could end up saving as much as $500. 

How Much Can I Save With A Kaplan LSAT Promo Code?

On average, Kaplan’s LSAT deals allow you to save about $200.

Kaplan LSAT Discount Codes

During special holiday sales, however, you could end up saving as much as $500 on your test prep course. 

5. PowerScore LSAT Discount Codes

Is There A Working PowerScore LSAT Coupon Code For 2024?

Yes, there are several working PowerScore LSAT coupon codes for 2024.

One way PowerScore offers discounts is through its partnerships with several universities and pre-law fraternities such as Phi Alpha Delta.

When Does PowerScore LSAT Offer Special Discounts?

The best PowerScore LSAT discount is contained within a bundle offer whereby if you have purchased the LSAT Bible, you get to access PowerScore LSAT prep courses at a discounted price.

PowerScore LSAT Discount Code

With this offer in place, you would get to access the on-demand course for just $1 for the first month, instead of paying the full price that’s $350. Just as well, consecutive months would also be charged at the discounted price of $195 per month. 

On the other hand, the Live Online course would be discounted at $995, down from $1,395, thereby saving you a whopping $400.

That’s a great deal, wouldn’t you agree?

What Is The Largest PowerScore LSAT Discount?

The largest PowerScore LSAT discount code will help you save about $400.

6. TestMasters LSAT Discount Code

How Do I Get A TestMasters LSAT Promo Code?

TestMasters doesn’t regularly offer promo codes for their LSAT courses so it might be hard to find a working discount code.

The referral code “TH164” will get you $25 off your LSAT course subscription.

TestMasters LSAT Discount Codes

Alternatively, TestMasters have partnerships with certain organizations whereby if you are a member you would be eligible for exclusive TestMasters LSAT discounts. One example of this is their partnership with the Pre-Legal Honour Society, PLHS at the University of Florida.

How Much Can I Save With A TestMasters LSAT Discount?

A TestMasters LSAT discount could help you save as much as $400 off their Live Online and classroom setting LSAT courses, and up to $200 off the Online course.

7. LSAT Lab Discount Codes

Which Are The Best LSAT Lab Discount Deals?

The best LSAT Lab discount deals are contained within their bulk purchases whereby you get to save 30% when you sign up for a program by paying for a full year, rather than monthly.

By paying for a full year upfront, you could end up saving as much as $1,439 on LSAT Lab Tutoring and up to $429 on the classroom course.

LSAT Lab Discount Codes

Can I Get 100% Off My LSAT Lab Subscription?

Yes, with an LSAC fee waiver, you could end up accessing the LSAT Lab Classroom course entirely free of charge.

This free access is exclusive to the Live Online course, including access to additional closure materials and your course access will remain valid throughout the length of your LSAC fee waiver. 

To gain access to these free LSAT benefits, simply reach out to the LSAT Lab team and your account will be upgraded accordingly. 

8. LSAT Demon Discount Codes

Where Can I Get An LSAT Demon Discount Code?

LSAT Demon discounts mainly apply in two key instances: LSAC Fee waiver discounts, and military discounts. 

a) LSAC Fee Waiver Discounts

If you are an LSAC fee waiver recipient, then you would qualify to get LSAT Demon at a discounted price.

With an LSAC fee waiver, you could get 20% off the Demon Premium or the Demon Live plan and this offer lasts indefinitely, allowing you to save as much as $59 per month.

You could also get 4 months of Demon Basic for just $30 for the entire 4 months which means you’d be saving $350!

If you do the Basic Plan for the 4 months and choose to continue with that same plan thereafter, then you will still get the Demon Basic at 20% off.

b) Military Discounts

If you are an active duty or retired member of the military, you will be eligible for 20% off on any of the monthly LSAT Demon subscriptions. 

Of course, eligibility will require you to show proof of service of veterans status.

Additionally, the 20% off also applies to the spouses of active duty or retired members of the military, as long as there is proof of spousal status.

How Often Does LSAT Demon Offer Special Discounts?

LSAT Demon is rather affordably priced as it is and so, the company doesn’t really offer special discounts for its students.

LSAT Demon Discount Code

The good thing though is that LSAT Demon has a free plan that comes packed with a ton of valuable LSAT resources including:

  • 3 full-length LSAT tests complete with full explanations.
  • A free monthly class.
  • Past recorded classes.

9. 7Sage Discount Codes

Does 7Sage Have Any LSAT Discount Codes?

No. 7Sage actually doesn’t offer any discount codes or coupons.

7Sage LSAT Discount Code

The good thing though is that with a free 7Sage account, you get access to some free LSAT prep materials including:

  • 1 free PrepTest complete with explanation videos.
  • A few sample video lectures.

Another good thing is that 7Sage is a participant in the LSAC Fee Waiver program. Meaning if you are a fee waiver recipient, then you will qualify for special discounts on 7Sage’s LSAT courses. 

Can I Get 7Sage Live For Free?

Yes, you can get 7Sage Live for free. Well, not entirely free, but for $1 which is pretty much free wouldn’t you agree?

If you are a beneficiary of the LSAC Fee Waiver, then you can enroll in the 7Sage fee waiver program which allows you to access 7Sage Core + Live for just $1. Better yet, this offer is valid for the entire duration of your fee waiver. 

Here are the steps to follow to get free access to a premium 7Sage account.

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