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Are you looking for a flexible and economical LSAT prep course with extended access periods?

LSATMax just might be what you’re looking for.

The course comes with thousands of hours of on-demand videos, private tutoring, real LSAT questions, and personalized support.

But is it any different from other LSAT prep courses?

We’ll find out in this complete LSATMax prep course review.

Summary Table

LSATMax Course


LSATMax Subscription

LSATMax 180 

LSATMax 365

Study Type




Personalized Support & Q/As




On-Demand Video Hours




Higher Score Guarantee




Access Period

1 Month

180 Days (6 Months)

365 Days (1 Year)

1 Hour Free Tutoring








** All packages include 92 Prep Tests with real exam questions.

LSATMax + Tutoring


LSATMax + Intro Tutoring

LSATMax + Basic Tutoring

LSATMax + Complete Tutoring

LSATMax + In-Depth Tutoring

LSATMax + Immersive Tutoring

Study Type

Pre-recorded + Private Tutoring

Pre-recorded + Private Tutoring

Pre-recorded + Private Tutoring

Pre-recorded + Private Tutoring

Pre-recorded + Private Tutoring

Access Period

180 Days (6 Months)

180 Days (6 Months)

180 Days (6 Months)

180 Days (6 Months)

180 Days (6 Months)

Tutoring Hours












** All packages offer a higher score guarantee and core features of the LSATMax Courses (without Tutoring).

LSATMax Prep Overview

  • Multiple Options: Depending on your goals and preparation level, you can choose to access the course for a month, half a year, or a full year.
  • Vast & Effective Study Material: From 92 Prep LSATs to 1000+ hours of video lectures from 99th percentile courses, LSATMax offers a wide range of learning material.
  • Private Tutoring: Each LSATMax course option comes with a free one hour of private tutoring, while LSATMax+ courses come with 5, 10, 20, 30, and 50 hours depending on your LSATMax program.
  • Detailed Analytics: LSATMax’s advanced analytics will pinpoint your weakness so you can work on specific modules and questions.
  • Digital LSAT & LSAT-Flex Simulator: Get an authentic digital LSAT experience on all of the 92 Prep tests with the program’s simulator.
  • Personalized Support: From real-time chat to message boards and live Q&As, LSATMax offers a personalized experience to its users.
  • Free Trial: LSATMax lets you take the course for a test drive with free video lectures and a mini practice test.

LSATMax Review for 2024

Founded and led by accomplished instructor Mehran, who elevated his score from 140s to 174 and graduated from Harvard Law School, LSATMax promises a flexible, personalized, and mobile-first experience to LSAT aspirants.

Most LSAT courses offer limited access and features based on how much users pay each month. Mehran wanted to change it. That’s why the majority of the LSAT offerings have the same learning resources and features and offer generous access periods.

But is the course material worth your time and money?

Let’s review its features in detail.

Multiple Options & Access Periods

LSATMax offers multiple course options, which are primarily categorized into two groups:

  1. LSATMax Course
  2. LSATMax + Tutoring

The LSATMax Course category includes all the core features, including the following:

  • 92 Prep Tests
  • 1000+ hours of video lessons
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Personalized support via chat, board, email, and call
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Digital LSAT & LSAT-Flex Simulator

This category includes three further options:

  1. LSATMax Subscription
  2. LSATMax 180
  3. LSATMax 365

These courses come with free 1-hour private tutoring only. However, you can buy more hours starting at $200 per hour.

The LSATMax + Tutoring category includes all the core features of the LSATMax Course category but also offers additional private tutoring hours depending on the package you buy.

The category includes five packages, namely:

  1. LSATMAx + Intro Tutoring
  2. LSATMAx + Basic Tutoring
  3. LSATMAx + Complete Tutoring
  4. LSATMAx + In-depth Tutoring
  5. LSATMAx + Immersive Tutoring

These courses come with 5, 10, 20, 30, and 50 hours of tutoring, respectively.

But what’s the difference between all of these programs?

Access periods.

Based on when you want to take the exam and how confident you are, you can decide how long you want to study and buy a suitable course for yourself.

For example, if you feel you can ace the LSAT in 2 months, you can opt for the monthly subscription. But if you want to appear for your LSAT in 6 or more months, you can buy a course with a longer access period.

Content Structure & Curriculum

Once you log into your LSATMax account, you’ll see two options on the main dashboard:

1) Study and 2) Practice

The study module contains prep lectures, diagnostic tests, and logic games. The practice module features real LSAT practice tests.

Now as a beginner or new user, you can take an initial diagnostic test and set a baseline for your score.

Once you have established your strengths and weaknesses, you can move on to the study module and cover different sections such as logic games, arguments, quantifiers, etc.

Every section will have its own video lectures with detailed explanations and homework assignments to reinforce your learning.

How many videos do you get, and how good are these videos?

Keep reading to find out.

Video Lessons

When you buy any LSATMax prep course, you’ll unlock access to over 1,000 hours of top-quality video lessons.

These videos are really clear and have a special whiteboard setup that helps you understand the ideas better.

The cool thing about LSATMax’s video lessons is that you can watch just the parts you need.

Sometimes, you only want to learn about one specific thing. Instead of watching the whole video, you can jump right to the part that talks about that thing.

If you ever want to do this, you’ll find the lesson’s topics listed on the right side of the whiteboard. Take a peek at the picture below to see how it looks.

LSAT Max Video Lessons

These videos have two beneficial options. One, you can increase or decrease the playback speed, and two, you can turn on subtitles to understand the tutor better.

Speaking of tutors, let’s talk about how good they are.

Highly Capable And Qualified Tutors

One of the major focuses of LSATMax’s marketing campaigns is their tutors, and they have every right to brag about it.


LSATMax works with only a handful of tutors, and they all have scored 99th percentile in their LSATs. This means you get to learn from highly qualified and talented instructors.

Plus, hiring a small group of instructors means that the quality of the learning material is consistent.

Detailed Analytics

Whether you take the initial diagnostic exams or take full-length practice tests, LSATMax’s detailed analytics will show you your strengths and weaknesses.

As you can see in the picture below, it will highlight your “Strong Aeas” and “Areas to Focus on” so you know where you stand in your LSAT journey.

LSAT Max Detailed Analytics

Plus, you can even see further comprehensive analytics for each subject separately.

Yes, you can see your individual performance for Logical Reasoning, Logic Games, and Reading Comprehension.

For instance, you can know your strengths or weaknesses in linear games, argument evaluation, or science and other topics.

Overall, LSATMAx LSAT prep detailed analytics serve as a fine measure of your LSAT preparation and help you move in the right direction.

Daily Office Hours

Office Hours is one of the most unique features of this comprehensive test prep program.

What is it?

It’s much like an LSAT live class where the instructor comes live and talks about a certain topic. Students can join the live session and learn plenty of new stuff other than the on-demand lectures and video explanations.

The topics of these live videos range from tips and tricks to increase your score to detailed discussions on complex modules. This can literally be anything.

Students can see upcoming sessions and also watch previous recordings.

LSAT Max Office Hours Sessions

This means the program keeps adding fresh content to its video library every day!

Not only this, but students can also get their questions answered during these live sessions.

Overall, Office Hours is an excellent added resource in the LSAT Max prep course.

Printable Study Calendars

While other LSAT courses also offer personalized study plans to help students streamline their prep materials and schedule, LSATMax takes it to the next level.

It will allow you to choose your preferred LSAT date and create a fully customized study schedule spanning 16 to 14 weeks. This detailed plan includes everyday details covering topics to study, practice tests, review sessions, and rest days too!

LSAT Max Study Calendar

This kind of study plan experience is unmatched, really.

Personalized Support

Besides all of the useful features and effective course materials, LSATMax also boosts an excellent support system.

Whether you use their website or mobile app, LSATMax subscribers can reach out to tutors via:

  • Real-time chat
  • Email
  • Call

This offering is truly unique and allows students to get their questions answered promptly.

But there’s more. There’s the message board as well.

Message Board

Every video lesson or lecture has a message board under it.

This is your space to ask questions and engage with fellow LSATMax users.

For instance, you can ask for clarification about why a certain answer is correct or incorrect. A tutor will respond to your query and clarify your doubts.

However, remember that oftentimes a question has already been asked and answered. You can simply use the search bar to type the main keyword of your query and see if anything pops up. If not, you can ask your question right away.

Also, you can interact with fellow students and discuss progress or form study groups to improve your preparation.

User Interface & Experience

The LSATMax app and website offer a remarkably user-friendly experience, ensuring ease of navigation and seamless access to its array of valuable features. 

If you look at their home screen (picture attached below), you can easily spot all the different tabs and sections.

LSAT Max User Interface

Whether you wish to watch video lectures, build a study plan, review analytics, or access Office Hours and private tutoring, you can easily navigate through any of these sections.

Also, you can use the top-left drop-down menu to make changes to your profile, reach customer support, offer your feedback, or refer LSATMax to a friend.

LSAT Max Profile

Higher Score Guarantee

LSATMax guarantees that you will improve your score with their 6-month and longer plans and offers a full refund if you fail to do so.

But certain conditions apply:

  1. You have to establish a baseline score before you start your course. Either enter your last official LSAT score or take a diagnostic exam.
  2. Complete the LSATMax complete course.
  3. Take the LSAT and share the official result within two weeks of receipt.
  4. You must take the official exam within six months of enrolling in LSATMax.

Also, as with all courses, the LSAC subscription fee is non-refundable.

Flexible Financing

Last but not least, LSATMax is one of the few LSAT prep courses that offer to break down your payment into installments.

They have partnered with Affirm and allow you to pay the charges in 6, 12, or 18-month installments at 0% APR.

This makes LSATMax even more affordable and accessible for students.  

LSATMax Prep Pros & Cons


– Choose how long you want to access course material.

– Private tutoring is a big plus if you want undivided attention of an instructor.

– Access all study materials on the go with the mobile app.

– LSAT simulator lets you experience the actual exam-day experience.

– Tutors are easily accessible for added support and answering queries.

– Daily videos in the Office Hours tab mean the content library stays fresh.

– A higher score guarantee means you have nothing to lose.


– Doesn’t offer much value if you prefer Live classes.

– Tutoring is expensive.

– Students report aggressive marketing for upsells (1) .


LSATMax presents a comprehensive and flexible LSAT preparation course that caters to a diverse range of needs and study preferences.

If you wish to appear for your LSAT in 2 to 3 months, you can go for the LSATMax’s entry-level course starting at $249 per month. If you need more time, you can explore LSATMax 180 and LSATMax 365 options.

However, keep in mind that none of these plans includes live classes. So, if you’re someone who thrives in a live-class setting, you might not benefit much from LSATMAx. 

In case you want 1-on-1 attention from a tutor, you can opt for any of the five courses offered in the LSATMAx + Tutoring category. But remember that you’ll have to pay premium prices for these private tutoring sessions.

Still, with a user-friendly interface, the platform provides easy access to a vast library of video lessons, extensive practice materials, and detailed analytics to track progress.

The option to choose from various course categories and access periods ensures tailored learning, accommodating both short-term and extended study plans.

While the price point may be a consideration for some, the inclusion of personalized support through real-time chat, email, and calls adds value to the overall learning experience.

But don’t forget, you’ll have to deal with the promotional stuff LSATMax sends you.


How much does LSATMax cost monthly?

LSATMax’s monthly package costs $249 per month. However, you can opt for course options with longer access and choose to pay installments of 6, 12, or 18 months via Affirm. In that case, the most economical option will cost you $75 per month.

How much is LSATMax tutoring?

LSATMax tutoring starts at $200 per hour. However, you get a free 1 hour of tutoring in all of the LSATMax Course options.

Does LSATMax come with a score guarantee?

Yes, LSATMax comes with a higher score guarantee in all of the course options that are at least 6-months long.

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