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What if we said you could get the same quality without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars?

That’s right. 7Sage LSAT’s prep course starts at $69 per month, and they claim to have made the “most advanced LSAT course ever!”

But does it deliver what it promises? Let’s find out in this comprehensive 7 Sage LSAT review.

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Study Type



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2 x 30-hour sessions per month





7Sage LSAT Prep Overview

Here’s what the 7Sage LSAT Prep Course gets you:

  • Multiple Options: Choose from three different learning options, i.e., on-demand, live classes, & private tutoring.
  • Huge Content Library: From 99 officially released LSATs to 4000 explanation videos, 7 Sage offers a mountain of study material.
  • Tutoring: The tutoring option allows you to access 1-on-1 mentoring and get extra help when you need it.
  • Analytics: Through the program’s advanced analytics, you can track your progress and identify weak areas to work on them.
  • Custom Drills: With the custom-problem set generator, you can personalize the drills and solidify weak concepts.
  • Video Bookmarks: Star your video lessons at the desired ‘time’ to come back and visit at a later time.
  • Free Trial: Try sample lessons, a free PrepTest, and a hundred question explanations free of cost before you decide to buy.

7Sage LSAT Review for 2024

JY Ping, a Harvard Law graduate, founded 7 Sage in 2011 with one aim: to make LSAT prep affordable so that every student gets an equal shot.

12 years later, 7Sage’s student base has grown to 200,000+, and the course’s study-material archive keeps getting bigger and better.

Let’s go over the many useful features of this LSAT prep course.

7Sage Course Options

Everyone has their own learning preference, and 7Sage fulfils all.

Whether you like self-paced prep or want to study live under an instructor’s guidance with your peers, 7Sage has got you covered with the following course options:

  1. Core
  2. Live
  3. Live + Tutoring

Core is 7Sage’s basic course option, which lets you study at your own pace. Here’s what you get after paying $69 per month:

  • 50+ hrs of video lessons
  • 99 LSAT PrepTests
  • 8,440 question explanations
  • Custom problem-set generator
  • Personalized study plan
  • Digital tester and PDFs
  • Robust LSAT Analytics

Then comes the Live option, which is priced at $129/month and gets you:

  • Everything in the Core plan +
  • Daily live classes
  • Proctored tests
  • Hundreds of on-demand classes

If you want added support and the attention of a tutor, you can opt for the Tutoring plan, where you pay $279 per month and get:

  • Everything in the Live plan +
  • Two 30-min tutoring sessions (per month)
  • Extra help in the exam and admission process

But do the price tags justify what’s being offered?

Let’s review other features in detail.

Course Curriculum

7Sage’s course curriculum is a smartly-designed gold mine of resources.

Unlike pushing for practice tests in between your prep, the course encourages you to tick off all modules one-by-one, understand the underlying principles, and then head to LSAT practice tests.

This is exactly what users love about 7Sage: its slow-but-steady learning approach. (1)

Where can you access the curriculum?

On the home screen, go to Learn on the top menu bar and select “Syllabus.” You’ll come to the following screen:

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You’ll see the course outline divided into the following sections:

  • Foundation
  • Logical Reasoning (LR)
  • Logical Games (LC)
  • Reading Comprehension (RC)
  • LSAT Writing
  • Prep Tests
  • Admissions

LR, LC, and RC are regular LSAT exam subjects, but Foundation, LSAT Writing, and Admissions are bonus resources.

The Foundation will work on your mindset and teach you how to use the program, while the latter two will boost your overall law school application. From grammar to essay outline and personal statement, you’ll cover a lot in these two sections.

Quality Of 7Sage Lessons

7Sage’s video lessons are high-quality and very thorough.

In each video, you’ll see the screen with a problem statement or discussion topic and hear the instructor talking in the background. In most of the videos, the instructor uses a pointer/cursor to mark or highlight the content on the screen so students can understand better.

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The videos lack the personal touch of a face, but the teaching style is engaging and makes up for it.

Plus, most videos are also followed by detailed text explanations. These, too, have a friendly and engaging tone, which makes it easy for the students to consume.

Personalized Learning Experience

The most amazing thing about 7Sage’s video lessons and the overall usability is the personalized experience you get.

For instance, you can adjust the video playback speed if you feel the instructor talks too fast or slow.

Moreover, you can ‘star’ your lessons. What’s that?

Let’s say you’re watching a video and realize that this section is important, or you want to revisit it in the future. You can star that lesson by just clicking the ‘star’ located next to the name of the video.

If you click it once, it will turn yellow and be saved in your dashboard. When you feel confident about your learning, you may click it again to unsave it.

You can do this ‘starring’ for both video and written lessons.

And there’s more.

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You can write notes for personal learning and save them for reference. Plus, you can get answers to your questions or engage with the community by leaving comments under the lessons.

Cool, isn’t it?

Live Classes

Let’s talk about 7Sage’s live class experience.

First of all, you need to have an active Live plan subscription to access live classes.

If you’re a Live user, you’ll see the list of upcoming Live lessons on the home screen of the dashboard.

7Sage LSAT Class Scheduling

Alternatively, you can spot Learn on the top menu, hover the mouse on it, and select “Live Classes.” You’ll see a list of upcoming classes just like the screen below:

7Sage LSAT Class Scheduling 2

Choose your desired date and time and show up on time for your live lesson.

Don’t worry if you miss it. You can access the recordings of all the Live classes inside the Live Class Library.

In terms of presentation and content quality, the Live class surpasses the video lesson experience as it’s interactive. Students can actually see the face of their instructor and absorb all the learning in real time.

In a typical Live class, the instructors use animations or presentation slides to deliver the lecture while keeping the students engaged.

7Sage LSAT Live Classes

Practice Tests & Drills

Once again, on the top menu bar, you can select “Practice” and choose to view any of the following:

  • Drills
  • Prep Tests
  • Analytics
  • Explanation Videos

Drills will allow you to create a custom practice test with practice questions of your desired difficulty and type using the Advanced Drill Builder. (7Sage has also launched an Auto Builder. You can test its beta version as a paid user.)

PrepTests will let you practice the official 99 LSATs.

Analytics will track your progress and show you where you stand in your LSAT journey. You’ll see scores and ratings, with specific information about which sections you can improve.

Explanation Videos will allow you to watch detailed video explanations for each question of all the tests.

Personalized Study Schedule

Like other LSAT courses in the market, 7Sage also offers a personalized study plan.

However, 7Sage does it better. While other prep programs provide a weekly template kind of thing, 7Sage goes a step beyond and offers a fully personalized study schedule even if you’re on the Free Trial.

Go to Learn on the top menu and select “Study Schedule.” You’ll reach the scheduler. Enter your preferred start and end date, and BOOM – you’ll have a fully personalized study plan.


But there’s more to it. You’ll see students commenting below and asking if you want to form a study group for better accountability and performance.

This feature enhances the LSAT experience as you really feel part of a community.

User Interface & Experience

7Sage’s website and dashboard design doesn’t look too fancy, but it’s neat and professional.

Plus, the interface is intuitive. You can easily navigate to different sections, switch between tabs and lessons, and find anything you want just with a few clicks.

Whether you want to move to live classes, on-demand lessons, or your Full LSAT analytics, it’s all easy.

7Sage LSAT Prep Pros & Cons


– Offers a unique course curriculum and a fun prep experience.

– Vast collection of lessons, video explanations, and prep tests.

– Affordably priced.

– The discussion board lets you interact and engage with the community.

– Star and save lessons to revisit later and solidify your learning.


– No refunds nor higher LSAT score guarantee.


Now for the final question: “Is 7Sage LSAT worth it?”

Overall, the 7Sage LSAT is an excellent prep resource. If you thrive in a self-study environment and want a budget-friendly product, this program is for you.

The video lessons are fully thorough and offer a fun learning experience. Plus, you can easily connect with fellow students via the comments under lessons.

Or, if you want an in-class experience, you can opt for live classes and even add tutoring hours to enhance your learning.

However, if you’re looking for a physical course with LSAT prep books and in-person classes, you would need to buy the expensive ones.

Still, many students have secured their law school admissions with 7Sage, which is proof of how powerful this program is.

Can’t decide? Leverage the free trial and see what you get.

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7Sage LSAT Prep FAQs

Is 7Sage LSAT free?

No, 7Sage LSAT is not free. You have to buy monthly subscriptions to access course material. However, you can access limited features with the free trial.

How long does it take to complete 7Sage LSAT Prep?

It can take it up to 3 months to complete your 7Sage LSAT Prep.

Are 7Sage live classes worth it?

7Sage live classes are definitely worth it. They offer an interactive learning environment where tutors use animations and screen-sharing to explain different topics.

Does 7Sage use real LSAT questions?

Yes. 7Sage uses real LSAT questions. However, you need to have an active LSAC Prep Plus subscription to access official LSAT questions. This is the case with all LSAT courses in the market. (3)

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