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The optometry admission test might seem like a stumbling block to your budding optometry career, but it doesn’t have to be.

Many students study the test materials for months but still fail to get to the optometry schools of their choice.

With OAT destroyer, you’ll have detailed prep material to adequately understand the concepts tested in the actual OAT and score high. 

But what exactly does the OAT destroyer promise to pre-optometry students? Let’s find out as we discuss whether this study material is worth your money.

**before we talk about OAT Destroyer, please hear me out**

I want to tell you about another OAT prep course that actually offers more value compared to OAT Destroyer. You can read all about here: OAT Bootcamp Review

OAT Destroyer Overview

OAT Destroyer

Delivery Option




Study Method


Full-Length Tests


Practice Questions


Live Classes?


Online Tests? 


Money-Back Guarantee?


Timing on Tests?


OAT Destroyer is a popular optometry study material that helps students prepare for their entry exam using the most traditional means available.

This teaching aid is a detailed spiral book with questions on all the concepts and subjects tested, including OAT physics, general chemistry, biology, quantitative reasoning, etc.

Students who invest in the OAT destroyer study material can expect:

  • Detailed OAT prep books.
  • High-yield online tests.
  • Detailed questions on biology, general chemistry, physics, and math.
  • Comprehensive answers to different concepts.
  • Access to Orgoman’s videos on Youtube.
  • Video chat tutoring while studying.

OAT Destroyer Review For 2024

Here’s a detailed OAT destroyer review to help you understand what’s on offer.

Detailed Teaching Aid

OAT Destroyer Prep Book

OAT destroyer was designed as a detailed teaching aid for pre-optometry students looking to practice different subjects before the actual exam.

You’ll get this comprehensive study resource in three books.

The first book contains organic chemistry, biology, and math, while the second offers lots of math practice tests, and the physics destroyer is the third. 

The content is clearly explained, and it’s easy to access any section you need.

Most students combine the OAT destroyer with Orgoman’s free YouTube videos, although the book offers detailed solutions to all the questions featured. 

Practice Questions

OAT Destroyer has many good practice questions and answers to help you grasp the concepts needed to ace the actual DAT.

The first book features 300+ organic and general chemistry questions, 600+ biology questions, and 100+ math questions.

The Biology section has questions on taxonomy, evolution, enzymes, plants, biochemistry, genetics, embryology, and more. 

General chemistry covers virtually everything, including gas laws, acid-base, molecular geometry, stoichiometry, kinetics, electrochemistry, descriptive conceptual trends, etc.

You’ll also find 150+ organic chemistry questions that cover all the concepts needed to excel in the real OAT. That includes  Grignard, stereochemistry, Aldol, SN1, SN2, Craisen, Aromaticity, esterification, nomenclature, reaction drilling, and others. 

Besides the biology section and chemistry practice tests, the physics section is a golden opportunity for many pre-optometry students.

This physics section includes vectors, work, energy, momentum, circular motion, gravitation, magnetism, circuits, harmonic motion, inductions, optics, etc.

Additionally, students who are weak in mathematics can use the math destroyer and other resources available on the Orgoman website to practice. 


The OAT Destroyer is among the most affordable OAT practice materials out there.

The three detailed books with lots of questions and clear answers are available at $175.95, a relatively affordable price for the bulk of content it offers.

Additionally, Orgoman constantly updates the content every year to give students value for every dollar. 

While its affordable price is a major attraction to pre-optometry students preparing for the real OAT, there are no payment plans.

The book also doesn’t offer any performance guarantee, so most students use it alongside other resources like the Kaplan OAT prep course

Engaging Video Chat Tutoring

Some OAT concepts might prove challenging to understand for students, even when practicing with the most comprehensive prep books.

That’s why OAT destroyer has included video chat tutoring for students who purchase the material.

The option is excellent for students looking for more direction when studying or for more detailed explanations of biology, physics, or math concepts.

OAT Destroyer Pros & Cons


– High-yield practice questions with detailed solutions.

– Affordable price.

– Engaging video chat tutoring.

– Timed online practice tests for free.


– No money-back or better score guarantee.


The OAT destroyer is among the best study materials that pre-optometry students can consider buying without spending hundreds of dollars on OAT online courses (here’s our picks for the best OAT programs)

Many students recommend combining OAT destroyer with Chad’s videos, giving you an in-depth review of every topic before answering the questions in the three books provided in this course.  

OAT Destroyer FAQs

Is Destroyer Good For OAT Prep?

Yes, OAT Destroyer is good for OAT prep. It helps to test your knowledge and identify the concepts you don’t understand.

Some students find it a little lacking in explaining some basic concepts, hence might need more comprehensive study materials like the Kaplan online tutoring course, OAT Bootcamp, or Chad’s videos.

Nonetheless, the books are totally worth the $179.95 price tag.

Is OAT Destroyer Harder Than The Actual OAT?

No, OAT Destroyer is not harder than the actual OAT. The OAT Destroyer it’s expertly created to resemble the real OAT.

Some students find the practice questions available in the physics section a little simpler than the actual OAT, but it’s enough to help you ace every concept tested.

Either way, the OAT destroyer will help you prepare for the worst as nobody knows what will be tested in the actual OAT.  

Does OAT Destroyer Include OAT Physics?

Yes, OAT Destroyer includes OAT Physics.

You’ll access a comprehensive physics section that offers questions covering virtually every topic, including vectors, gravitation, harmonic motion, and others.

This section includes 140+ multiple-choice questions, with a set of ten complex tests to simulate what you’ll encounter in the AP physics exam.

Every problem tests multiple exam concepts, making it a highly effective OAT prep resource for students looking for more rigorous prep material for the OAT.

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