Kaplan OAT Prep Review: Is It Still The Best?

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Studying for the optometry admission test can be challenging, with many students struggling to know where to start.

Collecting OAT prep materials is a crucial first step when studying for the exam, and the Kaplan OAT prep course can give you the structured content you need to prepare. 

This Kaplan OAT prep review dives deep into what this practice test offers and why pre-optometry might choose it over other OAT prep courses on the market.

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Kaplan OAT Plans Comparison

Limitless Prep by Kaplan™

Live Tutoring

Delivery Options


Live Online


From $499

From $599

Payment Plan



Subscription Length

1 , 3 or 6 Months

5-40 Hours

Full-Length Tests



Live class hours


40+ Hours

Practice Questions



Video instruction

120+ Hours

120+ Hours

Mobile App?



Money-Back Guarantee?



Ease of Use?



Timing on Tests?






Kaplan OAT Prep Overview

Kaplan is arguably the most reputable company in the exam prep market, with over ten years of experience offering detailed study materials to prepare for different entrance exams.

Their OAT prep course offers some of the best online resources and tutoring options to help you master all the critical concepts tested in the OAT. 

Students who buy the Kaplan OAT prep courses can expect:

  • Personalized OAT study plans with calendar syncing.
  • 7+ high-yield, full-length practice tests.
  • 3D and augmented reality learning environments.
  • 70+ hours of interactive sessions every month.
  • Flexible month-by-month payment plans.
  • 4,000+ comprehensive practice questions.
  • A fully revamped OAT prep course experience.
  • Live drop-in-style study lessons that fit your schedule.

Kaplan OAT Prep Review For 2024

Let’s break down what the Kaplan OAT prep courses deliver and whether they’re worth your money.

Kaplan OAT Question of the Day

Kaplan OAT Pricing & Costs

With two study options available, Kaplan offers flexible payment methods to make studying more manageable for students under a budget.

You can pay for live OAT prep tutoring month by month (starting from $50 a month) or the Limitless Prep option available in 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month options.

The cost may vary significantly depending on the Kaplan OAT prep plan you choose and the level of desired instruction, but the courses remain largely affordable.

You can also take a free review and practice test before choosing the package that suits your needs.

Let’s look at Kaplan’s subscription cost for the two learning options available:

Kaplan’s Self-Paced Limitless Prep

If you’re self-motivated and want to learn at your own pace, the asynchronous, self-paced option will fit your needs perfectly.

Kaplan’s self-paced practice test comes in 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month packages.

The 1-month limitless prep course is available at $499, with the 3-month plan weighing in at $999 and the 6-month plan at $1499. 

The self-paced course gives you limitless drop-in-style classes that provide you with value.

Even better, Kaplan allows you to make easy monthly payments for a year, 6 months, or 3 months, thanks to their collaboration with affirm. 

Kaplan OAT Online Tutoring Classes

Students who need definitive guidance from real instructors and classmates should choose the full-featured live online classes. 

Unlike studying in a traditional classroom, Kaplan’s online tutors give you their undivided attention to get you a high score.

You can choose the tutoring package based on your budget and instructional needs, with the available packages including;

Kaplan Online Tutoring Rates

5 Hours


10 Hours


15 Hours


20 Hours


35 Hours


40 Hours


Kaplan’s price for getting online classes from expert tutors is impressive, as it’s not common that OAT live tutoring is available at less than $200 per hour.

We love that the lessons are well spread out throughout the week, giving you the flexibility you need to prepare for the OAT test day despite your busy schedule.

Like the limitless self-paced prep course, Kaplan online tutoring can be paid monthly through Affirm.

That allows you to pay as little as $50 per month for a year and up to $400 per month for a year. 

We recommend pairing your online tutoring lessons with limitless prep courses and Kaplan’s top-selling OAT book.

Kaplan ensures you’ll easily pass the actual test even without combining the study materials, but it helps to use all the materials available to you.

Personalized OAT Courses & Study Plans

Everything is designed to suit your needs by allowing you to create a personalized study plan to make the preparation process simple and effective.

The Kaplan OAT prep course offers detailed study materials in two different options; an on-demand course and live online coaching with interactive classes.

Both study packages offer hours of comprehensive videos, guided study materials, Q&A sessions, and more.

Here’s what optometry students can include in their study plan:

a) Live Instructions

Some live classes are also held on the weekends, so you won’t need to cram lessons into your busy weekday schedule.

The live interactive lessons allow you to ask questions and get immediate feedback from the instructor as the lessons are presented.

The testing strategies used in the live classes are incredible, making them a critical part of the course.

b) Practice Questions

The Kaplan Qbank database will allow you to precisely customize the quizzes to your specific needs based on the content, question type, and difficulty level.

Kaplan OAT Practice Question

Kaplan Qbank which is Kaplan’s question bank feature offers 2000+ carefully designed quantitative practice questions.

It also features 2000+ high-yield practice questions on reading comprehension and the survey of natural sciences. 

Regular updates ensure there are plenty of practice exams so that you don’t encounter the same question twice. 

c) Video Lessons

Whether you choose live interactive lessons or the self-paced version, you’ll get over 120 hours of guided video instructions to aid you.

Most students who have used the Kaplan OAT prep test appreciate the quality of the videos, but we found a few of them to be monotonous. 

 While the video content is informative and highly effective, some clips are dull by nature and could do with more humor or anecdotes.

Nonetheless, the video content offers valuable prep materials to help you improve in different areas. 

d) Interactive Workshops

Whether you choose live tutoring or self-paced study lessons, you can access interactive sessions where all your questions and needs will be addressed directly.

The interactive workshops are similar to a college recitation course where all your unique study concerns will be addressed. 

Full-Length Practice Tests

Kaplan’s online practice tests are put together by experienced optometry experts who are knowledgeable in the actual OAT. 

Regularly taking OAT practice tests is crucial for obtaining your desired score, therefore securing your admission into your optometry school of choice.

You’ll find seven full-length practice tests with different questions that resemble past OAT tests, and the content is constantly updated.

The test’s difficulty level also resembles the real exam, which boosts your confidence after mastering the concepts and skills required on the test day.

Kaplan OAT Prep Books

Kaplan OAT Prep Book

Kaplan is famous for delivering engaging printed prep materials, and their OAT prep book is no different.

The book is available online, and its critical reading section is the most significant benefit to students.

The Kaplan prep book gives you the much-needed edge to read and respond to OAT exam questions.

It also includes highly effective cheat sheets for last-minute studying or preparing while on the go.

Additionally, this OAT prep book is packed with additional tips, practice exams, key concepts, test-taking tricks, and more. 

Kaplan’s Money-Back/ Higher-Score Guarantee

The Kaplan test prep aims to help every student score high and join their optometry school of choice.

Their teachers guarantee you’ll get high scores, and you can request your money back if you don’t improve your OAT scores from the established baseline at no extra charge.

Alternatively, you can choose to access the study material for 12 more weeks in the unlikely event you fail to score higher than your previous baseline.

It’s impressive that the course offers such a generous guarantee geared towards helping you achieve your goals. 

Kaplan OAT Prep Pros & Cons


– Detailed and well-structured OAT prep guide personalized to your needs.

– Comprehensive and easy-to-read study material written by experts. 

– Highly realistic practice problems packaged in Kaplan’s detailed Qbank.

– Flexible payment plans for online tutoring and self-paced practice sessions


– The video content could be a bit more engaging.


If you’re looking for a well-structured OAT prep guide that’s personalized to your needs, the Kaplan OAT prep course is an excellent resource.

The video content could be more engaging, but this comprehensive study is valuable for students who need high-yield practice exams with simple explanations.

The sheer breadth of content is unparalleled which is why many students recommend it.

On the other hand, we know that Kaplan maybe on the expensive side for many people. So, do not forget to take a look at our roundup article where we compared all the best OAT online programs out there.

Kaplan OAT Prep FAQs

How Much Does The Kaplan OAT Prep Course Cost?

The Kaplan OAT prep course costs $499, $999, or $1499 for students who prefer online self-paced classes.

Online tutoring classes start at $599 for 5 hours, but you can choose more hours depending on your budget and studying needs.

Even better, Kaplan offers flexible payment plans that allow you to commit to monthly payments for all study packages.

Is The Kaplan OAT Prep Course Worth It?

Yes, the Kaplan OAT Prep Course is worth it for optometry students looking for a complete, simplified study resource.

Their expert tutors will give you a  comprehensive study guide, topic-specific quizzes, detailed answers, and informative videos.

Additionally, their moderately priced packages are a solid approach to prepare you for success in the real test.

Is Kaplan OAT Harder Than The Actual OAT?

No, Kaplan OAT is not harder than the actual OAT.

The OAT prep courses were designed to simplify every exam concept, with the questions having the standard difficulty level of a real exam. 

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