OAT Bootcamp Discount and Promo Codes For 2024

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OAT Bootcamp is an excellent tool for OAT prep but the price can be a little daunting for many students.

With a working OAT Bootcamp discount code, you can easily save up to $90.

To achieve that, you can use our exclusive coupon code for our readers TESTPREPPAL10

Up to $90 OFF


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The all-in-one OAT prep that everyone is talking about is here, plus with a discount.


Provides all materials needed to ace the OAT.

Regularly updated practice questions and high-yield tests.

An advanced markup feature to easily improve on your weaknesses.


No live lessons

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Quick Summary

  • The best OAT Bootcamp promo code that can be used all year round is ‘TESTPREPPAL10’ which will give you 10% off.
  • You can apply an OAT Bootcamp discount code to an existing special sale therefore guaranteeing you even more money off your purchase. 
  • OAT Bootcamp typically partners with pre-optometry clubs and societies to offer special discounts for their student members. 

What Is The Best OAT Bootcamp Discount Code For 2024?

Currently, the best OAT Bootcamp discount code will give you between 10-20% off.

There are a number of working coupon codes that you can use to activate this offer, including ‘TESTPREPPAL10’, which will give you 10% off.

How Can I Find A Working OAT Bootcamp Discount Code?

There are numerous ways you can find a working OAT Bootcamp coupon code.

a) Reach Out Directly

First, you could always reach out to the Bootcamp team via email and request for a discount code and they will gladly oblige by giving you at least 20% off.

b) Pre-Optometry Society Discounts 

Secondly, OAT Bootcamp has partnerships with various pre-optometry clubs and societies, giving discounts to their student members.

So if you are a member of a pre-optometry club, you may want to check with the society and see if they have a special discount already set up for your school. 

One example of this is Bootcamp’s partnership with the Pre-Optometry Association at LSU. 

c) Mailing List

A third option would be to join the OAT Bootcamp mailing list so that you are always notified of any OAT Bootcamp offers the minute they are released.

For instance, currently, Bootcamp has a sale on their Bootcamp Plus course whereby you get $300 off.

One thing to note about Bootcamp’s special sales is that a discount code would still apply to the discounted prep course price. 

For instance, even with the course price reduced from $1,199 to $899, using a valid coupon such as TESTPREPPAL10 will still activate the 10% discount applied to the reduced $899 price point. 

OAT Bootcamp Bulk Savings

As such, you can now get Bootcamp Plus for $809.10 all the way down from $1,199, therefore saving you a whopping $390!

How Much Can I Save Using An OAT Bootcamp Discount Code?

The lowest-value OAT Bootcamp discount coupon will give you 10% off. 

This means you will end up saving about $50 when signing up for Bootcamp Pro and about $120 when signing up for Bootcamp Plus. 

As previously mentioned though, OAT Bootcamp discount codes still apply to their special promotion sales.

Meaning even if an OAT Bootcamp course is running at a special discounted price, you can still apply a discount code to the discounted price. 

In such an instance, and with a 20% off coupon code, you could end up saving as much as $480! That’s quite the deal, wouldn’t you agree?

How Can I Redeem An OAT Bootcamp Discount Code?

Redeeming an OAT Bootcamp discount code is a fairly straightforward process.

Step 1: Visit the OAT Bootcamp website and sign up to create a free account.

Step 2: Once you have signed up for OAT Bootcamp, go ahead and log into your account, where you will get directed to their Classroom platform.

Step 3: On the Classroom page, click on Upgrade, in order to sign up for premium membership. 

OAT Bootcamp Upgrade Membership

Step 4: This will redirect you back to the main OAT Bootcamp website, whereby you need to select the OAT course you wish to sign up for: Bootcamp Pro or Bootcamp Plus. 

OAT Bootcamp Premium Membership

Step 5: You will now be directed to the payment window. 

Click on the ‘Add promotion code’ dialog box in order to be able to input your coupon code.

OAT Bootcamp Checkout Window

Step 6: Enter your discount code code then click on ‘apply’.

If your coupon code is valid, your discount will be applied right away and the total sum will reflect the same.

OAT Bootcamp Valid Vs. Invalid Discount Codes

If your coupon code is invalid or has already expired, however, no discount will be applied, and you will get a prompt that your code is invalid. 

Step 6: Once you have entered your valid discount code, go ahead and finalize your payment and you’re good to go! 

OAT Bootcamp Discount Code FAQs

How Often Does OAT Bootcamp Run Special Promotions?

OAT Bootcamp offers special sales which run quite regularly.

Almost all year round, you can bet on finding a special discount sale whenever you may be signing up for OAT Bootcamp.

Keep in mind though, that special promotions on Bootcamp Plus run more regularly than special deals on Bootcamp Pro. Also, you are more likely to find special promotions during major holidays such as Thanksgiving sales. 

What’s The Best Deal I Can Get For OAT Bootcamp?

The best deal you can get for OAT Bootcamp would be a combination of special sales and promo codes whereby you use a promo code at an already discounted price. 

This could end up saving you up to $500 off Bootcamp, which is a pretty sweet deal for any student. 

Will OAT Bootcamp Provide A Discount Code If I Reach Out To Them?

Yes, if you reach out to OAT Bootcamp requesting a coupon code, they will gladly help you save money on your OAT test Prep. 

Their team is very responsive on email, and the discount code they give you can be used on any of Bootcamp’s OAT prep courses.  

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