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Like any other standardized test, the Optometry Admission Test can be a challenging exam for any student.

With a seemingly unending amount of content to go through, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and strapped for time.

However, your studying could be made much easier and much more organized if you were to invest in an OAT prep course.

Let’s look at some of the best OAT prep course options in the market. 

Which OAT Test Prep Course Is Right For You?

Comparison Table of The Best OAT Courses

OAT Bootcamp


Kaplan OAT Prep

Gold Standard OAT

Chad's OAT Prep

Varsity Tutors OAT


From $499



From $1,296

Access Period

90 Days

90 Days

1,3, or 6 Months

12 Months

1 Month








Tutoring & Self-Paced

Subject Practice Tests







Full-Length Tests







Practice Questions










70+ Hours

20+ Hours

57+ Hours

12+ Hours

Free OAT Resources?







Mobile App?







Tutor Support?







OAT Prep Book?







Best OAT Prep Courses In 2024

1. OAT Bootcamp Review

OAT Bootcamp Review

OAT Bootcamp offers more high-yield study materials than any other OAT prep course. And this claim is supported by the huge amount of study material at the student’s disposal.

For $497, Bootcamp Pro gives you 90-day access to 60 subject tests, 10 full-length practice tests, over 8,800 practice questions and over 2,000 video lessons.

On the other hand, you could opt to get Bootcamp Plus which costs $1,197 for 180-day access to everything you get with Bootcamp Pro, with an additional 700 practice questions and 25 extra subject tests. Do not forget to use our coupon code TESTPREPPAL10 for 10% off.

Dr Mike’s Chemistry videos are one of the strong suits of this course. He explains the concepts pretty well, such that you fully comprehend the basic concepts. 

In addition to practice tests and questions, you have question banks as well in all the subjects, and this can come in handy if providing that extra practice essential for acing the OAT.

Up to $90 OFF


testimonial oat bootcamp 1
testimonial oat bootcamp 2

The all-in-one OAT prep that everyone is talking about is here, plus with a discount.


Provides all materials needed to ace the OAT.

Regularly updated practice questions and high-yield tests.

An advanced markup feature to easily improve on your weaknesses.


No live lessons

Use code at checkout: TESTPREPPAL10

For a subject like Biology, OAT Bootcamp provides various resources designed to suit different students’ learning styles. You can choose from practice tests, question banks, Bio bites, Bio videos, Bio notes, or Bio Flashcards. 

At the same time, strategies have been included for each OAT subject, helping you know how to use the different resources to your advantage.

It is worth noting, however, that the Biology section in this course is pretty challenging. So if you have been struggling with Biology, OAT Bootcamp will give you the rigorous exercise you need. 

Bootcamp includes both a study schedule and a study guide. The 10-week study schedule provides a day-by-day breakdown of what and when to study, whereas the study guide breaks down the OAT-specific test-taking tips and strategies to study efficiently. 


– Exclusively designed by students, for students.

– Highly representative tests and questions.

– The Biology section is particularly challenging.

– Offers a ton of free study material.

– Helpful test-taking strategies for each section.


– Does not have any Physics informational videos.

2. OATBooster Review

oat booster review

The amount of material within OATBooster (do not forget to use code TESTPREPPAL for 10% off) will far exceed your expectations. 

From practice tests and questions to solution videos, content videos, crush courses, study notes, flashcards, strategies, and study guides, you are bound to feel confident on test day.

Not only that, but OAT Booster is a very representative resource, doing a great job at preparing you for exactly what to expect in the real OAT exam.

One thing to note is that this prep course’s physics and Quantitative Reasoning sections are particularly challenging, proving to be harder than the real test. However, this is good because it accords rigorous practice to build your confidence for D-day. 

Up to $50 OFF


oat booster testimonial

Exclusive Deal: Get 10% OFF one of the best OAT prep online tools, if not the best.


Highly representative tests and questions.

Regularly updated every year.

Everything you need all in one simple-to-use online study tool


No live classes

Use code at checkout: TESTPREPPAL

Should you find that you are scoring too lowly on these sections in OATBooster, do not worry too much. Instead, focus your energy on understanding why you failed a particular question and why a certain answer is the correct one.

Booster does a great job in covering the core concepts in their content videos and study notes, with detailed explanations and clarifications. 

This well-structured OAT test prep course comes complete with 8-week, 10-week, or 12-week study schedules, depending on how much time you have to study for the OAT.

Lastly, it is worth noting that OATBooster is the most affordable OAT test prep course you will find on the market. Better yet, their competitive pricing does not compromise the quality of OAT practice you receive.

Paying $299 will give you 90-day access to the OATBooster materials, whereas paying $499 allows you a 180-day access period.


– Affordably priced.

– Very representative OAT practice tests and questions.

– Detailed answer explanations for each question.

– Excellent quality videos and study notes.

– Has easy-to-use advanced analytics. 


– No live classes available

3. Kaplan OAT Prep Review

Kaplan OAT Prep Review

The best part about Kaplan OAT prep is the immense flexibility this course accords its students, letting you have full control of your OAT prep.

To begin with, you get to choose how many months you want to study, the options being 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. 

The Limitless Prep by Kaplan™ 1-month package will cost you $499, whereas the 3-month and 6-month packages cost $999 and $1,499, respectively.

Aside from choosing how many months you would like to study, you also get to decide which classes you want to attend.

Drop-in-style classes allow you to drop into as many live-streamed classes as you’d like every week, skipping the classes that don’t appeal to you.

However, this does not mean that you would just be navigating the course blindly. Kaplan OAT comes with a personalizable, structured study plan to help keep you on track as you prepare for the OAT.

Better yet, this study plan is developed with the help of a professional, specifically to suit your strengths and weaknesses. It also features calendar synching, so you know when you are required to attend your chosen classes. 

This way, you are in control of your OAT preparation, but not alone.

In addition to the live-streamed classes, Kaplan also provides many test prep materials outside the classroom. These materials include a hardcopy OAT prep book which provides a good overview of all the subjects. 

This book is particularly recommended for the Biology section, where topics and concepts are covered in lengthy detail. 

It is worth noting that the practice tests in this program are harder than the OAT, especially when  it comes to the Physics portion. So do not be discouraged too much when you find that you are scoring lowly. 


– Higher score guarantee.

– A bit more challenging than the actual OAT.

– Flexible and personalizable study options for targeted reading.

– Has plenty of resources for the OAT.

– The up-to-date Kaplan book is extremely helpful.


– This course is quite pricey. 

4. Gold Standard OAT Review

Gold Standard OAT Review

Gold Standard’s complete OAT prep package comprises full-length practice tests, 4 books, content review videos, audios, a software program, and even an online interview video for medical school.

The 4-book preparation set comprehensively covers all the OAT subjects, i.e., Physics, Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Quantitative Reasoning, and Reading comprehension.

You will note, however, that the Gold Standard Physics book is the only OAT book, the other being labeled as DAT books. Well, that’s because the OAT and the DAT are pretty much the same exams in terms of what’s tested. 

The only difference is that the Dental Admissions Test includes Perceptual Ability, whereas the Optometry Admissions Test has Physics instead. Other than that, the other subjects are all similar.

Aside from the books, the downloadable software program offered by Gold Standard comes with 3 computerized OAT practice tests. This software works on both Windows and Mac, and you will obtain the license key once you’ve signed up for the OAT prep package.

Additionally, there are 2 extra full OAT practice tests on top of the 3 tests contained within Gold Standard’s TopScore Pro software program.

The practice tests and questions in the books and the online platform all come complete with detailed answer explanations, so you fully understand why a certain answer is the wrong or right choice.

As far as the content review goes, you can either use the books, or you could opt for the 4-hour long mp3 audio version provided as a CD with this prep package.

The advantage of the audio version is that you can load the content on your phone, allowing you to study on the go.

Furthermore, this course additionally provides over 20 hours of video content review on the Natural Science section. Everything is explained concisely and clearly, and the student has 12-month online access to this resource.

Unlike other OAT test prep courses, Gold Standard doesn’t just prepare you for the exam but Optometry school in general. As such, this course also includes a 100-minute long medical school online interview video that proves to be quite helpful even for optometry school interviews.


– Has comprehensive content reviews.

– The online practice questions are pretty representative of the real OAT.

– Offers an audio-based study option.

– Has detailed solutions and explanations.

– Simple-to-use TopScore software interface. 


– It Does not offer a money-back guarantee.

5. Chad’s OAT Prep Review

Chad's OAT Prep Review

Students widely recognize Chad’s videos as being some of the best science videos you could possibly find.

Chad’s OAT prep covers all the OAT subjects except for Reading Comprehension. The package features practice tests, practice questions and solution videos, content review video lectures, and comprehensive study guides.

The video lectures present information with clarity and efficiency, so the student optimizes their study time. Chad doesn’t waste time on fluff. Rather, he focuses on the important information that’s frequently tested.

So if you need to polish up your knowledge on a particular subject, rather than learning everything from scratch, you will love this prep course. 

These video lectures are engaging, as Chad incorporates incredible humor and analogies to keep things interesting for the learner. Even the most complex topics have been explained in a way that’s memorable, enjoyable and easy to understand.

The only way to fully test your comprehension of a particular subject is through practice. Knowing this, Chad has included quizzes and practice tests within each topic. The high-yield questions you encounter will prepare you sufficiently for the OAT exam.

Another beneficial aspect of this course is Chad’s study guides designed to facilitate note-taking for the student. These study guides include Organic Chemistry reaction summaries, Physics equation cheat sheets, etc.

You will find Chad’s videos to be particularly helpful when it comes to Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry and Physics.


– Affordably priced prep course.

– The video lessons are extremely engaging.

– In-depth but concise video content.

– Offers plenty of test-taking tips.

– Quizzes at the end of each section help cement the content. 


– The Biology section falls short.

6. Varsity Tutors OAT Review

Varsity Tutors OAT Review

Varsity Tutors is famed for providing the highest value in online private tutoring. This platform pairs students with a live online tutor who will help you create individualized lessons for an optimized learning process. 

The pricing for this course is as follows:

No. of Hours

Rate Per Hour

Total Cost

12 Hours



24 Hours



36 Hours



48 Hours



Varsity Tutors’ online platform is unmatched by any other. The innovative learning platform utilizes video chat, interactive whiteboard, collaborative workspaces, and session recording so you can refer to the tutoring session later. 

You can use the tutoring hours for any subject. Better yet, the hours can be shared among any students in your family. 

Furthermore, thanks to the mobile tutoring app, you can access the live online instruction anytime, anywhere you are.

In addition to the online tutoring, this prep course offers a ton of free practice tests, thousands of practice questions, flashcards and daily questions across the various OAT subjects. 

This test prep company offers a 100% tutor satisfaction guarantee. If after your initial session you aren’t satisfied with the tutor given to you, you can contact Varsity for assistance selecting a new tutor.

Besides the tutor satisfaction guarantee, the course also offers better score, personal satisfaction, and pass guarantees. You can read up more on that here


– The tutors are highly credentialed.

– Instant tutoring available anywhere, anytime. 

– Offers personalized lesson plans.

– Very innovative live online platform.

– Tutor satisfaction guaranteed.


– No full-length practice test.

What Top Features To Look For In An OAT Prep Course?

Study Resources Offered

There are numerous ways to get in that much-needed OAT test practice. It can be done through content review, video instruction, study notes, flashcards, practice exams and questions, quick reference guides, etc.

Ideally, the best OAT prep courses will offer a variety of study resources to cater to different students’ learning styles. While one student might be better off with a live OAT prep class, another might learn better through video content.

Besides, having more resources at your disposal means you will get better value for the money you spent on that prep course.

Practice Tests And Questions

A key part of studying for a standardized test such as the OAT is to practise as much as possible (see how hard is the OAT). Content review alone just won’t cut it.

Working on numerous questions will first and foremost familiarize you with the questions’ format and how different concepts are tested on the real OAT. At the same time, taking timed full-length tests will help hone your test-taking skills and build your stamina.

The first thing to note is that you need to work on your accuracy before working on your speed. So start with untimed tests and questions to understand all the critical concepts before you start focusing on your speed with timed tests. 

Quality Of Answer Explanations

The best OAT courses offer detailed answer explanations for every question asked.

This way, you can fully understand why your answer was the right or wrong choice and understand what different questions are testing.

When going through the answers after completing an exam, it might be tempting to focus purely on the questions you got wrong. However, you should also check the answer explanations for the questions you got right because this will further solidify your content grasp.

Up to $90 OFF


testimonial oat bootcamp 1
testimonial oat bootcamp 2

The all-in-one OAT prep that everyone is talking about is here, plus with a discount.


Provides all materials needed to ace the OAT.

Regularly updated practice questions and high-yield tests.

An advanced markup feature to easily improve on your weaknesses.


No live lessons

Use code at checkout: TESTPREPPAL10

OAT Prep Courses FAQs

How Much Does An OAT Prep Course Cost?

An OAT prep course can cost as little as under $100 or as much as over $1,000.

Seeing how much the price can vary, it is important that you understand what you require in an OAT prep course. That way, you can make the best decision based on your study needs, guaranteeing you the best value for your money. 

Is The Kaplan OAT Course Worth It?

Yes, the Kaplan OAT course is worth it.

This course might be pricier than other options in the market. However, it offers immense flexibility, allowing students to take full control of their learning. Besides, the value offered by Kaplan’s companion OAT lesson book is simply unmatched. 

Which Is The Best OAT Prep Course?

As per our research, the best OAT prep courses today are both OAT Bootcamp. (use our exclusive coupon code TESTPREPPAL10 to save up to $90) and OAT Booster (use coupon TESTPREPPAL for 10% off. They are both excellent online tools that will certainly help you ace the OAT.

If we are talking value for money, then you cannot beat OAT Booster. It’s not only incredibly affordable but also offers a ton of study materials, complete with detailed answer explanations for the practice tests and questions. 

How Long Should I Study For The OAT?

How long you should study for the OAT will largely depend on how much study time you can avail each week.

On average, most students find that you should give yourself at least 3 months to prepare for the OAT exam.


Feeling competently prepared for the OAT will help alleviate a lot of test anxiety, consequently leading to you performing better on the test.

OAT test prep courses may appear like an unnecessary expense. However, they can prove to be an invaluable resource, now only equipping you with a ton of study materials but also helping you better organize your study schedule.

Don’t worry; you got this!

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