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Studying for the DAT can be a stressful period in any pre-dental student’s life. There’s plenty of ground to cover and seemingly limited time to do it all. 

This is where a DAT prep course can come in handy in helping curate content for you and plan your study schedule.

Chad’s DAT prep is one such course, but is it really worth investing in?

Well, let’s take a look at this Chad’s videos DAT review and find out.

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Chad’s Videos DAT Overview

Chad’s DAT Prep



Access Period

90 Days



Subject Practice Tests


Full-Length Tests


Practice Questions



45+ Hours

Free Study Materials?


Money-Back Guarantee?


Chad’s videos are a collection of recorded video lessons by a lecturer called Chad, who offers topic-by-topic reviews of each section of the Dental Admissions Test. 

These videos are a crowd favorite among students because they are pleasantly engaging and go straight to the point without dwelling on unnecessary information.

As such, they are a great way for students to quickly grasp the main concepts as they go through their DAT prep. 

Chad’s videos DAT prep course comprises:

  • Over 45 hours of in-depth video lectures.
  • Comprehensive coverage of Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Quantitative Reasoning.
  • Over 500 DAT General Chemistry Practice Questions.
  • 5 General Chemistry Practice Tests.
  • Over 1500 DAT Biology Practice Questions.
  • 5 Biology Practice Tests.
  • Over 400 DAT Organic Chemistry Practice Questions.
  • 5 Organic Chemistry Practice Tests.
  • Over 250 DAT Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions.
  • 5 Quantitative Reasoning Practice Tests.
  • Screen-recorded answer solutions.
  • Plenty of helpful test-taking tips.
  • Study guides for each subject.
  • Comprehensive outlines for each subject.

Chad’s Videos DAT Review For 2024

Flexible Monthly Payments Option

Paying $180 will give you access to Chad’s DAT prep course for 90 days.

On the other hand, though, you also have the option of a monthly payment plan costing you $60 for 1-month of access to the prep course. Keep in mind, however, that this monthly option comes as a recurring subscription, which you can cancel at any time.

Video Lectures

Think of these video lessons as being short and sweet, whereby Chad only provides information that is 100% necessary.

Chad's DAT Video Lectures

Chad has some of the best science videos on the web. After all, there must be a good reason why these DAT videos have been a mainstay for over a decade, don’t you think?

To begin with, he is a very engaging instructor, who keeps things interesting for the student by incorporating humor and analogies in the video lectures, so you will love watching Chad’s videos.

Furthermore, Chad explains concepts in a way that’s memorable, enjoyable, and easy to understand, and this applies even to the most complex concepts in hard Chemistry subjects.  

From the General Chemistry review to how he explains the Organic Chemistry section, Chad provides in-depth content but without overwhelming you with unnecessary details.

There is no fluff. Rather he has tailored his content to only what’s on the DAT exam in terms of the important material that is frequently tested.

Quick Re-Learning

The best part about Chad’s videos is that they are best suited for when the student needs to quickly remember something they had learned earlier and simply need a quick refresher of the content.

If you are interested in learning chemistry concepts from scratch, this might not be the ideal course for you.

However, if you have already covered the core concepts earlier and simply need to re-learn a concept, then Chad’s video lectures are designed for just that.

Test-Taking Tips

Chad offers plenty of examples and test-taking tips in his lecture videos. As such, you should always take comprehensive notes while watching his videos.

You will be glad to know that your note-taking has further been made easier by the fact that Chad offers an outline under each DAT subject.

On the one hand, these outlines will come in handy in helping you follow along on the various video lectures. Besides that, the outlines will help you when making your notes for later reference. 

Topical Quizzes

Each topic is covered under a video lesson. After each lesson, you get carefully constructed quizzes to test your grasp of what’s been covered in the video lecture.

Chad's DAT Topical Quizzes

It is advisable to take each quiz that comes after a lecture. These quizzes will help reinforce your understanding of what you have just learned, helping you master the content more efficiently.

A general rule to abide by is to rewatch the videos and retake the quizzes as many times as you possibly can, instead of just doing it once. This will help you fully grasp all the material Chad teaches.

Video Solutions

Similar to his content review video lectures, Chad’s solution videos are just as engaging, making complex topics understandable and easy to remember.

Taking exams practice is a great way to prepare for a standardized test such as the DAT. However, of equal importance is to understand why your choice is the right or wrong answer, and Chad’s video solutions perfectly outline this.

Comprehensive Study Guides

Chad's DAT Study Guides

Chad provides Organic Chemistry reaction summaries and a Physics equation cheat sheet for OAT physics, among other study guides included in this DAT course.

Using these cheat sheets makes taking notes much easier for the student. And while using Chads videos, it is vital to take plenty of good notes as you go along. 

Additionally, formula sheets can be an incredible way to remember the key things covered when re-learning chemistry concepts. However, simply memorizing the different formulas won’t help you ace the exam.

Rather, your focus should be on taking the practice exams and questions over and over until you are familiar with the mechanisms for all the reactions.

This way, instead of merely memorizing formulas, you will understand how to do everything Chad talks about, helping you cement the content much better. 

Unlike high school chemistry, the General and Organic chemistry covered in the DAT focus more on application rather than mere memorization of formulas. 

So as much as Chad provides helpful study guides, do not just use these as a stand-alone resource. You need to work on as many questions as possible so that using these formulas becomes second nature.

Chad’s Videos DAT Pros & Cons


– Chad’s videos are extremely engaging and easy to follow.

– Content is condensed and straight to the point.

– Purely focuses on the important material that’s frequently tested.

– Chad provides plenty of test-taking tips.

– Perfectly explains basic chemistry principles. 


– It Does not cover the perceptual ability section. 


Chad’s videos are an excellent, super-helpful resource for studying for the General and Organic Chemistry sections of the DAT exam. Rest assured that this is one resource that will get you closer to gaining admission into your dental school of choice. 

To begin with, Chads videos feature humor and realistic scenarios, which keep the student engaged and captivated throughout the lesson.

These video lectures explain subject material in such a way that’s very easy to understand, breaking down even complex concepts into simple bits that offer a better understanding to the student. 

To maximize learning using Chad’s DAT prep package, you need to pay attention to every single resource proffered in this course. 

Watch and re-watch the video lesson multiple times, re-taking the chapter tests repeatedly until you are familiar with all mechanisms for the various reactions.

Additionally, while watching the video lectures, take plenty of good notes. The best part about Chads videos is that the outlines provided for each subject facilitate note-taking by allowing you to follow along with the video lectures much better.

Chad’s study guides and subject outlines are other helpful resources that help with note-taking and quick references, such as when checking up a formula. 

Ultimately, the best part about this course is that Chad only focuses on the necessary content that will help you ace the real exam. There is no fluff.

As such, it is a perfect resource when you need to quickly remember or re-learn something, rather than covering concepts from scratch. 

This straightforwardness is what many students have come to love about Chads videos.

The lessons are short and sweet, full of helpful anecdotes that are easy to remember, and plenty of test-taking tips to enhance your accuracy and speed when answering questions. 

Not to mention Chad has an engaging way of teaching that keeps you hooked from the beginning of the video lecture to the very end.

All in all, money spent on this course is money very well spent. Especially considering that this course is far more pocket-friendly compared to other DAT prep courses in the market.

Chad’s Videos DAT FAQs

What Are Chad’s Videos DAT?

Chad’s videos DAT is a collection of pre-recorded video lectures going over each topic of each section in the Dental Admissions Test. 

These videos cover General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, and Quantitative Reasoning. However, they are best suited for the General and Organic Chemistry sections.

Are Chad’s Videos Free?

No, Chad’s videos are not free.

You may either pay $60 for a recurring monthly subscription, or you could pay $180 for 90-day access to Chad’s DAT prep package. 

Are Chad’s Videos Good For DAT Prep?

Yes, Chad’s videos are good for DAT prep.

These videos do an excellent job of explaining basic Chemistry principles. Not only is Chad a very engaging lecturer, but also, these video lectures provide in-depth reviews, including helpful examples and test-taking tips.

Better yet, Chad’s videos are condensed and go straight to the point so that you can make optimum use of your study time.

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