PowerScore vs. TestMasters LSAT: Which Is Better?

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Many know PowerScore for its high-quality LSAT prep books. Meanwhile, TestMasters has its world record-holder instructor.

With both excellent reputations, it’s hard to choose. But in this PowerScore vs. TestMasters LSAT article, we’ll look into their offerings. It’ll help you assess which course is best for you.

So keep reading!

Comparison Table

This table compares PowerScore’s and TestMasters’ basic LSAT courses:

PowerScore On Demand Course

TestMasters Online Course 

Free Trial

Price & Access Period

$195 per month

(additional $350 initial enrollment free)


(approximately 3 months of access)







Eric Ockert

(99th percentile scorer)

Robin Singh

(world-record holder for perfect LSAT scores)

Recorded Video Lessons

30 hours

(+55 hours of supplemental instruction)

150 hours

Practice Tests & Questions



Academic Support


(through online LSAT Forum)


(24/7 through Online Resources Center)

LSAT Score Increase Guarantee

Score/Performance Analytics



Other Resources

Course book, printed lessons, homework, question explanations, score analytics

Score analytics, question explanations, drills, quizzes, LSAT search engine

PowerScore vs. TestMasters LSAT Overview

Both companies offer three LSAT prep courses.

PowerScore LSAT Course Options

These are PowerScore’s courses:

  • On-Demand
  • Live Online
  • In Person

As a PowerScore enrollee, you’ll access these:

  • Extra resources and video lessons by Jon Denning and Dave Killoran
  • Official practice tests and questions
  • Course books, printed lessons, and question explanations
  • LSAT forum and personalized student center
TestMasters LSAT Course Options

These are TestMasters’ courses:

  • Online
  • Live Online
  • Classroom

Meanwhile, TestMasters provides these to all enrollees:

  • High-quality video lessons by Robin Singh
  • Official practice tests and questions with explanations
  • Score analytics and performance evaluation
  • 24/7 Online Resources Center that provides support

PowerScore Vs. TestMasters Detailed Comparison in 2024

This part analyzes various aspects of these LSAT prep courses. In doing so, we better compare the course offerings.

Self-Paced Courses

TestMasters LSAT Self-Paced Course

Both companies offer one self-paced course: PowerScore’s On Demand and TestMasters’ Online. They are ideal for busy students like those with work or family.

Certain features make one course better than the other.

For instance, here are the advantages of the TestMasters Online course:

  • World-renowned instructor – Robin Singh, the record-holder for perfect LSAT scores, teaches TestMasters Online. Meanwhile, Eric Ockert handles PowerScore On Demand. Although Ockert is excellent, Singh has more positive reviews.
  • More video content – TestMasters Online has 150 hours of videos. PowerScore On Demand videos are 30 hours only. PowerScore does add 55 hours of optional lessons. But they still can’t match TestMasters’ amount.
  • Better video quality – Professionals filmed TestMasters’ videos. So they have better quality and fewer distractions. Meanwhile, PowerScore’s videos have grainy audio and too many elements on the screen.
PowerScore LSAT On-Demand Course

These are the advantages of PowerScore’s On Demand course:

  • Affordability – On Demand costs only $195 monthly (excluding certain fees). Meanwhile, TestMasters Online makes you pay $1,275.
  • Flexibility – With PowerScore, you can decide when to start and end the course. But with TestMasters Online, access only starts three months before your exam period.
  • Supplemental Resources – PowerScore provides a course book, homework, and printed material. TestMasters does not have those.

Between these self-paced courses, which one wins? TestMasters Online. 

I still choose TestMasters Online because of the video and instruction quality. They also offer more video content, and thereby more knowledge.

Live Online Courses

TestMasters LSAT Live Online Course

PowerScore and TestMasters both have a course they call Live Online. It suits students who want the interaction of live classes but can’t travel.

Instead, students join an online platform to attend the video call classes. For TestMasters, that platform is Zoom. Meanwhile, PowerScore uses Adobe Connect.

There are similarities between the two Live Online courses. For instance, they both ensure they have top-scoring instructors.

They also train their instructors in their unique strategies and comprehensive curriculums. You can choose an instructor and schedule.

Both courses supplement their classes with practice tests, drills, and questions with explanations.

PowerScore LSAT Live Online Course

But PowerScore Live Online stands out because of these reasons:

  • More video content – TestMasters Live Online offers only 45 hours of live classes. Meanwhile, PowerScore has 70. Supplementary videos improve the latter.
  • Video recordings – If you fail to attend a class, you can watch a recording if you’re a PowerScore enrollee. Meanwhile, TestMasters does not record its lessons.
  • Supplemental instruction – PowerScore provides access to two forms of supplementary education. They are the video lessons from executives and weekly skill-building clinics. Meanwhile, TestMasters only offers its Online course videos featuring Singh.
  • Extra resources – Like PowerScore On Demand, Live Online has a course book and homework. There are also test and homework supplements, drills, and problem sets.

Which Live Online course wins? PowerScore Live Online. 

In the end, I would go with PowerScore Live Online over that of TestMasters. The former provides higher value because it has more class hours and extra materials.

It is also more well-reviewed compared to TestMasters Live Online.

Classroom-Based Courses

TestMasters LSAT Classroom Course

Do you learn better in a traditional classroom setup? If so, you might prefer TestMasters Classroom and PowerScore In Person.

Both are hybrid but mainly classroom-based courses. As of August 2023, though, the PowerScore In-Person course is still suspended.

That has been the case since the pandemic. In contrast, TestMasters Classroom is available.

But TestMasters Classroom is in select locations only, such as:

  • Atlanta City, Georgia
  • Gainesville City, Florida
  • Miami City, Florida
  • Berkeley City, California
  • Montgomery City, Alabama

If PowerScore In-Person hadn’t been suspended, the two courses would be at par. They offer great resources and quality instruction.

Moreover, students of both courses recommend them. Many claim that these courses helped them increase their LSAT score.

These are some of the reasons why these courses have great reviews:

  • Expert instructors – TestMasters Classroom teachers placed in the 98th percentile in their LSATs. Meanwhile, PowerScore In-person instructors got 170+ on their exams. Both companies put their instructors through a rigorous screening and training process.
  • Several hours of live instruction – TestMasters lets you have 45 hours of live classes. Meanwhile, PowerScore offers at least 40. The latter can reach 80+ if you attend the weekly LSAT clinics.
  • Video Lessons – Both courses let you access the self-paced video lessons. They supplement the live instruction so you can learn more or catch up with your missed live classes.
  • Practice resources – The practice questions are from the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). This allows students to become familiar with the questions in the actual exam.
PowerScore LSAT Classroom Course

The two courses are equal based on instruction quality. But if you want the best value for your money, PowerScore offers more at a lower price.

For instance, you can have 80+ hours of live instruction. That is twice what TestMasters offers.

The total hours of video lessons are higher with PowerScore. There are also course books, homework, and other supplementary materials.

In the end, though, the best course is the one you can maximize. To do that, ask as many questions as possible during live class hours.

Overall, though, which classroom-based course wins? It’s a tie. 

Yes, I did mention that PowerScore has more value because of affordability and extra resources. But I cannot deny that in-person courses are TestMasters’ forte. 

Several students choose TestMasters for their tried-and-tested Classroom course. Also, it’s a point in the company’s favor that they already offer classes when PowerScore In Person is still suspended.  

Therefore, considering that both courses have an edge over the other, I see them as a tie. 


PowerScore LSAT prep courses are more affordable than TestMasters. Here’s a quick comparison of their prices:




(On Demand Vs. Online)


(1-month access)


(approx. 3-month access)

Live Online




(In-Person Vs. Classroom)



But PowerScore’s pricing isn’t all-in. Let’s look at an example.

On Demand requires an enrollment fee ($350) and a LawHub Advantage subscription ($115). Note that the enrollment fee covers the first month of studies.

So to subscribe to On Demand for three months, you will pay $855. It’s still much cheaper than TestMasters for a similar access period.

A similar situation goes for Live Online. There is no enrollment fee but a $99 LSAT Prep Plus subscription.

You must pay for LawHub Advantage or Prep Plus to access the official questions. Those subscriptions are already included in the TestMasters pricing.

So, based on price, who wins? PowerScore. 

All PowerScore LSAT prep courses are more affordable than TestMasters. For instance, PowerScore On Demand is $420 cheaper than TestMasters Online. 

Free Resources

PowerScore LSAT Free Resources

Both TestMasters and PowerScore do not offer free trials. But the latter offers free resources besides sample videos.

Here are the PowerScore free resources:

  • Blog
  • Forum
  • PodCast
  • Self-Study Site
  • Exam & Admission Webinars

You can use these free resources to check if PowerScore’s teaching style fits you. Once you enroll in a course, you can also use them as a supplement.

For instance, you can keep listening to the PodCast hosted by Dave Killoran and Jon Denning. They provide exam tips and forecasts.

So, who’s the clear winner based on extra resources? PowerScore

It has a blog, forum, webinars, and more. TestMasters only has sample videos. 


TestMasters LSAT Instructors

PowerScore and TestMasters have an arsenal of LSAT expert instructors. They are LSAT top scorers who underwent extensive training to handle a live class.

You can see a quick biography of the instructors during enrolment. You can also check testimonials to learn more about a specific instructor.

But you may be more interested in the company’s prominent instructors:

  • Robin Singh – Singh is TestMasters’ founder and Online course instructor. He has a record for 12 out of 25 perfect LSAT scores. He used his many LSAT experiences to develop unique yet effective tactics.
  • Eric Ockert – Ockert is the instructor of PowerScore In Demand. He scored in the 99th percentile for his LSAT. Moreover, he spent over 15 years teaching students how to ace the exam.
  • Dave Killoran – He is the founder of PowerScore but is best known as the author of the LSAT Bibles. He may not teach course classes. But he handles the supplement instruction videos and PodCast.
  • Jon Denning – He is the Vice President of PowerScore. Alongside Killoran, he delivers the supplement videos and PodCast. He’s also active on Reddit, responding to LSAT prep questions.

In the end, though, it’s not the prominence of the instructors that matters most. What’s more important is their support and interaction.

PowerScore’s hands-on approach is evident even in its marketing strategy. If you’ve been in LSAT subreddits, you’ll often see Jon Denning responding to questions.

Who wins based on instructors? PowerScore.

Robin Singh may be a legend in the LSAT world. However, students feel that PowerScore’s instructors are more engaging and concerned about their LSAT journey. 


TestMasters LSAT Video Lesson

TestMasters’ videos are superior to PowerScore. Professionals filmed them inside a classroom while Singh was teaching.

They did that to capture the feeling of being in Singh’s actual class. While watching the video, you’re supposed to feel like you’re one of the live-class students.

But that doesn’t mean it’s distracting. The focus of the video is on Singh and his whiteboard.

You’ll rarely see the audience. But you may hear or see them sometimes when they raise or answer questions.

PowerScore LSAT Video Lesson

In comparison, PowerScore’s videos are mere recordings of live online classes. You won’t see your instructor.

Instead, a presentation takes up most of the space. You won’t see the students, but you can see the live chat.

The live chat allows you to see clarifications raised by students during that class. But they can be distracting.

Another downside to the PowerScore videos is the grainy audio. It’s not incomprehensible. But it’s lower quality than TestMasters.

PowerScore’s videos felt old-fashioned compared to TestMasters. You’ll get by with them; they don’t diminish the instructors’ efficiency.

Therefore, who wins based on videos? TestMasters. 

If you want your video and instructors to be high quality, go for TestMasters. Their videos are clean, crisp, and modern.

Practice Tests and Questions

Based on practice resources, PowerScore or TestMasters is not better than the other. Here are my reasons why:

  • Both use officially-sourced content. PowerScore and TestMasters get their questions from LSAC.
  • Both simulate the official test. Simulation is vital for students to become more familiar with. Familiarity then increases confidence and saves them time on exam day.
  • Both provide explanations for questions. Explanations help you analyze the question and approach the solution. They also help you understand why certain choices are right or wrong.
  • Both analyze your score and performance. Analytics help you identify your strengths. You can then customize your study plan by focusing on your weaknesses.

Whichever course you get, take advantage of the full-length tests and practice questions. That is, answer as many questions or tests as you can.

The more assessments you take, the more knowledge gaps you reveal. You must then address those gaps before the exam.

Who wins based on practice tests and questions? It’s a tie. 

Both companies offer official questions, comprehensible explanations, and score analytics. 

There’s a slight favor for TestMasters, though, as they have a search engine. It’s easier to find questions with it. 

Other Resources

PowerScore is a clear winner with regard to extra resources. Those are materials that aren’t the main lecture videos, practice tests, or questions.

With TestMasters, you only get the following extra resources:

  • Recorded videos
  • Practice drills
  • Explanations for the questions
  • Score and performance analytics
  • LSAT search engine (to help you find practice questions)
  • 24/7 Online Resource Center

PowerScore has all those, except for the search engine. Besides them, the company provides these:

  • Weekly LSAT clinics for live-class students
  • LSAT blog, forum, PodCast, and webinars
  • Live class video recordings
  • Homework per lesson
  • Supplement tests and homework
  • Coursebook and printed material

With such a high volume of materials, it’s easy to feel your money is worth it with PowerScore. Note, though, that their world-renowned Bibles are not included in any course.

You’ll have to buy them. They’re affordable at less than $200 for the Bible trilogy written by Dave Killoran.

The trilogy is the logic games, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension prep books. While they seem like an extra expense, I recommend getting them.

Many students find the trilogy worth it. Several even self-study with them, so they don’t buy or attend any courses.

So, based on extra resources, who wins? PowerScore. 

The company has a high volume of extra yet diverse resources. Each contributes a unique value to the students. 

Verdict: Which One Is Better?

PowerScore has the best LSAT prep courses based on value. They provide high-quality instruction and practice resources.

They also offer a wider variety of supplementary resources than TestMasters. For instance, you get course books and an informative forum.

Many students also say they’re hands-on or engaging with their students. They even respond to Redditors who didn’t enroll in their classes.

Additionally, you can decide when to start with your PowerScore courses. In contrast, TestMasters courses are for specific exam dates.

It’s also remarkable that PowerScore is more affordable than TestMasters. You can save $200 to $400 if you choose their courses over TestMasters.

To get the best experience with PowerScore, I recommend the in-person or Live Online course. They’re the most worth it based on resources, support, and instruction.

PowerScore On Demand is good, too, if you’re on a budget. But it doesn’t provide as much value as TestMasters Online.

PowerScore vs. TestMasters LSAT FAQs

Is TestMasters LSAT Better Than PowerScore?

PowerScore LSAT prep courses are better than TestMasters. Both companies have expert instructors, tried-and-tested curricula, and efficient exam tactics.

But PowerScore provides more resources at lower prices. They’re also more affordable and flexible than TestMasters.

Which One Offers the Best In-Person LSAT Course: PowerScore or TestMasters?

PowerScore and TestMasters both offer great in-person class experience. They also have unique advantages.

For TestMasters, their edge is with their instructors and reputation. They are best known for their Classroom course.

Meanwhile, PowerScore’s edge is with its volume of resources. They offer more hours and material than TestMasters.

So the best in-person course depends on what you value more: instruction or material.

Are PowerScore LSAT Prep Books Better Than TestMasters LSAT Books?

PowerScore LSAT prep books are not just better than those of TestMasters. They’re the best among all brands.

They’re extensive in coverage, easy to comprehend, and provide excellent examples and questions.

Also, many got good LSAT scores using only the PowerScore Bibles. That’s proof of the books’ quality.

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