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OAT Booster Review: Is It The Best?

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With a large amount of content to go through, pre-optometry students can feel overwhelmed preparing for the OAT test day. 

Fortunately, OAT Booster makes your learning process more organized and guided, with different study tools that are bound to suit your needs. You’ll find lots of practice tests and questions, videos, study notes, study guides, flashcards, and studying strategies. 

In this comprehensive OAT booster review, we dig deep into what pre-optometry students can expect from this OAT prep course.

OAT Booster Overview

OAT Booster



Access Period

90 Days



No. of Practice Tests


Full-Length Practice Tests


Practice Questions




Free OAT Resources?


Mobile App?


Tutor Support?


Online OAT Study Notes?


OAT Booster is an affordable study tool that delivers powerful OAT study strategies, study notes, video content, and crash courses. There are also enough practice tests to boost your confidence before the test day.

Even better, OAT booster study materials are highly representative of the actual OAT test, doing an excellent job at preparing you for what to expect on the test day.

Pre-optometry students who invest in OAT Booster can expect:

  • 80+ high-yield Booster practice tests
  • Detailed explanations and solutions
  • 1200+ detailed solution videos
  • 400+ video lessons
  • Detailed science study notes
  • Detailed statistics on your performance

OAT Booster Review For 2022

When studying for the optometry admission test, affordability isn’t enough reason to buy an OAT prep course. This in-depth OAT Booster review will tell you everything you need to learn:


The OAT Booster offers its high-quality content and powerful study tools at $299 for 90 days of access, making it among the most affordable prep courses online.

This membership price gives you access to all the questions you need to study, notes, and video content. However, the crash courses are sold separately to interested students. 

Each crash course is offered independently from the other study materials, and you don’t need to upgrade to the premium membership to access them.

Every biology crash course costs $125, while quantitative reasoning costs $90. You can also get the organic chemistry crash course at $125 each. 

Detailed Study Notes

OAT Booster Study Notes

OAT Booster offers detailed study notes that accelerate your learning curve and save valuable time using content designed explicitly for pre-optometry students.

All the notes provided accurately represent the optometry admissions test, which does a fantastic job at covering the core concepts. 

The notes are especially helpful with science topics, ranging from organic chemistry to biology. It might be hard to go through all the detailed notes, especially in the biology section, but it’s wise to skim them at least to reinforce the topics covered in the actual OAT test.

Full-Length Practice Tests & Questions

OAT Booster delivers an extensive collection of practice tests that resemble the real OAT exam.

The 6000+ practice questions featured in this OAT prep course will give you an in-depth view of the actual exam. You can boost your confidence ahead of the test day with the 10+ full-length tests, which also come with detailed answers and explanations. 

Every question has detailed explanations below the correct answer, reinforcing the topics you’re weak in by ensuring the content sticks to your memory.

We recommend going through the explanations for every question before you move to the next section. 

You’ll note that OAT Booster’s quantitative reasoning and physics sections are harder than the real OAT. However, that’s a good thing as it helps you to rigorously prepare to take the OATwith confidence. 

Video Content

OAT Booster Video Content

Videos create a more sensory experience than OAT notes and books. Seeing and hearing the concepts taught by a professional tutor helps train your memory, which helps you quickly remember concepts and formulas on the test day. 

The 400+ OAT Booster videos cover different concepts and offer tips on acing the optometry admission test. You’ll also find 1200+ video clips explaining answers to different practice test questions. 

The 400+ videos are spread throughout the subjects, giving you 33+ biology video lessons and 120 on general chemistry.

You also get 87+ on organic chemistry, 10 on reading comprehension, 5 on physics, and 63 on quantitative reasoning. 

These OAT Booster videos are especially helpful for biology, organic chemistry, and general chemistry sections. The physics section is the only part we wish that OAT Booster had more video lessons and detailed answers.

Crash Courses

Besides the detailed videos, notes, and practice questions, OAT Booster offers crash courses on biology, quantitative reasoning, and organic chemistry.

These OAT crash courses will save you hours from your study schedule, helping you prepare for the OAT more effectively. 

The biology crash course is the most helpful for most students as it emphasizes the broad concepts synonymous with this section.

These videos will help you understand the OAT topics to spend more time on when designing your study schedule to help you get a higher score than others. 

The crash courses also have mini-quizzes, which are extremely helpful for extra practice on what you’ve learned. The tutors also offer tips on tackling different questions that you might not be sure about.

That makes these detailed crash courses for a last-minute content review and emphasizes important topics. 

Comprehensive Study Schedule

OAT booster features a 10-week comprehensive study schedule designed to help your OAT scores rank high.

This detailed study schedule has proven effective for thousands of students as it helps you to focus and track your study journey. That ensures you utilize OAT booster study materials to their full potential.

Even better, students who need a longer or shorter study schedule can access a 12-week or 8-week study guide.

OAT Booster Pros & Cons


– Affordably priced.

– Has easy-to-use advanced analytics.

– Detailed answer explanations for every question.

– High-quality study notes and explanation videos.

– Highly representative OAT practice exams.


– The course needs more physics content.


OAT Booster is an affordable prep course that delivers detailed study notes, video content, and highly representative practice tests to help get high OAT scores. 

The notes and videos provided are thorough, providing you with everything you need to know. You can use the OAT Booster study schedule to know which videos or extra practice questions you should attempt daily.

Unfortunately, you’ll need other study materials, like the OAT Destroyer, for the physics section. 

OAT Booster FAQs 

Why Choose OAT Booster?

Thousands of pre-optometry students choose OAT Booster over other prep courses as the practice tests are highly representative of the real OAt exam.

It gives you access to all the right study tools, including detailed OAT notes, crash courses, videos, and a comprehensive study schedule. Everything comes at a very affordable price for 90 days of unlimited access. 

How Accurate Are The Practice Test Scores From OAT Booster?

OAT Booster practice tests are highly representative of the real OAT, which is evident when you compare your performance in both tests.

Most students score higher in the actual OAT than in Booster’s practice tests, but the results are usually within the same range. That’s especially true for biology, general chemistry, and quantitative reasoning sections. 

What Are OAT Booster Crash Courses?

OAT Booster crash courses are these three-hour small-group classes that give you high-yield content to reduce your study time and reinforce your information on challenging areas.

You’ll find 3 biology crash courses for $125 each, 2 quantitative reasoning crash courses for $99 each, and 3 on organic chemistry for $125 each. 

OAT Booster Vs. OAT Bootcamp?

OAT Bootcamp is more comprehensive than OAT Booster when studying subjects like biology, as you can access different resources designed to suit your learning style.

That includes videos, study notes, flashcards, and practice questions highly representative of the actual OAT. 

Both prep courses are a little lacking in the physics section, but OAT Booster has a helpful formula sheet to help you remember the formulas quickly.

Overall, OAT Bootcamp is superior to OAT Booster in many ways. However, many students still choose OAT Booster to save some money as OAT Bootcamp retails for $497 for 90 days of access. 

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