Blueprint Vs. LSAT Demon: 2024 Comparison

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Are you preparing to conquer the LSAT and secure your place in law school?

If you’re torn between choosing Blueprint or LSAT Demon, fret not.

We’ve conducted a thorough comparison of their key features to assist you in making an informed decision.

This comprehensive review will guide you to determine which program best suits your needs. So, be sure to read it to the end for a well-informed choice.

Blueprint Vs. LSAT Demon Comparison Table

Here is a comparison of the monthly packages for both courses:



LSAT Demon

Study Type

On-demand videos

On-demand videos

Private Tutoring


(But plan available)


(But can buy separately)

Official LSATs



Proctored Exams



Custom Practice Sets



AI Drilling


AI-Powered Question Bank


Smart Drilling

Live Class

Daily Live Office Hours

1 Monthly Live Class

Free Resources (in Trial)

• 10 Lessons
• 4 Official LSATs
• 15 Practice Exams
• Study Plan

• 40 Lessons
• 3 Official LSATs
• 3 LSATs Explained
• 1 Monthly Class
• Proctored Test

Higher Score Guarantee


**on 6-month & higher plans


Refund Policy


5-day refund policy


30-day refund policy




Blueprint Vs. LSAT Demon Overview

Boosting a score increase by 15 points and 98th percentile teachers, Blueprint has been offering quality LSAT prep for over two decades. They are so confident in their prep material that they offer a guarantee on almost all of their offerings.

LSAT Demon, on the other hand, is a comprehensive LSAT preparation tool designed by Thinking LSAT hosts and co-founders, Ben Olson and Nathan Fox.

They aim to make LSAT prep affordable and hence offer their courses in budget-friendly packages.

But which one’s better and delivers its promises?

You’ll find out at the end of this review.

Blueprint LSAT Vs. LSAT Demon Detailed Comparison

Let’s compare the features of both.

Course Curriculum & Preparation

Blueprint’s LSAT prep is pretty interesting.

First, you’ll create your customized study plan where you input your exam and prep start dates and manually mark days OFF on the calendar. The system will take a few seconds and generate a fully customized study plan for you.

As per your plan, you will first have to watch short video lessons. These lessons focus on one topic and help you thoroughly grasp its concepts before moving on to the next one.

While you’re watching a video lesson, you will also have to complete short assessments in the form of quizzes to ensure that you are paying attention and understanding the topic. (See below image)

Blueprint LSAT Course Curriculum

Once you have completed a lesson, you will be given homework to complete some more practice questions and drills.

Then, as per your plan, you will take practice exams to enhance your prep.

On the other hand, LSAT Demon takes a different approach to LSAT prep. It also very neatly organizes different topics and modules into groups, but you can choose to study them in any order.

Just go to the “Lessons” tab and study what you want.

However, LSAT Demon tries to push you towards taking a diagnostic test first. Its machine learning algorithm then suggests questions you should practice more, and that’s how you complete your prep.

Take more tests, see where you lack, and strengthen those weak areas. So, it’s kind of a do-it-yourself approach.

Our Thoughts

Blueprint has a guided approach. It gives you a highly personalized study plan to follow. Plus, it also features added resources like AI-powered Question Bank and Journal to enhance your prep.

LSAT Demon has a more DIY approach but also leverages AI to help you decide which questions and lessons you should focus more on.

Who wins? For us, it’s a tie.

It really depends on your prep style and studying preference. 

Video Lessons

Blueprint wants studying to be fun, and they’ve really worked hard to achieve that. Their videos stand out because they use a lot of catchy animations and graphics, which you don’t usually see in other LSAT prep courses.

Blueprint LSAT Video Lessons

Plus, the instructors use storytelling and humor to explain complex topics – all of this makes for a truly unique and effective learning process.

Similarly, LSAT Demon also features highly useful and detailed video lessons with explanation notes. Plus, it offers an explanation for every question in the 99 official LSATs it offers.

LSAT Demon Explanation Videos

And just like Blueprint, LSAT Demon’s lectures aren’t dry and boring. The instructors always actively add an element of fun and humor to make their lessons interesting. (1)

Our Thoughts

Both Blueprint and LSAT Demon make extra efforts to make their lectures interesting with humor. However, Blueprint slightly edges past LSAT Demon because of its animations and funny explanations with stories.

Who wins? Blueprint.

Private Tutoring

Blueprint boasts a whole range of tutoring packages.

Blueprint LSAT Private Tutoring

You can choose between 16, 24, and 40 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring with Blueprint’s LSAT experts who scored over 170.

Moreover, these packages get you access to 6 months of enrollment in Blueprint’s self-paced course and Physical LSAT books.

LSAT Demon, on the other hand, doesn’t have a tutoring package but offers to buy tutoring hours separately.

LSAT Demon Tutoring Hours

What’s the difference between a Demon & Master Tutor?

Demon tutors are those who scored above 170 and are coached by Nathan Fox (co-founder).

Master tutors are experienced Demon tutors who have worked with the Demon team for over a year and have logged at least 250 private tutoring hours.

Our Thoughts

Both courses offer high-quality tutoring but LSAT Demon is more on the expensive side.

Who wins? Blueprint.

If you notice, LSAT Demon’s 16-hour Master tutoring comes for $3720, which is higher than Blueprint’s 24-hour (discounted) package.

AI Integration

Blueprint has a smart AI technology that powers their LSAT Qbank. It offers personalized recommendations based on your performance in the practice exams and quizzes.

Plus, it lets you create custom practice sets of your own choice.

Blueprint LSAT AI Integration

LSAT Demon offers a similar feature with its machine learning and AI systems.

It creates custom drills for you based on your performance in practice tests. This means you don’t have to build a test for yourself; the system will do it for you.

Moreover, LSAT Demon’s “Practice” tab gives you the option to choose either full-length practice tests or timed sections.

LSAT Demon Custom Practice

Besides these AI-powered and custom tests, both programs offer proctored tests, where an instructor will join you live on Zoom while you take the test.

Our Thoughts

Who wins? It’s a tie.

Both Blueprint and LSAT Demon offer their unique approach to practice tests and drills.

Blueprint allows you to create custom sets for yourself with added recommendations, while LSAT Demon combines analytics with AI to give you tailored drills.


Who has the better tutors? Let’s see.

Blueprint’s primary instructors have all scored 99th percentile on the LSAT, and none of their instructors scored below 170.

Upon initial selection, aspiring instructors go through a written application, a Zoom screening, a video lesson demo, and a live demo lesson for a panel of LSAT experts and current instructors.

Once selected, the instructors undertake over 80 hours of training to perfect their teaching.

Similarly, LSAT Demon also has a stringent hiring process. They also only accept applications from instructors having an LSAT score above 170.

This means all trainers on the Demon team have aced the LSAT with flying colors, meaning you get to study under highly credible and talented professionals.

Our Thoughts

Who has the better teachers?

Both companies have strict hiring policies.

Blueprint hires 99th percentile teachers, and LSAT Demon hires only those who scored at least 170 on the LSAT.

Who wins? Blueprint.

Why? Because the 99th percentile equals 175, which is 5 points higher than LSAT Demon’s benchmark of 170.

Pricing & Packages

Blueprint offers four types of course options.

Blueprint LSAT Course Options
  • Live Course – $1599 for 5 months of access
  • 170+ Course – $2249 for 8 months of access
  • Self-Paced Course – $299 per month 
  • Tutoring – $2699, $3899, and $5999 for 16, 24, and 40 hours of tutoring respectively.

As obvious by the name, the Live Course features live lessons, while the Self-Paced plan allows you to study at your own schedule. The 170+ Course includes on-demand videos, live lectures, and weekly support from LSAT coaches, and guarantees a 170+ LSAT score.

Lastly, the Tutoring package comes with 1-on-1 mentorship.

LSAT Demon has fewer but three straightforward offerings:

  • Basic at $95/month
  • Premium at $195/month
  • Live at $295/month

The Basic package offers 77 Official LSATs, while the Premium and Live include 99 Official LSATs. Plus, students get access to daily live classes when they buy the Live package.

Our Thoughts

Whether you want to study at your own pace or join live classes, LSAT Demon will get you both at a lower price than the Blueprint.

Who wins? LSAT Demon.

Score Guarantee

Blueprint offers a higher score guarantee.

How does it work?

Well, within 90 days of completing the course, if you don’t score higher on the official test than you did on your first practice exam, you can either repeat the course for free or receive a full refund.

However, the guarantee doesn’t apply to pay-as-you-go models. You have to be enrolled in a Blueprint Live Course, Blueprint 170+ Course, or Blueprint Self-Paced Course 6-month plan or 12-month plan.

LSAT Demon offers no such guarantees.

Our Thoughts

Who wins?

While you might think Blueprint is the winner, it’s a tie.

Both courses don’t offer a guarantee on the monthly plans.

However, you do get a higher score guarantee on Blueprint’s expensive plans or long-term commitments.

Also, LSAT Demon offers a 30-day refund policy, meaning you can get your payment back if you aren’t satisfied with the prep material. Blueprint, on the other hand, offers a 5-day refund policy, which is way shorter than LSAT Demon’s.

Therefore, it’s a tie.

User Experience & Design

Blueprint offers a user-friendly dashboard to help you prepare for the LSAT.

Blueprint LSAT Dashboard

You can see your progress on the home screen and find different sections on the top menu bar, including:

  • Study Plan
  • Live Classes
  • Exams
  • Question Bank
  • Journal
  • Analytics
  • Resources

While everything is self-explanatory, you can access video and written content in the Resources section and write down notes in the Journal.

In terms of aesthetics, the overall design is pretty basic and simple, nothing too fancy. 

On the other hand, LSAT Demon has a more sleek and minimalistic design, which gives you the feel of a premium resource.

Also, In terms of usability, LSAT Demon boasts an easy-to-use interface, as all lessons, tests, and drills are neatly grouped and easily accessible in the sidebar.

LSAT Demon Dashboard

Our Thoughts

Who wins? LSAT Demon.

Both platforms offer a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard. However, LSAT Demon is easier to use because of clear labeling. For example, students can easily find videos in Lessons, while Blueprint calls that section Resources, which can be confusing.

Also, even before buying the course, LSAT Demon makes it easy to compare its packages while you might struggle to compare Blueprint’s offerings.

Free Trial

Both Blueprint and LSAT Demon offer free trials.

Blueprint’s free account gets you the following:

  • 10 Lessons
  • 4 Official LSATs
  • 15 Practice Exams
  • Study Plan

LSAT Demon offers the following:

  • 40 Lessons
  • 3 Official LSATs
  • 3 LSATs Explained
  • 1 Monthly Class
  • Proctored Test

Our Thoughts

Who wins? LSAT Demon.

LSAT Demon clearly offers more value in its free plan.

Verdict: Which One Is Better?

So, who is the eventual winner?

Well, both courses offer great value with their incredible features and generous offerings and it totally depends on what you prefer.

If you want to prepare for the LSAT in a fun, engaging way, Blueprint is your ideal partner. It will offer you great value with incredible lessons from 99th-percentile LSAT instructors. Plus, you will also get the chance to leverage private tutoring if you want the undivided attention of a coach.

Plus, you will get a higher score guarantee if you buy the right plan.

But remember, all of this will come with a pretty hefty price tag. (Although they’re often running discounts and you might get lucky.)

On the other hand, LSAT Demon serves as an economical yet high-quality and ultra-effective LSAT prep resource.

You get to leverage its smart AI drilling, incredible user interface, and equally brilliant video lessons. Plus, LSAT Demon also gives you a 30-day refund possibility, so there’s no risk involved.

Blueprint Vs. LSAT Demon FAQs

Which LSAT course is better: Blueprint or LSAT Demon?

The answer completely depends on your studying style and preferences, as both Blueprint and LSAT Demon are amazing LSAT courses and have great reviews. (2)

Does Blueprint have better LSAT Practice material than LSAT Demon?

No, Blueprint doesn’t have better LSAT practice material. Both courses offer high-quality video lessons and in-depth explanations for every released LSAT question. However, Blueprint also offers printed material (LSAT Books & a Study Guide), which could suit some of you.

How good is LSAT Demon’s coverage of Logic Games?

LSAT Demon covers Logic Games quite well with its in-depth videos and practice questions. Many of their past users claim to do better on the LG questions after using LSAT Demon for prep. (3)

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