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If you’re preparing for the LSAT, you might have heard about “LSAT Engine” – we’re here to tell you all about it.

In this LSAT Engine review, we delve into its features and effectiveness, helping you decide if it’s the right tool to fuel your LSAT success.

Whether you’re just a beginner or seeking to boost your LSAT score, read on to determine if LSAT Engine is your path to excellence.

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LSAT Engine

Study Type

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Private Tutoring


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Official LSATs


AI-Driven Analytics


Quiz Questions






LSAT Engine Overview

  • Huge Content Library: LSAT Engine features over 375 video lessons and 3200+ explanation videos, making up to 350+ hours of high-quality content.
  • Expert Support: You get real-life, expert humans to monitor your progress and answer your questions.
  • Massive Question Bank: With 60+ official LSATs and nearly 3500 practice questions, LSAT Lab ensures solid test prep.
  • AI-Driven Technology: Whether it’s analytics or personalized quizzes, everything stems from artificial intelligence, helping you correctly identify improvement opportunities.
  • Free Resources: LSAT Engine’s Intro Course is a free offering that comes with some video lessons, explanations, a full-length test, and a personalized consultation.
  • Yearly Offer: On top of a budget-friendly monthly price, LSAT Engine offers a year of access if you buy it for six months. 

LSAT Engine Review for 2024

LSAT Engine packs a nice blend of technology, expert guidance, and affordability. Its adaptive platform, engaging videos, and AI-driven approach help you prepare for the LSAT without breaking the bank.

But how good is it really?

Let’s review all of the features.

Course Structure

The course curriculum primarily consists of the following three sections:

  • To-Do List
  • Review List
  • Practice Pool

As the name suggests, your to-do lists will feature blocks for you as per your study schedule. (More on this later.)

These blocks are actually activities. They could be watching video lessons or completing practice tests or quizzes.

LSAT Engine To-Do List

You will learn from these activities and then test your learning in the Review section.

LSAT Engine Review List

This part will determine your test readiness and check your knowledge with lots of practice tests. However, it will also allow you to rewatch video lessons to reinforce what you’ve already learned.

Once you’ve completed all the blocks and watched all video lessons, you’ll have access to almost 25 tests or roughly 2,500 questions from which you can build custom quizzes and do extra reading comp passages or logic games.

So, that’s how the LSAT Engine is structured.

Now, let’s see where these blocks come from.

Study Schedule

Your study schedule is what fills your to-do lists and review section.

So, when you log into your LSAT Engine account for the first time, you’ll have to enter a start date for your preparation and a proposed test date.

This will fill your schedule with the required tasks for effective prep in your given timeframe.

LSAT Engine Study Schedule

The schedule will show you a weekly breakdown of your activities once you click the drop-down arrow. However, you can already see how many hours you need to commit in a particular week, which is very cool.

So, once your schedule is ready, just start ticking off items (blocks) off the list.

Tip: Don’t directly study from the Schedule. Use the To-Do and Review sections – it’s more convenient and built to be used that way.

Video Lessons

Let’s talk about the most important aspect of any LSAT prep course: the video lessons.

So, LSAT Engine boasts more than 375 video lessons, which makes up for more than 100 hours of high-quality, in-depth video content.

The best part is that you’ll see the co-founder himself. Justin Capuano, in every video lesson. This means that the LSAT Engine team has put serious efforts behind its course, and you’ll only get quality content delivered to you.

There’ll be a presentation slide in every lesson, and Justin will be seen sitting in the bottom right corner with a tablet computer in his hands.

LSAT Engine Video Lessons

He uses the tablet to highlight stuff or add notes where required.

Plus, he delivers each lecture with enthusiasm and energy so the viewers don’t lose focus.

This complete video experience makes for a digital class-like environment where you can see the tutor in front of you.

Customized Quizzes & Practice Tests

While learning from the video lessons, you’ll also get the opportunity to practice along the way.

LSAT Engine lets you take quizzes and full-length tests. However, there is something unique about the LSAT Engine’s practice questions.

First, it lets you create customized quizzes where you can target the question types that are most important or those that you find most challenging.

You can use the customize feature in the Materials tab, which looks something like this:

LSAT Engine Customized Quizzes

As you can see in the attached picture, you can add or remove questions from a pool or practice section. (The platform’s instructions on top will tell you the same.) 

Apart from this customization, it uses AI and machine learning to analyze your performance and spot strong and weak areas in it. Then, it’s going to create lots of full practice sections so you can effectively work on your weak areas.

Once you have completed all the study material and have done a few quizzes and practice sections, it’s going to give you full-length tests. Yes, it will automatically add regular full practice tests to your schedule until you reach your official LSAT exam date.

And for the record, the program offers 60+ real, official LSAT tests.

But the LSAT Engine doesn’t stop here. There’s more value to be uncovered.

Explanation Videos

Not only do you get over 3,500 practice questions with LSAT Engine, but you also get to understand the rationale behind the answers to each.

LSAT Engine offers in-depth explanations for all the practice questions covering each LSAT topic. These videos make up to almost 250 hours of well-explained content.

Like the video lessons, the founder, Justin, sits at his table and goes through the question and the rationale behind the answer. (See image below.)

LSAT Engine Explanation Videos

Fortunately, there is an explanation video for every question. You can find these videos in the Explanations tab. It will take you to the Explanation Finder section, where you have to select the test and question number to access the video.

User Interface & Experience

To be honest, on first look, LSAT Engine’s interface and usability feel a little complicated.

Why? Because there is no proper thing as a home page in the dashboard.

However, once you watch the introduction video and understand how the system works, everything is a piece of cake. You can watch lessons, practice questions, and see explanation videos easily with just a few clicks.

However, here’s an overview of the dashboard and how to use it.

Spot the three lines in the top left corner of the dashboard and click it. This will open a side menu bar.

LSAT Engine Dashboard

This is where you will find all the sections.

We’ve already talked about To-Do, Review, Schedule, Materials, and Explanations.

The Resources tab provides access to LSAT’s blog, a Logical Reasoning Cheat Sheet, and the LSAC Website to see upcoming exam dates.

Private Tutoring

The program also offers private tutoring with in-person and live 1-on-1 sessions. Given the highly knowledgeable video content, it promises to be a valuable offering for students.

However, sadly, there isn’t much information on the website, and the program doesn’t promote it as much.

LSAT Engine Private Tutoring

Free Trial

Thankfully, the program comes with a free trial with access to limited features.

They call it the Intro Course.

It includes:

  • Sample video lessons
  • A complete official LSAT
  • Video explanations for the available LSAT
  • Free Consultation

With the free consultation, you can contact their LSAT tutors and get expert guidance as per your situation.

All in all, LSAT Engine lets you try out the platform for free and offers immense value without charging anything.

Price And Offer

With a monthly price of $129, LSAT Engine is one of the most affordable LSAT prep courses in the market.

Not only does it offer high-quality video lessons and 3,500+ official LSAT questions, but the program also boasts an intelligent AI-driven algorithm that prioritizes the course content according to your needs.

Plus, the course also offers an amazing discounted deal.

You can buy 12 months of access for the price of 6.

LSAT Engine Discount Deal

However, remember that you have to buy the LawHub subscription separately (as with all other LSAT courses.)

LSAT Engine Pros & Cons


– Study at your own pace with 375+ video lessons & over 3500 explanations.

Personal study plan to help you manage your time better.

– Practice real exam questions from old, officially released LSATs.

Custom quizzes so you can practice what you want.

Data and AI-driven approach to get you prepared for the LSAT.

– Intuitive and user-friendly interface to get you going.

– A budget-friendly price tag with a huge discount for long-term commitment.


– No high score guarantee.

– No live classes.

– No info on private tutoring.


So, does LSAT Engine get the green light?

Yes. It does. LSAT Engine promises an excellent self-study experience.

Its video lessons and explanations are extremely helpful and explain difficult concepts in a simple way. Moreover, the program is built in a way that you get to review and practice what you’ve just studied.

With 60+ official prep tests, custom quizzes, and practice sessions, you can hone your test-taking skills and be more confident. 

Plus, the program uses a patent-pending AI-driven technology to create your schedule, review tasks, and practice tests. This means you really get to work on your weaknesses and improve them before your test.

However, unlike some popular prep companies, LSAT Engine doesn’t offer a guarantee that you’ll improve your score.

Also, there are no live classes. If you’re someone who prefers studying in a classroom-style setting, you might want to look for other options.

LSAT Engine FAQs

How does LSAT Engine work?

LSAT Engine uses its unique system to create blocks for you. These blocks are activities like watching videos, taking tests, or completing passages.

First, you have to complete these blocks and then review them again (like a homework assignment) to solidify your learning.

Then, you must take practice tests to check your progress and follow your schedule to fully prepare for the official exam.

Does LSAT Engine have a free trial?

Yes, LSAT Engine has a free trial. It offers an Intro Course, which includes video lessons, video explanations, and a full practice test.

Is LSAT Engine effective for my LSAT prep?

Yes. LSAT Engine is an effective course for your LSAT prep. With its advanced analytics, you can work on your weaknesses and prepare for the LSAT in an efficient method.

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