NCLEX Bootcamp Review: Is it good?

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The NCLEX Bootcamp course is a relatively new kid on the block, but it already appears to be making headway as a top-tier NCLEX prep resource.

How reliable are these claims, and how good is this course really?

Is it as representative of the Next Gen NCLEX as many purport it to be, or are you in for a huge disappointment?

Well, this detailed NCLEX Bootcamp review will assess the pros and cons of this course to help you make an informed decision.

Summary Table

NCLEX Bootcamp


From $49

Access Period

1, 3, or 6 Months



Strategy Course

9 Lessons

NCLEX Mock Exams


(With 100 questions each)

Practice Questions


NGN Case Studies


(With 6 questions each) 

Video Explanations


Study Plans


1, 2, and 3-Month Study Schedules 

Performance Tracking


Mobile App


iOS & Android

Pass Guarantee


NCLEX Bootcamp Overview

One incredible thing about NCLEX Bootcamp is that this course was built specifically for the new Next Gen NCLEX.

Everything about it is representative of the Next Gen exam, from the case studies to the new item types in the new NCLEX exam.

Here’s what you get upon signing up for the Bootcamp NCLEX course:

  • Dr. Emily’s study guide & proven study schedule.
  • Over 1,400 high-yield NCLEX questions, updated weekly.
  • Exam-like content and software interface.
  • 4 readiness exams.
  • Customized practice tests.
  • Over 40 full-length Next Gen cases with video explanations
  • Content-rich explanations with vivid illustrations.
  • Performance and improvement tracking with accurate pass prediction.
  • Tutor support from NCLEX content experts.
  • Top-rated NCLEX Bootcamp mobile app.
  • A pass guarantee.

NCLEX Bootcamp Review For 2024

NCLEX Bootcamp is quite unlike any other NCLEX course you may have encountered from other prep companies.

The fact this test prep course is designed specifically for the Next Gen NCLEX, NGN, means that all the materials in this course perfectly align with the next gen testing format. 

This helps take a lot of guesswork out of your studying in that you do not have to constantly figure out what applies to the new NCLEX RN exam and what doesn’t. 

Everything you see in this course is 100% relevant to the NGN.   

Plans & Pricing

NCLEX Bootcamp provides 3 membership options.

The course content is the same across the board, what varies is the course access period of the 3 plans.

1 Month of Access

3 Months of Access

6 Months of Access





For any of the 3 plans, you can pay in 4 interest-free payments using Afterpay.

Also, Bootcamp gives you the option of pausing your account, meaning you can purchase a plan now, but activate it later when you are ready to start studying.

What makes their price point super appealing is that Bootcamp is a much cheaper NCLEX study option compared to other test prep companies.

Just to put things into perspective, their most popular 3-month course option, priced at $149 will cost you about a third of what you’d pay if you were to study with Kaplan’s self-paced course. 

Interface & User Experience

NCLEX Bootcamp is very easy to use and navigate.

Everything you need for this course can be accessed from your homepage on the NCLEX Bootcamp dashboard, or via the sidebar.

NCLEX Bootcamp Dashboard

It is very easy to start studying with this NCLEX course. 

Rather than wasting time wondering how to tackle all the content provided, Bootcamp recommends that you get started with the study guide then download the study schedule of your choosing and start tackling the course.


The NCLEX Bootcamp course is structured such that you essentially have 3 main study materials:

  1. Next Gen strategy course.
  2. Next Gen Cases.
  3. Next Gen standalone questions.

If you need some guidance in navigating the course, you could opt to follow the Study Plans developed by the Bootcamp team. 

There are 3 versions of this detailed study schedule provided: 1-month, 2-month and 3-month long plans, based on how much NCLEX review you may need.

These study plans are well laid out, giving you a great day-to-day breakdown of exactly what you need to be working on.

They go as far as to outline built in days for reviewing missed questions and for completing full length practice tests as well.

a) Next Gen Strategy Course

The Next Gen strategy course comprises 9 video lessons that last a total of 1 hour and 54 minutes and are split into 3 distinct parts.

The first part of this course starts you off on the basics of the next gen NCLEX. 

From what the NGN looks like, to what’s tested and even how it’s scored, this section perfectly explains how the next gen format tests you.

The second part of this course walks you through how to answer questions and cases.

NCLEX Bootcamp Strategy Course

There is a test taking strategy element to acing this computer adaptive test, and this portion of the strategy course provides plenty of tips, tricks and strategies for approaching the various NCLEX question types and case studies.

Lastly, the third portion of this course walks you through a whole case study in detail, and standalone questions as well.

You get to see the various test taking tips and strategies being applied in real time, and begin to develop an understanding of what the NCLEX expects from test takers.

b) Next Gen Cases

Case studies have been one of the biggest changes to the NCLEX, whereby rather than having multiple choice questions, the new exam now presentes you with 3 case studies having 6 items each. 

On the real NCLEX, each case is essentially a detailed patient-based scenario, with 6 accompanying questions based on that hypothetical, and that’s exactly what Bootcamp gives you as well.

In Bootcamp NCLEX, nursing students have 43 cases to drill on, based on Adult Health, Child Health, Maternal & Newborn Health, Mental Health and Critical Care.

Each case comes with a detailed video walkthrough, showing you how you should have solved for each of the 6 questions in the case. 

These video breakdowns are really well done, comprehensively showing you how to think through each case like a nurse.

The new NCLEX isn’t just about answering questions correctly. 

Rather aspiring nurses are expected to display sound clinical judgment and critical thinking skills and these Bootcamp case studies with video explanations are excellent for just that! 

c) Next Gen Standalone Questions

Standalone questions make up the bulk of the questions you will see on the actual NCLEX, and so that is what this section of Bootcamp NCLEX is designed to help you with.

The huge question bank contains over 1,200 highly realistic practice problems to work on, and these are updated weekly to ensure that you are studying using the most representative NCLEX material.

Each problem comes with a full-length detailed rationale, explaining the correct answers and each of the incorrect answers as well.

NCLEX Bootcamp Answer Exaplanations

With content review being built into each explanation, these in-depth answer explanations work as excellent teaching points.

Each detailed solution includes lots of images and beautiful illustrations which is great for visual learners, not to forget the written study materials and expert video walkthrough as well.

Practice Material

Aside from the case studies and the stand-alone questions, NCLEX Bootcamp additionally includes mock exams and custom tests as part of their practice materials.

Their mock exams are known as “Readiness exams”, and these are full-length tests designed to predict your likelihood of passing the NCLEX. 

Serving as a great way to gauge your progress as you go through the NCLEX Bootcamp course, these readiness exams rate your likelihood to pass the NCLEX as Low, Borderline, High, or Very High.

NCLEX Bootcamp Pass Prediction

Upon completing each practice test, you will be given personalized recommendations on which subject areas to review that hold the greatest room for improvement. 

When you create a custom test you can either select from cases, standalone questions, or both, and you have over 1,400 questions to work with.

As far as the testing interface goes, Bootcamp has paid attention to every slight detail, to make sure that your test interface looks exactly like the actual exam.

From how the testing software looks, to how questions are worded, NCLEX Bootcamp has done a great job of representing the real NCLEX.

NCLEX Bootcamp Test Interface

The question tagging system is another handy feature.

By tagging a question as Learning, Reviewing, or Mastered, you can rate how well you understand a question, allowing you to keep track of which tagged questions you want to revisit and review later on.

All in all, the quality of practice offered by NCLEX Bootcamp is top-tier.

The interface is almost identical to what test takers will see on test day, and the practice material is very similar to the real NCLEX in terms of the content tested as well as the level of difficulty. 

Bootcamp’s questions are slightly more challenging than the real exam, but this is a good thing in that it sharpens your thinking, solidifying your ability to prioritize and identify safety concerns among other skills. 

Performance Analytics

Once you’ve completed a readiness test on NCLEX Bootcamp, you can review your performance in comparison with other users.

NCLEX Bootcamp Performance Analytics

The detailed report provides a breakdown of your performance, by the individual subjects and systems so that you can figure out where your strong and weak areas lie.

Pass Guarantee

In case you are still not entirely sold on the NCLEX Bootcamp course, then perhaps their pass guarantee could help put your mind at ease.

If you give the Bootcamp NCLEX prep program an honest try but still end up failing the NCLEX exam, you are guaranteed a full refund of your entire payment.

That’s right! Bootcamp offers a money back guarantee should you fail your exam after studying using their NGN prep course.

Of course, there are a few eligibility criteria you have to have met, including having completed all of the content on NCLEX Bootcamp.

Another thing to keep in mind here is that the pass guarantee only applies to those who’ve subscribed to the 3- and 6-month plans.  

NCLEX Bootcamp Pros & Cons


– Affordably priced.

– The detailed problem answer explanations are top-notch.

– Practice questions are very representative of the real exam.

– Fully designed for the Next Gen NCLEX.

– The course is very easy to follow with flexible study schedules.

– Excellent tutor support with fast response times.


– No cheat sheets for quick references.


Bootcamp NCLEX is one of the few programs in the market that are 100% in line with the new Next Gen NCLEX test format.

Everything in this course, from the case studies to how questions are structured is a perfect indicator of what to expect on your NGN exam.

Bootcamp’s case studies and standalone prompts are all very good, perfectly mirroring all the NCLEX question types and even matching the real thing in terms of the content tested and the overall level of difficulty.

Bootcamp NCLEX challenges you to think like an RN and the insightful explanations of the different practice problems are a game changer when it comes to building your critical thinking skills.

Not only are these answers rationales in-depth, but they are also written in simple plain language that makes it easy to understand and digest the information presented.

The beautiful graphics and visuals are perfect for visual learners and the fact that explanations are also provided for the wrong answer choices makes these detailed solutions a perfect content review tool.

The video breakdowns are also very well done. With everything being explained clearly and concisely, the instructors take their time in providing a practical approach to how you should have solved a particular problem.

The mobile app is a perfect tool for those learners who wish to study on the go, and the NCLEX Bootcamp Study Group on Facebook offers a great community where you can find a study buddy or just general encouragement and motivation.

The cost-effective aspect of this prep course is really hard to overlook.

The fact that NCLEX Bootcamp is priced much cheaper than its competitors means that this great course offers excellent value for money. 

I would highly recommend NCLEX Bootcamp to anyone who’s feeling lost about how to prepare for the Next Gen NCLEX.

NCLEX Bootcamp FAQs

Is Bootcamp’s NCLEX Prep Course Worth It?

Yes, Bootcamp’s NCLEX prep course is absolutely worth it.

Not only is it very affordably priced, but also, their representative practice with a focus on next gen cases and item types really makes this one of the best NCLEX prep resources you could use to prepare for the new Next Gen NCLEX exam.

How Much Does Bootcamp NCLEX Cost?

The Bootcamp NCLEX 3-month course costs $149 but discounts are regularly offered meaning you can almost always purchase the course for $99.

Are Bootcamp’s Practice Questions Similar To The NCLEX?

Yes, Bootcamp’s practice questions are very similar to the real NCLEX in terms of the formatting, how questions are worded, the content tested, and even the questions’ level of difficulty.

Bootcamp’s next gen case studies and item types closely match the real NCLEX exam.

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