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NCLEX Bootcamp already comes at a very appealing price point, but the deal is sweetened even further when you learn that the company often gives discount codes and regularly runs special promotions.

TESTPREPPAL10 is a reliable NCLEX Bootcamp promo code that will give you 10% off and is guaranteed to work all year round.

You really have no reason to be missing out on this incredible Next Gen NCLEX test prep program, now do you?

Quick Summary

  • The best NCLEX Bootcamp discount code that can be used all year round is ‘TESTPREPPAL10’ which will give you 10% off.
  • With an NCLEX Bootcamp discount code, you can end up saving as much as $165 off your subscription.
  • An NCLEX Bootcamp group discount could get you up to 25% off. 
  • NCLEX Bootcamp runs special sales very regularly, but these typically only apply to the 3- and 6-month plans.

Which Is The Best NCLEX Bootcamp Promo Code For 2024?

Considering that NCLEX Bootcamp has just been rolled out and the platform is still relatively new, Bootcamp has been giving plenty of discounts and giveaways as an incentive to try out this new NCLEX study program.

One of the best NCLEX Bootcamp promo codes for 2024 is TESTPREPPAL10 which will give you 10% off. 

This reliable coupon code works all year round and is applicable to any of the 3 NCLEX Bootcamp plans i.e. the 1-, 3- and 6-month subscriptions.  

How Much Can I Save Using An NCLEX Bootcamp Promo Code?

With an NCLEX Bootcamp promo code, you can expect to save between 10% to 100% off your subscription. 

You read that right, there are some NCLEX Bootcamp discount codes that could allow you to get the 3-month plan for free! 

However, these extreme ‘100% off’ promo codes aren’t very easy to come by, typically only reserved for special promotional sale periods.

More commonly, the average NCLEX Bootcamp discount code will give you 10% off, therefore helping you save about $5 if you get the 1-month account, about $15 on the 3-month account, and about $30 on the 6-month account.

One great thing about NCLEX Bootcamp is that you can apply a discount code to an existing sale, therefore guaranteeing you even money off your purchase.

For instance, if there is a sale running and the 6-month plan has been discounted to $149 from $299, you can still apply a discount code to the $149 discounted price.

NCLEX Bootcamp Bulk Savings

In this case, if you use the TESTPREPPAL10 NCLEX Bootcamp discount code, you will end up getting the 6-month plan for $134.10, all the way down from $299 therefore saving a whopping $164.90!

How Can I Find An NCLEX Bootcamp Discount Code?

The discount code TESTPREPPAL will give you 10% off any of the NCLEX Bootcamp plans.

Aside from that, you could reach out directly to the Bootcamp team for a special group discount for your club or school.

In this instance, you could get a group discount of up to 25% off your NCLEX Bootcamp subscription.

Online forums such as Reddit are a resourceful place to look if you cannot seem to find an NCLEX Bootcamp discount code anywhere else. 

Just as well, Bootcamp regularly partners up with influencers to offer discount codes for their student followers so you could also check on the social media pages of any nursing influencers you may know.  

Lastly, you could always join the NCLEX Bootcamp mailing list so that you are notified of any special offers the minute they are released.

This is often the most effective method of going about getting an NCLEX Bootcamp discount code because as previously stated, the company runs special sales and promotions very regularly. 

You may even land on an incredible flash sale every so often.

How Often Does NCLEX Bootcamp Run Sales And Promotions?

NCLEX Bootcamp runs sales and promotions very regularly, almost all year round.

Wherever you are signing up for an NCLEX Bootcamp account, you can almost always find a running sale.

You can also bet on finding a special NCLEX Bootcamp promotion during major holidays such as Thanksgiving, 4th of July, etc. 

Currently, there is an ongoing NCLEX Bootcamp sale that gives you $50 off the 3-month plan and $150 off the 6-month plan.

NCLEX Bootcamp Special Sale

Typically, special sales hardly ever apply to the 1-month plan but are instead focused on the 3- and 6-month plans.

Nevertheless, discount codes apply to all the plans, including the 1-month subscription.

Aside from that, another cool thing about NCLEX Bootcamp is that you have the option of freezing or pausing your account.

This means that you can purchase a plan during a special sale, and then have the account put on pause until you are ready to start studying!

This allows you to maximize on sales and promotions, so you don’t have to miss out on an incredible discount just because you are not ready to get started on your NCLEX prep just yet. 

How Do I Redeem An NCLEX Bootcamp Promo Code?

Redeeming an NCLEX Bootcamp promo code is a rather straightforward process. 

Step 1: Visit the NCLEX Bootcamp website and sign up to create a free account.

Step 2: Once you have signed up for NCLEX Bootcamp, go ahead and log into your account, where you will get directed to your homepage.

Step 3: At the top right corner of your homepage, or along the side panel on your left, click on ‘Upgrade’ in order to sign up for a premium NCLEX Bootcamp plan.

NCLEX Bootcamp Upgrade Membership

Step 4: This will redirect you back to the main NCLEX Bootcamp website, whereby you need to select the NCLEX prep plan you wish to sign up for: the 1-, 3- or 6-month option.

NCLEX Bootcamp Course Options

Step 5: You will now be directed to the checkout window. 

Click on the ‘Add promotion code’ dialog box in order to be able to input your coupon code.

NCLEX Bootcamp Add Promo Code

Step 6: Enter your discount code code then click on ‘apply’.

If your coupon code is valid, your discount will be applied right away and the total sum will reflect the same.

NCLEX Bootcamp Valid Promo Code

If, however, your coupon code is invalid or has already expired, no discount will be applied, and you will get a prompt that your code is invalid. 

Step 7: Once you have entered your valid discount code, go ahead and finalize your payment and you’re good to go! 

The payment window for the 3-month plan looks a little different from that of the 1- and 6-month plans. 

NCLEX Bootcamp Working Promo Code

Nevertheless, the idea is still the same in that you simply click on the ‘Have a promo code?’ prompt and proceed to insert your coupon. 

NCLEX Bootcamp Promo Code FAQs

Does NCLEX Bootcamp Have A Free Trial?

No, NCLEX Bootcamp does not have a free trial.

However, there are a number of free NCLEX study resources that you can access with a free NCLEX Bootcamp account. These free materials include:

  1. 3 case studies complete with their full sets of questions.
  2. 36 standalone questions.
  3. 1 readiness exam.
  4. The full Next Gen Strategy Course.

How Can I Get A Working NCLEX Bootcamp Promo Code?

TESTPREPPAL10 is a working NCLEX Bootcamp discount code that’s guaranteed to work 100% of the time, giving you 10% off your subscription. 

Other than that, you could alternatively reach out to the Bootcamp team to set up a group discount for your class, club, or school.

A third option would be to sign up for the Bootcamp mailing list so that you become the first one to get notified of any special NCLEX Bootcamp sales that may be running.

A fourth option would be to look out for any nursing influencers who have partnered with Bootcamp to give discounts to their followers. 

Does NCLEX Bootcamp Offer Group Or Student Discounts?

Yes, NCLEX Bootcamp offers group discounts for students, whereby you could get up to 25% off. 

To set up a group discount for your club or school, start by filling out this form with the relevant data, and the Bootcamp team will proceed to set up a special discount for you.

Can I Use More Than One Promo Code For NCLEX Bootcamp?

No, you cannot use more than one promo code for NCLEX Bootcamp. At any given time, you can only apply one discount code. 

You can, however, apply a discount code to an existing NCLEX Bootcamp special sale, therefore getting you even more money off your purchase.

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