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Are you looking for a highly organized and in-depth resource with cadaveric images to ace your Anatomy exam?

Anatomy Bootcamp might just be the tool you’re looking for.

Don’t know if it’s worth it or not?

You’ll know by the end of this review where we analyze its features and weigh its pros and cons. So, let’s dig in!

Summary Table


Anatomy Bootcamp

Study Type

On-Demand Videos + Practice Questions

Total Videos


Total Questions


Full-Length Exams


Mobile App


Cadaveric Images


Access Period


1 Year

2 Years


$49 / month



Pass Guarantee




Anatomy Bootcamp Overview

Multiple learning materials: The course material includes multiple learning options for an all-round learning experience. This includes videos, practice questions, high-yield notes, full-length practice exams, and PDF handouts.

High-Quality Videos: The course features over 700 HD videos that impart in-depth knowledge in a fun, engaging way.

Practice Questions: The Anatomy Boot camp has a large question bank with over 8800 questions.

High-Quality Cadaveric Images: Quality graphics build the foundation for learning anatomy, and the Bootcamp has over 500 Cadaver images.

Question Tagging: Students can tag the questions as per their level of understanding and revisit them for reinforcement.

Mobile Apps: You can download Bootcamp’s iOS and Android apps, meaning you can access course material wherever you want.

Guarantee: The course comes with a Pass Guarantee, which means you’ll get a refund if you don’t pass the exam after preparing through this program.

Anatomy Bootcamp Review for 2024

The Anatomy Bootcamp is an all-in-one platform for learning Anatomy.

Whether you’re in an anatomy lab dissecting cadavers or studying for an upcoming A&P I or II exam, this comprehensive tool has got you covered.

It was created by Dr. Ari Rezaei, and the idea was to turn a dry, dull subject into a fun learning experience.

But is it worth your time and money? Let’s break down all of its major features so you can decide.

Topics and Modules

The Anatomy Bootcamp encompasses different human anatomy topics and features the following five modules:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Gross Anatomy
  • Neuroanatomy
  • Histology
  • Embryology

These modules are like sub-sections or distinct small courses, which are further divided into sub-topics so you can learn and master each one.

Teaching Methodology

Each module or sub-section features different learning resources, including the following:

  • Video Lessons: The name clarifies what these are. (More on this later)
  • Bites & Exam Questions: These are practice questions for reinforcement.
  • High-Yield Notes: A detailed summary of the most high-yield topics with graphics and pictures.
  • Full-length Exams: These are timed mock tests to stimulate real-life exam experience.
  • Atlas: It’s a PDF doc with an outline & course content of the whole module.

Fun Video Lessons

Every module has a section for video lessons that includes video lessons, short quizzes, and PDF handouts of each video lecture.

Most videos span 7 to 10 minutes, while some are a little longer and may go up to 16 minutes.

However, all of the videos are very detailed. You will be able to see text and image content in a slideshow and an instructor in the top-right corner explaining everything to you.

Anatomy Bootcamp Video Lectures

You get a PDF handout with every subtopic and also a practice quiz at the end of each subsection to solidify your learning.

But what most students love about the Anatomy Bootcamp is the teaching style.

Every instructor has a friendly, fun way of imparting knowledge and tries to break down difficult topics so students can learn without feeling bored or overwhelmed.

Practice Questions

The Bootcamp is generous when it comes to practice questions.

As already mentioned, every video lesson includes a short quiz or practice questions. On top of that, the platform offers over 8,000 questions in its Question Bank, Bites, and Exam Questions. 

All these sections are more or less the same and feature different practice questions.

Each question comes with four possible answers and an explanation (or reasoning) regardless of the correctness of your answer. This means you’ll get to see a rationale behind the answer every time. (Example below)

Anatomy Bootcamp Practice Questions

High-Definition Cadaver Images

Learning human anatomy is all about identifying body parts, even at a microscopic level.

This is where the Anatomy Bootcamp levels things up with high-quality cadaveric images. The course features over 500 high-definition images alongside practice questions and during video lectures.

Anatomy Bootcamp Cadaveric Images

These high-quality cadaver photos help students memorize the information well and demonstrate their knowledge during labs and exams.

Question Tagging

This is an advanced feature you get with every Bootcamp course.

Since there are so many questions and you might want to spend extra time on some of them, the Bootcamp’s tagging feature can help you. It lets you tag questions based on how well you understand them.

For example, if you get a question right every time, you can tag it green, which means you have Mastered it. Similarly, you can tag it yellow if you feel you need more time to learn it.

Anatomy Bootcamp Question Tagging

Or if you keep getting a question wrong and want to understand and remember it fully, mark it red (Learning).

Apart from the above, you can simply bookmark a question and revisit it later in the future.

User Interface & Experience

The Anatomy Bootcamp has a user-friendly and intuitive interface and design.

The whole course is very professionally categorized into sub-topics and presented in a tidy, organized manner.

Whether you want to watch video lessons, read out notes, or practice exam questions, you can do so with ease and convenience.

While watching videos, you can adjust the playback speed, turn on subtitles, and even jump to the chapters of your choice. Similarly, you can easily attempt and bookmark practice questions as you like.

Besides all of these, Bootcamp’s performance tracking and analysis add to the already sublime user experience.

Anatomy Bootcamp Progress Tracking

Bootcamp keeps a track record of your performance on the dashboard’s home screen. Here, you can actually see how well (or badly) you’re doing in your anatomy journey by looking at the percentage of correctly/incorrectly answered questions and completed/incomplete sections.

This feature is really helpful to keep you on the right track and analyze your performance so far.

Pricing And Packages

Bootcamp offers three economic plans:

  • Monthly Access comes at $49 per month
  • 1 Year of Access comes at $199
  • 2 Years of Access comes at $349

All of these packages offer the same features and only differ in their duration of access.

Besides these, the Bootcamp offers a free trial so you can test each feature and decide whether you want to buy or not.

Pass Guarantee

One of the best things about this course is the “Pass Guarantee.”

What does it mean?

If you fail your anatomy exam after buying and preparing through the Anatomy Bootcamp, you’ll get a full refund.

However, this guarantee doesn’t come with the monthly plan.

You must buy the 1-year or 2-year membership to leverage the refund policy. Also, you must have purchased the plan at least 30 days before the exam date.

Community and Support

Whether you’re a free or paid user, you get to enjoy Bootcamp’s amazing community and customer support.

Anatomy Bootcamp Community & Support

On the left-side menu bar, you can hit Study Group and access Bootcamp’s TikTok profile Med School Bootcamp. Here, you can enjoy additional content and engage with the community.

You will see a whole library of videos, where the instructor (John) will talk about a different anatomy topic in every video. This means you get to enjoy fresh and updated content free of cost.

Anatomy Bootcamp TikTok Account

Also, you can reach out to Bootcamp’s support team by hitting Contact on the left-side menu.

It will open up a chat box, and you can get your questions answered in a few hours.

Anatomy Bootcamp Chat Feature

Anatomy Bootcamp Pros & Cons


– Multiple access periods mean that you can buy a plan that suits your budget and learning capacity.

– With nearly 9,000 practice questions, Bootcamp will enhance your familiarity with a wide range of anatomy concepts and topics.

– High-quality cadaver images offer clear visual representations of complex anatomical structures, aiding memorization.

– Practice exams help you improve your exam performance.

– The Pass Guarantee makes your investment completely risk-free.

– You can access all material on your mobile as well.


– No live classes.

– No discounted package for six months of access.


Now, for the final question: “Is the course worth your money?”

Well, the Anatomy Bootcamp is an excellent anatomy learning and exam preparation resource.

First of all, you get 500+ high quality cadaver photos that help you memorize all the clinical information about anatomical structure.

Secondly, the video lessons are extremely detailed and offer a fun learning experience. A lot of past students mentioned enjoying the videos and learning complex topics in easy-to-understand language.

Plus, the course features a huge question bank and full-length practical exams, meaning you get to test your knowledge frequently throughout the prep period.

On top of this, you get multiple pricing options, a user-friendly experience, and a Pass Guarantee with a 100% refund.

However, the course doesn’t have any live classes or private tutoring options. So, if you like to study in a real, class-like environment with 1-on-1 communication, you might want to look for other options.

Similarly, you have to choose between paying monthly or paying one-time for a full year. This might put some students off since some people might want to access it for six months or so at a discounted price like the yearly packages.

Anatomy Bootcamp FAQs

How good is Anatomy Bootcamp?

The Anatomy Boot Camp is a valuable all-in-one resource for med school and anatomy students. The course offers 700+ detailed and engaging video lessons and a huge question bank featuring 8800+ questions.

Plus, the program includes 500+ high quality cadaver images, aiding memorization. (1)

Is Anatomy Bootcamp detailed enough for med school?

Yes, the Anatomy Bootcamp is sufficiently detailed for med school. It features five modules covering Anatomy & Physiology, Gross Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Histology, and Embryology, helping students apply clinical knowledge to every inch of the human body. (2)

Is Bootcamp anatomy worth it?

Yes, Bootcamp anatomy is totally worth a try. This statement is backed up by our above unbiased analysis and a huge number of student reviews. (3)

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