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The UWorld MCAT QBank is an excellent tool for content review and quality MCAT practice. 

However, UWorld can be a little pricey, especially considering that it is a supplementary study tool and not a primary MCAT course.

Having a UWorld MCAT discount code would be very helpful in allowing you to afford this QBank, but where would you even begin looking for a working promo code?

Quick Summary

  • UWorld MCAT hardly ever runs any sales or special promotions, even around major holidays.
  • Your best bet at getting a UWorld MCAT discount code would be signing up for a group discount. 
  • To apply for a group discount, you need at least 25 students who similarly wish to sign up for the UWorld QBank.
  • The most you can save on your UWorld MCAT purchase using a coupon code is about 10% off your subscription.

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Does UWorld MCAT Provide Discounts In 2024?

UWorld MCAT does provide discounts. However, this is only done via their institutional partners.

Ideally, UWorld has partnerships with certain academic programs whereby they offer bulk pricing on their MCAT prep courses.

So for you to access a UWorld MCAT discount, you would need to come together with other pre-med students and apply for the bulk pricing as a group. Discounts are not given to individuals.

The size of the group will determine how good a discount you get, but the minimum number of people in that group has to be 25. There is no limit to how large the group can be, though. You could have as many as over 500 students. 

Gathering a group of over 25 students who wish to sign up for UWorld MCAT can be quite a hassle, but then again, this is your only chance at getting a UWorld MCAT discount.

Does UWorld MCAT Run Holiday Sales? 

Unlike a company like Blueprint MCAT, which constantly runs special promotions and course discounts, UWorld never runs any special sales.

So don’t expect to find discounted prices, coupons, or promo codes on major holidays or even special occasions such as Black Friday.

This rigidity in their pricing might be okay for students who can still manage to shell out the $299 subscription to their basic package.

UWorld MCAT Promo Codes

However, many pre-med students are typically under immense financial strain and as much as an MCAT prep program might be worth it, many simply cannot afford the $299 required to sign up for the UWorld QBank.

If this is the case with you, do not despair because there are other options out there.

For instance, the Blueprint MCAT QBank costs less money and comes with far more features than UWorld.

For just $249, you get access to 4,000 practice questions, over 1,600 flashcards, a half-diagnostic test, and a full-length exam. Furthermore, you get 6-month access to these resources, complete with an integrated study planner.

In contrast, UWorld’s basic $299 package only offers 90-day access to 3,000+ practice questions and around 300 flashcards. 

UWorld’s 6-month access package will cost you $349, whereas, for $399, you can get all 10 Blueprint MCAT practice tests included with their question bank. 

So ultimately, whichever way you look at it, Blueprint is actually a better deal than UWorld. Besides, you have a higher chance of finding special Blueprint QBank deals than you do a UWorld discount code. 

How Does The UWorld MCAT Group Discount Work?

First off, make sure you have a group of no less than 25 students who are interested in signing up for UWorld.

Once you have your group all set, reach out to UWorld, stating that you would like to receive the group discount offer. 

UWorld will require you to submit the email addresses of everyone in your group, after which everyone in that group will receive coupon codes sent to their email. 

Keep in mind that the UWorld discount codes are individualized and can only be used by the particular email address assigned to it. 

Also, don’t expect a huge discount. UWorld typically gives a discount of about 10% off their MCAT prep. 

UWorld MCAT Discount Code FAQs

Where Can I Find A Working UWorld MCAT Discount Code?

Your best bet at finding a working UWorld MCAT discount code would be to sign up for the group discount. 

This means that you will need to gather a group of at least 25 students who are willing to subscribe to UWolrd, then reach out to the company requesting a coupon code.

UWorld will gladly oblige, giving a discount of about 10% or so.

Keep in mind that the discount codes provided to everyone in the group are individualized to each specific email, so you cannot use someone else’s discount code.

Does UWorld MCAT Have A Free Trial Period?

Yes, UWorld MCAT does have a free trial period.

You can access the program free of charge for 7 days, but during this period, you will only have 100 practice questions to work with, so you won’t get to fully sample everything that UWorld has to offer. 

Does UWorld Offer Student Discounts?

Yes, UWorld does offer student discounts, but not to individuals. 

You will have to belong to a group of at least 25 students, then request a discount from the company as a group.

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