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Target Test Prep is particularly famed for being a stellar study resource if you want to improve your Quant score, but is this all that it is good for?

How good is their verbal section and how well do they cover data insights?

This Target Test Prep GMAT review takes a deep dive into this test prep program, helping to establish once and for all if TTP really is the best tool to use for your GMAT prep. 

Summary Table

Target Test Prep GMAT


From $229 per Month

Access Period

1, 4, Or 6 Months


Self-Paced & Live Online Options

GMAT Content Coverage

Written Material

780+ Lessons

Video Content

1,400+ Video Solutions

Practice Questions


Practice Tests

Hundreds of Chapter Tests


1 Diagnostic Test



Live Class Instruction (In the applicable plan)

40 Hours

One-on-One Tutoring Option

$350 / Hour

Performance Analytics


Live Support


Personalized Study Plan


Higher Score Guarantee


Target Test Prep GMAT Overview

Target Test Prep is a favorite resource among many GMAT test takers, famed for its comprehensive content that’s well explained, particularly when it comes to the GMAT Quant section.

With Target Test Prep, students have a range of GMAT prep programs to choose from, both self-paced and live online options being at your disposal.

Whichever GMAT prep course you choose, here’s what you get upon signing up for any TTP GMAT course:

  • Personalized, step-by-step study plan and daily study calendar.
  • 40 rigorous chapters broken into 780+ lessons.
  • 4,000+ ultra-realistic practice questions.
  • Easy, medium, and hard-level practice tests.
  • Customizable practice tests.
  • 1,400+ instructor-led video solutions.
  • 700 digital flashcards. 
  • Laser-focused performance analytics and error tracking. 
  • 130-point score improvement guarantee.
  • Live online support from GMAT Focus experts.

Target Test Prep GMAT Review For 2024

Plans & Pricing

When it comes to your GMAT preparation, Target Test Prep offers 4 course options: Flexible Preparation, Dedicated Study, Maximum Learning, and Maximum Learning + Live Instruction.

Flexible Preparation

Dedicated Study

Maximum Learning

Maximum Learning + Live Instruction


$229 / Month




Access Period

Month-by-Month Billing

4 Months

6 Months

6 Months

The Flexible Preparation, Dedicated Study and Maximum Learning programs are all self-paced, and feature the same TTP GMAT study materials. All that’s different is the pricing and course access periods of the 3 programs.

On the other hand, the Maximum Learning + Live Instruction program features a combination of self-study resources, and live online instruction. 

In addition to the TTP GMAT Focus Course, the Maximum Learning + Live Instruction program also comes with:

  • 40 hours of live seminar-style classes led by an expert instructor.
  • An interactive virtual classroom that’s accessible on any device.
  • Exclusive Slack app channel for instant feedback on the go.
  • Personalized homework targeting weak areas.

Aside from the paid GMAT prep programs, TTP additionally offers a free trial where you get exclusive 5-day access to the entire GMAT Focus course. 


To adequately prepare you for the GMAT Focus Edition, Target Test Prep provides a meticulously crafted curriculum comprising:

  1. A personalized GMAT study plan
  2. Chapter modules
  3. Chapter tests and reviews
  4. Custom tests

a) Study Plan

The GMAT study plan customized to your particular goals and study needs is highly personalized, whereby you can get a tailored fit in terms of:

  • Study plan content: Do you wish to cover all GMAT sections (Quant, Verbal, and DI); just Quant & DI or just Verbal?
  • Study track / Your desired score: Good (Up to 525); Very good (535 – 575); Advanced (585 – 635); Expert (645 – 675); or Expert + (685 or higher)?
  • Accelerated study plan option: Do you wish to cover the material more quickly?

Just as well, Target Test Prep lets you choose between a mission study plan or a calendar study plan.

A Mission-Based Curriculum offers a linear, topic-by-topic study system whereby the focus is on completing tasks/missions, rather than achieving a set daily target.

Target Test Prep GMAT Study Plans

A Calendar-Based Curriculum, on the other hand, is more keen on providing a daily schedule based on which days of the week you can allocate to your GMAT prep, and how many hours you can spare.

Target Test Prep GMAT Study Plan

All in all, whichever study system you choose, TTP’s study plans are very thorough and really exhaustive giving you a good chance of getting an excellent GMAT score. 

b) Chapter Modules

The core study material within the TTP program is the chapter modules, whereby you have 40 chapters broken down into over 780 lessons in all the GMAT sections.

These lessons are distributed as follows:

  • 505 Quantitative Reasoning lessons spread across 19 chapters.
  • 104 Critical Reasoning Verbal lessons spread across 12 chapters.
  • 49 Reading Comprehension Verbal lessons spread across 3 chapters.
  • 123 Data Insights lessons spread across 6 chapters.

These lessons are really well done, incorporating everything you would need to know for the GMAT, and helping you to really grasp core GMAT concepts. 

Target Test Prep GMAT Lessons

Everything is well laid out systematically, whereby you stay with foundational topics, then gradually advance to more advanced topics.

As you progress through the study plan, you are perfectly guided on the order in which you should cover the different lessons.

Quant and verbal material is interwoven all throughout your study plan, therefore allowing you to work on your quant and verbal skills in tandem.

c) Chapter Tests

You get a few practice questions within each lesson, and going by the TTP curriculum, you are required to complete these practice problems before you are presented with a chapter reinforcement test.

Upon completing each chapter, TTP generates a chapter test which helps reinforce the specific GMAT skills and knowledge that have been covered in that chapter.

Chapter tests are classified by level of difficulty, whereby you have easy, medium, and hard tests.

Target Test Prep GMAT Chapter Tests

Before beginning a test, you can adjust how much time you wish to spend on each question.

Practice Material

TTP does not come with any full-length practice tests because they want to encourage students to make use of the official practice exams provided by GMAC.

They do, however, offer plenty of practice though in the form of lesson exercises, chapter tests, review quizzes, custom tests, and flashcards.

One commendable thing here is that by including practice problems within the lessons, TTP actually teaches students the concepts behind the different GMAT question types.

Not to mention that you have an almost inexhaustible supply of practice problems at your disposal, guaranteeing thorough GMAT Focus prep that leaves no stone unturned. 

Each practice question comes with answer solutions, and I must admit that these are really well done as well.

Target Test Prep GMAT Answer Solutions

Both the written answer explanations and video solutions do a great job of teaching you how to approach questions and eliminate wrong answers. 

You are guided on how to think like the test maker, so you can better understand what the GMAT exam expects of its test takers.

Performance Analytics

You don’t stand a chance of getting a decent GMAT Focus score if you do not know where you may be falling short in your studying. 

To make your GMAT journey a little easier, the TTP course comes with robust analytics that track your progress and performance by topic, question type, etc.

The prep course keeps track of your pacing as well!

Target Test Prep GMAT Performance Analytics

These well-laid-out visual statistics allow you to easily see where your strengths and weaknesses lie, so you can be as strategic as possible with your study time.

Error Tracking

It is always advisable to keep an error log while working through the different GMAT practice questions. 

Well, Target Test Prep goes a step further and includes an error tracker tool right within their GMAT course. 

Target Test Prep GMAT Error Tracker

The TTP error tracker logs the questions you answer incorrectly, why you answered them incorrectly, and how often you tend to make each type of error.

This way, you can get a bigger picture of your shortcomings, and how to avoid your common errors moving forward, therefore inching you closer to your target score.

Additional Study Tools

The Note-Taking feature allows you to take personalized notes in the TTP GMAT course.

While reading a lesson or working on a problem, you can highlight a section and add notes to that highlight. 

Target Test Prep GMAT Bookmarks & Notes

The Bookmark feature is another handy tool whereby you can bookmark anything you need to remember, re-read, or review later.

You can bookmark virtually anything in TTP, from a specific lesson and problem example to a ‘must know’ tip.

All your bookmarks and notes can be found under the ‘Bookmarks tab’ for easy access and retrieval. 

The Whiteboard can be used during your practice tests which will help you familiarize yourself with the whiteboard interface you will encounter on exam day. 

The Video Tip of the Day is another underrated TTP feature.

This section provides you with mindfulness and test-taking exercises you can do and the reason why this is such a huge underrated feature is because acing the GMAT is about 40% getting your mind right for test day. 

The video tip of the day helps you do just that, throughout your GMAT prep.

From breathing techniques to tips on how to keep your morale up, this handy little feature is packed with a ton of nuggets.

Customer Support

The TTP team is incredibly responsive.

Whenever you reach out to them, you can bet that they will get back to you in about an hour or two.

You can get advice about your overall study plan if you have any concerns, and you can also reach out if there are practice questions you may need a little extra help with. The team is very open to feedback as well.

Score Guarantee

While some test prep companies such as Manhattan Prep, for instance, do not offer any guarantees, Target Test Prep stands fully behind its GMAT course with a very impressive score guarantee.

Their score increase guarantee depends on your starting score prior to using TTP, as follows:

Your GMAT Focus Score Prior To Using TTP

TTP’s Score Increase Guarantee

200 to 535

At least 130 points

545 to 595

At least 70 points


At least 60 points


At least 50 points


At least 40 points


At least 30 points


At least 20 points

655 or Higher

At least 10 points

If you do meet the score improvement guarantee criteria, TTP will give you a free course subscription, equivalent to your previous purchase.

Target Test Prep GMAT Pros & Cons


– Simple interface that’s easy to use and navigate. 

– Extensive coverage of the GMAT material.

– Personalized and flexible learning plans.

– Immensely helpful answer solutions. 

– The intelligent analytics are very thorough.

– Offers a score guarantee.


– It can take an unreasonably long time to finish this course.  


There are a ton of positive Target Test Prep reviews online, and after reviewing this GMAT course, it wasn’t hard to see why this is the case.

The TTP GMAT Focus course is incredibly extensive, thoroughly covering everything you need to know for the GMAT without weighing you down with unnecessary information. 

The lessons are well organized and very well explained, emphasizing understanding rather than memorization.

Beyond just knowing how to answer a question correctly, TTP guides you in how to learn topics from first principles.

At the same time, this innovative test prep company comes packed with a ton of valuable automated features that reinforce good study habits. These include the error tracker, note-taking, regular reviews, etc.

The quality of the practice offered is really stellar, teaching you the concepts behind the questions and showing you how to solve questions like an expert.

Inasmuch as TTP gives you tips, tricks, strategies, shortcuts, and insights into how to up your game in the various GMAT sections, the key essence of this course is to progressively build your knowledge and skills for consistent gains.

For this reason, it can take a long while to get through this course, especially if you pick the higher-level study tracks for your study plan. But rest assured that it is entirely worth it.

If you are aiming for a high score you just need to take more time with this program. Lean heavily on the powerful analytics and dutifully follow the study plan as advised. 

I would happily recommend Target Test Prep to any high achiever, or a student hoping for a massive score improvement because these are the learners poised to get the most out of the course.

Target Test Prep GMAT FAQs

Is Target Test Prep The Best For GMAT?

Yes, many students found Target Test Prep to really be the best GMAT prep program in the market.

With an easy-to-follow course structure, its simple yet thorough coverage of the GMAT material is quite commendable. 

The bite-size lessons are easy to digest, the practice offered is excellent, the actionable analytics do a great job of taking the guesswork out of your studies, and the tutors are incredibly responsive.

How Long Is The Target Test Prep GMAT Course?

The target test prep GMAT course is about 4 months long.

However, keep in mind that this study period could be shorter or longer depending on how well you grasp the GMAT material, and what your target score is.  

How Good Are Target Test Prep’s GMAT Practice Tests?

Target Test Prep GMAT practice tests are really great. 

The practice offered is quite realistic, giving a good representation of the actual GMAT questions and covering virtually every GMAT question type.

There are plenty of questions to work on, and you can even set up custom tests based on what area you wish to practice a little more.

Besides the high-quality practice questions, the answer solutions are really well done too, showing you the concepts behind the questions, and teaching you how to solve questions like a pro. 

Is Target Test Prep GMAT Tutoring Worth It?

Yes, Target Test Prep GMAT tutoring is absolutely worth it, if you are particularly struggling with a particular concept or question, or generally just need guidance on the GMAT.

TTP’s tutors are very friendly and knowledgeable and can offer invaluable advice and guidance on various aspects of the GMAT.

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