Kaplan GRE Review: Is it the best?

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Preparing for the GRE can feel like a challenging process.

You are likely looking for the right course to help you efficiently prepare for this important exam.

If you are considering the Kaplan GRE prep course but are wondering if it’s worth it, you are in the right place.

In this Kaplan GRE prep review, we will take a look at Kapaln’s offering, analyzing all the main features, as well as its strengths and weaknesses, so you can make the best-informed decision for yourself. Let’s dive right into it. 

Summary Table

Let’s first take a look at the Kaplan GRE prep courses and what they have to offer. 

On Demand Course

Live Online Course

Tutoring + On-Demand Course


$499 or $699 (Plus)

$999 or $1,299 (Plus)

From $2,299 up to $4,699

Access Period

6 months

6 months

6 months

Practice Tests

7 exams

7 exams

7 exams

Practice Questions

2,500 questions

2,500 questions

2,500 questions

Video Instruction

40 hours

40 hours

40 hours

Live in-class instruction with an off-camera instructor on a private chat

21 hours

1-on-1 tutoring with expert

10, 20, 30, or 40 hours

Personalized homework assignments



Prep books

2 books

2 books

2 books

Official test day experience




Kaplan GRE Overview

Kaplan GRE prep courses are some of the most popular GRE prep resources out there, standing out for a strong bundle of preparation materials, high-quality video lessons, and specialized instructors.

However, some people may find it a bit pricey. 

Here are the core features of the Kaplan GRE prep course:

  • 180+ hours of online instruction and practice
  • 40+ hours of exclusive live and on-demand lessons for a customizable curriculum
  • 7 full-length, computer-based practice exams
  • Customizable Qbank with over 2,500 questions
  • 2 GRE prep books
  • Official Exam Day Experience that simulates a realistic test day scenario
  • 6 months of access

Kaplan GRE Review For 2024

Kaplan, Inc. is an educational services company founded in 1938 by Stanley Kaplan.

Headquartered in Florida, the company has over 30,000 employees worldwide and serves more than 2,1 million students every year.

Besides the GRE, Kaplan also offers test prep courses for several other exams, such as the SAT, GED, and LSAT, just to name a few. 

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a computer-based, multi-choice, standardized test, that can be used for admission to grad schools and graduate business programs (MBA) in several countries in the world. 

On September 22nd, 2023, a new version of the GRE test was launched.

The main difference is that the test has become much shorter in duration.

From 3 hours and 45 minutes, the test now has only 1 hour and 58 minutes, with the reduction of the number of questions in the Analytical, Verbal, and Quantitative sections, and the elimination of the unscored section.

Kaplan’s GRE prep is one of the few options in the market offering an in-depth study course for students who are preparing for the exam.

Let’s take a closer look at its main features.

Course Options

Kaplan offers at the moment three GRE courses: An on-demand course, a Live online course, and a Tutoring + On-demand course.

According to the website, their in-person course is unavailable at the moment. 

Kaplan GRE Course Options

a. On-Demand Course

The On-demand Course is ideal for students who want to have some flexibility in their study plans with a self-paced program.

Students have 6 months to complete the self-paced course, which is a reasonable amount of time to prepare for the GRE.

This plan offers a complete structured GRE video course, including content review and test strategy.

It includes around 40 hours of exclusive live and on-demand lessons on the GRE Channel. The live lessons are available 6 days a week.

On the GRE channel, you can sort the content by subject, difficulty level, or teacher.

You also have a customizable Q-bank with over 2500 questions and 7 full-length practice tests.

Additionally, you’ll receive the most up-to-date GRE prep books, and have the opportunity to simulate a realistic test day scenario in person.

Kaplan also offers the On-demand Course Plus which, for an additional price, includes two extra courses:  GRE Math Foundations and GRE Advanced Math.

This is ideal for people who lack some Math foundations or haven’t reviewed Math for a long time. 

b. Live Online Course 

The Live Online GRE prep course is ideal for students who prefer some structure that holds them accountable.

Kaplan GRE Live Online Course

With this Kaplan prep course, you can attend real-time classes where one teacher leads the class on-camera, while a team of instructors off-camera answers any questions you have via private chat. 

There are around 21 hours of live classes, and you will also get personalized homework assignments based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Other than that, the benefits included are the same as the ones you can find on the on-demand online prep course, including the 40 hours of recordings you can stream on the GRE channel, practice sets for each GRE chapter, and the Q-bank.

There is also a “Plus” option, which includes 3 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring in addition to the Math skill courses. 

c. Tutoring + On-demand course

Finally, the Tutoring + On-demand GRE prep course is made for those who are looking for a personalized, intensive GRE preparation that will almost guarantee a higher GRE score.

Kaplan GRE Tutoring

However, this is no small investment, as the prices for this private tutoring option are high.  

In this course, you can have 10, 20, 30, or 40 hours of private, 1-on-1 tutoring with an expert.

This can be done in person or online.

Before you are matched with a tutor, there’s an evaluation phase where you’ll discuss your academic background, study style, and goals, so that they can match you with the right teacher.

Then, your tutor will create a study plan that fits your needs and schedule.

Additionally, you will have access to all online resources and a full on-demand course. 


Kaplan offers a very thorough study plan, covering all of the important areas to ace the exam.

This is what you can expect to be covered in Kaplan prep courses:

  • Quantitative Methods and Strategies
  • Arithmetic and Number Properties
  • Algebra, Rations, and Formulas
  • Statistics, Probability, and Counting Methods
  • Geometry
  • Short Verbal
  • Reading Comprehension and Reasoning
  • Issue Essay and Argument Essay


Starting with the recorded video lessons, we can say that these are powerful preparation tools to help you understand the key GRE topics.

The videos have different durations (from a few minutes to over an hour) and are quite engaging.

There is always an instructor alongside a virtual whiteboard, and you can expect clear explanations and a breakdown of complex topics.

You can easily follow along with the lesson with the information on the screen, and sometimes the instructors will also write with a marker, solving practice problems directly on the screen. 

When it comes to the live GRE classes (if you opt for the Live Online Prep Course), you are offered 21 hours of live instruction, and you can choose between 1 or 2 lessons a week, each with a duration of 3 hours.

Here you can check the 2024 schedule

The instructors are very knowledgeable and the live Math and Verbal lessons are a great option if you prefer a more personalized and interactive experience.

You can also ask questions in the live chat and get answers from off-screen instructors. 

Practice Tests

Kaplan test prep offers you 7 online practice tests, with realistic questions and an interface that mimics the real exam, using the same computer-based format. 

Kaplan GRE Practice Tests

A cool feature is that after each test you’ll receive an in-depth performance report and detailed explanations for every question.

This way you can tailor your study plan according to your weak spots. 

Kaplan GRE Answer Explanations

Nevertheless, some people find the questions on Kaplan’s practice test to be harder than the real GRE.

You may also find that Kaplan’s quantitative questions are more accurate to the actual GRE compared to their verbal questions, according to student reviews online. 

So, be aware of your verbal score, as it may end up with slight discrepancies.

It’s recommended that you complement Kaplan’s practice tests with ETS official preparation tests

QBank and Books

Kaplan GRE prep courses offer a few great study materials that complement the lessons and the practice tests for stronger preparation.

The main one is the Qbank, which offers you around 2,500 practice questions. 

You can customize the quizzes by length, difficulty level, topic, and subtopic, and every question you answer is explained in detail, with high-quality images.

You also have access to detailed score reports that show you where to focus. There used to be a Kaplan mobile app with flashcards, but it looks like it’s no longer available. 

Kaplan also offers you two hardcopy prep books, which include content reviews for each section of the test and offer some strategies and tips for the GRE.

The books are sent to you after you buy the course. This a nice tool for people who learn better with a real book in their hands.

Official Test Day Experience

One of the coolest and most unique features of the Kaplan GRE prep course is the test day experience.

Students are able to go to an actual Prometric testing facility, do a test, and have a very accurate test day experience.

This is definitely an advantage, as it prepares you psychologically for an event that is stressful by nature, making you feel more confident and reassured when the actual GRE day arrives.

Kaplan GRE User Interface

Overall, the user experience provided by Kaplan is positive.

The interface is simple and user-friendly, and you can easily navigate and find exactly what you need with the sidescreen or above-screen toolbars.

Kaplan GRE User Interface

Everything is well organized and you can easily track your progress with visually appealing information.

The practice test interface is designed to match that of the actual exam, which is great to help you feel more confident on your test day.

Everything from the calculator on the screen to the timing display is pretty much equivalent to the real GRE. 


Kaplan is not one of the cheapest GRE test prep courses out there.

While some people may find the costs a bit expensive, many students see it as a wise investment for their future.

Whether you choose on-demand or live online courses, Kaplan gives you a good amount of flexibility to fit your budget and needs.

Here is the full breakdown of the costs.

Kaplan GRE Course Options

On Demand Course


On Demand Course Plus


Live Online Course


Live Online Course Plus


Tutoring + On Demand Course

$2,299 (10h tutoring)

$3,199 (20h tutoring)

$3,999 (30h tutoring)

$4,699 (40h tutoring)

Kaplan also gives you the possibility to pay in installments, and you can choose between a 3, 6, or 12-month plan.

These payment options are, however, subject to an eligibility check. 

Kaplan’s Money Back Guarantee

Kaplan offers a “Higher Score Guarantee” (HSG), which means that if you don’t score higher than your baseline GRE score, you can either request your money back or ask for a free reactivation of your GRE prep course.

According to Kaplan’s website, the baseline score is determined in one of two ways:

  1. By providing an official score issued by the test administrator for the same test you’re prepping for, or
  2. If you have never taken the test before, by taking a proctored Kaplan diagnostic. For certain programs, we allow you to take a Kaplan diagnostic online, under self-proctored conditions.

To be eligible for the HSG, you must complete all your coursework, including GRE practice tests and required homework before your course expiration date.

Kaplan GRE Pros & Cons

It’s now time to weigh in on the pros and cons of Kaplan’s GRE prep courses.


– Flexible GRE prep options, from a self-paced course to 1-on-1 lessons.

– High-quality video lessons with an instructor on screen and engaging visuals.

– Live class option for a more interactive and personalized learning experience.

– Official exam day experience that simulates the real test.

– In-depth study materials, including practice problems, QBank, and books.

– Money Back Guarantee if you don’t score higher in the real test.


– The price for the courses is more expensive than some other competitors.

– Some possible discrepancies between Kaplan’s questions and the real exam, particularly in the Verbal section as per some online reviews.

– Limited mobile platform.


Kaplan offers one of the best GRE prep courses in the market, but you have to be willing to invest a decent amount of money and commit to the workload.

Still, it is more affordable than The Princeton Review GRE courses and Manhattan GRE Prep.

We believe Kaplan’s test prep offering is worth your money for the comprehensive practice material and the high-quality video lessons, instructors, and live classes. 

 Although some people report differences in Kaplan’s practice questions compared to the real test, overall we can say that Kaplan offers a very realistic practice experience that will help you boost your score. 

It’s still recommended that you do your research and understand clearly what is the best option for you.

Hopefully, this Kaplan GRE prep review can help you make a better-informed decision. 

Kaplan GRE FAQs

Is Kaplan worth it for the GRE?

Yes, Kaplan is worth it for the GRE because it offers very comprehensive and high-quality study resources and practice materials, as well as a realistic GRE experience.

How accurate are Kaplan GRE tests?

Overall, Kaplan GRE tests are very accurate compared to real GRE, although some students report that Kaplan’s tests are slightly more difficult. 

Is Kaplan better than Magoosh for GRE?

Kaplan is pricier but offers a lot more preparation resources and is more comprehensive, while Magoosh is much cheaper but offers a lot less material.

So it will depend if you value a more economical option or if you want a more in-depth experience.

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