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Studying for your dental admissions test can be nerve-wracking for any pre-dental student, and you may need a prep course.

iPrep Dental is a DAT prep course that promises to give you a comprehensive guide of the concepts tested through a detailed 8-week course. 

In this iPrep Dental review, we dig deep into what this self-paced course offers, whether it’s worth the money, and how it compares to the actual DAT.

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iPrep Dental Overview 

iPrep Dental



Subscription Length

3 Months

Delivery Option


Full-Length Tests



50 Hours

Practice Questions


Mobile App?


Money-Back Guarantee?


Ease of Use

Relatively easy

Timing on Tests?


Flexible Payment Plan?


iPrep Dental is a structured online DAT prep course that aims to break down the most important concepts tested in the dental admissions test.

This detailed 8-week DAT prep course gives you detailed study notes and full-length practice tests, helping you score high in the actual DAT. 

Most students looking to join dental school consider iPrep Dental for several reasons, including;

  • 18+ full-length prep tests
  • 100+ practice questions and quizzes
  • 50+ hours of recorded lectures
  • Flexible payment plan
  • Detailed DAT study materials
  • One-on-one support from experienced instructors
  • Ability to monitor progress

Here’s a deep dive into what iPrep Dental delivers to predental students to know whether it’s worth the buying price.

iPrep Dental Review for 2024

iPrep Dental is a structured online course that breaks down complex DAT concepts to help you ace your dental school entry exam.

This easily accessible DAT prep course offers lots of videos and detailed study notes, with enough practice tests to help you identify the areas you need to work on.

iPrep Dental Course Summary

Full-Length Practice Tests

Many pre-dental students study the DAT materials for months, but test day distractions like a different environment, ticking clock, and computer screen make them nervous.

Once you’re nervous in the test situation, you start having trouble working out easy calculations and making mistakes. 

iPrep Dental puts you into a test situation with over 18 full-length practice tests, training you for the pressure of the actual DAT. The exposure to the timed, full-length practice tests available helps you understand the test’s format and overcome the pressure of exam-day distractions. 

iPrep Dental also accommodates special testing needs, allowing students to adjust the software for additional testing time.

That makes iPrep Dental a good self-paced DAT prep resource for students looking to build stamina using tests that resemble the actual exam. 

Practice Questions

You won’t know the concepts you understand until you’re presented with a problem. Often, students think they’ve fully understood a concept, only to be surprised when a question is posed. 

iPrep Dental gives you access to hundreds of practice questions to help you test your understanding of the concepts explained. You also get one-on-one assistance from professional trainers for detailed explanations of the questions featured. 

The practice questions featured on iPrep Dental offer some of the best moments using this DAT prep course, as you have the chance to close your knowledge gap with no penalty.

As you answer the questions provided in this prep course, you’ll strengthen the test material knowledge and allow you to practice in conditions similar to the actual DAT.

Unfortunately, iPrep Dental doesn’t offer any course guarantee.

User Interface

iPrep Dental boasts a simplistic interface that allows students to easily access the prep material after paying the membership fee. 

Navigating through the web-based content is a breeze, with everything accessible through the menu. It’s also easy to seek assistance where needed. 

Flexible Payment Plan

iPrep Dental Flexible Payment Plan

It costs $1700 to access the iPrep Dental 8-week DAT prep course. The price gives you unlimited access to the study material for three months, with one-on-one assistance from professionals. 

iPrep Dental has a flexible payment plan that allows students to pay the membership price in three installments. However, some students find the $1700 membership price too expensive for this 8-week prep course.

Books & Videos

iPrep Dental is among the most rigorous DAT prep courses available on the internet.

You’ll receive detailed study materials via FedEx when you register, and you can watch 50+ hours of video content prepared by expert instructors. 

Community & Support

Besides being a resourceful DAT prep course, iPrep Dental has a friendly customer service team and expert instructors who are always willing to assist.

You can contact the iPrep Dental support team via email, and expect them to respond within 24 hours. 

iPrep Dental Pros & Cons


– Extremely rigorous DAT prep materials.

– All the concepts are simplified.

– Has a progress monitor.

– Features a flexible payment plan.


– No money-back guarantee.

– High price compared to other better-value alternatives like DAT Bootcamp.


While the buying price might be a major turnoff for predental students under a tight budget, iPrep Dental is among the best DAT prep courses.

Many predental students who have bought iPrep Dental reckon that this 8-week online prep course is helpful with sciences, as complex concepts are simplified.

The course gives you the sense of direction needed when studying for the DAT, helping you score high enough to gain admission into any dental school.

iPrep Dental Review FAQs

How Does iPrep Dental Flexible Payment Plan Work?

iPrep Dental flexible payment plan allows students to pay for the membership price in several installments.

To start accessing the materials provided, you’ll need to pay $500 when registering for your account. You’ll need to pay half of the remaining balance within 30-days of signing up and the rest within 60 days of membership. 

Despite iPrep Dental offering a flexible payment plan, there’s no money-back guarantee with this course.

We recommend buying this DAT prep course only if you have the self-discipline to follow its predetermined schedule and get its value. You can also get more study time for an additional price. 

Is iPrep Dental Worth It?

Yes, iPrep Dental is worth it for students looking for a simplified and detailed DAT prep course for sciences.

This prep course boasts the highest DAT course average in the US, with an average total science score of 22 and an overall average score of 21.6.  

How Many Practice Tests Are In iPrep Dental?

There are 18 practice tests in iPrep Dental.

These full-length tests are timed, similar to the real DAT. However, If you need more time to answer the questions while familiarizing yourself with the exam format, you can adjust the system accordingly. 

How Much Time Does iPrep Dental Take Daily?

iPrep dental takes 6-10 hours of your DAT study schedule daily, so you need to have enough time when signing up for the course.

The demanding nature of the course also means you might not manage to use it alongside other prep courses. However, you can get more than three months to access the material at an additional price.

iPrep Dental Vs. DAT Bootcamp: Which Is Better?

While iPrep Dental is a valuable DAT prep resource with detailed content, DAT Bootcamp is the superior alternative.

DAT Bootcamp offers detailed videos and study guides at less than $500, making it more affordable compared to iPrep Dental’s hefty price tag of $1,700. 

Besides its affordable membership, DAT Bootcamp is among the best DAT prep courses on the market as it gives you access to over 8,000 practice questions and 60 full-length tests.

This comprehensive prep course also comes with an android and iOS mobile app for tech-savvy students. However, DAT Bootcamp doesn’t offer one-on-one interactions with instructors.

Comparing the two prep courses, DAT Bootcamp is the recommended prep course for students who want to get value for their money. However, iPrep Dental remains a valuable resource for students looking for simplified and detailed study material on a well-structured schedule.

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