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The general consensus appears to be that GregMat is an excellent GRE test prep tool.

Is this really the case though? How exactly does the test prep provider stack up against other GRE prep courses such as Magoosh? And also, how good are their strategies anyway?

Well, this GregMat GRE review attempts to offer unbiased insight into the test prep service. 

By the time you are done reading, perhaps you will have a better idea of whether GregMat really is worth it for your GRE prep, or if you are better off with another prep course.  

Summary Table



From $5 per Month


Live Online + Self-Paced

Live Classes

About 10 per Week

Recorded Classes


Strategy Videos


Full Length Practice Tests


GRE Mini Exams




Practice Problems


Full Quant Tests


Full Verbal Tests


One-on-One Tutoring?


($40 / hour)

Mobile App?


Customer Service Support?


GregMat GRE Overview

GregMat is a GRE test prep service that prides itself on being largely affordable while providing its students with excellent quality GRE prep material.

Unlike other online courses, this GRE test prep service uniquely uses a month-by-month subscription method, whereby you could sign up for GregMat+ for $5 per month, or get a combination of GregMat+ & PrepSwift for $7.

More on the two options shall be elaborated later. 

For now, let’s take a look at what you get upon signing up for the basic GregMat subscription:

  • Access to all GregMat+ live and previously recorded classes
  • Detailed, easy-to-follow study plans
  • Over 25 mini exams
  • Over 900 practice problems
  • Over 220 quizzes
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Quant & verbal skills checklists
  • PowerPrep Walkthroughs video answer explanations
  • Quantitative Reasoning flashcards & flashcard quizzes
  • Quizlet vocabulary flashcards
  • An essay generator writing tool
  • Admissions advice for personal statements

GregMat GRE Review For 2024

PrepSwift & Extra Services

Besides the basic $5 GregMat+ subscription, you have the option of topping up some money to get some additional GRE prep services offered by GregMat, but which are not part of the basic subscription.

A list of these extra GregMat services include:

  1. PrepSwift (For an additional $2)
  2. Private video feedback on 1 GRE Essay (For $15)
  3. Personal statement feedback (For $80)
  4. One-on-one private tutoring (For $40 per hour)

a) PrepSwift

Just as the name suggests, PrepSwift is a GregMat+ add-on service that allows students to supercharge their GRE by getting through the material faster.

With PrepSwift, you are provided with a comprehensive list of everything you need to know in all the 3 GRE sections, then each concept/category is briefly explained in a concise video that’s between 3-8 minutes long.

Most videos average between 2-5 minutes in length and this concise review makes PrepSwift a great revision tool when you simply want to move through the concepts quickly to gauge your content grasp and identify any potential knowledge gaps.

GregMat+ PrepSwift

Furthermore, each PrepSwift video includes a short exercise underneath, that tests your knowledge of the video. 

With shorter, precise videos that go straight to the point and are structured in a way that’s very easy to remember, PrepSwift is an invaluable addition to your GRE prep, all at the convenient price of just an extra $2.

b) Private Video Feedback On A GRE Essay

For $15, Greg will make you a 10-12 minute long video offering private feedback on one of your GRE issue essays.

The feedback provided is pretty detailed, covering everything from grammar and essay organization all the way down to word usage, and persuasiveness.

Although pricey, the advantage of this service is that you get detailed, personalized feedback from a human, GRE guru as opposed to the ETS ScoreItNow service, for instance, whereby your essay is graded by a computer.

c) Personal Statement Feedback

For $80, Greg will have an in-person, 1-hour long meeting with you over Zoom whereby you will both go through your personal statement and he’ll provide relevant feedback regarding grammar, organization, persuasiveness, etc.

d) One-On-One Private Tutoring

For $40 an hour, you can get private tutoring, with the option of choosing from the various GregMat instructors, based on what exactly you need specific help with.

Whether it’s general advice on improving your GRE score, specific help with identifying your strengths and weaknesses, or even if you are struggling with specific GregMat strategies, there is an instructor best suited to exactly what you need to be tutored on.

Study Plans

If you wish to keep things as simple as possible while using the GregMat+ platform, then just stick to the study plans.

You are given 2 options: a 1-month study plan and a 2-month study plan. Both options are very intense, giving you rigorous GRE prep which quite frankly, can feel overwhelming on some days.

The good thing is that the plans are just a guide, and you are free to tweak them however best suits your study needs.

Rest assured though that if you make a solid attempt at following the provided study plans, then you will be well on your way to ace the GRE. 

The detailed study plans are well structured, starting off by telling you exactly which extra materials you need to get before getting started and then going ahead to give you a step-by-step breakdown of how to go about your studies. 

GregMat Study Plans

You get an excellently laid-out guide which also includes how to go about setting up your ETS GRE account.

So, as I mentioned, if you do nothing else but just follow the study plans laid out by Greg, you will be perfectly set up to at least attain a decent score.

Course Curriculum

The GregMat study plans are structured into “What to watch”, and “What to do” and the variety of daily tasks presented include:

  1. Watching video lessons.
  2. Completing homework assignments
  3. Reviewing a set of flashcards
  4. Completing exercises & quizzes
  5. Tackling the GregMat mountains
  6. Reviewing word lists for Verbal

Video Classes

GregMat has a ton of recorded classes, and you also get about 10 live classes per week.

Their classes are a great study resource that vastly cover different aspects of your GRE prep. You have:

  • Content lessons
  • Strategy lessons
  • Guides offering insight into the GRE exam
  • Guides for your GRE prep
  • Guides for the different GregMat study resources

Every week, you are notified of upcoming classes and if a particular live class looks interesting to you, you can register for it right on the spot.

Conveniently, there is a class schedule calendar where you can see all the recently recorded classes, and any upcoming classes as well. 

GregMat Class Schedule

Overall, the GregMat classes and lessons are very well done, whereby the teaching method used is excellent for comprehension and easier content retention. 

Keep in mind though that the lessons are rather long, lasting over an hour so they may not be for everyone. But then again that’s where PrepSwift comes in handy if you wish to use something more brief and concise. 

Nevertheless, I particularly liked how interactive the classes were. 

The concept coverage is rather impressive and you can tell that the instructors have a pretty solid grasp of all the ins and outs of the GRE exam.

The Mountains

The GregMat Vocab and Quant mountains are handy resources that allow you to test what you know, in the respective GRE sections, therefore reinforcing your content grasp.

Within each mountain, you are presented with cells containing the various concepts and the ledger allows you to see how you can label the different cells depending on your level of content review. 

GregMat Mountains

The entire point of the mountains is to enforce daily review of whatever you are learning, whereby you have to tackle every mountain group every day.

It can feel tedious, but keep in mind that continuous learning and review is a key element to acing standardized tests, the GRE included. So don’t slack on the reviews.

The great thing about tackling the mountains is that the study plan will direct you to your review on the respective days. You do not have to figure out anything on your own.

Practice Material

GregMat offers a ton of practice material in the form of numerous quizzes, mini exams, standalone practice questions, question banks, full Quant and Verbal sections, etc.

Their question banks are really well done, with a ton of filtering tools you could use to sort through the questions.

You could filter the question bank by:

  1. Status: i.e., ‘To-do’, ‘Attempted’, ‘Solved’, ‘Liked’, or ‘Bookmarked’.
  2. Question Type
  3. Level of Difficulty: i.e., ‘TBD’, ‘Easy’, ‘Medium’, ‘Hard’, or ‘Extreme’.
  4. Top Level Categories
  5. Tags
GregMat Question Bank

There are solutions provided to all the problems. Some questions are accompanied by video solutions, while the newer more recent questions are accompanied by a brief text explanation.

The mini exams are really nice, especially with the new format of the GRE whereby you have either 12 or 15 questions per section.

Each mini exam has 20 questions: 10 for Quant, and 10 for verbal and they offer really good practice, not just in terms of content relevance but as far as timing goes as well. 

Overall, GregMat’s mini exams and the full Quant section tests are considerably harder than the actual GRE questions, but they offer great practice when it comes to building your foundational knowledge for Quant. 

There are a ton of GRE quizzes on GregMat, and the good thing is you’re provided with quiz data giving you the average scores of every single quiz. This way, you can know how your performance stacks up against other test takers. 

The quiz data also gives you a handy way of viewing all the quizzes available on GregMat, for easier navigation. 

While working through the quizzes, you can save any particularly challenging questions to review them later, and the saved questions will automatically be added to your super quiz which is ideally a practice test comprising your selection of questions. 

GregMat GRE Pros & Cons


– Excellent value for money.

– Thorough, perfectly detailed, and well-laid-out study plans.

– PrepSwift videos are an excellent time-saving revision tool. 

– Very interactive class lectures.

– Has excellent strategy videos. 

– Offers great practice. 


– The lectures can be a bit too long. 


GregMat gets a lot of praise on online forums such as Reddit, and after trying it for even a month, you will understand why GRE students love the platform.

To begin with, GregMat subscriptions are largely affordable, but even better, for just $5 or $7 per month, you get excellent value for your money.

The flexible month-by-month pricing model is an added advantage as well. You can subscribe for just the duration you need for your GRE prep, whether that is 1, 2, or even 5 months. It’s all up to you.

This GRE course provides impeccable content coverage for both Quant and Verbal. The interactive lectures coupled with Greg’s excellent teaching methods will make you feel like you are having a conversation with a close friend. 

I liked that Greg Mat provides plenty of quality practice, which as you may know, is a vital complement when preparing for any standardized test.

There is a ton of practice material at your disposal, meaning you can regularly power through the questions without running the risk of exhausting them all. 

Much as there are plenty of great things to say about GregMat, I will admit that there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

The platform could be better organized for easier navigation through the study material. Also, the teaching style used in the lectures may not be for everyone, but that’s okay.

Its strengths far outweigh its drawbacks, and considering the affordable price point, we cannot complain much either. 

Is GregMat worth it? Absolutely yes!

If you do nothing else during your GRE prep but just follow the GregMat study plans, I promise that you will be well prepared to attain a decent score on test day.

GregMat GRE FAQs

Is GregMat Really That Good For GRE Prep?

Yes, GregMat is a really fantastic resource for your GRE prep.

From the detailed study plans to the interactive lectures and invaluable strategies offered, this test prep service packs a ton of value for any student. 

Not to mention the inexhaustible practice materials at your disposal which although harder than the real exam, offer excellent GRE practice.

How Long Does It Take To Complete The GregMat GRE Prep Course?

Ideally, it takes 2 months to complete the GregMat GRE prep course.

It is possible to get through the course using the one-month plan, but this largely depends on your skill level and current GRE content knowledge.

It is advisable to spend at least 2 months on the course, working through the material systematically using the 2-month GRE study plan.  

Is GregMat’s GRE Content Suitable For All Skill Levels?

Yes, GregMat’s GRE content is suitable for all skill levels.

There are fundamental Quant classes for utter beginners, and there are the condensed, more concise PrepSwift videos for learners who are more proficient in their GRE material.

Whatever kind of learner you are, GregMat has various study materials catering to learners with different learning styles and study needs.  

Are The GregMat GRE Resources Comprehensive Enough For GRE Preparation?

Yes, GregMat’s GRE resources are comprehensive enough for GRE prep and you can use GregMat+ & PrepSwift purely for your entire GRE prep.

Nevertheless, you are better off making use of vital GRE prep books such as the GRE Big Book by ETS for Verbal and the Manhattan 5-lb Book for Quant both of which are even recommended in the GregMat study plans.

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