Altius Vs. UWorld MCAT: Detailed Comparison

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When it comes to MCAT prep, Altius and UWorld are like two different worlds.

Altius has a bit of everything, while UWorld is all about practicing hard.

But which one is right for you? Let’s dig in and uncover the best fit for your journey to ace the MCAT.

Whether you’re into comprehensive courses or intense practice, we’ve got you covered!

Altius Vs. UWorld MCAT Comparison Table

Altius MCAT


Programs Offered

• Live Classes
• Mentoring
• Self-Paced Course
• Practice Exams

• Practice Questions
• Custom Tests

Access Duration

360 Days

90, 180, or 360 Days

Full-Length Practice Tests


Practice Questions

Not Specified


Printed Books


24/7 Support


14-Day Return Policy


Score Guarantee


Admission Support

Paid Available

Mobile App


Free Trial



$999 to $6,999

$319 to $419

Altius Vs. UWorld MCAT Overview

Today we’re comparing two very different MCAT prep resources.

Altius MCAT prep is a full-fledged MCAT prep course with live classes, tutoring, study guides, practice tests, and a bunch of other stuff.

Over 128,000 students have benefited from their study material, and they’re a little on the pricier side.

On the other hand, we have UWorld. It’s a rather new entrant in the MCAT prep industry, but they have definitely left their mark.

The only thing to consider here is that they only offer practice questions with in-depth explanations. No video lectures, no tutors, no full-length exams.

Yes. Their whole idea of MCAT prep revolves around doing practice questions and understanding the rationale behind correct options.

However, even with these limited prep options, they claim that 4 out of 5 students rank their QBank in their top 2 prep resources, with the other being the Official AAMC practice tests – that’s a serious claim!

So, let’s find out how these two MCAT prep courses fare against each other.

Altius Vs. UWorld MCAT Comparison In 2024

Pricing & Product Options


UWorld believes that too much study material can make you feel overwhelmed and impact your overall test prep.

Hence, they only offer practice questions accompanied by in-depth explanations.

Their product options include the following packages:

UWorld MCAT Course Options

Whether you buy Basic, Standard, or Elite, you will get access to a huge question bank featuring 3,050+ questions. The access period varies with the price, as shown in the above image.

However, there is a drawback. Although you can review a question and its explanation as long as you have the subscription, you can only attempt a question once.

This is where Standard and Elite programs help. They give you a one-time reset option, so you can attempt all the questions twice.

Then, there’s the free trial, where you get 100 questions for free for seven days.

Altius MCAT

Altius offers multiple course options for different study preferences.

Whether you like self-paced study, live classes, a mentor’s supervision, or just practice exams, Altius has got you covered.

You will find the following offerings on their:

Altius MCAT Course Options
  • MCAT Mentoring: This course option includes 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with regular course material. The price ranges from $2999 to $6999.
  • Summer Immersion: This category includes 10 weeks of hyper-focused MCAT prep offered during the summer break. The Gold package costs $8499, and the Platinum costs $9999.
  • MCAT Study Materials: This category includes a self-paced course priced at $999. Also, you can buy bundles of practice tests and tutoring sessions separately.
  • Undergrad Science Tutoring: These are standalone tutoring sessions.
  • Medical School Admissions Mentoring: These are mentorship and review sessions to improve your overall application.

Our Thoughts?

In terms of pricing, UWorld is way cheaper than Altius.

You get access to 3000+ questions and some really great explanations, which is a good value for money.

However, although it’s expensive if you want a proper MCAT prep course, Altius is the way to go.

Practice Tests & Questions


UWorld truly stands out when it comes to MCAT test practice.

With over 3,000 questions crafted to mirror the AAMC’s question style, it serves as an excellent resource to build your test-taking skills.

Test Modes

These questions cover the exam’s seven subjects and allow flexible completion modes: Tutor and Timed modes.

In Tutor Mode, you’ll see the correct answer immediately after responding to a question, while Timed Mode enables you to set time limits for your test attempts.

UWorld MCAT Practice Tests

The test interface is exactly like the real MCAT exam.

Plus, every question within the QBank is intentionally crafted to match or exceed the difficulty level of the actual exam, ensuring students engage with challenging practice material.

And there’s more.

In-Depth Explanations

All of the UWorld questions come with thorough explanations featuring in-depth text and some really good animations.

UWorld MCAT Answer Explanations

The text explanations really help you understand the rationale behind answers, and the images help you retain information via visual memory.

All in all, these explanations are highly insightful and effective.

Custom Tests

Although there are no full-length practice tests, UWorld’s customization is on another level.

It lets you create custom tests by choosing your preferred number of questions from each module (subject).

UWorld MCAT Custom Tests

And the best part? You can save these tests to review at a later time.

Altius MCAT

Well, Altius’ practice tests are amazing, too.

Each of their practice tests mirrors the actual MCAT in every essential aspect, meticulously replicating the exam’s structure, difficulty, topics, and formatting.

Altius MCAT Practice Tests

Not to forget, the practice questions are accompanied by detailed explanations, so you clearly understand why certain options are correct or incorrect.

But how are their tests so representative of the original MCAT?

Altius claims to have poured millions into creating technology that, like the FBI’s crime detection software, identifies patterns crucial for accurate exam replication. 

This confidence in their accuracy drives them to offer standalone practice exams, which are really a steal at this price.

Altius MCAT Practice Test Packages

These tests come with:

  • One year of access
  • Unlimited attempts
  • Detailed exam analysis

This is a complete bargain!

Although there is no free trial, you can try a free sample test to judge the quality of their practice test.

Our Thoughts?

UWorld offers real-like MCAT practice tests, and If you look at UWorld’s high-quality, in-depth explanation, it’s definitely a better choice.

However, Altius’s practice tests are equally good and representative of the original MCAT.

Plus, unlike UWorld, they also offer full-length practice exams. So, that’s an added bonus.

So, it’s a tie.

Additional Features & Offerings


UWorld doesn’t offer anything other than its question bank. However, it has some really useful features that aid your MCAT prep.


You can make your own notes in a separate tab and write down important information or anything that you feel needs revisiting.

These notes are divided subject-wise and can also feature explanations from specific questions.

UWorld MCAT Notebook

This amazing tool makes it easier to save information and revisit when wanted.

Performance Analytics

In the “Performance” tab, you can find your test results and account usage details.

UWorld MCAT Analytics

This tab will show you everything, including the number of questions used, correct answers, tests created, etc.

This information helps you stay informed about your account usage and test performance. 


You can also create customized flashcards to tackle intricate concepts. This feature allows you to copy definitions and images from the QBank into digital flashcards.

You can also add tags or colors to flashcards to sort them better.

Mobile App

UWorld also offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS, so users can access all prep material and features anytime.

Altius MCAT

Altius Test Prep offers much more than UWorld when it comes to study material type.

Comprehensive Study Materials

The program includes access to a wealth of study materials, including study manuals, live classes, practice tests, and subject-specific mini-exams.

1-on-1 Mentoring

Altius provides personalized 1-on-1 mentoring sessions for tailored guidance, study strategies, and support from high-achieving MCAT mentors.

Small Group Instruction

Altius’s live classes are known as small group sessions.

These interactive sessions foster active participation and discussion among students, leading to better learning and preparation.

90th Percentile Score Guarantee

Altius guarantees a 90th percentile score or a minimum 12-point score increase if students complete 100% of the Platinum, Silver, or Gold 1-on-1 MCAT Program.

Easy Refund Policy

They have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with their mentoring or elite programs.

Plus, a 14-day refund policy on all self-study material.

Our Thoughts?

Quite obviously, Altius’s offerings and features are far greater in number.

Plus, the score guarantee is something special. Even though you have to splurge a huge amount on prep, the guarantee gives you mental relief.

So, in terms of features and resources, Altius wins. 

Verdict: Which One Is Better?

So, the big question is: which prep course is better for MCAT test takers?

Well, the UWorld MCAT is like a big reservoir of MCAT practice questions, and Altius is like a complete MCAT training or boot camp.

So, it’s not necessarily an either-or-situation.

We’d suggest combining both strengths for a more holistic MCAT preparation.

UWorld, with its extensive question bank, is an excellent choice for honing your test-taking skills and delving into the intricacies of each question’s rationale.

The real-like test interface and in-depth explanations provide a solid foundation for understanding the exam format.

On the other hand, despite its higher price tag, Altius offers a comprehensive MCAT training experience.

From videos and live classes to mentoring sessions and study materials, it covers all aspects of your preparation journey.

The added benefits of a score guarantee and flexible refund policies provide a layer of reassurance.

So, here’s the game plan: consider investing in both resources.

Use UWorld as your go-to practice question bank, perfect for drilling down on your weaknesses and enhancing your problem-solving skills.

Meanwhile, you can leverage Altius’s rich multimedia content, live interactions, and personalized mentoring to understand the exam concepts better.

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