Memm MCAT Review: Is It Worth It?

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A lot of you have been asking us to do a detailed review about the relatively new tool Memm. And it’s finally here.

There has been so much hype recently about Memm. Everyone is talking about how Memm solves one of the main difficulties of MCAT: memorization.

We all know there’s so much to memorize in order to be able to get an excellent MCAT score that will help you get to your dream medical school.

So if there is a tool out there that can solve this particular problem, then we are here for it.

We will go into the boring details in this review in order to show you what to expect from Memm and to help you decide if it’s worth paying for it or not.

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Memm MCAT Overview



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1, 3, Or 6 Months





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Customizable Study Content?


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Frequently Updated

Memm is a spaced repetition software that helps accelerate your learning by purely focusing on only high-yield material bound to help you score highly on the MCAT.

This easy-to-use memorization tool does a great job streamlining content review, cutting out unnecessary fluff to simplify your MCAT studying.

You can sign up for Memm for 1, 3, or 6 months. The service will cost you $125 for the 1-month subscription, $219 for the 3-month option, and $339 for the 6-month option.

Whichever subscription duration you choose, here’s what you get once you sign up on Memm:

  • Full access to all MCAT content.
  • Integrated with Med School Insiders MCAT course.
  • Customizable study content.
  • Comprehensive review sheets.
  • 2,600+ well-constructed flashcards. 
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
  • 7-day money-back guarantee.

Aside from the subscription plans, you may also opt to try out Memm’s 7-day Free Trial, which essentially gives you access to:

  • Biology Content.
  • 850+ flashcards.

Memm MCAT Review For 2024

Content Review Sheets

These interactive review sheets contain comprehensive high-yield information and incorporate links to other content review resources.  

Memm is divided into two key study materials: sheets and cards. 

Memm MCAT Review Sheets

The review sheets allow you to learn, comprehend, and organize the necessary information to understand what’s being covered. 

These sheets are extremely comprehensive, covering every topic in the MCAT as outlined by the AAMC. Better yet, the sheets focus mainly on high-yield material that will most likely earn you a stellar MCAT score.

This resource has excluded all out-of-scope material, ensuring you will not waste your time on wasteful learning. However, some lower yield concepts have also been covered, just to give you a firmer grasp of the MCAT topics. 

Another advantage is that these review sheets are interactive, therefore helping to facilitate active learning. The interactivity has been incorporated using toggleable key facts that you can hide or show.

Memm MCAT Hiding Words

Lastly, another reason to love these review sheets is that they have been integrated with other content review resources such as Kaplan, Princeton Review, and Khan Academy through links to helpful videos or review content. 

As such, you get to see the bigger picture in terms of how specific concepts fit holistically in various MCAT topics or subjects. This way, you can access additional material should you need to cement the information using extra context. 

One thing to note is that these review sheets are not editable. Nevertheless, they have been professionally created by experts to ensure that you will not need to edit them.


While review sheets help you learn, comprehend, and organize information, the cards come in handy in reinforcing and consolidating that information to memory.

These well-constructed flashcards are handcrafted by people in the Memm team who scored in the 99th percentile, so you know that you are getting high-quality flashcards. 

Memm MCAT Flashcards

The intelligent spaced repetition algorithm used by Memm is very helpful and effective, designed to adjust your review schedule automatically. 

Additionally, the integration of review sheets and cards ensures that you will not get any surprise flashcards from topics you are yet to review. All cards come bundled together side by side with the related subset sheet for enhanced comprehension.

Better yet, the answer side of any card features an excerpt from the review sheet highlighting the content you were just tested on. As such, you are provided with context for each fact rather than learning facts in isolation.

This is particularly helpful because, as you should know by now, the MCAT is entirely about applying knowledge rather than memorizing facts. Learning content using Memm, therefore, allows you to understand much more about each topic rather than merely memorizing facts. 

These comprehensive cards feature images, mnemonics, etc., to help accelerate memorization using long-term memory consolidation.

Whichever your learning style may be, rest assured that Memm is designed to cater to all types of learners. 

Similar to the review sheets, you cannot edit or delete a card on Memm, and neither can you make your own cards. 

However, you can add notes to cards, and these notes may range from additional text, images, or mnemonics, helping you make the content you are studying more personalized and relatable.

Up to $34 OFF


Exclusive Deal: Get 10% OFF today the best memorization tool for MCAT


Only features high-yield content to optimize your study time.

Facilitates both active recall and accelerated memorization.

Easy-to-use interface


Not as customizable as Anki

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Med School Insiders MCAT Science Course

A Memm subscription comes coupled with the MCAT Science Course on Med School Insiders.

Memm MCAT Additional Resources

This is done such that the modules in the course correspond to Memm’s review sheets and the pre-made decks of cards. Quick access hyperlinks have also been included on the sheets and cards, so you can go directly to a specific module to get further context on a particular topic.

The Med School Insiders course crystallizes MCAT content in a way that is concise and easy to understand. The language used is much easier to follow than what you find in most MCAT prep books.

Furthermore, the course features numerous study tips and just general life tips that give it that extra personal touch you are sure to love. 

Clean User Interface

The Memm interface is very straightforward and easy to use, perfectly designed for learning.

When you get an answer wrong on the flashcards, you can quickly scroll below that card, allowing you to see the entirety of that particular topic rather than being presented with the single fact that you missed. 

Memm MCAT User Interface

This clean and organized user interface makes this too a joy to use, allowing you to spend more time absorbing information rather than wondering how to navigate the website.

Each subject has been outlined in a straightforward way, with well-organized sheets so you can quickly and easily make sense of it all. This way, you can conveniently structure your studying even before getting started on the flashcards.

With memm, you can simply pick up this tool and start studying immediately without requiring any technical knowledge to set things up. 

There is no software to install, no plugins required, and neither do you need to bother with knowing how to make good flashcards. It’s all been done for you.

Quality MCAT Content

Nearly all the material covered in Memm is high-yield content, with only a fraction of the information provided being lower-yield material. 

High-yield content basically refers to material that is frequently tested in the MCAT, and as such, studying these topics will prove to be beneficial in getting you a high score in the actual exam. With Memm, you can rest assured that you will not get any extraneous fluff.

Furthermore, this tool offers comprehensive coverage of all MCAT topics, so you are well equipped with everything you need to know to answer each question correctly. 

In addition to that, Memm is continuously updated and even features a built-in reporting mechanism so users can submit feedback on what areas could use some improvement.

If you are still at the beginning of your MCAT preparation, we recommend getting an online course such as Blueprint MCAT (click here for $400 OFF) that has tons of videos, illustrations, tutoring, etc..

Flexible Scheduling Options

Using a sophisticated spaced repetition algorithm, Memm adapts to each student’s particular needs, using pattern recognition to adapt to your own schedule so you can self-study efficiently.

Your customized personal schedule is updated daily so that even if you happen to fall behind, this tool automatically adjusts accordingly so that you can stay on track with your study prep.

This flexibility ensures that Memm caters to all kinds of users, including non-traditional students with demanding schedules. 

Whether you have 1 hour or 3 hours of dedicated daily study time, Memm’s scheduling algorithm is designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of students for accelerated knowledge acquisition when studying for the MCAT.

Memm MCAT Pros & Cons


– Very easy to use.

– Comprehensively covers all MCAT topics.

– Only features high-yield content to optimize your study time.

– Facilitates both active recall and accelerated memorization.

– Incorporates external content review resources for enhanced comprehension.


– Not as customizable as a tool like Anki


Memm is a multifaceted memorization tool that not only aids with memorization but also helps you understand concepts in a much simplified manner. 

On the one hand, the sheets comprehensively organize high-yield MCAT, going as far as to include links to additional content review resources you might need to comprehend certain concepts better. 

Additionally, the interactive review sheets facilitate active learning by testing your active recall capabilities.

On the other hand, well-made cards help accelerate your memorization by using a sophisticated spaced repetition algorithm that automatically adjusts to your schedule.

Image and mnemonics have been included in the pre-made decks, and you can even add your own notes should you wish to personalize the content for easier recall. 

The fact that the cards are integrated with the review sheets means that you will not be memorizing information in isolation. Instead, the context provided allows for improved comprehension, which is what the MCAT is all about anyway.

The biggest advantage to using Memm is how this tool puts everything perfectly together, emphasizing the high-yield content. 

You start off with the sheets which help you learn, comprehend, and organize concepts. Then the cards come in handy in reinforcing and consolidating that information to memory. 

The intelligent repetition of the flashcards, combined with the ability to hide terms on the review sheets, makes for an excellent memorization tool. Memm does a wonderful job at making concepts stick.

Up to $34 OFF


Exclusive Deal: Get 10% OFF today the best memorization tool for MCAT


Only features high-yield content to optimize your study time.

Facilitates both active recall and accelerated memorization.

Easy-to-use interface


Not as customizable as Anki

Use code at checkout: TESTPREPPAL22


What Is Memm For MCAT?

Memm for MCAT is an easy-to-use memorization tool with expertly curated pre-made sheets and cards designed for the students who want to excel on the MCAT in the shortest time possible. 

By taking advantage of spaced repetition and active recall, Memm helps accelerate memorization and retention of key facts.

Is Memm Good For MCAT?

Yes, Memm is good for MCAT. 

This tool will help streamline your content review, not to mention that it emphasizes high-yield content guaranteed to give your MCAT score a substantial boost

Additionally, the expertly curated flashcards allow for staggered repetition greatly facilitated by the sophisticated algorithm used by Memm. Past material is cemented while at the same time maintaining knowledge that you are freshly taking in. 

Anki Vs. Memm: Which Is Best For The MCAT?

Between Anki and Memm, Memm is hands-down a better choice when studying for the MCAT. 

Students who highly recommend Memm over Anki report a very positive experience, top of the list, being how easy it is to use this tool. 

While Anki requires a learning curve, Memm is much easier to pick up and begin using right away. You do not need any technical know-how in setting it up, nor do you need to know how to make good flashcards.

The premade decks in Memm feature excellent card quality, and they can be customized to your liking using notes, images, mnemonics, etc.

Overall, Memm provides a more streamlined and refined learning experience to Anki.

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