Khan Academy LSAT Prep Review: Is It Enough?

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Khan Academy’s Official LSAT Prep stands out for its free price and partnership with LSAC. But what else does the program have to offer?

In this Khan Academy LSAT Prep Review article, you’ll learn about the course’s offerings, pros, cons, and other information.

The goal of this review is to help you figure out if this course is enough to help you prepare for the LSAT.

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Summary Table

Khan Academy Official LSAT® Prep





Days Access


Official LSAT Practice Questions


Diagnostics Test


Full-Length Practice Tests 


Live Instruction



Recorded Videos, Articles, Worked Examples

Personalized Study Plan




Khan Academy LSAT Prep Overview

LSAT Prep students can access the same resources, which are the following: 

  • Full-length or express-type diagnostic test.
  • Introduction to the course and LSAT.
  • 13 full-length practice tests.
  • Official LSAT practice questions.
  • Articles, video lessons, and worked examples.
  • Personalized study plan.

Khan Academy LSAT Review for 2024

The summary table and overview give a glimpse of the LSAT Prep courses offered by Khan Academy. But if you want a more in-depth assessment, keep reading this section. 

Free Pricing

Khan Academy LSAT Pricing

Among the many LSAT prep courses, the Khan Academy LSAT Prep program stands out because it is free! It’s not just a free trial, too. The whole program is free, so you only need to make an account to access the materials.

Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization so its courses – not just the LSAT Prep – are free. Many students on a tight budget appreciate that as the law student journey can be expensive. 

User Interface & Experience

Khan Academy LSAT User Interface

The user experience begins with creating an account for the LSAT Prep course. The signup process was straightforward – you only have to click the “Get Started” button. 

A great thing about the signup process is you can sign in with your Google, Facebook, or Apple accounts. I find that option not only faster. It also removes the need to provide other details or remember extra passwords. 

Khan Academy LSAT User Experience

After signing in, I only had to answer a few setup questions before gaining access to the course interface. Once I did, I found the Khan Academy website modern and streamlined. Finding the practice questions, tests, lessons, and settings is easy. 

The progress map on the side is also a simple yet fun way to track progress throughout the course. A circle lights up for every set of practice questions I complete. You can see how close you are to taking a recommended practice exam. 


Khan Academy LSAT Curriculum

The Law School Admission Council, LSAC helped make the curriculum. It consists of the following sections:

  • Introduction to LSAT Prep and the LSAT exam
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension

The curriculum matches the sections of the multiple-choice section of the LSAT. Therefore, it encompasses the exam’s basics or fundamentals.

I find this curriculum suitable for those who want streamlined learning. Many paid courses have a high volume of materials, which can be overwhelming. Meanwhile, Khan Academy’s resources are just enough.

Because of that, though, many students find the curriculum to be not so comprehensive. They feel it does not go in-depth into concepts or provide exam-taking strategies.

They had to supplement the course with other materials, such as books or paid courses. If you want to score high on the LSAT, they recommend doing the same. 

But if you only want to pass the LSAT, taking extra courses is not needed. Indeed, many achieved their high target scores without getting more resources. 

Flexibility and Portability

Many students rave about the flexibility and portability of the Khan Academy LSAT prep course. This is especially true for parents, working students, and others with full-time responsibilities.

Students share that the course lets them study at home, on the road, or at work. That is convenient compared to courses of other LSAT prep companies that need classroom attendance. 

Aside from that, the lessons (which are in videos or articles) are accessible from the Khan Academy app. So if you’re traveling and want to catch up on a few videos, you can do so. 

The tradeoff, though, to this flexibility and portability is the lack of human interaction. You cannot talk to instructors or classmates in real time or face-to-face. 

So, if you need human interaction to stay motivated in your classes, this course may not be best suited. At the least, you’ll need to supplement it with private tutoring.

Diagnostic Test

Khan Academy LSAT Diagnostic Test

Before starting with any material, taking the diagnostics exam is ideal. There are two options: a full-length diagnostic and express diagnostics.

The full-length diagnostic is just one of the course’s practice LSAT exams. Therefore, if you accidentally close the diagnostics pop-up, you can take any practice test as a diagnostic. 

Khan Academy LSAT Express Diagnostics

Meanwhile, express diagnostics take half the time of the full-length diagnostic. It consists of six short tests that encompass the sections of the LSAT. It’s best for students who are on a tight timeline. 

I decided to try the express diagnostics. After taking the short tests, I discovered that I get feedback after answering each one of them. 

Khan Academy LSAT Diagnostics Feedback

The screen will show my level for a particular LSAT skill. It’s a great way to see which skills I already have a good grasp on and which ones I must work on. 

Under the skill levels, I also see how I did with every question. It also indicated what type of questions I got and what skills they covered. 

If I click on a question, I get directed to a page showing the full question and answer explanations. It may have recommended video lessons or articles about the question’s topic. 

Personalized Study Recommendations

An impressive aspect of Khan Academy’s LSAT review is the customization. During signup, I provided my exam date, target LSAT score, and other details. The course used those to recommend an optimal practice schedule and test dates.

Khan Academy LSAT Personalized Study Recommendations

Customization didn’t end there. After taking the diagnostics test, the practice section optimized itself to suit my skills. 

For instance, the test revealed my weakness in logical reasoning. So, the practice section started stage 1 with logical reasoning lessons.

Practice Questions

Khan Academy LSAT Practice Questions

The Khan Academy LSAT Prep has an entire section dedicated to practice questions. 

These questions are not one by one. Instead, I answered them as a set. 

Each set covered one subject and level (e.g., Analytical Reasoning – Level 1: Basic). Here is my review of those questions:

Pros of Khan Academy LSAT Practice Questions

The ease of use I experienced signing up extends to the practice questions. I can easily see the instructions, what scores I need, and what time I should complete all the questions.

It’s also easy to receive feedback. After every question, I get an explanation of why the options are correct or wrong. I also get recommended study materials and answer hints. 

I can also review question sets I’m already done with! There is a Review tab where all completed questions are.  

Also, it’s great that the questions are official or sourced from the LSAC or past LSAT questions. It helps students become more familiar and confident when taking the LSAT. 

Lastly, it’s great that I can set the difficulty of each practice set. There are three options: basic, medium, and advanced. 

I can choose which level I want, so even if I started with basic, I can make it advanced if I want to be extra challenged. 

Cons of Khan Academy LSAT Practice Questions

While there are great things about the question bank, there are also some concerns. 

The most significant one is about how limited the question bank is. Because of that, some questions would get repeated over time. 

Some students found the lack of variety disadvantageous to their study. With more diverse questions, they can expand their knowledge and identify unfamiliar topics.  

As for the timing of the questions, each set comes with a suggested time to complete. You’d be better off if you got used to the prescribed timing, as this represents the actual amount of time you should spend on each section.

Practice Tests 

Khan Academy LSAT Practice Tests

The practice tests intend to simulate the actual LSAT. They consist of four sections:

  • Two Logical Reasoning Sections
  • One Reading Comprehension Section
  • One Analytical Reasoning Section

Each section is also timed at 35 minutes, which is standard for the LSAT. It’s a great way to familiarize students with the format and timing of the exam. 

Overall, many students were appreciative of Khan Academy’s LSAT practice tests. After all, there were 13 of them for free, whereas some paid courses would provide less. 

But some LSAT test takers say there is still a downside to these practice tests: the interface. It is not the same as that of the online or face-to-face LSAT. 

Students must take other exams if they want to replicate the exam interface. But the LSAC gave tips on how to do that on their website.  

Other Materials 

The other materials Khan Academy offers are video lessons, articles, and worked examples. There is also a logic toolbox. It has articles about topics like conditional logic and if-then statements. 

The main advantage of these materials is that they provide fundamental knowledge. They are also well-organized and streamlined. 

However several students remarked that these materials are quite dry. They lack human interaction. Even in the videos, the instructors aren’t shown on the screen.  

Khan Academy LSAT Prep Pros & Cons


– Simple yet modern interface.

– Curriculum, questions, and materials were created in collaboration with LSAC.

– Instantaneous and detailed feedback.

– Materials are accessible at any time and place, as long as there is internet.

– Personalized study plan based on exam date, target LSAT score, and diagnostic test results.


– Dry learning experience due to the lack of human interaction.


The Khan Academy LSAT Prep course is a best-value LSAT preparation program. After all, it is for free, is endorsed by the LSAC, and offers several resources like practice exams, recorded videos, and practice questions. 

But because Khan Academy’s LSAT Prep is free, it is understandable that it does not have as much content as paid courses. 

Many students, especially those who aim to ace the LSAT rather than just pass it, had to partner it with supplemental advanced courses or prep books. If your goal is to score high on the LSAT, you may have to do the same. 

Also, this course is best suited for students who are efficient at self-studying. That is, they must be independent and have a great work ethic. 

Those traits are crucial because the lessons are held through an online and flexible platform. Study schedules are also only recommended, there are no required live classes, and it is hard to contact classmates or instructors in real-time. 

Therefore, if the student needs human interaction to stay motivated or wants constant guidance from an instructor, they may not find this course optimal.  

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Khan Academy LSAT Prep FAQs

Is Khan Academy a Good LSAT Prep?

Khan Academy has a good LSAT prep, considering it comes at zero cost and is in partnership with LSAC. The curriculum and materials also provide fundamental knowledge. 

Also, its practice questions and tests are officially sourced. So, they help students familiarize themselves with the format of the LSAT. They can even result in fair to high LSAT scores.  

Are Khan Academy LSAT Practice Tests Real?

Khan Academy LSAT practice tests are real. They are from past LSATs or questions supplied by the LSAC. They are also meant to simulate the LSAT with 35-minute sections. 

Is Khan Academy LSAT Prep Free?

The Khan Academy LSAT Prep course is free. You can access all materials, tests, and questions if you have an account. Such is possible through the nonprofit nature of Khan Academy. It is an organization established by Salman Khan.

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