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DAT Bootcamp Review For 2021: Is it worth it?

If you are taking the DAT for the first time or retaking to improve your previous score, you’ve to prepare adequately.

There are various test review methods you can implement. From DAT test prep books, various free online courses to DAT Bootcamp, you simply have to settle for what works best for you.

The DAT Bootcamp is one of the most famous and efficient study methods as per student numerous online students’ reviews.

So, I wouldn’t find it surprising if you’ve been considering enrolling yourself. But before you do, here’s a quick analysis of the DAT Bootcamp to help you make an informed choice.

The best DAT prep course...by miles

DAT Bootcamp Overview

The DAT Bootcamp is a creation of one Ari Rezaei, an ex-DAT student who found it pretty hard to prepare for the test adequately.


He didn’t feel like the content in the then marketplace wasn’t sufficient enough to help him prepare adequately. He had to work too hard for a good score.

What did he do?

After scoring highly in the test, Ari set-up the DAT Bootcamp as a way of helping future pre-dental students crack the test with ease. He promises to provide students with all the necessary materials they need to score 90th percentile and above.

In terms of structure, this system provides DAT students with quality online practice tests.

There’s also a strategy blog, where students can learn more tips on how to approach DAT.

And although the materials are challenging, they are designed to mimic the actual DAT test, which is advantageous.

DAT Bootcamp offer options

When you settle for the DAT Bootcamp you will have the following options;

  • A free trial, with 1 practice test for each section
  • The DAT Bootcamp Upgrade ($497)
  • The Personal Statement (597)
  • Personal Statement Express Overview
  • Application Critique
  • Secondary Application(247 per school)
  • Experience Review( $247 for 10 experiences)
  • School Selection ( $247)
  • Interview Coaching ($297)

DAT Bootcamp Review for 2021

DAT Bootcamp Curriculum (Materials list)

The DAT Bootcamp curriculum includes study materials in all these sections;

  • Biology

You gain access to practice tests, a question bank, Bootcamp Biology notes, Biology Flashcards, and the Biology strategy.

With the practice questions, the system will tag you on various issues in the section for easy review. You will also love the unique problem questions, which are subject to update now and then.

Also, the Biology notes are high-yield to help you boost your score in biology. The notes are detailed, come with illustrations, and a quick cheat sheet for taxonomy questions.

The best part is that you can easily click to download them for easy review when not online.

There are also 25 sets of flashcards to help you master essential terms anywhere, anytime.

The Biology strategies include some tips on the must-know genetic terms,  topics that don’t need much review, must-know biology Mnemonics, how to study the right way, and many more other tips.

  • General Chemistry

The general chemistry section also comes with practice tests, a Question bank, Mike’s Videos, Strategies, and the worksheets.

The practice tests take the same structure as the Biology ones, and they give you a glimpse of your previous attempts for comparison.

The question bank gives you access to unique questions to enhance your knowledge, with the issues being updated from time to time.

Mike’s Videos aren’t famous for nothing.  Here you gain access to numerous videos touching on various concepts for easy understanding.

And the General Chemistry Strategy segment takes you through the equation sheet, lab techniques, explanations of the intermolecular forces, the various types of questions to expect on the DAT, and common Ions you should know.

There’s an analysis of the DAT Bootcamp in comparison to the real DAT.

Plus the three worksheets; Mike’s General Chem Outline, the General Chen Lab Equation Sheet, and General Chem Lab techniques.

  • Organic Chemistry

The classroom structure of the Organic Chem is similar to that of General Chem.

The significant differences, however, is that this section contains less Mike’s Videos and two worksheets (Mike’s organic chem outline and the organic chem reaction summary sheet)

  • Perpetual Ability

This section also comes with numerous practice tests. But it has a new section of the PAT generator, which covers areas such as the angle ranking generator, the hole punching generator, and much more.

The PTA academy also contains numerous videos, complete with sets of practice tests for adequate preparation.

You will also love the PAT Trainer Game.

  • Reading Comprehension

Like every other section, you will gain access to practice questions.

You will also find the RC academy videos, and practice sets interesting to help you enhance your-test-taking skills.

The reading and comprehension strategies offer amazing tips on productive DAT reading and exam-taking.

And of course, you will benefit from the Daily reading practice, which contains 10 sets of practice tests.

  • Quantitative Reasoning

Automatic access to unique sets of practice tests and, of course, the question bank.

The QR academy contains 100+ videos on various topics, complete with concept questions.

There’s also one worksheet (quantitative reasoning formulas cheat sheet) and the QR strategies on smart DAT review and useful test-taking tips.

The study tools include;

  • Full-length tests( will expound on this later)
  • Past test results to help you compare your progress
  • Bookmarked questions, for easy review
  • Study guide for smart reviews
  • Study strategy for useful DAT exam-taking and study tips
  • Inspirations stories to motivate you towards achieving your goal.

Summary Table

Section Biology General Chemistry Organic Chemistry Perpetual Ability Reading Comprehension Quantitative Reasoning
Practice tests TICK 1 TICK 1 TICK 1 TICK 1 TICK 1 TICK 1
Question Bank TICK 1 TICK 1 CROSS 1 CROSS 1 CROSS 1 TICK 1
Daily Reading practice CROSS 1 CROSS 1 CROSS 1 CROSS 1 TICK 1 CROSS 1

DAT Bootcamp Content Videos

In general, the DAT Bootcamp offers you access to over 700 strategy videos.

The videos are typically led by relevant experts, so you can expect to receive only the best.

There are also the Dr. Mike videos for sections chemistry sections, addressing various concepts in each section.

So, if you love tutor-led study sessions, then you’re in for a blast.

At 700+, I feel the videos are pretty sufficient if you combine them well with other study materials.

And to ensure you get the best from those videos, study the materials first, then watch to enhance retention.

DAT Bootcamp practice tests

The primary role both full-length and short question problems play in your DAT review cannot be ignored.

It’s always advisable to weigh your content retention ability by taking tests often. For instance, you can take the shorter practice tests at the end of each topic, and the full-length every two weeks.

The DAT Bootcamp offers you over 4670+ high-quality questions and 60+ full-length tests.

As for the full-length tests, they are distributed equally among all the 6 sections.  So each section gets around 10 full-length tests.

The best thing is that you receive an analysis report on your practice tests, complete with in-depth explanations on your answers.

This will help you understand why you got some answers wrong, even when they seem correct.

Remember, the DAT is quite tricky, so you’ve to up your game and know how to spot the correct answer amidst all the similarities.

DAT Bootcamp vs. Kaplan: Which is better?

Both Kaplan and DAT Bootcamp are big names when it comes to the DAT test prep sector.

They both have impressive features, which leave students confused whenever choosing between the two.

So, if this feels like you, look no further, we give you a comprehensive comparison of DAT Bootcamp vs. Kaplan to make your work easy.

Sounds interesting? Let’s get straight into it!


Before you even head out to purchase a test prep course or similar material, it’s only logical that you’ve to check out the price.

Remember, failing to plan is like planning to fail. So, if you don’t work within your budget, then there’s going to be a problem managing your finances.

The Kaplan self-paced course will cost you around $899, with the price expected to rise if you upgrade.

On the other hand, the DAT Bootcamp will cost you around $497, but if you upgrade to the Bootcamp PLUS, then you will have to pay more.

Of course, both companies offer discounts, so you can always check on their website to see which coupon is being run.

Full-length Practice Tests

I have already mentioned the importance of practice tests when studying for standardized exams such as the DAT. So, I am not going to go into many details concerning this.

The Kaplan package comes with 7 full-length practice tests, which will help you identify your position as far as preparedness for the actual DAT is concerned.

On the other hand, DAT Bootcamp offers its users 10 full-length practice tests for each section. That’s a lot, right?

Problem/Practice Questions

Practice questions pave the way for the full-length practice tests, and eventually, the actual DAT.

They provide an adequate review at the end of each topic, which allows you to weigh your capability on various concepts before moving to the next topic.

It’s the best way to identify strengths and weaknesses earlier enough, know which areas to allocate more study time, and which ones would do with a few hours.

With the Kaplan package, you will receive over 1500 questions in their customized Qbank.

DAT Bootcamp, on the other hand, promises users over 4670 problem questions. They, too, have a Qbank, although it doesn’t apply to all sections.


When you speak about content retention, you should also include videos in your study module.

Videos provide an excellent tutor-like experience, which makes them ideal for students who prefer expert guidance in their studies.

Both companies seem to understand this pretty well, with Kaplan offering over 200 recorded videos. DAT Bootcamp, on the other hand, will give you access to 700+ videos, which include strategy videos and tutor-led academy videos with practice tests.


Ease of Accessibility matter a lot when it comes to inline courses.

A course that allows you to access content even when on the move is an ideal pick.

Kaplan has an APP that makes their self-paced course accessible via iOS and Android.

You can also access DAT Bootcamp via Android and iPhone.

The two are easy to use and optimized to ensure quality isn’t compromised.


Flashcards are an excellent way to study while on-the-go.

And while Kaplan lacks the Flashcards option in their package, Bootcamp provides 25 sets of flashcards, but only for the biology section.

Premium options

Both prep companies have premium options with Kaplan allowing students to benefit from the 3 hours of 1-1 coaching sessions and the self-paced Math Foundation with their Self-paced Plus membership plan.

DAT Bootcamp also has the Bootcamp PLUS, which gives 180 days of unlimited access and additional 1,150 practice questions.

Study Plan

They both come with a study guide and a study schedule. Only that Kaplan’s study plan is personalized to suit individual needs.


Comparison Table

Company Kaplan DAT Bootcamp


Pricing $899 $497
Discounts $250 Up to 30% with coupon
Full-length practice tests 7 10
Question Problems 1500+ 4670+
Videos 200+ 700+
Flashcards TICK 1
Premium options TICK 1 TICK 1
Study plan TICK 1 TICK 1


When it comes to content, DAT Bootcamp seems to be more detailed as opposed to Kaplan. And this is quite impressive given that Bootcamp is much cheaper than Kaplan.

Also, you can’t really compare the video content of Kaplan with those of Bootcamp both in terms of quantity and quality.

Yes, the two companies uphold quality, but I find Bootcamp doing pretty well with their expert-led videos.

And then Bootcamp features 2u5 sets of biology flashcards, which can be useful for individuals struggling with the biological concepts. Kaplan doesn’t seem to have any, which works against it.

There’s, however, a one-on-one coaching option in Kaplan’s premium option, which makes it ideal for individuals who find it challenging to be productive without tutor lessons.

I also find their math foundations content impressive, which are quite similar with Bootcamp’s Mike’s videos. So, if you want more practice on chem and bio, then Bootcamp is a perfect pick. But if math is your weakness, then you might want to consider Kaplan.

Also, when you take a quick look at the practice questions from both companies, you will realize that Kaplan has much simpler problems as opposed to the Bootcamp. And this makes Bootcamp pretty similar to the actual DAT in terms of difficulty.

So, generally, while Kaplan resources are well-polished and you get to use them for a while (4 months) without an upgrade, I find DAT Bootcamp a better option for these two main reasons;

It’s cheaper and the full-length that difficulty mimics that of the actual exam.

DAT Bootcamp Course Pros and Cons Table

Pros Cons
25 sets of biology flashcards Doesn’t have a one-on-one tutor option
10-full-length practice tests, which are similar to the actual DAT No money-back-guarantee option on score.
over 4670 problem questions
customized Qbank questions
comes with a study guide and a study schedule
affordable in comparison to Kaplan
free-trial option


DAT Bootcamp is an excellent revision resource that can help you crack the DAT. Most students prefer it because of the detailed explanations that come with the answers, and its pricing isn’t too high.

I also find its “classroom” set-up impressive complete with a daily warm-up (Thursday), the question of the day, and a Facebook study group, where you can mingle and make life-long friends.

It’s also well-organized and easy to use, especially with the quick accessibility through Android and iPhone.

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