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It’s probably too early in this review to say this, but DAT Bootcamp is the most complete DAT prep program you will find in the market today.

I will explain later on why I think so.

In this detailed review, we cover everything there is to know about DAT Bootcamp and we compare it with other popular alternatives.

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Offers excellent answer explanations.

Top-notch chemistry videos.

High-yield practice tests.


Sometimes the videos can be too detailed.

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DAT Bootcamp Video Review: An Inside Look

We recorded a video recently where we summarized this written review into a short right-to-the-point review video that is under 5 minutes.

If you want to take a look at how the DAT Bootcamp dashboard looks like from the inside, this is an excellent video that highlights the main features of the prep course. We also share our verdict at the end of video so keep watching until the end.

In case you prefer reading or you want a more detailed review, then keep on reading below.

DAT Bootcamp Overview

DAT Bootcamp Pro

DAT Bootcamp Plus


$499 (Use TESTPREPPAL code for 10% Off)

$899 (Use TESTPREPPAL code for 10% Off)

Access Period

90 Days

180 Days




Payment Plan

4 Interest-Free Payments of $125

4 Interest-Free Payments of $300

Video Lessons



Full-Length Practice Tests



Subject-Based Tests



Practice Questions






AI Integration



Mobile App

Android & iOS

Android & iOS

DAT Bootcamp is famed for its vast array of study materials, alongside its very representative practice tests complete with detailed answer explanations.

Besides, compared to other test prep companies, Bootcamp prices its DAT prep courses rather affordably. 

On the more budget side, you have Bootcamp Pro which costs $499 and gives you an access of 90 days to their primary study materials.

On the other end, you have Bootcamp Plus which costs $899 for 180-day access and features 5 extra full-length practice tests and 5 extra subject-based tests in each of the 6 DAT subjects. 

At minimum, here’s what you get with any DAT Bootcamp prep course:

  • Over 290 pages of high-yield Biology, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry notes. 
  • 10,000+ Questions QBank.
  • 10 representative full-length practice exams.
  • 60 Subject-based practice tests.
  • Daily warm-up and question of the day exercises.
  • 3,500+ Biology flashcards.
  • Dr.Mik’s Chemistry videos.
  • 1,100+ top-notch video lessons.
  • Cheat sheets and strategy guides.
  • PAT Generators & PAT trainer game.
  • Expert admissions services. 

DAT Bootcamp Review For 2024

User Interface

Right off the bat, one thing you are bound to love about DAT Bootcamp is the fast website that is very easy to use and navigate.

There is no lag when you switch from watching videos to taking a practice quiz or when switching from one tab to the next. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, everything loads really fast, giving you a smooth learning experience.

This learning experience is further enhanced by the quick-find search bar permanently located at the top of the page.

DAT Bootcamp Jump Bar

This jump bar allows you to quickly locate any video lesson, question, or practice test, without having to scour through menus and digging through a wealth of material to find what you are looking for.

DAT Bootcamp Search Bar Feature

On-Demand Curriculum

One thing worth noting is that both DAT Bootcamp prep courses are fully on-demand and self-paced. There are no live lessons and neither are there any office hours.

You have a massive library of study materials at your disposal, comprising:

  1. Video lessons; including Dr. Mike’s Chemistry videos
  2. Recall Questions after every Bio, Gen Chem, and Orgo Chem video
  3. Notes, lesson handouts, and cheat sheets
  4. Question banks and quizzes
  5. Subject-specific tests
  6. Practice prompt video explanations
  7. Full-length tests
  8. Strategy guides
  9. Flashcards.
DAT Bootcamp Curriculum

DAT Bootcamp offers multiple angles of content review which you can choose accordingly based on whether you are a visual, text-based, or experiential learner.

DAT Bootcamp Course Structure

While visual learners would rather watch the well-done video lessons, text-based learners will love Bootcamp’s condensed outlines of high-yield notes that still feature visually appealing graphics.

Experiential learners will thrive off taking practice tests and quizzes and following along on the explanations provided during the review. 

DAT Bootcamp Video Lessons

In this DAT prep course, every kind of learner has been taken into consideration and the depth of coursework is simply unmatched to give you a truly immersive DAT study experience. 

All the study materials are split and grouped by DAT subject i.e. Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Percentual Ability, Reading Comprehension, and Quantitative Reasoning. The respective study resources are accessible under each subject tab.

Now without any guidance, you may feel at a loss about how to get through all these study materials in a practical and efficient manner. But with Bootcamp, that’s where Ari’s study schedule comes in.

Ari’s Study Schedule

Overarching everything in this DAT prep course is Ari’s study schedule which guides you through all the study materials.

Designed to last a duration of 11 weeks, this well-laid-out study schedule provides a day-by-day breakdown of exactly what you should be tackling. Rest days have been included as well.

DAT Bootcamp Study Schedule

Providing a checklist-style kind of study plan, you get to work through the study material efficiently and systematically.

As per the study schedule, you get to put in an average of 3 – 7 study hours per day, depending on what kind of learner you are and generally, the depth of content review you wish to go into on any particular day. 

Overall, for those who have no idea how to get started on their DAT prep, Ari’s study schedule provides a ton of detailed guidance that will see you through the entirety of your DAT prep period. 

Bootcamp AI

Another handy, time-saving feature within DAT Bootcamp is the integration of Bootcamp AI.

Bootcamp AI is your personal tutor for practice questions.

Once you have answered a practice question and are reviewing the answer explanation, there may be something, either a word or concept that you may need a little more help with.

Ordinarily, this is the part where students typically turn to Google for a better explanation. With DAT Bootcamp though, that isn’t necessary. 

DAT Bootcamp AI

Simply click on the “I have questions or feedback about this explanation” and the website will bring up an FAQ sidebar where you can go ahead and type your query and “Ask Bootcamp AI.”

This way you get an instant explanation without having to browse through Google or wait to get feedback from the Bootcamp team.

Ask Bootcamp AI

Besides saving you time, this handy feature helps keep your study period distraction-free.

All your questions are answered instantaneously right on the platform, without you having to turn to Google or a textbook.

Currently, Bootcamp AI is still in beta mode but it works splendidly well.

Daily Practice

Outside of Dr. Ari’s study schedule, there are additional daily exercises that will allow you to get in some DAT practice when you have a few minutes to spare during your day.

These are Quick Study, Daily Warmup, and Question of the Day.

Quick Study refers to 10 QBank questions that you haven’t answered yet, put in a quick quiz for you that you can use to study on the go. 

Daily Warmup refers to 5 new questions every day. 

Question of the Day refers to a new question every day that you can use for some quick practice. 

While Quick Study questions are derived for the question bank, the Daily Warmup and Question of the Day questions are completely novel, and not taken from the QBank.  

Practice Exams

The best DAT prep courses will provide quality practice that’s as close to the actual DAT as you could possibly get and Bootcamp is no exception.

  1. Prometric Mode

The Bootcamp DAT exam interface is completely identical to the real DAT, such that when you are taking the actual exam, it will feel just like another Bootcamp practice test.

Bootcamp DAT Exam Interface

From the tutorials and instruction packets to the timer, prometric delay setting, and even down to every button, the DAT Bootcamp exam page looks and functions exactly like what you will see in the Prometric test center.

DAT Bootcamp Prometric Mode
  1. Representative Practice

DAT Bootcamp’s practice tests and questions do an excellent job of focusing on important high-yield concepts and topics.

That being said, keep in mind that the full-length test scores are slightly deflated so try not to be too discouraged by the score you get.

Also, the full-length tests get harder as you go, which is why tests 6-10 are somewhat of a nightmare for most students.

Once again, don’t stress too much on the score. Rather focus on the content, getting to the bottom of why you are getting some questions wrong.

The good thing here is that if you can get by on Bootcamp with a good score, then you are definitely guaranteed a high score on the actual test.

  1. Question Tagging System

Efficient content review can sometimes feel impossible especially when you factor in the sheer volume and complexity of material typically associated with the science subjects.

As such, it is easy for some things to slip your notice or attention. But then that’s where Bootcamp’s question tagging system is a godsend. 

With 3 different tags: “Learning”, “Reviewing” and “Mastered”, DAT Bootcamp allows you to rate how well you understand a question during the review.

DAT Bootcamp Question Tagging

You don’t have to note it down in a notebook or scribble it on a sticky note plastered all over your study table. Simply tag the questions and continue with your review.

This makes it easy to keep track of which questions you wish to revisit and review at a later time. It also helps you know which topics you have mastered fully and therefore don’t need to spend much time on.

Video Explanations

Bootcamp offers excellent answer explanations to all their practice tests and question bank questions.

Some questions come with text explanations, while others include a video explanation as well which is a nice touch especially when dealing with complex Science concepts and PAT prompts. 

Overall, the explanations are top-notch in all the subjects, going sufficiently in-depth to not only provide the correct answer but also help brush up on your content review in the process. 

The answer explanations are pleasantly concise as well and don’t bog you down with unnecessary details. 

One nice touch here is the inclusion of Dr. Mike’s video explanations for the Chemistry test questions which are incredibly informative and very well done, just like his video lectures. 

Another nice touch is the inclusion of “Key Takeaways” within the Biology practice test answer explanations. 

Biology is a vast subject, and these key takeaways help make your DAT prep that much simpler by eliminating a lot of guesswork on your end. 

Lastly, you will be glad to learn that every PAT question within the Bootcamp QBanks and practice tests has a video explanation. These go a long way in helping you understand how to think through the different PAT question types.

Performance Analysis

Another handy feature within DAT Bootcamp is the Performance page which keeps track of all your Bootcamp practice test scores and uses this data to estimate your real DAT score based on how your values compare to students who performed similarly. 

It sounds a little complex but the best part is that you do not have to worry or fuss about how the analytics operate.

Your practice test scores are automatically added to the performance page, and the software generates your potential DAT score on the real test.

DAT Bootcamp Performance Analytics

This helps give you a very good idea of exactly where you stand, not just as per your academic average, but also in the individual DAT sections.

Just at a glance, you get to see where you are excelling and where you are falling behind. You also get a clear picture of exactly how far you are from your target score and how you are performing in different topics. 

DAT Bootcamp Analytics

It goes without saying that the higher the data available, the more accurate the score predictions will be. So make a genuine attempt to take all practice tests in order to get a more accurate picture of your performance. 

PAT Resources

DAT Bootcamp has covered the PAT section of the Dental Admission Test rather well, providing a wide range of PAT study materials.

You have strategy videos, practice questions, practice tests, PAT generators, and even a PAT trainer game. 

The PAT Academy Video Lessons are really well done. The tutor is pretty upbeat and takes his time to guide you through all the fundamentals at a pace that’s easy to follow along. 

PAT Generators are available for all the PAT question types, except for Keyholes. Nevertheless, these work great and even provide really good answer explanations.

Aside from the PAT Generators, you also have plenty of PAT practice questions and tests at your disposal, with TFE and Keyholes taking up the bulk of the QBank.

The PAT Trainer Game is actually quite handy in helping you hone the skill to accurately judge distances, angle comparisons, etc. The game is rather brief though and can get repetitively boring rather fast.

Mobile App

Available on both Android and iOS, Bootcamp’s mobile app is an impeccable addition allowing you to conveniently study on the go.

Furthermore, unlike other test prep companies where the mobile app has limited functions, the Bootcamp mobile app provides access to all your video lessons, question banks, and even the PAT generators.

This way, you have all your DAT study resources at your fingertips, 24/7, and can easily keep up with your study schedule wherever you may be.

Keep in mind though that accessing the app and all its features requires you to have an active DAT Bootcamp membership.  

Admissions Services

Besides helping you with your DAT prep, did you know that this self-paced course additionally comes with admissions services to help you get into your dream dental school?

From personal statement review and application critiques to helping you with secondary applications, interview coaching, and school selection, DAT Bookcamp’s admissions services are a gold mine. 

This makes the DAT Bootcamp price point all that much more favorable, wouldn’t you agree?

Expert admissions services can be purchased as standalone packages but some resources are available for free, with your DAT Bootcamp membership.

The resources included with your Bootcamp subscription include video lessons guiding you through various application stages and requirements, and various other guides, including sample letters.

DAT Bootcamp Pricing & Discounts

How Much Does DAT Bootcamp Cost?

The DAT Bootcamp price starts at $497 for the first tier (Bootcamp Pro) which has all the necessary materials and it gives you an access of 180 days.

The second tier (Bootcamp Plus) costs $897 and has everything that Bootcamp Pro offers plus 30 practice tests (Bootcamp Pro has only 60 practice tests). Also, Bootcamp Plus members will get access to the materials for a period of 6 months.

However, you do not have to pay full price. We have a coupon code for our users that gets you 10% OFF. Here it is: TESTPREPPAL10

It’s also worth noting that DAT Bootcamp has a free trial which allows you to take a look at the inside of the program and even watch some videos entirely for free so you know exactly what you are getting.

DAT Bootcamp Discount and Coupon

I was able to get us a deal for TestPrepPal readers that can help you save up to $100 on your purchase of DAT Bootcamp.

As for most of the DAT prep courses, DAT Bootcamp also provides coupons and discount deals for eligible buyers.

Here is the DAT Bootcamp coupon code to use: TESTPREPPAL10

You can follow this link to use the discount code: You can access the deal by clicking this link

Make sure to use this code in checkout to make sure you benefits from the discount.

DAT Bootcamp Vs. Actual DAT In 2024

DAT Bootcamp has fantastic practice tests and questions.

Still, many pre-dental students often wonder how these compare to the actual DAT with regard to the question style, structure, content covered, and level of difficulty.

Are DAT Bootcamp Scores Accurate?

No, DAT Bootcamp scores are not accurate. Rather, the scores you get from Bootcamp’s practice tests tend to be deflated by about 3 points.

This means that if you scored a 23 Academic Average on the full-length practice tests, expect your score on the actual DAT to be about 26.

You shouldn’t beat yourself up over low DAT Bootcamp scores. Instead, focus on the process, taking note of where your content gaps lie and taking time to understand why you keep getting certain questions wrong.

You will likely score a few points better on the actual DAT.

And isn’t that so much better than working with practice exams where the scores are inflated only for you to score lower on the actual exam?

How Similar Are DAT Bootcamp Tests To Actual DAT?

One thing worth mentioning is that DAT Bootcamp offers 10 full-length practice tests and about 60 subject-based tests. All these tests vary in difficulty whereby some are harder, and others are quite similar to the real exam in the level of difficulty.

That being said, DAT Bootcamp practice tests are rather similar to the actual DAT in terms of structure, style, and content covered.

The exams are a pretty accurate representation of the real DAT, only slightly harder, more often than not, in order to provide you with the rigorous practice you need.

In particular, Bootcamp’s PAT section is quite challenging, and you will typically find that you even struggle to finish the test in time. After working through these though you will find the Perceptual ability section on the real DAT to be a breeze!

The Reading Comprehension section in Bootcamp is also considerably harder than the actual exam, as is the Quantitative Reasoning section as well.

The science section in Bootcamp is still challenging but quite similar to the style of the real DAT.

You will be glad to know that on the real DAT, there are far fewer Math problems in Gen Chem than what you may have encountered in Bootcamp.

Is DAT Bootcamp Harder Than Actual DAT?

Yes, DAT Bootcamp is harder than the actual DAT.

However, that’s a good thing because practicing using challenging material will sufficiently prepare you for the challenging areas on the real exam.

This builds your confidence, allows you to cover more ground with content review, and additionally allows you to work on your pacing so that you can get through the real exam much more leisurely.

Rather than feeling discouraged by the low scores you may be getting in Bootcamp, focus instead on all the positives and allow yourself to enjoy the learning process.

One helpful thing to remember is that although Bootcamp’s tests are more difficult, the content covered is very much representative of what you’ll find in the actual exam.

DAT Bootcamp PAT Vs. Real DAT PAT?

The DAT Bootcamp PAT section is much harder than the real DAT PAT.

On Bootcamp, you may find that you struggle to finish the perceptual ability section in time. The Keyholes are very intricate in Bootcamp, but the Angle Ranking questions are just as tricky on the teal DAT as on Bootcamp.

All in all, rest assured that you are bound to perform much better on the real DAT PAT than what you may currently be scoring in Bootcamp’s PAT section.

DAT Bootcamp Pros & Cons


– Dr. Mike’s Chemistry videos are an absolute gem.

– Bio Bites are invaluable in cementing content review.

– Excellent video explanations in every subject.

– Practice tests feature high-yield questions aligned with the actual DAT.

– Regularly updated to keep up with the most recent test specifications. 


– No live classes or office hours. 


DAT Bootcamp is a comprehensive self-study course that holds its own quite well as one of the best DAT prep course programs.

This test prep company packs a vast array of DAT study materials that are high-yield and concise. 

Not to mention that these resources are constantly updated. Aside from keeping up with the regular changes made to the DAT exam, other updates are meant to make the material more favorable for learners.

These updates can range from pruning out low-yield questions from the QBank to making the study schedule more balanced and easier to get through.

Dr. Mike’s Chemistry videos are an absolute gem, the Bio Bites are incredibly helpful, and the sophisticated question tagging feature takes your DAT practice to the next level.

Speaking of practice, another DAT Bootcamp highlight is their representative practice tests. Their practice questions are fantastic, and incredibly similar to the real DAT in terms of content, format, and level of difficulty.

This is especially true when it comes to Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Quantitative Reasoning.

Bootcamp’s Reading Comprehension passages are a bit more complex compared to the real test, and Biology and PAT pattern folding are also a little easier on the real exam.

Nevertheless, Bootcamp certainly offers excellent practice that is highly representative of the actual DAT.

That being said, it is worth noting that Bootcamp’s scores are slightly deflated so do not fret too much about your scores.

The bottom line is that you are bound to encounter many questions on the exam that will be very similar to Bootcamp’s practice tests. You may even land upon some repeat questions!

This course is fully on-demand and self-paced, meaning you don’t get to interact with tutors in a class setting or even have office hours. But you are not likely to feel this void, thanks to Bootcamp AI and Bootcamp’s incredibly responsive customer support.

Overall, DAT Bootcamp is an excellent prep course that gives great value for money, backed by a depth of coursework that’s simply unparalleled.

DAT Bootcamp Review FAQs

Is DAT Bootcamp Worth It?

Yes, DAT Bootcamp is worth it.

From the massive library of DAT study materials to innovative features such as Bootcamp AI and sophisticated performance tracking, Bootcamp does a great job of giving you the ultimate DAT self-study experience.

If nothing else, you are sure to love their very realistic practice tests, even down to the testing interface, and their solid answer explanations. 

How Long Does It Take To Complete DAT Bootcamp?

It takes 11 weeks to complete DAT Bootcamp if you choose to follow Ari’s well-laid-out study schedule. This translates to about 2.5 months of study time. 

How Efficient Is The DAT Bootcamp Study Schedule?

The DAT study schedule is incredibly efficient.

That being said though, keep in mind that the schedule is rather demanding, and you may struggle to keep up if you have a full-time job or other commitments that will prevent you from putting in the necessary daily study hours. 

Where Can I Get A Working DAT Bootcamp Promo Code?

Currently, the best DAT Bootcamp promo code is TESTPREPPAL10 which will give you 10% off the DAT prep course. 

This will help you save $49.9 on Bootcamp Pro, and $119.9 on Bootcamp Plus.

Does the Bootcamp DAT have a free trial?

Yes, the Bootcamp DAT comes with a free trial that allows you to experience the programs before deciding if it’s the right prep program for you.

How long is DAT Bootcamp study schedule?

The DAT Bootcamp study schedule is 10 weeks long. It has two main parts. The first part is called learning which lasts for 5 weeks. The second part revolves around practice tests and reviewing content and it will last for 4 weeks. You can read the entire study schedule by clicking here.

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