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Magoosh MCAT Review: All You Need to Know

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Test prep courses are one of the best ways to prepare for your MCAT test.

And even if currently there are plenty of them in the marketplace, you can’t use them all. So, choice-making is inevitable.

Instead, you have to carefully select one or two that perfectly suits your exam preparation needs.

From Kaplan, Princeton, ExamKrackers to Magoosh, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re spoilt for choice.

It’s for this reason that I have come up with this Magoosh MCAT review, to give you a glimpse of what to expect from it, in case you choose it for your prep.

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Magoosh MCAT Overview

Although in recent years, Magoosh has managed to secure a place for itself in the top 10 MCAT test prep companies list, you will be surprised to know that it hasn’t been operating for long.

The test prep company is barely 10 years old and purely focuses on offering online services.

So, I can confidently say that Magoosh exhibits impressive technological innovativeness in the way they present their course.

This, together with the affordable pricing of their product, has given Magoosh an advantage over its competitors.

The best part is that students can access the Magoosh resources from anywhere in the world as their test prep content is fully supported on iOS, Android, PC and Mac

  • Magoosh offer options

First, it’s important to understand that all Magoosh study materials are online-based.

They don’t have any organized classes, so if you love a little in-person push, this isn’t a course for you.

That said, since Magoosh’s system is technologically advanced, it provides access to test prep resources in an enhanced manner to help students who aren’t able to attend MCAT prep classes.

They offer live& on-demand MCAT classes, which comprise of;

  • Full-length practice tests
  • In-depth videos
  • Practice questions
  • Email assistance

They also have two pricing options, which are as follows;

  • 1-month Premium Option ($179)
  • 12-month Premium option ($199)

Magoosh MCAT Prep Review

As stated above, Magoosh offers its test prep classes in one way only; through their on-demand /online course.

The focus of their course is to offer flexibility to students, such that they can efficiently study for their real MCAT exam, wherever they are, and at whatever time they want without the need to enroll in a physical classroom.

So, if this seems like you, it could be due to your tight schedule .or any other reason, then there’s no reason not to consider this package.

Their mode of delivery includes a simple and well-structured content, which makes will make studying alone fun.

So, if you’re an MCAT prep student and are operating on a budget and can comfortably study alone, then the Magoosh on-demand course makes an ideal choice.

That said, .let’s now get into the details of what to expect from this online course;

Magoosh curriculum (material list)

Many famous MCAT prep companies offer various package options, but Magoosh dared to be different, and judging from the numerous positive review online, it’s doing pretty well.

Their one package option allows students to subscribe for either a month or 12 months. Afterward, students stand to gain from;

These tests are essential for MCAT prep as they’re presented in a manner that helps students gain a clue of how the real test will look like.

And that’s not enough; students also benefit from shorter practice tests, which give ample revision time and ease the pressure of enormous content.

  • In-depth video lessons

380+ content review in the form of high-quality videos. The video lessons are the backbone of the Magoosh on-demand course.

They are simple and clear to the point of making the presentation of concepts much more manageable.

In the videos, you will also find various pitfalls and shortcuts, which focus on high-yield topics, to keep you up to speed with the current MCAT real test patterns.

The videos are a presentation of highly-qualified tutors with years of experience in helping students score highly in their MCAT tests.

  • 745+Practice Questions

Students also benefit from shorter practice tests, which give ample revision time and ease the pressure of enormous content.

  • Email Assistance

Whenever you feel lost as you self-study, you can always press the “Help “button and get assistance from a certified tutor.

  • Detailed Answers

After taking .the practice tests, you will receive a detailed explanation of the answers.

This will help you understand why you scored some answers wrong and others right.

Remember, the real MCAT test is a bit tricky, so a deeper understanding of concept application, especially when it comes to passage questions will come I handy.

  • Additional Resources

These include the MCAT blog, flashcards, lecture notes, MCAT App, and a list of the various topics you need to cover for accountability purposes.

  • Summary
On-Demand Course MaterialAvailability
Full-length practice tests3
Practice questions745+
Email AssistanceYes 24/7
Well-explained answersYes
Video lessons380+
Additional materialsYes

Magoosh content videos

I know we did talk about the videos in the above section, but that was brief. So, I am going to elaborate further on some unmentioned issues.

When you enroll with Magoosh, you immediately gain access to their massive online lesson library.

The library is impressively designed to suit the current high technological expectations.

This is to ensure it offers ease of use to students who will be studying alone without expert technological help from their places of comfort.

Most students confess to having found the Magoosh library easy to peruse through, as they go through the high-yield test prep resources.

All the essential lessons are well-presented in the videos, and the big-picture display makes them attractive, thus serving as motivation for students to continue coming back for more.

 Additionally, Magoosh seems to prioritize the organization of their content, something that’s evident in the meticulous way they have organized the videos as per the subject. 

Organizing materials help students to locate whatever content they’re searching for quickly, thus saving them time, which they can use to study for longer.

If you have ever gone through a library of disorganized content, especially when in a rush, then you know how frustrating it can get. So, you must agree with me that convenience is everything when working on a limited time frame.

And that’s not all, and the videos come complete with numerous strategy lessons, which will help you understand, the secrets of successfully studying ‘for specific sections of the MCAT test.  Remember, you can’t use one study approach in all areas, as some are tough than others, and you need to balance.

Thus, I ‘find this really helpful. There’s nothing as discouraging as repeatedly failing the same section.

You might end up giving up, and that wouldn’t in any way boost your real MCAT test score.

Have you ever heard of studying smart? Well, that’s where these awesome study-strategies from experienced instructors come-in handy.

You will also love the example exercises offered to help you understand various lessons. Tangible examples are a sure way of improving retention.

 Wand lastly, with each lesson, you will gain access to a transcript. The transcript helps you have a quick look at the content of the awaiting video, such that you can decide only to view the sections that you need at that particular moment or even skip the video and search for the next available option. 

The videos are as clear on Android as they are on PC or iOS so that you can peruse through on-the-go. I also love the fact that when you watch a video, it automatically indicates “watched,” to help you identify the ones you haven’t viewed.

Now, this is what I call a modernized model of study. And it’s currently the most appealing to the youth.

Magoosh practice tests

I have come across some reviews stating that Magoosh doesn’t have full-length practice tests, but a closer look at their website proves otherwise.

They actually do offer 3 full-length practice tests to their students.  The only difference is that in 2023, they are offering shortened practice exams, which is perfectly fine to suit the expected 2023 real MCAT test model.

The full-length test is a product of certified MCAT tutors, who have done their best to give it a similar .presentation with the MCAT actual test. And, they come complete with impressive features such as “highlight” and “strikeout.”

There’s usually a timer that appears whenever you’re taking the practice tests to help you manage your time. Remember, time management is a vital element in achieving excellent performance during the real MCAT exam.

To ensure you gain maximally from their practice tests, Magoosh presents detailed text explanations with each question.

For easy access, students can always click on specific lessons to access the practice question attached to it.  This is useful, especially when you’re way behind and are trying to catch up.

However, most of these questions tend to be tough, but if others have managed to crack them, then so can you.

Besides, some students say that the MCAT real exam might not even be as difficult as the practice questions, so you don’t have to freak out.

But, it’s always good to prepare for the extreme, right? It’s a sure way to boost your confidence.

That said, I still find the 3 full-length tests on the lower side and feel it could have been better if they were 5. So, you will have to supplement with AAMC’s full-length exams.

Magoosh App Review

What comes into your mind the moment you hear the term “App” being mentioned? Convenience? Simplicity? On-go access?

Well, that should give you a clear picture of what your Magoosh on-demand lessons will look like, once you download the APP on your mobile or tablet.]

The Magoosh App offers you access to the MCAT Flashcards, which makes learning more fun than the typical detailed online lessons.

The Flashcards primarily contain general simple concept explanations covering many topics, which include; Physics, Biology, Organic Chem, and much more.

The fantastic features offered by the App include the ability to mark a specific card as either “I knew this card” or “I didn’t know this card.” This is a fantastic way of reminding yourself of what you have read and how much content you have been able to master.

There’s also an indication of the number of cards mastered and those yet to be viewed. And this applies to every section so that you can adequately prepare for the MCAT.

You also get to go through many common words in the medical field that any aspiring medical student should know.

In total, you will come across 230+ carefully picked, meaningful, and challenging concepts on MCAT. All these, thanks to the highly-qualified Magoosh instructors.

The downside is that the cards are only 40, which I find limiting.

It’s also worth recognizing the impeccable design optimization of this App. Honestly, Magoosh did outdo themselves to ensure students access it through the web, iPhone, and even Smartphones. Whichever way you choose, the viewing quality is the same.

With the Flashcards, you can embark on learning, reviewing, and mastering. MCAT learning couldn’t be any better.

But, remember, you have to study the on-demand videos and other resources to supplement the concepts to learn via Flashcards. In fact, the flashcards should be your supportive resource, when you can’t carry your laptop and need to continue learning.

Magoosh score guarantee

Magoosh offers its students a score guarantee of 10 points. If you don’t improve your previous score by those 10n points, then you get your money back. As genuine and straightforward as that!

I find this offer enticing and a clear indication of the company’s confidence in its course. Most test prep companies don’t offer such guarantees on their premium options.

The fact that they’re still in business and going strong is a clear indication that the course is working, if not all, then at least most of the time.

However, to qualify for the guarantee option, you must meet the following criteria;

  • Must have taken the MCAT test before enrolling with Magoosh
  • Your score must have been administered after the 2015 MCAT revisions
  • Must email them a scanned copy or screenshot of your original previous score when registering

If you haven’t taken the MCAT exam before, then you don’t qualify for the 10 points guarantee. But, you can still benefit a lot from the on-demand course resources.

Therefore, this shouldn’t discourage you.

And of course, there’s the 7-day money-back guarantee that you can apply once to help you gain access to the course contents without risking.

Like the 10 points guarantee, you also get your money back within 7 days, if you don’t like the contents of the course. Talk of Magoosh proudly displaying their confidence for their products!

Magoosh Plans Options: Which one is better?

The 1-month premium Magoosh MCAT option comes at the cost of $179.

When you register, you gain access to 380+ video lessons, whose content I had earlier on explained, the 3 full-length practice tests, 740+ well-explained answers and texts, and the 24/7 access to email assistance from a qualified MCAT tutor.

The 12-months premium option, on the other hand, costs $199.

However, all the other access features are similar to those of the 1-month premium option.

So, if you choose this option, you will be paying $20 more than a student registering for 1-month, and you will get to enjoy all the features for long.

Thus, I find the 12-month option most ideal for students with a lot of test prep time in their hands. Like if you have more than a month to prepare.

They are also considerate of those who have only one MCAT month to study, by giving them a “motivational” discount, which is thoughtful.

Besides, they’re both very affordable as compared to what their competitors offer. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Magoosh feedback: What people are saying about it?

magoosh mcat feeback on quora
magoosh mcat feeback and reviews

Magoosh MCAT vs. Kaplan Self-paced Course

Both Magoosh and Kaplan are famous MCAT test prep service providers.

Therefore, it won’t be surprising if you find yourself torn between Kaplan’s self-paced course and Magoosh’s on-demand course.

The two are online-based, so I will go ahead and try comparing their outstanding features, for you to make an informed choice.


As indicated earlier, Magoosh is strictly online, which makes it ideal for students who are bold enough and self-motivated to study alone.

The platform offers several resources that encourage self-study, which include;

  • Use of the Magoosh App to master various basic concepts on-the-go
  • Watching well-elaborated video lessons presented by certified instructors
  • Access to technologically advanced library, which is well organized and with enough necessary resources
  • The practice tests, complete with timers to help them upgrade their time management skills in readiness for the real MCAT exam.
  • A detailed explanation for the test answers and reports on performances, so that they understand why some answers are right and others wrong.
  • Easy way to monitor their progress and work on their weak areas to boost their score.
  • Ability to compare their test results with those of fellow students land see where they stand in terms of preparation
  • The categorization of questions and lessons based on their type, difficulty, and subject.

In contrast to this, the Kaplan Self-paced course offers students the flexibility to combine their online studies with other forms of study. From the live one-on-one sessions, in-person lessons to tutoring, you can choose a combination that works best for you or stick to the self-paced option only.

 The significant difference here is that Kaplan has a premium option that allows live sessions with the tutor, while Magoosh has nothing like that. The closest you can get for a one-on-one meeting with a Magoosh tutor is through email. 

Kaplan also offers detailed videos and, their adaptive Qbank is simply amazing as it adjusts questions depending on individual ability.

You also gain 5-months online access with the Kaplan self-paced course, while you can either have a 1-month or 12-months online access with Magoosh depending on the plan you pick.

If you want access to strategies on how to draft your application, create a personal statement, and plan for an interview, you will have to subscribe to the self-paced premium option.

But with Magoosh, you only gain access to exam-taking strategies, no life tips on how to make your way into med school.

When it comes to practice tests, Kaplan offers 16-full length tests, which come with detailed answers.  Magoosh only has 3, which is on the lowers side. I wish they could have at least 5, which is the standard number.

Like Magoosh, you also get to monitor your progress, which is an excellent way of identifying strengths and weaknesses.

And of course, both the Kaplan and Magoosh Flashcards provide the best way for students to revise as they move around.  The significant difference between the APPs is that Kaplan has 1000 flashcards, while Magoosh has only 40.

So, as you can see in terms of approach, Kaplan outweighs Magoosh, thus emerging the winner. However, we recently find out a new course that we think is better than both. (read comparison of Prep101 vs Kaplan)

Practice Questions

Full-length tests are essential as they give students an idea of the approach of the real MCAT exam. But that doesn’t make practice questions less critical.

These are the questions that help students weigh their performances in various sections, thus preparing them for the full-length tests and the main exam.

Magoosh offers 745+ questions and quizzes, which are spread over the various subjects.

Kaplan, on the other hand, offers diagnostic exams and 660+ hours of instructions and practice. This plus the 16-full length tests are a big rival against Magoosh


The Magoosh on-demand course is divided into two plans;

  • 1-month premium course which costs $179
  • 12-months premium course which costs $199

The Kaplan self-paced MCAT costs $1799. But, after the current discount of $200, you pay $1599.

Their premium option (Self-paced PLUS) goes for $2299. But you pay $2099, after a discount of $200.

As you can see, there’s a vast difference in pricing. And although the intense Kaplan features somehow justify its pricing, for students seeking for cheap MCAT prep options, Magoosh carries the crown in terms of affordability.

But, you will also be glad to know that Kaplan allows students to make payments in installments (saw that in an online forum) I don’t know how true this is, but if it’s is then that is a relief.


Both the Kaplan self-paced course and the Magoosh on-demand course offer their students a high score guarantee.

Magoosh gives a guarantee of 10 points on the previous score, without which students can claim their money.

Kaplan allows students to ask for a refund if their scores don’t improve or choose to repeat the program (free –of charge)

Both service providers demand proof of score, so you better be ready with it.

So, I guess here is a win-win situation for students in either program

Free Trials with a money-back guarantee

When registering for Magoosh, you can choose the 7-day free trial with a money-back guarantee option.

This allows you to access 20 practice questions and videos for a week, after which you can choose to continue or opt-out and get a full refund.

Kaplan, on the other hand, has nothing like a free trial on their website advertisement.

But, you still have an option of canceling subscription within 3 days, upon which you’re eligible for a full refund.  So, you better be reading the terms and conditions instead of just ticking and moving on.


I find both platforms user friendly. You can easily navigate through them, be it on your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

You can enjoy their services anywhere, anytime, which is up-to-date with global technological advancement.

It’s a tick for both companies in this section.

Customer Support

Magoosh doesn’t have any live chat options for students on their platform.

They, however, do provide a phone number, contact form, and suggest that students can reach out via email.

I find this a bit slow in this era of live chatting.

Kaplan seems to have considered this by providing the live chat option on their website. This makes it easy and fast to reach support.

But, given the efforts both platforms have provided to ensure their students are well supported, I can confidently say that they both display excellent customer support efforts.

Verdicet: Is Kaplan better than Magoosh for the MCAT?

The above comparison is a clear indication that the Kaplan self-paced course and the Magoosh on-demand course have a distinct contrast.

But at the end of it all, you will have to choose the one that works for you; is it the cheaper option (Magoosh) with fewer review features or a complete experience (Kaplan) with lots of review features?

Whatever you choose, feel free to share in the comment section.

MCAT Test Prep CourseKaplanMagoosh
ApproachOnline based with live one-on-one and tutoring options.Strictly online based. No tutoring or live options.
Practice tests16-full length3-full length


$2999( Premium)

1-month premium  $179


12-months premium $199

Free TrialsEnd subscription within 3 days7 day free trial
Customer Support GoodGood
Video LibraryYesYes


Magoosh is a great budget-friendly MCAT prep option. However, if you are looking for a free course just to get started, then do not forget to check MCAT Self Prep Course. .  Below is a table of its pros and cons;

Offers students the flexibility of studyNo printed material with essential information
It’s affordable 
Easily accessible via PC, Android, MAC, and iPhone 
Has Flashcards for studying on-the-goOnly 40 cards
Offers a 10 points guarantee and a 7 day free trial with a money-back guarantee. 
The explanations to test answers are detailed and helpful in identifying weaknesses.Only 3 full-length tests
Great for self-motivated students who don’t have time to attend classesDoesn’t offer live one-on-one tutoring option
High-quality videos 

What other MCAT materials to use besides Magoosh to make it perfect since Magoosh is a budget option?

I noticed that Magoosh doesn’t have a question bank, but they do have a CARS practice section, which I find very helpful. But if you find question banks fulfilling in your studies, then you can opt to get one at the AAMC’s official website. They have a Question Pack bundle, which will come in handy.

Also, since common terms play an essential role in the medical field, you will love how Magoosh presents their Psyc &Soc words. But, they are different from the ones offered by Kaplan in their book set.  Thus, you can combine them with excellent coverage.  So getting the MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review will be a significant step.

Magoosh’s on-demand course is undoubtedly budget-friendly, making it an excellent option for budget students. And although it’s commonly said that cheap is expensive, it really isn’t applicable here.

With the fantastic features (Full-length Practice tests, In-depth videos, Practice questions, Email assistance), the pricing is even too favorable.

Yes, the material might not be enough for adequate MCAT prep, but if you combine it with the AAMC question bundle and the MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review, you will be ready for the real MCAT in good time.

All the best!

John Reed
The chief editor of TestPrepPal.com. I am an alumni of the university of Pennsylvania and my goal with the website is to help future graduates with their tests.

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