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The switch from NBDE Part 1 and Part 2 made quite a number of students nervous about the new integrated board exam.

Being relatively new, it is even more daunting trying to figure out how to study for the Integrated National Board Dental Examination as there aren’t many past students’ experiences to go by or rely on.

Wouldn’t it just be nice to find a reliable resource to prepare for this new and daunting exam?

Well, that’s where INBDE Booster comes in!

As this INBDE Booster review shall reveal, this comprehensive resource is thorough and up-to-date, so you can walk into your dental boards confident that you’ve covered all your bases.

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So let’s dive right in, shall we? 

Summary Table

INBDE Booster


Starts at $239.99

Access Period

90 or 180 Days

Mock INBDE Exams


Practice Questions


Solution & Explanation Videos


Anki Decks


Quizlet Cards


Case-Based Scenarios?


Study Notes

300+ Pages

Cheat Sheets?


One-On-One Tutoring?


Pass Guarantee?


INBDE Booster Overview

INBDE Booster is an incredibly valuable tool for studying for the high-stakes Integrated National Board Dental Examination. 

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though. Booster has a long reputation for creating powerful study tools, and the same methods that went into DATBooster can vividly be seen in INBDE Booster. 

Comprising a great assortment of study notes, practice questions, and flashcards, this test prep company has carefully curated quite possibly everything you would need to pass the INBDE, and Booster’s pass guarantee further solidifies this claim.

Although the test prep company does offer some free study materials and resources, your best option would be to sign up for the premium membership.

There are two membership options whereby you could get 90-day access for $240 or 180-day access for $360. 

Whichever option you go for, both INBDE Booster subscriptions provide access to the following:

  • 2000+ high-yield practice questions.
  • Comprehensive custom solution videos.
  • 1 full-length INBDE mock exam.
  • 2,000+ Anki decks.
  • Innovative mark-learning system.
  • 300+ pages of detailed study notes.
  • Cheat sheets, INBDE guides, and tutorials. 
  • Daily INBDE Questions on TikTok & Instagram.
  • An 8-week study schedule.
  • One-On-One Tutoring.

Booster further sweetens the deal with its guarantee policy.

How the 100% pass guarantee works is that if you fail the INBDE after studying using this resource, you are eligible for a full refund, or alternatively have the option of using the INBDE Booster course again, free of charge.

For the price and what it’s offering, I’d say that Booster provides incredible value for money. But does the test prep company live up to its promises with this INBDE test prep resource? Well, let’s find out.   

INBDE Booster Review For 2024

Practice Questions

INBDE Booster Solution Videos

The one area where INBDE Booster truly excels is in its practice questions which are high-yield and incredibly representative of the 2024 exam. 

As a matter of fact, many students who prepare for the INBDE using Booster reported seeing plenty of similar questions on the real test as they did on Booster. So overall, Booster is quite possibly the most representative resource you could use to prepare for the INBDE.

Incorporating a wide variety of both stand-alone questions and case-based questions, Booster’s question banks are similar to the actual exam.

INBDE Booster is representative of the real exam in terms of the content tested, question style, length, structure and phrasing, answer choice format, and level of difficulty.

Additionally, Booster is continuously adding new questions from time to time to ensure their question banks remain relevant and up to date.

Also, one of INBDE Booster’s newer features is that the platform will introduce daily INBDE questions on their TikTok and Instagram pages, ensuring you still get in some INBDE practice even when mindlessly scrolling through your favorite social media sites.

Study Notes

Another excellent INBDE Booster feature is their detailed and thorough subject notes that cover every topic on the INBDE exam.

Comprising over 300 pages, these well-organized note sheets effectively highlight high-yield information so you can get through content review faster and more efficiently.

Furthermore, the notes are detailed but without weighing you down with too much information, thereby helping you save valuable study time. 

Besides just equipping you with high-yield information you need to know for the INBDE, the illustrative study notes also include INBDE pro tips guiding you on which study content you need to pay particular attention to. 

The key idea here is to save on time as much as possible, so the notes have been laid out in a manner that’s very easy to read and grasp, allowing you to make quick references if all you need is a quick reminder on a specific concept.

Video Content

INBDE Booster Video Lectures

INBDE Booster is still relatively new, and features are still being added to the platform. The one feature that falls short is the video lectures.

Currently, Booster only has about ten or so INBDE video lectures, and all of these are on Anatomy & Physiology. Of course, though, it is expected that the test prep company shall add more custom video lectures.

In the meantime, however, INBDE Booster heavily recommends the use of Dr. Ryan’s Mental Dental videos. It even incorporates these in its study schedule, in addition to linking the videos right within the Booster interface for instant access.

Video lectures aside, INBDE Booster offers an impressive selection of solution and explanation videos. 

The thorough explanations for each question and answer choice are very helpful in consolidating your knowledge. They have been crafted in such a personalized manner that it feels like having a tutor guide you through every single concept.


Offering a combination of Anki decks and Quizlet flashcards, INBDE Booster offers diverse ways of studying while on the go.

Covering everything from Oral Pathology to Prosthodontics, and Research, flashcards can be a very efficient way to review content when all you have are a few minutes here and there.

The INBDE is an intense exam, so it helps to feel like you are maximizing every free minute you can get to hone in some content review. These INBDE Booster flashcards are a great way to ensure just that.

Anki flashcards have a ton of helpful features. They can include audio and visual elements, giving you a fill-in-the-blank option or even having cards that contain lists. 

Furthermore, besides using Booster’s ready-made flashcards, you can also create your own Anki decks specific to the content you are particularly struggling with. 

Whichever the case, Quizlet flashcards and Anki decks flexibly provide a great option to study on the go while doing some house chores, during your commute, etc.

Cheat Sheets & Review Sheets

INBDE Booster Cheat Sheets & Review Sheets

INBDE Booster provides cheat sheets for Pharmacology, and Diagnosis & Disorders, and review sheets for Patient Management, and Fields of Dentistry.

Cheat sheets handily summarize key information regarding drug types and oral lesion types that you must know for the INBDE.

On the other hand, review sheets are a kind of checklist, providing a guide that points students in the direction they should focus on in terms of concepts, topics, terms, etc.

Both the cheat sheets and review sheets allow you to see if you have covered all bases as you prepare for the INBDE, helping you eliminate any content gaps in key subjects and topics.

One-On-One Tutoring

INBDE Booster offers on-site one-on-one tutoring through the chat support button on the bottom right corner of the classroom interface.

In case you are stuck or need clarification on a question, you can simply press the messenger button and reach out to the Booster team with the exact question you need help with.

With team members comprising actual dentists and current residents, someone will either work with you in real-time or get back to you as soon as possible after you’ve left a message. 

Rest assured that your questions will always be answered promptly and in detail. You are definitely much better off using the 24/7 chat service tutoring option to enrich your INBDE studying experience.

Guarantee Policy

If you are enrolled in an accredited dental program within the US or Canada and fail the INBDE after studying using INBDE Booster, the company provides you with two options.

You could either get a full refund, or you could choose to use INBDE Booster again, free of charge. Of course, however, there are certain requirements you have to meet to be eligible for the guarantee policy.

Among other requirements, you need to have been enrolled for the 90-day INBDE Booster membership and have completed no less than 90% of the Booster content.

The good thing about guarantee policies is that the company is essentially willing to bet on their product, and that goes a long way in providing the peace of mind that your money shall be well spent.

INBDE Booster Pros & Cons


– Affordably priced.

– Very representative of the actual exam.

– Study materials are constantly updated to remain current.

– User-friendly website that’s easy to navigate. 

– The high-quality solution videos are incredibly thorough and helpful.


– Currently, there are very few INBDE Booster video lectures.


At a very affordable price, INBDE Booster gives you access to a ton of study resources, including practice questions, well-made videos, thorough solutions, detailed study notes, study guides, Anki, and one-on-one tutoring via chat support.

First off, the website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate, so you won’t waste precious study time trying to figure out how to go back to a particular section. 

Aside from that, INBDE Booster is also incredibly representative of the actual exam. They have a vast number of practice questions that are well thought out and similar to the real INBDE In style, content, and formatting. 

After going through Booster, you are bound to see many similar questions and cases on the INBDE. 

Furthermore, this test prep course not only provides high-yield content you need to know for the INBDE, but it also provides great insight into the process of elimination, so you can best arrive at the correct answer choice. 

Booster’s solution videos are an invaluable resource, and their thorough explanations for each question and answer choice are spot on!

Another good thing is that INBDE Booster has its own custom video lectures, aside from the free-to-access Mental Dental Videos.

The downside is that currently, the only video lessons available are on Anatomy. 

Nonetheless, I loved that these videos provided very targeted and focused content specific to the most relevant information I needed to know for the exam.

So with this in mind, I truly am looking forward to the release of more videos in the other subject areas.

Another invaluable Booster feature is the tutoring option available via the chat support feature and the fact that the team is very responsive in answering questions.

All in all, INBDE Booster gives excellent value for money and is a resource that goes far beyond test prep.

Yes, this resource is guaranteed to prepare you well for the exam, testing your clinical knowledge and ability to reason by closely simulating the real exam.

Beyond that, though, Booster is bound to increase your confidence, making you a better clinician and dental practitioner overall. 

This test prep resource doesn’t just prepare you for the dental boards. It prepares future generations for career success, and isn’t that what we all want after all?

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INBDE Booster FAQs

Is INBDE Booster Free?

No, INBDE Booster is no longer free.

Although the program does provide access to some free study materials, you are better off signing up for the premium membership for access to all the high-quality resources that Booster has to offer. 

How Long Does It Take To Finish The INBDE Booster Course?

Using the recommended study schedule, it should take you about 8 weeks to finish the INBDE Booster course, provided you dedicate that time entirely to the course without any other distractions. 

Does INBDE Booster Have A Mobile App?

No, INBDE Booster does not have a mobile App.

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