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The general consensus appears to be that you can get past the CASPer test with minimal preparation, but in my opinion, that isn’t entirely true. 

There are students who have ended up scoring in the bottom percentile or failing the test altogether and having to re-sit it. So, that means that the test does require some kind of preparation, for some people at least.

At the very least, CasperBooster will help you gain an understanding of CASPer in terms of the exam format and the types of questions you would be asked.

So there really isn’t any harm in giving it a try, now is there? 

Well, I did try it, and here’s my objective Casper Booster review. 

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Casper Booster Overview

CasperBooster is an absolutely free resource that’s actually very helpful when preparing for this relatively new situational judgment test.

The huge advantage is that this tool presents you with CASPer-like videos and sample questions, which will help you get a feel of what this test is all about, helping you better judge how prepared you are for it.

Not only that, but the program also gives you detailed feedback so you can best understand where you keep falling short and how to improve on that.

Yes, the CASPer test might not be the kind of exam you study for. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot prepare for it.

CasperBooster helps you do that efficiently, using affordable, up-to-date material that is aligned with the current exam style.   

Casper Booster Review For 2024 

Video-Based Practice

Casper Booster Video Scenarios

Booster comes with real CASPer-like videos that closely resemble what you would expect to find on test day.

Remember that the CASPer exam is divided into 14 scenarios, whereby 9 scenarios are video-based and the remaining 5 scenarios are word-based. 

To prepare you for the video-based scenarios, CasperBooster provides some high-quality videos that perfectly mimic the real exam in creating real-world situations that you’ve likely encountered at one point or another. 

Similar to the real CASPer exam, each Booster video scenario is followed by 3 questions that you have to answer, and these are aimed at testing your morality, empathy, and professionalism.

Written-Based Practice

Aside from the video scenarios, there are also practice tests within CasperBooster that are aimed towards word-based scenarios.

Instead of a video, you are presented with a short statement followed by questions that may require you to apply situational judgment or behavior descriptor. 

Tackling these practice sets will for one, help you understand how you think in different scenarios.

Even beyond that, though, this practice will help you understand the kind of content that’s tested on CASPer and how best to respond to different question types and scenarios.

Aside from that, the CASPer test is time-based, and one of the primary things it tests is how good you are at thinking on your feet. Taking plenty of practice tests could help you hone the skill of becoming a faster thinker, just as the exam requires.

You simply need to be able to quickly generate a solid thought and communicate it efficiently. 

Detailed Answer Rationales

Casper Booster Answer Rationales

Aside from the video and word-based practice sets, CasperBooster additionally comes with a Question Bank containing over 150 ethics questions. 

The best part about this question bank is the answer rationales provided for each question, guiding you on how to approach different ethical scenarios. 

You get detailed statistics of which answer solution candidates chose, therefore giving you a good idea of exactly where you stand compared to fellow test-takers.

Other than that, you also get a brief yet thorough explanation of why a certain choice is the correct answer, challenging your thought process and allowing you to learn how to evaluate multiple perspectives. 

Aside from explaining the correct answer, Booster’s answer rationale further goes into detail in explaining the process of elimination for the 3 incorrect answer choices.

All in all, these detailed answer explanations are certainly a top reason why you may want to consider giving CasperBooster a try while you prep for the CASPer exam.

Typing Generator

Speaking of speed, the CASPer test not only requires you to think quickly on your feet, but you also need to be a fast typist as well.

The CASPer exam is 60 minutes long, and you are presented with 12 scenarios, each followed by 3 questions. As such, you only have 5 minutes to answer the 3 questions asked in each video and word-based scenario.

With such limited time, you need to type quickly in order to put your thoughts across comprehensively in a detailed answer, which means that you definitely need to brush up on your typing skills.

Casper Booster’s typing generator helps you do just that. 

The good thing is that grammatical and spelling errors are not penalized on this exam. However, so that your answer does not get misinterpreted, it is recommended that you follow proper writing conventions. 

The only way to do this is to take time to practice typing without errors. Ideally, aim for at least a typing speed of about 40 words a minute.

CasperBooster AI

There are many free typing generators available online, so that may not necessarily be a groundbreaking feature for you.

In which case, the one reason you should absolutely take CasperBooster is because of their advanced use of AI to give instant feedback for your answers.

Once you’ve provided a response for a CASPer scenario, CasperBooster AI takes that response, analyzes it, and then provides instant and detailed feedback.

So how do you begin using CasperBooster AI?

Step 1: Well first things first, from the left sidebar menu click on the ‘CasperBooster AI’ tab. 

Step 2: Click on any of the practice sets presented to get started on your practice. 

Currently, there are 9 video-based practice sets and 5 text-based practice tests that make use of the AI feedback feature.

Step 3: In the next window, you will be required to fill in your name and email address, which are needed in order for the AI to send you personalized feedback. 

So go ahead and fill in the required fields. 

CasperBooster AI

Step 4: You will be presented with an actual CASPer scenario, whereby after watching the video, you are presented with 3 questions and have 5 minutes to provide your responses.

So go ahead and tackle the CASPer scenario, just as you would on the actual exam.

Step 5: Once you are done with the test, simply submit your answers.

Step 6: Check your email to see the CasperBooster AI feedback to your responses. 

This email should arrive in your inbox instantly, taking no more than 30 seconds, after you have submitted your test answers. 

Step 7: Open the email and go through the detailed report provided. The report will represent you with the response you provided, a quartile ranking of that response, and a brief description of what you received that rank i.e. the high points and low points of your response. 

CasperBooster AI Feedback

All in all, CasperBooster AI is an incredible feature and it works spectacularly well too, despite the fact that it is still in the Beta-testing phase. 

What I particularly liked about CasperBooster AI is that:

  1. The feedback was instantaneous, hardly taking 20 seconds for the email to land in my inbox.
  2. I got to review the feedback while the content was still fresh in my mind, therefore allowing me to prepare for the CASPer more efficiently.
  3. The quartile rank given for each of my answer responses was quite helpful, allowing me to know the suitability of my answer at a glance. This quartile rank ranges from 1-4, 1 being the weakest response and 4 being the strongest response.
  4. The feedback is concise and to the point, highlighting what you did well, and what you need to improve on to make your response stronger.

Free CASPer Evaluations

Aide from CasperBooster AI, you additionally have free CASPer evaluations.

The detailed feedback provided by the Booster team is absolutely invaluable and can easily be the difference between a 25th-percentile CASPer score and a 90th-percentile score.

Once you have completed a free practice set, the Booster team will have your evaluation ready within 5 business days. Graded by a qualified team of CASPer markers, this evaluation notifies you, in great detail, how you performed on that particular test.

To avoid being overwhelmed, the CasperBooster team has put in place certain regulations and requirements you first have to meet before you qualify for a feedback evaluation. 

However, as long as you abide by these guidelines, you are guaranteed access to unlimited free feedback evaluations, and all this is done absolutely free of charge!

Detailed Notes

Casper Booster Answer Rationales

CasperBooster has notes covering all areas tested on CASPer ranging from Ethics and Conflict Resolution all the way to Autonomy and Legal Awareness. 

The concise notes essentially explain how different kinds of questions are presented, along with sample scenarios and how to go about approaching each scenario.

For instance, the Ethics notes cover the following areas:

  • What is Ethics?
  • How are ethical questions presented?
  • Sample ethical scenarios
  • How would you approach the scenarios? 

Each section is described incredibly well, allowing you to gain an understanding of CASPer.

Furthermore, these well-explained notes will help you develop a strategy on how to identify and approach different types of CASPer-style questions, allowing you to gain some understanding of how to take the CASPer.

Casper Booster Pros & Cons


– Good practice for understanding how to take the CASPer. 

– Provides free detailed evaluations.

– Has great answer rationales for the question bank.

– Helps improve your typing speed.

– Teaches fundamental strategies for each CASPer scenario


– You can only submit each practice set once for a free evaluation. 


CasperBooster is a completely free resource and undeniably, there are plenty of good things to say about it.

To begin with, their notes are great. They give you an overview of each CASPer category, informing you on what to expect and how to go about answering different types of questions. 

Their CASPer-like videos are incredibly well done, too, doing a great job of mimicking the real thing so students can be better prepared when they face the actual test. 

The practice offered through their practice sets and question bank will allow you to get a glimpse of the CASPer exam, understanding what it is all about and consequently, this familiarity will help reduce exam jitters and anxiety on test day.

The CASPer isn’t a hard test. But students can fail to do well because of panicking and the time pressure that comes with answering questions on this exam.

CasperBooster is here to help with all that, including helping you improve your typing speed to increase your chances of success.

The cherry on top has got to be the free feedback evaluations provided by the Booster team. This personalized feedback can help you accurately gauge exactly where you stand so you are better prepared for the real test.

Furthermore, the evaluations are done by CASPer experts that scored in the 4th percentile, so you know you’re getting quality input absolutely free of charge.

All in all, Casper Booster really is worth it, and it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. Why should you risk getting a poor CASPer score when you can get quality CASPer exam strategies and practice at no charge at all?

Casper Booster FAQs

Is Casper Booster Worth It?

Yes, Casper Booster is worth it.

From their detailed feedback evaluations to their concise study notes and quality practice materials, you are sure to get value from this free CASPer resource. 

Will Casper Booster Help Me Pass My CASPer Test?

Yes, CasperBooster can help you pass your CASPer test.

First off, this program will familiarize you with the exam, showing you what to expect and helping you gain an understanding of CASPer. 

You will also get to practice sample CASPer questions, so you are better acquainted with the test format and the types of questions you will be asked. 

Better yet, the typing generator will help bring your ‘word per minute’ up to speed so you can better communicate your thoughts in the limited time provided to answer a question. 

Lastly, the very helpful notes provided by Booster will help improve your strategy on how to identify and approach different question types and understand what is expected of you in different scenarios.

All these are bound to increase your CASPer score. 

Does Booster Give Good Practice For The CASPer Test?

Yes, CasperBooster gives good practice for the CASPer test through their practice sets and question bank.

The practice sets feature video-based and word-based scenarios, closely simulating the real exam, while the ethics question bank helps you approach and navigate different ethical scenarios.

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