BeMo CASPer Prep Review: All You Need To Know

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The CASPer appears rather simple in theory, but many have taken it and performed rather dismally. Which means that this test may not be as simple as you’d think, and preparation may be necessary. 

So, how exactly do you prepare for the CASPer test?

Well, for one, a well-structured CASPer prep program will help take a lot of guesswork out of your CASPer preparation, saving you a lot of time and anguish in the process.

In line with that, BeMo may just be the CASPer prep program you need but don’t just take my word for it.

Let this BeMo CASPer prep review help you decide if BeMo CASPer would be a good fit for you.

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BeMo CASPer Prep Overview

BeMo Academic Consulting takes on a guided practice CASPer prep approach, which is very effective because, ultimately, the CASPer test is more about personal and interpersonal skills rather than mere practice.

The friendly staff are pleasant to work with, helping to make your CASPer prep period a lot more stress-free and enjoyable.

It can be difficult to figure out how exactly to prepare for the CASPer, but BeMo’s expert feedback and strategy sessions prove to be incredibly helpful in helping you navigate the CASPer.

The program has 3 CASPer prep package options: Gold, Platinum and titanium.

BeMo CASPer Prep Options

Prep Package








Each BeMo CASPer prep package provides access to the following:

  • A free strategy call prior to signing up.
  • Guidance from top 5% CASPer prep experts.
  • CASPer prep strategy course.
  • Unlimited access to the video course.
  • Realistic CASPer exam simulations.
  • Private one-on-one expert feedback.
  • Unlimited access to your typed responses.
  • Numeric scoring just like on the real CASPer.
  • 100% love it or your money-back guarantee.

Of course, the Platinum and Titanium packages, being priced higher, have some extra features not included in the Gold package.

For instance, while the Gold package only has 3 CASPer practice test simulations, the Platinum and Titanium packages give you unlimited CASPer practice simulations.

Now let’s dive a little deeper into BeMo CASPer, shall we? 

BeMo CASPer Prep Review For 2024

Unlimited CASPer Prep

First off, BeMo provides you with unlimited access to their video strategy course. You can watch and rewatch it as many times as you like till the end of the current CASPer season.

Other than that, the BeMo Platinum and Titanium packages generally come with unlimited prep options, while the BeMo Gold package is more restricted in CASPer study resources.




No. of Realistic CASPer Simulations




No. of Private Personalized Expert Feedback Sessions




Owing to their unlimited CASPer prep, the Titanium and Platinum programs are highly personalized. 

The BeMo CASPer experts work with you for as long as necessary for the entire duration of the current application season until they are 100% confident that you will ace the CASPer.

In this case, the number of feedback sessions and their frequency will vary for each student based on your initial performance and the date of your CASPer test.

Nevertheless, if you need plenty of help with the CASPer, you should definitely consider the Platinum or Titanium packages rather than the Gold program.

Mock CASPer Tests

BeMo Mock CASPer Simulation

One key to acing the CASPer is consistently practising in a realistic testing environment using mock CASPer simulations. 

This way, you’ll learn how to get comfortable with the CASPer test format and work on various strategies to tackle the different types of CASPer questions.

A real testing environment will help you master the art of thinking fast and answering just as fast, so you can get accustomed to the CASPer’s time limitations.

Unlike the MCAT, which requires you to sit in place for 7.5 hours, the CASPer is a fairly short test, lasting about 100 minutes or so. Nevertheless, it is a short but fast-paced test and that’s a challenge in itself that you need to master sufficiently before exam day. 

Mock CASPer test simulations will help you gain confidence in your interview and communication skills so you won’t get flustered when faced with the actual test. 

Keep in mind that you can only take each BeMo mock test once, just like the real test. 

Expert Feedback

Another undeniable key to CASPer success is to get personalized feedback for your sample questions answers as well as feedback on your performance in mock test simulations.

This is crucial because it can be hard to objectively recognize your own strengths and weaknesses. And as much as you can seek feedback from friends and family, they will likely not give you proper feedback at the risk of hurting your feelings. 

So getting expert feedback from somebody who knows what they are talking about will prove that much more helpful. 

You get to receive comprehensive critiques regarding what you are doing wrong, as well as what your strengths are and how to capitalize on them.

Situational judgement tests like the CASPer don’t depend on what you do or don’t know. This is not an IQ test testing your academic prowess. Rather, they test interpersonal and intrapersonal skills sampling personal characteristics, including even your ability to stay calm under pressure.

So the feedback given by BeMo will not only help prepare you for the CASPer but also for your professional life as a medical practitioner. 

Each feedback session lasts about an hour, but this is not fixed timing. Some sessions could take much longer and others could take a much shorter time, depending on how much improvement you need. 

Expert CASPer Strategies

BeMo CASPer Strategy Course

All the 3 BeMo CASPer prep packages come with access to the BeMo CASPer Prep Strategy Course.

The point of this course is to provide you with coaching from qualified professionals with in-depth knowledge of this situational judgment test. 

The kind of coaching offered in this course varies vastly, from coaching you through your interview prep to equipping you with CASPer question strategies. 

This strategy course is designed to help you develop proven strategies on how to deal with the difficult CASPer test format and teach you how to identify and tackle different types of CASPer test questions.

You will be coached on how to structure your answer for the most effective response and receive guidance on how to best deal with exam-day nerves and jitters.

Understandably, not everyone is good at verbal communication or capable of distinguishing professionalism from unprofessional traits. Similarly, organizing your thoughts in the shortest time possible is also more of an acquired skill.

BeMo understands this all too well, and that is what informed their CASPer test prep strategy course. Their team of tutors comprises experts that have proven experience in coaching students to CASPer success.

Other than consistent practice using practice questions, coaching is the only other way you can score in the 4th quartile on the CASPer test. The BeMo CASPer Prep Strategy Course is designed to ensure just that.

Numeric Scoring

There are no right and wrong answers on the CASPer, per se. Instead, CASPer responses are scored on a numerical scale of 1-9 based on how well your response meets, fails to meet, or exceeds the assessor’s expectations. 

Using this scale, 1 corresponds to a poor response, while 9 corresponds to an excellent unique response. 

Now, just like the real CASPer, BeMo uses the same numerical scoring for their mock test simulations.

This way, you receive your numeric score and quartile ranking, helping you know exactly where your responses stand in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

Also, these numeric CASPer scores will help you gauge your progress as you tackle more and more mock simulations and consequently receive customized feedback from the CASPer experts. 


BeMo provides 2 guarantees: the 100% Love It Or Your Money Back Guarantee and the CASPer Score Guarantee.

All the 3 BeMo CASPer prep packages come with BeMo’s 100% Love It Or Your Money Back Guarantee. However, BeMo’s CASPer Score Guarantee is exclusive to the higher-priced Platinum and Titanium packages.

Once you Enroll for any BeMo CASPer package, you will get your first session within the first 24-48 hours. If this first consultation session does not leave you 100% satisfied, all you need to do is let the consultant know immediately and you’ll receive a 100% refund.

The one disclaimer here is that you have to request this satisfaction refund at the end of your first consultation session before you say goodbye. 

As for the CASPer Score Guarantee, you can read more about that here

BeMo CASPer Prep Pros & Cons


– You receive expert coaching throughout your CASPer prep period.

– Has very patient, encouraging and attentive tutors. 

– Packed with insightful CASPer tips and strategies.

– Numeric scoring is great for tracking progress.

– Provides the option of unlimited CASPer prep.


– You can only take each mock test simulation once. 


BeMo is one of the most highly sought-after admissions consulting firms and once you’ve undertaken their CASPer prep course, it won’t be hard to see why. 

Their personalized guidance and feedback are incredibly helpful. Helping you know where you fall short and how you can build up on your strengths.  

Even beyond that, though, BeMo’s CASPer experts are incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and attentive. They are very patient in coaching you while all along giving you incredibly helpful insights that will equip you with long-term skills applicable, even after you’re done with CASPer. 

BeMo’s mock CASPer tests do a really good job at simulating the real CASPer test conditions so you get a really good feel and idea for the actual test.

The best part, though, has got to be the personalized feedback provided afterwards. The CASPer expert will patiently explain different concepts to you, pointing out strategies for improvement that apply specifically to your individual performance.

Lastly, we have BeMo’s strategy course, that’s packed with proven test-scoring metrics which will go a long way in helping you learn how to approach and tackle different CASPer questions.

So, all in all, is BeMO CASPer prep worth it?

Yes, it is. If nothing else, the personalized feedback from highly qualified CASPer Experts will absolutely give you your money’s worth.

BeMo CASPer Prep FAQs

Is BeMo CASPer Prep Any Good?

Yes, BeMo CASPer prep is really good.

From providing you with ample practice through sample questions and mock CASPer simulations to helpful expert feedback and insightful coaching, BeMo CASPer prep is bound to give you great value for your money. 

Is The BeMo CASPer Book Worth It?

Yes, the BeMo CASPer book is absolutely worth it.

The well-written book easily breaks down the CASPer test-taking tips and strategies in a way that you will find easy to understand and follow along. Not to mention that it also comprehensively covers everything you need to know for the CASPer test.

Aside from that, you will also get over 100 sample CASPer questions and 2 practice tests to help get a feel of the test. 

Overall, filled with quality tips, strategies and in-depth information, BeMo’s Ultimate Guide to CASPer Test Prep will prove to be a genuinely helpful CASPer prep companion for any student. 

What Types Of Questions Are On The BeMo CASPer Test?

The types of questions on BeMo CASPer test simulations are the very same ones you should expect to find on the actual CASPer.

Ideally, there are 3 key question types you will find in mock CASPer simulations. These are Situational questions, Policy-based questions, and Personal questions.

Situational Questions will ask you to discuss how to navigate the scenario presented, along with other questions related to the dilemmas and issues that may have been presented in that scenario. 

Policy-Based Questions will seek to find out your knowledge of professional ethics and your familiarity with current events or different policies. 

Personal Questions will often require you to reflect on your own experiences and lessons learnt from these experiences.

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