Princeton Review DAT Prep Review: Is It The Best?

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The Dental Admission Test is a vital requirement for dental school. But studying for the DAT can be a hectic period in any pre-dental student’s life. 

There is a seemingly endless amount of content to study, and it can be difficult to muster the discipline required to keep up with a self-paced study schedule.

In this Princeton DAT prep review, we will go into the boring details of what makes this course a good option as well as its shortcomings.

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The all-in-one DAT prep that everyone is talking about is here, plus with a discount


Offers excellent answer explanations.

Top-notch chemistry videos.

High-yield practice tests.


Sometimes the videos can be too detailed.

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Princeton DAT Options Compared


DAT 20+


$ 1,199

$ 1,999

Access Period 

270 Days

1 Year


Live Online

Live Online

Live Class Hours

30 hrs.

55 hrs.

Full-Length Tests



Practice Questions



Money-Back Guarantee?



Hard Copy Books? 



Princeton DAT Prep Overview

The Princeton Review DAT prep program presents the learner with three DAT course options: the Fundamentals course, the DAT 20+ course, and a private tutoring option priced at $167 per hour. 

1) Fundamentals Course

  • 30 hours of live instruction.
  • 4 full-length practice tests.
  • Cracking the DAT textbook.
  • DAT workbook.
  • DAT In-class compendium.
  • Biology coloring workbook.
  • PAT practice kit.
  • Princeton Review guarantee.
  • Access to the online portal

2) DAT 20+ Course

  • 55 hours of live instruction.
  • DAT 20+ score, guaranteed.
  • 4 computer-based practice tests.
  • 4,600+ DAT exam-style practice questions.
  • Supplemental Chemistry videos.
  • DAT 20+ materials.
  • Cracking the DAT textbook.
  • DAT workbooks:
    • In-class compendium.
    • 3-D Practice kit for Perceptual Ability Test.
    • Full-color tear-out reference guide for quick review.
  • Access to the online portal.

3) Private Tutoring

a) Comprehensive Private Tutoring

  • $167 per hour.
  • 30 hours of live instruction.
  • Expert tutors matched to your goals.
  • Hard copy study materials.
  • Princeton Review guarantee.

b) Targeted Private Tutoring

  • $180 per hour.
  • 10 hours of live instruction.
  • Expert tutors matched to your goals.
  • Hard copy study materials. 
  • No guarantee. 

Princeton DAT Prep Review for 2024

Dashboard and User Experience

Princeton Review has an intuitive and straightforward site structure which makes it incredibly easy to use.

The clean, professional-looking interface ensures that you can easily access your DAT prep course rather than wasting precious time finding your way around the website.

Free Full-Length DAT Practice Tests

While deciding on which of the Princeton Review DAT prep courses would be best for you, you can start by taking a free practice test to see exactly where you stand. 

After completing the free test, the personalized score report will reveal your strengths and weaknesses, making it that much easier for you to discern how much help you need to prepare for the DAT.

Princeton Review Free Test

Even while taking a practice test, the clean digital platform layout allows you to fully concentrate on the questions without there being any other distractions.


One thing that stands out about Princeton Review is the depth and nature of its DAT prep coursework. 

Pre-dental students have been equipped with a ton of study material, including live class hours, thousands of practice questions, and stacks of workbooks; all meant to get you fully prepared for the actual DAT exam.

Each class is perfectly structured and organized, with clear guidelines on what you need to do before that class, the goals for the lesson, after-class homework, and what you’ll need for the next class.

Furthermore, the DAT curriculum also includes handy exam strategies, including helpful guidance on what to do in a particular section if you get stuck or unsure how to handle the question.

Quality of Coursework

The quality of the study materials included in the Princeton Review is unquestionably good. Besides the thorough lessons, every question is backed by a detailed explanation, so you never feel lost.

Furthermore, the drills within this program are incredibly powerful, guaranteeing adequate DAT preparation to ace the test.

Perhaps the one downside I’d mention here is that the production quality of the video lessons could undoubtedly use some improvement. 

Princeton Review prides itself in having excellent subject-matter instructors who are DAT specialists. This is true, as the tutors are pretty competent, and you can clearly tell that they know their stuff. 

Regardless, the PowerPoint slides could use plenty of improvement to ensure that they are at the level of the instructors’ competence.

Princeton Review DAT Prep Books

Although the PowerPoint slides used in the video lessons could use some improvement, the Cracking the DAT textbook is heads and shoulders above any other DAT prep resource you will find in the market.

Princeton Review Course Materials

The content spanning 880+ pages has been outlined in an excellent format, making it easy to read and understand. Topics have been summarized concisely yet extensively, providing a solid foundation for every section in the Dental Admission Test.

In addition to the textbook, the courses also come with DAT workbooks containing over 500 pages of practice and an in-class compendium that comprises 180+ pages of drills.

Quick Reference Guide

Included within the Cracking the DAT textbook is a full-color, 16-page reference guide containing vital information, including diagrams, formulas, and concepts for each section of the DAT.

Better yet, this tear-out reference guide can be separated from the book, so you can take it with you to squeeze in some extra DAT study time when you are on the go.

Analysis Reports

After each practice test you take, the program generates a detailed report highlighting where you performed well and the weak areas you will need to work on.

You will find that this comprehensive performance analysis is very detailed, offering incredibly specific advice tailored to your particular results. 

The metrics in these analysis reports hold great value, and when handled discerningly, they could play a significant role in earning you a high DAT score come test day.

Comprehensive Resource

From providing a general structure of each section of the DAT to familiarizing students with different types of questions they are likely to encounter, the Princeton Review comprehensively covers every single thing you would need to know to ace your DAT test.

You start by learning the general structure of each section of the DAT. From there, you get to understand what the content tests in the various sections and how to apply multiple strategies, particularly when it comes to the perceptual ability and reading comprehension sections.

Princeton Review offers plenty of guidance and practice when it comes to answering DAT-style questions. In the PAT section particularly, all the 6 question types you are likely to encounter have been covered and variations on themes too, so you don’t get stumped when questions are asked differently.

Princeton Review Scoring Guideline

The wholesome program additionally provides scoring guidelines and information about dental schools. This attention to detail is part of what makes the program stand out heads and shoulders above its competitors in the market.

Money-Back Guarantee

Simply put, the program promises you better scores, failure to which you get your money back.

Both the Fundamentals and the DAT 20+ DAT courses come with the Princeton Review score guarantee.

The DAT 20+ actually promises you a score above 20, which is an incredible guarantee, bound to get you into the top dental schools. 

This is a true testament to the confidence and faith that the program puts in its curriculum and expert instructors. Which is a good thing because Princeton Review does edge on the costlier side, so it’s comforting to know that your money isn’t simply going to waste. 

Of course, this better score guarantee does come with some conditions which are relatively easy to meet. You need to attend all program sessions, take all the assigned full-length practice exams, and complete all assigned homework in the different class sessions. 

Test-Taking Strategies

Princeton Review DAT courses contain strategies and techniques for tackling the exam with accuracy and speed, and these have been included for each section of the DAT.

Princeton Review Strategies

Whether you are struggling with Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Biology, Perceptual Ability, Reading comprehension, or the Quantitative subjects, you are sure to come across a handy tip in this course that will help you tackle that section with more ease.

Not only that, but these Princeton DAT preparation courses also help you create and practice a pacing plan. This way, you maximize the number of questions you can answer correctly in the actual DAT.

Extra Study Resources

Princeton Review does not offer a ton of supplemental DAT study material. However, the one supplemental resource that you are sure to love is the practice kit for the PAT section.

Pre-dental students often struggle with the PAT, so this kit is a massive help in getting you all prepped up to tackle perceptual ability. 

The PAT kit Princeton Review offers comprises both 2D and 3D objects including unifix cubes, a single-hole punch, and 10 pages of hole-punching templates. All this is designed to train your brain to think spatially, allowing you to conceptualize problems much better. 

Other than that, students also get access to the online student portal which features an impressive 184 hours of resources.

Princeton DAT Prep Pros & Cons


• Better Score Guarantee.

• Comprehensive Cracking the DAT Textbook.

• 3-5 Subject-Matter Experts.

• Dedicated Account Manager serving as your point of contact.


• No Mobile App to help you study while on the go.

Verdict: Should You Buy Princeton DAT In 2024

Princeton Review offers a tried and tested approach to DAT prep.

Compared to other DAT courses such as DAT Bootcamp, Princeton may appear to be a tad too expensive, and many students wonder whether the course really is worth spending all that much money on. 

Well, yes. The Princeton Review is very much worth it. However, we recommend DAT Bootcamp as its videos are top notch. DAT Bootcamp is the DAT prep tool created by dental student for dental students. It’s both cheaper and better than Princeton Review.

Up to $90 OFF


dat bootcamp testimonial 2
datbootcamp testimonial 1

The all-in-one DAT prep that everyone is talking about is here, plus with a discount


Offers excellent answer explanations.

Top-notch chemistry videos.

High-yield practice tests.


Sometimes the videos can be too detailed.

Use code at checkout: TESTPREPPAL10

With that being said, Princeton Review DAT courses are well structured, having excellent content review and offering thorough explanations to ensure every concept is clear to the learner. At the same time, their realistic practice tests are representative of the actual DAT in terms of content and the level of difficulty.

Perhaps the one area where Princeton Review falls short is the quality of its video lessons. They definitely could do better in this one area.

All in all, Princeton Review would be an excellent choice for any pre-dental student looking for rigorous and thorough DAT preparation.

However, we think DAT Bootcamp is a better value for your money.

Princeton DAT Prep FAQs

Is the Princeton DAT prep course worth it?

Yes, the Princeton DAT prep course is worth it.

From the subject matter experts to the thorough explanations offered for each question to the wealth of resources at your disposal, this course will not disappoint. 

Better yet, Princeton Review’s perfectly structured curriculum will ensure you stay on track with your DAT prep, covering every section thoroughly by the time you take the actual test. 

How many practice tests are in the Princeton DAT prep course?

The Princeton DAT prep course has 4 practice tests, and there are 2 additional full-length tests in the Cracking the DAT book.

Additionally, there is a free full-length DAT test that you can take even before signing up for any of the Princeton Review courses. 

Does Princeton DAT prep have an app?

No, Princeton DAT prep does not have an app. 

However, the Cracking the DAT book comes with a 16-page tear-out reference guide section that you can use to put in some extra study time while on the go. 

Does Princeton DAT prep offer any coupons or discounts?

Yes, Princeton DAT prep does offer coupons and discounts on their courses.

Currently, on their website, you can use the promo codes provided to get Fundamentals at $1,099 and DAT 20+ at $1,599 instead of $1,199 and $1,999, respectively.

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