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PCAT Booster Review For 2023

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Studying for any standardized test can be nerve-wracking, and the Pharmacy College Admission Test is no different.

Although the PCAT isn’t a requirement by many colleges, getting a great score on this exam will definitely paint you in a better light to the admissions board, boosting your application in the process.

One way to guarantee a high score would be to sign up for a test prep program. However, this is not always guaranteed because not all test programs are worth the hype.

So, where exactly does PCAT Booster stand in terms of preparing you for the exam? Well, let’s find out in this PCAT Booster review.

PCAT Booster Overview

PCAT Booster


From $149.99

Access Period

90 or 180 Days

Free Trial Period?




Video Lessons


Full-Length Practice Tests


Practice Questions


Subject-Based Practice Tests



42 Sets

One-On-One Tutoring?


Higher Score Guarantee?


To begin with, PCAT Booster provides two membership options: you could pay $149.99 for a 90-day subscription or pay $249.99 for a 180-day access period.

Whichever membership option you choose, PCAT Booster offers access to the following resources:

  • 15+ high-yield full-length practice tests.
  • 1000+ practice questions.
  • 50+ subject-based tests.
  • 200+ content videos.
  • Detailed solution videos.
  • PCAT-specific study notes.
  • One-on-one online tutoring.
  • Visualized progress.
  • Innovative mark-learning system.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Higher score guarantee.
  • Premium support 24/7.

PCAT Booster boasts of offering high-quality content that’s up-to-date and completely representative of the real PCAT in terms of content, style, and structure. 

Additionally, this test prep company offers powerful analytics tools that will help you accurately gauge exactly where you stand so you can clearly weigh your chances of getting into the pharmacy school of your choice.

That being said, let’s dive a little deeper into this PCAT course and see exactly what PCAT Booster has to offer.

PCAT Booster Review For 2023

1. Intuitive Video Lessons

PCAT Booster Video Lessons

Perhaps PCAT Booster’s main focus is on the Chemical Processes section, which is the only section covered by video lessons.

The high-quality content videos feature animations and visual aids which conveniently break down complex concepts into small bits that are easier to understand.

The videos vary in length. Some topics are covered in 17 minutes, while others take up as much as 90 minutes. 

Rest assured that everything has been covered comprehensively, equipping the pre-pharmacy students with all they would need to know about Chemical Processes using dynamic visuals.

Furthermore, these well-organized videos are an on-demand resource, meaning you can play them anywhere, anytime, and whichever speed you like. 

This flexibility ensures that your studying is entirely in your control, whereby you can quickly and easily refer to a video or a section of a video for content review or to simply reinforce a certain concept.  

2. PCAT-Specific Study Notes

While video lectures appeal to audio-visual learners, subject notes are equally as handy in content review. 

Going through a ton of PCAT books to find all the relevant information tested on the exam can be hectic and time-consuming, unnecessarily taking up way too much of your study time. 

This is why students are always advised to take their own summarized notes as an efficient strategy when preparing for any standardized test.

Well, PCAT Booster goes a step further and provides you with class summary notes for each of the PCAT sections, except, of course, for Critical Thinking.

These well-structured, high-yield notes are perfectly condensed, helping you save valuable time and effort as you study for the PCAT exam. 

In addition to subject notes, you are also provided with formula sheets, nomenclature review sheets, reaction sheets, Polyfunctional naming charts, Organic Chemistry lab tests, and Geometry and Algebra cheat sheets.

If you need to be ready for the Pharmacy College Admission Test in the shortest time possible, you cannot go wrong with PCAT Booster.

3. Quizlet Flashcards

PCAT Booster Flashcards

PCAT Booster comes with Quizlet flashcards fashioned from the study notes, and these truly come in handy in helping you reinforce what you have just learnt or even just to work on a particular topic you are struggling with. 

The flashcards are organized topically, helping you choose what to work on at any particular point.

Besides the Quizlet flashcards, you also have Anki decks that can be used on the Anki software.

While the Quizlet flashcards are subdivided as per the topics, the Anki decks are a bit more general, focusing on each PCAT subject and whole sections.

4. One-On-One Tutoring

PCAT Booster allows you to have one-on-one online tutoring whenever you may need it. 

So, should you encounter a challenge while studying or have a question that might need to be addressed by someone who best understands a particular topic, help is readily available. 

This gives you the best of both worlds, whereby you can self-study but still reach out for help from a tutor when you get stuck somewhere.

5. Exam-Like Practice Tests & Questions

One way to fully prepare for a standardized test such as the PCAT is to take the exam multiple times, over and over again.

Now, this cannot be possible when it comes to the actual exam, but you can simulate the same using representative practice tests, and PCAT Booster guarantees just that.

While the subject-based tests and practice questions allow you to put your knowledge retention to the test, full-length tests give you a chance to simulate the real test-taking conditions, putting both your knowledge and stamina to the test.

Practice tests and questions are such invaluable resources because they can reveal what information you have retained well and what content you might need to improve on.

As far as practice questions go, PCAT Booster allows you a lot of flexibility in choosing the parameters of your liking. You could tackle the questions timed or untimed, subject-specific or topic-specific, etc. 

This freedom allows you the opportunity to customize your day-to-day studies according to your study needs, learning pace, content coverage, etc.

On the other hand, full-length tests are equally as important as they help you get comfortable under strenuous testing conditions with time restrictions. 

Time pressure makes it harder to recall information, so the more you get comfortable with such conditions, the higher your performance will be on the actual exam. 

At the same time, with timed tests, you can best identify sections with particular time hindrances and work on them accordingly, so that test day goes smoothly without a hitch.

Additionally, full-length tests come in handy in building your mental fortitude. 

The PCAT is a 4-hour long test, and it takes a lot of mental stamina to get through the entire exam while maintaining a high level of focus to perform optimally.

6. Detailed Solution Videos

PCAT Booster Solution Videos

There are detailed solutions and explanations for every question and test in this PCAT prep course, so you know exactly where you went wrong in terms of why your answer was the wrong choice.

Not only that, but the correct answers have been explained as well. So the advisable thing to do after taking a test or tackling some problems would be to go through all answer explanations offered.

It will not only help you understand why your answer was wrong, but you also get to see the explanations behind the correct answers. This way, you can see whether the explanations provided align with your thinking when you selected that particular answer. 

This way, the solution videos actually enrich your content review, guaranteeing that there are no content gaps in your studying. 

7. Mark-Learning System

The innovative mark-learning system allows you to track your learning progress through marked questions.

This accelerates your learning by allowing you to track your areas of weakness so that you can easily work on these questions more frequently to help cement the concepts you are struggling with.

8. Visualized Progress

PCAT Booster Visualized Progress

PCAT Booster features advanced software analytics to track your progress over time. This progress is presented visually, giving you a very clear idea of exactly where you stand and what you can do to boost your performance before the test day. 

Performance analytics is a powerful tool as you prepare for a test such as the PCAT because these analytics will help you monitor your progress as you study, no matter how big or small the progress may be.

This, in turn, helps you stay focused as you can clearly see what you are working towards and develop efficient strategies to achieve your target scores.

9. Higher Score Guarantee

PCAT Booster guarantees that you will score a higher Academic Average on your official PCAT exam compared to what you scored in your previous PCAT attempt. 

If you score lower, you are presented with the option of extending your PCAT Booster membership an extra 100 days or requesting a 50% refund from the test prep company. 

Just as well there are certain conditions you have to meet in order to be eligible for the higher score guarantee. 

One condition is that you must have completed no less than 5 practice tests in each subject area, registering a score higher than 15. Additionally, you need to have completed at least 80% of PCAT Booster’s extra questions and video content.

PCAT Booster Pros & Cons


– Affordably priced.

– An excellent comprehensive resource for the Chemical Processes section. 

– Features up-to-date practice questions representative of the 2023 PCAT. 

– Well-organized study notes offer a nice balance of detail and brevity.

– Has very detailed solution videos. 


– Only provides video content for the Chemical Processes section. 


PCAT Booster is a very affordable self-study option that helps you adequately prepare for the Pharmacy College Admission Test.

At the same time, this test prep program guarantees affordability without compromising the quality of its test prep materials and resources. 

In particular, if you have been struggling with the Chemical Processes section, this course will prove to be an invaluable study resource for both General and Organic Chemistry.

The course provides you with a ton of practice tests and questions that are very up-to-date and representative of the PCAT in terms of style, content, and structure.

The answer solution videos are detailed yet concise, not only cementing your content review but also guiding you on how to tackle the different questions you will encounter in the PCAT exam. 

From the handy study tips and study guide provided to the well-written study notes, PCAT Booster stands well above other competitors in the market.

PCAT Booster FAQs

How Much Does PCAT Booster Cost?

PCAT Booster costs $149.99 for a 90-day membership and $249.99 for a 180-day subscription access to the course’s study materials and resources.

Is PCAT Booster Worth It?

Yes, PCAT Booster is worth it, especially if you are struggling with the Chemical Processes section of the PCAT exam. 

From the content-rich video lectures to the succinct study notes, cheat sheets and representative practice questions, this test prep course is well worth the money you will spend on it. 

PCAT Booster Vs. Actual PCAT Exam?

PCAT Booster is very representative of the actual PCAT exam in terms of content covered and style of questions. 

Even better, if you want to simulate the true exam experience, taking several of PCAT Booster’s full-length practice tests will give you a clear idea of exactly what to expect on test day. 

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