MCAT Discount Codes & Coupons 2023

Acing the MCAT is a high-stakes undertaking, as can be evidenced by some pricy test prep courses that could go well over $3,000.

While this is often discouraging, the good news is that plenty of MCAT prep companies offer special discounts to ease some of that financial burden on students taking the MCAT.

The challenge then becomes finding the best MCAT discounts, which is why we’ve compiled this handy guide that will keep you updated on the most current MCAT sales and offers. 

Where Can You Find The Best MCAT Discounts?

  • Most test prep companies offer their biggest MCAT discounts during major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day, etc. 
  • If you cannot find a discount code, check whether the company offers free resources or even a 7-day trial period.
  • Some companies that offer free MCAT course trial periods and free study materials include Memm, Magoosh, UWorld, and Blueprint (see best deal here). 
  • Some test prep companies allow you to purchase a course now using a  discount code, then activate the course much later when you are ready to start studying. So you might want to check if this is an option so you don’t miss out on exclusive discounts while they last.

1. Memm MCAT Discount Codes

Where Can I Find A Memm MCAT Discount Code?

Using ‘TESTPREPPAL22’ Memm MCAT coupon code will give you 10% off if you are a new subscriber.

At the moment, this is the best Memm MCAT discount code available.  

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How Much Can I Save Using A Memm MCAT Coupon Code?

The currently available Memm MCAT coupon code gives new subscribers 10% off their purchase. This translates into savings of almost $34 on the 6-month subscription, while you’ll be saving about $13 on the 1-month subscription.  

2. UWorld MCAT Discount Codes

Does UWorld Have Any MCAT Discount Codes?

No, there currently isn’t any discount code that students can use to save some money off their UWorld MCAT subscriptions. If there is any new coupon, you will find it in our dedicated page for Uworld MCAT discounts

However, the company gives out discount codes to large groups such as a school, for instance.

How Does The UWorld MCAT Student Discount Work?

To access the UWorld MCAT student discount code, you will need to get about 25 or so people together that are interested in a specific UWorld MCAT package. 

Then reach out to the test prep company for a group discount, and they will gladly oblige. Typically, this group discount will end up saving you about $10. 

3. Kaplan MCAT Discount Codes

Is There A Working Kaplan MCAT Coupon Code For 2023?

Yes, there are several working Kaplan MCAT coupon codes for 2023.

To begin with, the Kaplan test prep company itself typically offers discounts on each MCAT course, and each promo code can be accessed from this official page right above each Kaplan MCAT course.

Feel free to use the following links that help you save up to $600 off any Kaplan MCAT test prep course.


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Which Are The Best Kaplan MCAT Discount Deals?

You can always find the best Kaplan MCAT discount deals during their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. 

These, in particular, are perfect for pre-med students who wish to get started on their studying in December, in preparation for sitting for the MCAT exam the following year. 

You can typically find these seasonal sales on Kaplan’s official MCAT coupons page.

How Good Are Kaplan’s MCAT Black Friday Deals?

Overall, Kaplan prep tends to have some great discount deals. For instance, currently, you can save as much as $600 off the 12-month live online prep using the code ‘600TUTOR’.

Aside from that, the Kaplan Black Friday sales are often quite good, allowing you to shave as much as 40% off your MCAT prep. 

4. Princeton Review MCAT Discount Codes

How Do I Get Princeton Review MCAT Promo Codes?

For starters, refer to this official page where Princeton Review highlights all its sales, covering not just MCAT prep courses but LSAT prep and SAT prep courses, among others.

The offers run all year round, so whenever you are enrolling for the test prep program, you can always count on finding a relevant Princeton MCAT discount code. 

Currently, using the code ‘GotYourDate400’ will get you $400 off the MCAT Self-Paced course, while the code ‘GotYourDate1000’ will get you $1,000 off the 515+ Immersion course. 

Does Princeton Review Have An Official MCAT Coupons Page?

Yes, Princeton Review does have an official MCAT coupon page where you can find MCAT coupon codes typically all year round.

Which Are The Best Princeton Review MCAT Discount Codes?

Currently, you can get $1,000 off the MCAT 515+ Immersion Live Online course using the code ‘GotYourDate1000.’

Similar to Kaplan Prep, Princeton Review’s discount codes are often specific to a particular MCAT course, so you will need to keep this in mind when using a promo code. 

For instance, a code that applies to the 515+ Immersion course will not necessarily work when signing up for the MCAT 513+ course.

How Often Does Princeton Review MCAT Have Sales?

Princeton Review typically has sales running all year long, with there being special promotions around Black Friday and major holidays such as Memorial Day.

How Much Can You Save On The Princeton Review MCAT Course?

You can save about $400 on the lower-priced Princeton Review MCAT courses and as much as $1,000 on the higher-priced courses. Generally, the more expensive the course, the higher the discount you’ll get. 

5. Magoosh MCAT Discount Codes

Where Can I Get A Magoosh MCAT Discount Code?

Magoosh runs sales and discounts basically all year round, so you will most likely never have to pay full price.

Using the link below you can get you up to 10% off your Magoosh MCAT subscription, while the code ‘TPI15’ will give you 15% off.


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How Often Does Magoosh MCAT Have A 20% Off Sale?

Magoosh typically runs their 20% off sales around major holidays such as Christmas, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, etc.

6. Prep101 MCAT Discount Codes

Does Prep101 Offer Any Coupon Codes?

Yes, Prep101 does offer a few coupon codes. 

Using the promo code ‘TPP100’ will give you a discount of $100. 

Also, Prep101 liaises with some medical school programs at various Canadian and American medical colleges to provide discounts for their students. You might want to check if this is an option at your college. 

Get $100 OFF

Use code: TPP100

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Does not offer a higher score or money-back guarantee.

What Is The Largest Prep101 MCAT Discount

Some Prep101 MCAT discounts can allow you to save as much as $350. It all depends on what kind of partnership the test prep company has with your school or student society group.