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Prepping for the MCAT is a very intense period for any pre-med student’s life, including the A students, which is why most students often opt to take an MCAT prep course.

Still, not every student can afford to spend thousands of dollars on prep materials, so many learners often feel disadvantaged and at a loss on how to prepare for the MCAT sufficiently.

This is why the Khan Academy MCAT prep review of the MCAT is such a godsend.

Not only is it free, but this is actually the first MCAT prep course to be endorsed by the Association of American Medical Colleges, so you know it’s a top-tier MCAT prep program.

Khan Academy may just be what you need to close the gap between you and your more financially well-off peers come test day.

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Khan Academy MCAT Prep Overview

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization, which is why they offer their MCAT content for free.

You may be tempted to think that ‘free’ means inferior quality MCAT resources, but that isn’t the case in this instance. 

Khan Academy MCAT lessons are of very superior quality owing to the fact that the company developed its material in accordance with the AAMC’s MCAT study guide.

This program comprehensively covers all MCAT concepts and topics, which is why Khan Academy has, hands down, one of the best free MCAT resources you could possibly find.

Khan Academy offers various resources for your MCAT preparation, including video lessons, content review questions, and summary notes.  


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Khan Academy MCAT Prep Review For 2024

Course Curriculum

The impressive thing here is that Khan Academy comprehensively covers every single core concept you will encounter on the MCAT exam, and this can largely be attributed to its partnership with the AAMC.

Khan Academy’s MCAT course is developed in accordance with the AAMC study guide, so the course structure follows the AAMC Foundational Concepts outline.

Rather than being structured around subjects, the video lessons are broken down into the various MCAT concepts and subtopics.

Video Lessons

Khan Academy MCAT Video Lessons

Available both on the Khan Academy website and Youtube, the bite-sized instructional MCAT videos allow you to work through the material at a comfortable pace without feeling overwhelmed by lengthy instruction or too much information.

Each video is set up as a blackboard, which helps give students the feel of sitting in a classroom, watching the tutor explain concepts on a blackboard. 

For every lesson, you have colorful graphics and illustrations accompanying the voice-over audio, and this powerful visual approach helps keep you engaged throughout the lesson. 

Furthermore, underneath each video, you will find a post containing the video’s transcript, which makes the lessons easy for you to follow. You can easily pause the video and refer to the transcript if you feel you’ve missed something, then resume the lesson once you’re all caught up.

This approach allows Khan Academy to appeal to a wide variety of learners regardless of your learning style. Whether you prefer reading a book or watching video instruction, you are bound to benefit from the Khan Academy MCAT videos.

Another benefit to this program is the comment section included underneath the videos. Here, students can interact in Q and A sessions related to the content being discussed in the particular video. 

In particular, I would absolutely recommend Khan Academy’s Psychology and Sociology videos. 

Psych/Soc is one of those MCAT sections whereby what’s tested on the MCAT doesn’t quite overlap with what you studied in your university courses. So for this particular section, you may find it necessary to take an MCAT course, and the free Khan Academy videos don’t disappoint.

Review Questions

To enhance your content review, Khan Academy has included practice question sets along with each video section.

They also include practice passages for all the 4 MCAT sections, including the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section.

The hundreds of free MCAT-style practice passages are pretty well written, and you also get to pick a hint should you need a little help answering the question correctly. 

I would say that Khan Academy does a pretty decent job when it comes to providing answer explanations for the CARS questions. 

This program doesn’t have any practice exams or full-length practice tests, and that’s because they are more intent on content review, not practice. So if you wish to take an MCAT practice test, you may have to turn to another resource, such as the Prep 101 MCAT course. 

For content review, however, the Khan Academy MCAT passages and review questions will do just fine.

Summary Notes

Khan Academy MCAT Notes

Khan Academy notes serve as great content review material. 

The notes allow you to watch videos at 2x speed while reading along, and they also come in handy for reference if you need to quickly remember something but don’t want to go through an entire video lesson to find the content you are looking for. 

Similar to the video content, Khan Academy’s Psych/Soc MCAT notes are simply unrivaled by any other test prep company or MCAT book. Their Bio/Biochem notes are also top-notch. 

However, it helps to remember that these notes read like a transcript, not a book, and are meant to be used alongside the video lectures. 

Mobile App

Aside from the web platform, Khan Academy has a mobile app available on both Ios and Android. 

This app allows you to easily watch videos or tackle the practice sets while on the go.

Better yet, the big advantage here is that the app has an offline option allowing you to continue studying even without an internet connection. 

Content syncs seamlessly across your devices. You could be studying on your laptop, then pick up from right where you left off by using the mobile app while on a long commute. 

Khan Academy MCAT Prep Pros & Cons


– It’s a completely free MCAT prep resource.

– Comprehensively covers all the core MCAT concepts. 

– Video lessons are Incredibly well done and concise.

– Helpful, engaging visuals enhance content retention.

– All content is available on the mobile app. 


– Does not provide much MCAT practice. 


The Khan Academy prep course for MCAT was made in partnership with the AAMC, so, of course, that sets our expectations very high, and I must admit, the program does not disappoint. 

Although free, Khan Academy provides comprehensive coverage of the various MCAT concepts. That alone is a huge advantage to anyone looking to score well enough to get into a good medical school.

Their videos are visually stunning and engaging, full of graphics and illustrations that help drive the point home, allowing you to commit the content to memory much easier.

Not only that, but the well-done videos are also very easy to follow and understand, and if you get lost, the transcript underneath each video is sure to come in handy.

The one downfall may be that Khan Academy doesn’t provide many practice materials. For that, I’d recommend you to get a paid MCAT prep course (read our buying guide here to find the best options)

Overall, Khan Academy MCAT is primarily meant for content review, and in that regard, they absolutely fulfill their end of the bargain. 

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Khan Academy MCAT Prep FAQs

Is Khan Academy MCAT Prep Free?

Yes, Khan Academy is a free MCAT prep course that was actually developed in partnership with the AAMC. 

Is Khan Academy Good For MCAT Prep?

Yes, Khan Academy is great for MCAT prep, especially if you need to polish up your content review. 

This program allows you to learn through short and engaging videos coupled with practice sets for each section. 

Also, Khan Academy covers every MCAT concept comprehensively, at a comfortable pace, and in a concise manner that any student will find easy to understand.

Although all-encompassing, it is worth remembering that Khan Academy is intended for content review, not MCAT practice. So you may have to combine it with other MCAT prep resources that are geared more towards practice.

How Long Does It Take To Complete Khan Academy’s MCAT Course?

It takes roughly 500 hours to get through Khan Academy’s MCAT course.

This is assuming you are spending around 10 minutes on each Khan Academy video, and also take your time tackling the review questions and practice passages for each MCAT section.

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