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DAT Bootcamp vs DAT Destroyer In 2023

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Some students that I have come across seem to be torn between the DAT Bootcamp and the DAT Destroyer.

This is because they both have attractive features, which could be enticing to anyone searching for quality test prep resources.

But the question remains; which one is better?

Spoiler alert: DAT Bootcamp is far superior!

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The all-in-one DAT prep that everyone is talking about is here, plus with a discount


Provides all the necessary materials needed to prepare for the DAT.

The best user interface in the industry.

An advanced markup feature to easily improve on your weaknesses.


Sometimes the videos can be too detailed

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DAT Bootcamp vs. DAT Destroyer: Comparison

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Full-length practice exams60+Yes, number not indicated.
Practice questions4670+900+
Videos700+200+ (less quality youtube videos)
Premium optionTICK 1TICK 1
Free ResourcesTICK 1TICK 1
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Bootcamp offers more full-length practice tests as compared to the DAT destroyer. It also gives you access to more practice questions and classroom videos, which will help you prepare adequately for the DAT test.

But that doesn’t make DAT Destroyer the worst choice. If everything I read on their website and reviews online is to go by, they offer more free resources, and their premium options are quite flexible.

They allow you to choose an offer that suits your budget, which means it can comfortably accommodate a budget student.

When it comes to pricing, the DAT Bootcamp is the more expensive. It comes with two options: $497 for 90 days access and $897 for 180 days.

The DAT Destroyer on the hand costs only around $150. This makes it more attractive for people with very limited budgets.

However, when you think about it, what’s 500 bucks if a course will help you get to dental college with less stress. That’s why I prefer DAT Bootcamp. It’s better in every aspect.

Also, non-traditional students will likely find The Dat Destroyer an ideal choice, while digital students will most likely settle for the DAT Bootcamp.

That said, the choice of prep course you select between the two, also depends on how much you’ve already studied.

For example, most students confess that they found the Bootcamp best as a supplementary with other study prep books. It’s easy to use it to practice questions and weigh your retention capability.

As for the destroyer, it’s an ideal material review method. Plus, it also got some practice questions, although they aren’t as good as those of the Bootcamp.

I, however, wish that the DAT destroyer had Reading and Comprehension, so in that section, DAT Bootcamp wins.

If you’re on a budget, you can opt for the used destroyer, which is way cheaper.

All in all, with either the two prep courses, you have to study hard to score highly. There’s really nothing like a guaranteed 20+ without studying.

So, whichever course you choose, work smart, and a good score will come as a reward.

Also, there is another option in the market which is the popular Princeton Review prep course in case you are looking for a more in-depth prep course with tutors that help with every step of the way.

DAT Bootcamp

This DAT prep course is one of the most famous in the current market. It could be because it favors modern students and provides high-quality practice tests.

The site came about as a creation of an ex DAT student who has collaborated with others to ensure you receive tailor-made materials to adequately ready you for the real test.

Some of the remarkable features of the DAT Bootcamp include:

  • Pricing

The current pricing of the DAT Bootcamp stands at $497 for 90 days

So, you should typically be ready to spend around $500 for the Bootcamp.

Currently, there are various opinions about this prep course, with some individuals arguing that it’s too expensive, with some feeling that it’s worth the investment.

But, we will fact-find out which of the two sides is correct from the number of features you can access and what benefits they hold for you. Keep reading!

  • Full-length Practice Tests

Once you register to the Bootcamp pro, you automatically gain access to the 60+ full-length practice tests.

The tests are prepared with similar difficulties as those of the DAT, so you get to understand which areas you need to pay more attention to and vice versa.

But most importantly, the similarity lies with the difficulty of both tests, so if you can manage a high score in the DAT Bootcamp full-length tests, then you can be sure to score around the same score in the real DAT test.

Membership upgrading gives you access to;

  • 10-Biology full-length exams
  • 10- Organic chem practice exams
  • 10- General chem full-length practice exams
  • 10- Quantitative reasoning full-length practice exams
  • 10-Perceptual Ability full-length practice exams
  • 10- Reading Comprehension full-length practice exams

-Problem Questions

There are also 4670+ high-quality questions at the end of each topic to help you weigh your ability to master concepts.

The best thing about these types of questions is that they help you identify your weak spots early enough.

Therefore, you have sufficient time to rectify whatever you’re doing wrong before moving to the next topic or section.

There’s nothing as frustrating as going through an entire section, thinking you understand everything, only to discover numerous weaknesses during the full-length practice tests.

So, consider these problem issues as one way of getting ready for the exam-like practice tests and, eventually, the actual DAT test.

  • Videos

One thing I love about this platform is its ability to present top-notch HD videos.

The videos are mainly dedicated to equipping you with test-taking strategies that have worked for previous DAT students.

According to the current information on the website, you will gain access to over 700 strategy videos once you enroll in the pre-course.

Isn’t that enormous!

If you’re thinking like me, then that also means better retention as or brains tend to retain pictures and videos for long as opposed to mere test.

There are also numerous Mike videos for comprehensive coverage of chemistry concepts.

  • Premium Option

The earlier pricing of $497 for 9o days that I gave earlier on is for the DAT Bootcamp premium option.

You see, when you visit the website for the first time, you have an option to register for free, and once you do, you gain access to one exam in each section.

But if you want to access the 2nd exams, you will have to upgrade. It’s in this premium option that the real deal is. So, if you’re serious about achieving a high score, you should consider upgrading.

I also love the fact that once you upgrade your membership, you can take as many practice exams as you want.

  • Customer Support

You can easily reach out to the customer support for assistance on arising issues via email or contact form.

I, however, don’t know how fast they’re in addressing such issues.

Up to $90 OFF


dat bootcamp testimonial 2
datbootcamp testimonial 1

The all-in-one DAT prep that everyone is talking about is here, plus with a discount


Provides all the necessary materials needed to prepare for the DAT.

The best user interface in the industry.

An advanced markup feature to easily improve on your weaknesses.


Sometimes the videos can be too detailed

Use code at checkout: TESTPREPPAL10

DAT Destroyer Book Review

There’s barely any discussion that surrounds Dat preparation that can end without a mention of the DAT destroyer.

That’s how good the site it and it fairly competes with the DAT Bootcamp for a percentage of the DAT students’ client segment.

If you’re hearing about it for the first time or would like more details about it, for comparison purposes, below are some of the outstanding features of this prep course;

  • Price

The current price of the DAT destroyer course is $149.95.

And if you love discounts, you get to save up to 15 % on the Combo packages. But if you aren’t interested in the combo packages, no discount for you.  So, I guess you will have to overlook that for now and focus on what’s important;  is for you to receive the critical resources.

Besides, the pricing isn’t as expensive as that of DAT.

One thing that stands out, however, is that you will have to pay additional shipping fees at the checkout. And the amount depends on your location.

  • Full-length Practice Questions and Problem Questions

The 2023 DAT destroyer package comes with 900+ questions, which will give you an idea of how the actual DAT testing patterns look like.

There are also numerous step-by-step solutions to various problems, whose detailed answers will help you understand why some of your answers were wrong, no matter how right they seemed.

I, however, would have loved it if they had indicated the number of full-length practice tests that come with the package.

After all, they’re the ones you can use to assess your question-answering capability and time-management skills accurately.

There is also a free online practice test for each section.

  • Videos

When you click the video link, it takes you straight to their Orgoman YouTube channel, where you have to subscribe and watch for free.

There are currently over 200 videos on the channel, covering all the sections only that some sections have more videos than others.

  • Offers/Premium Option

The DAT destroyer Combo package is what I can refer to as their premium package.

You can purchase;

DAT + Math Destroyer Combo Package at $200

DAT Destroyer Ultimate with General Chemistry Destroyer at $250

DAT Destroyer Ultimate with Organic Chemistry Odyssey at $250

DAT Destroyer Supreme with Organic Chemistry Odyssey at $300

DAT Destroyer Supreme with General Chemistry Destroyer at $300

DAT Destroyer Dynamite at $400

DAT Destroyer Dynamite + Bio Review at $500

You can also choose to purchase destroyer review books for each section separately.

  • Free resources

Some of the free resources you stand to gain from this test prep course are FB study group, a DAT study guide, and of course, one free practice test for each section.

  • Customer Support

You can always get in touch with the customer support center via the feedback form provided on the page.

Final words

Choosing the best DAT prep course is a sure way of boosting your actual exam score. Some individuals have no problem with money, so they can readily go for the DAT Bootcamp or the DAT Destroyer Dynamite + Bio Review combo.

But, with heated discussions going around on the internet as to which between the two courses is the best, we couldn’t help but chip into it.

We hope you find our comparison helpful to guide you into selecting the one that best suits your needs.

Once you do, feel free to share what worked for you and why in the comment section.

Also, we actually did a few other comparison that you might find interesting:

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