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DAT Bootcamp vs Crack The DAT: Which One Is Better?

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A few weeks ago, we bought both DAT Bootcamp and Crack The DAT in order to figure out which prep course is better.

After ton of research and reading dozens of forum experiences from previous pre-dental students, I think we were able to come to a conclusion.

So, if you’re planning to use both or either the DAT Bootcamp or Crack The DAT, this article is a must-read.

Spoiler alert: DAT Bootcamp is far superior!

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dat bootcamp testimonial 2
datbootcamp testimonial 1

The all-in-one DAT prep that everyone is talking about is here, plus with a discount


Provides all the necessary materials needed to prepare for the DAT.

The best user interface in the industry.

An advanced markup feature to easily improve on your weaknesses.


Sometimes the videos can be too detailed

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Comparison of DAT Bootcamp vs Crack The DAT

Company DAT BootcampCrack The DAT
Full-length practice tests1010
Practice questions4670+4500+
Money-back guaranteeCROSS 1TICK 1
Free trialTICK 1TICK 1
Videos700++100 hours
Ease of useTICK 1TICK 1
Devices of useiPhone, Android, DesktopiPhone, Android, Desktop
Timing on testsTICK 1TICK 1
Access90 days180 days

DAT Bootcamp Overview

The DAT Bootcamp hasn’t been making headlines for no reason. The test prep course allows you to have a free feel of what to expect, before deciding whether to upgrade or not.

And no, it isn’t a software, so you don’t have to deal with failing systems and the like. All you need is to have a stable source of internet, and you will be ready to learn as much as you want.

Some of the impressive features of this prep course include;

  • Full-length practice tests

Full-length practice tests play a crucial role when it comes to standardized exams such as DAT.

The main focus of these tests is to give students a glimpse of what the actual exams look like. And the DAT Bootcamp exam-like practice tests are not different.

When you upgrade your membership, you will enjoy accessing 10 full-length exams for each section.

Yes, you heard it right! Ten! This means you’ll access at least 60 of them. And if that wouldn’t be enough to help you understand the testing patterns of DAT, then I don’t know what will.

Besides, according to most students who have undergone through this course, these practice tests have a difficulty level similar to the actual Dat test.

  • Problem Questions

If you want to measure how much concepts you have mastered from your previous study session or topic, you need to answer a few questions.
The DAT Bootcamp provides you with 4670+ such high=yield questions to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing where you stand is the best way to polish up on some areas before moving to the next topic.

It also saves you from piling up work, which could become frustrating. Imagine handling thousands of questions at a go! You would definitely make you freak out.

I also love the well-explained detailed answers that help you understand why your response was wrong, and the tiny difference between being right and wrong.

  • Videos

An online prep course won’t make sense if it doesn’t include several videos. This is because it’s easy to memorize the content you can see than what you can only read.

DAT Bootcamp promises to offer you 700+ HD strategy videos, which will not only help you polish your test-taking skills, but also give you fantastic tips on how your spiced answer can earn you a good score.

I also love Mike’s videos, which will help you understand the various chemistry concepts.

  • Price

The current pricing of the DAT test prep Bootcamp is $497 for 3 months access or $897 for 6 months access.

You can also decide to take a site tour on the first few days, take the free 1 practice test on each section and see how things unfold.

If you love the experience, you can proceed to register for an upgrade.

I would advise you not to rely on the free membership. Instead, consider upgrading for a great experience that will boost your score.

Well not unless you’re in this for fun, which I doubt.

  • Ease of use

Generally, I love the fact the site allows you to go through numerous inspirational stories, access a study guide, bookmark some questions for later use, and of course access your past test results.

The site is user-friendly, and you can easily navigate through it without help.

And if you’re a non-traditional student, you will appreciate the APP option, which makes learning on-the-go easy through iPhone or Android.

Also, the classroom feel will help you concentrate, especially if you have a problem studying alone.

You can read more about the DAT Bootcamp here.

Up to $90 OFF


dat bootcamp testimonial 2
datbootcamp testimonial 1

The all-in-one DAT prep that everyone is talking about is here, plus with a discount


Provides all the necessary materials needed to prepare for the DAT.

The best user interface in the industry.

An advanced markup feature to easily improve on your weaknesses.


Sometimes the videos can be too detailed

Use code at checkout: TESTPREPPAL10

Crack The DAT Review

As its name suggests, the Crack The DAT course is meant to help you prepare for success.

With thousands of other test prep companies out there, you must be asking yourself why you should even consider choosing it over DAT Bootcamp or other courses, right.

Well, let’s have a look at some of its outstanding features for a fair comparison.

  • Full-length practice tests and Problem questions

Once you purchase this package, you gain access to over 4500 questions. The questions cover all the subjects, and they focus on helping you enhance your test-taking skills.

There are also around 10 full-length questions, which will help you weigh your time-management skills.

Also, answering questions frequently helps in boosting your confidence and improving accuracy whenever answering problems, which is essential in scoring highly in the DAT.

The best part is that you receive detailed explanations of all the answers. The explanations will help you master how craft answers so that they can come out correctly, especially when dealing with tricky questions.

Also, the analysis report of each exam exposes your strengths and weaknesses, which makes it possible for you to polish on essential areas before exam day.

The questions are on a constant update, so you can be sure to practice with that’s relevant in the current exam window.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

There’s always something attractive about test prep companies that offer a money-back guarantee option.

The simple gesture shows the confidence they have in their product, and that makes students more confident when making a purchase.

Crack The DAT seems to understand that pretty well as they offer a 100% money-back guarantee, but only on their DAT bundle package and Royal flush editions.

So, if by any reason you manage a final score of 14 or less, then you stand to receive your money back. But, you must have evidence of preparing for DAT using Crack The DAT.  Therefore, don’t even consider going around pulling pranks.

  • Software

The prep course comes with the original DAT exam-identical software, which will give you a feel of the actual exam format.

You can use the software to familiarize yourself with the break policies, break-time, and many more.

Remember, information is power, and sometimes it’s all you need to walk into that exam room with the confidence of a winner.

  • Free-Trial

Sometimes seeing is believing, so if you can’t seem to get any positive review about Crack The DAT from anyone you can trust, you can always begin with a free trial.

All you need is to create an account and peruse through the content to see if you love the offers.

You can even take a shortened DAT practice test while at it, and use the results to decide whether you’re up to the challenge or not.

And yes, the results will come with an analysis report, which is essential in weighing your capabilities.

  • Ease of Use

I find the website pretty easy to navigate. The content is well-organized, and the menu gives you ample time in locating various features.

Plus, you can download the software on your Mac or Windows computer, iPhone/ Android and use your internet browser to peruse through the study materials.

  • Customer Support

I have come across many positive reviews about Crack The DAT customer service.

Most students say that support is readily available and care for your needs.

So, you can relax knowing that you can always reach out for assistance whenever the need arises.

You can contact the customer service by calling, emailing or filling up the question form on the website.

  • Videos

I can’t insist enough on the importance of videos and illustrations in your preparations for the DAT.

Crack The DAT ensures you gain access to 3200+ of high-quality videos, which are mainly explanations of various concepts and crash courses to help you learn the various study tips, exam-taking tricks and strategies.

So, prepare yourself to learn from the experts.

If you love classroom sessions, then this will make you feel right at home!

  • Price

Currently, the course goes for $399 and it gives you 180 days of access.

You can also opt for only the PAT perpetual Ability Pack, which costs $199 instead of $499, or the Reading Comprehension Pack, which costs $99 instead of $299.

Verdict: Which One Is Better?

The significant shortcoming that I noticed with Crack The DAT is the fact that it doesn’t extensively cover all the content you require to be adequately prepared for the DAT.

I feel like DAT Bootcamp has a slight edge over Crack The DAT in that particular area.

Also, the user experience and the interface of DAT Bootcamp is just superior. While Crack The DAT has also a functioning interface, DAT Bootcamp just feels more premium.

When it comes to accessibility, Crack The DAT provides better convenience as you can download it and browse without an internet connection. However, you have to reconnect the software to the internet every 2-3 weeks to continue using it.

You can’t, however, view videos without internet connection just like the DAT Bootcamp, so in this category, I guess it’s a draw.

The questions and the full-length tests for both prep courses are top-notch. And they are pretty the same in number.

But although both the Crack The DAT and DAT Bootcamp questions are tough, I realize that DAT Bootcamp presents the difficultness which is pretty similar to the actual DAT. So, here DAT Bootcamp seems to take the lead.

DAT Bootcamp also has a little bit more practice questions, which could be ideal for individuals whose most interest is the art of question answering.

The good thing with Crack The DAT is that it has various offer options that can accommodate on-budget students, unlike DAT Bootcamp, which is a bit rigid in this section.

The two companies seem very competitive with similar features, so it’s difficult to decide between the two, especially if you don’t have to worry about the price.

The fact that Crack The DAT comes with a Money-back guarantee plus 180 days of unlimited access makes it attractive.

However, the extensive nature of the DAT Bootcamp’s content, makes it my ultimate choice. Also, the question marking feature that DAT Bootcamp has is very convenient in helping students track their progress effectively.

Also, we actually did a few other comparison that you might find interesting:

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