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Best PCAT Prep Courses In 2023

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Not many colleges require the Pharmacy College Admissions Test as an admissions requirement. 

Still, taking the PCAT can give you a leg up during admissions, but only if you get an excellent score, which is another challenge that comes with the PCAT.

If you find yourself in this dilemma, a test prep program would be your best choice, allowing you to prepare effectively and efficiently for this standardized test.

With so many options in the market, though, how do you find the best PCAT prep course that will be just right for you?

Comparison Table


The PCAT Prep Class

Kaplan PCAT

Study.com PCAT

PCAT Booster


From $169


From $899

From $59.99

From $149

Access Period

1, 3, or 6 Months


4 Months

Monthly Basis

90 or 180 Days







Video Lessons

100+ Hours


120+ Hours



Diagnostic Tests?






Full-Length Practice Tests










53 Sets

42 Sets

Practice Questions






Mobile App?






Score Guarantee?






Which PCAT Prep Course Is Right For You?

  • The best overall PCAT prep course that we recommend is CrackPCAT.
  • If you often study on the go or need a prep course that will be accessible even in remote areas with spotty internet connectivity, we recommend The PCAT Prep Class
  • The best PCAT prep course to study for the Chemical Processes Section is PCAT Booster
  • The PCAT prep course with the highest quality video lessons is Kaplan
  • The most representative PCAT program that’s very similar to the real exam in terms of the content tested is PCAT Booster.
  • The PCAT prep course with the most flexible membership options, including a free trial, is Study.com

Best PCAT Prep Course In 2023

1. CrackPCAT Review

CrackPCAT Review

CrackPCAT offers three subscription options. You could pay $169 for a 1-month membership, $249 for 3 months, or $ 349 for a 6-month membership. 

This way, you could pick the subscription length that best suits you depending on how much study time you have before exam day.

This comprehensive PCAT prep course offers a wealth of resources ranging from video crash courses, study guides and cheat sheets, flashcards, and plenty of PCAT practice tests and questions.

Starting off with the diagnostic tests would be a good idea, not just to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses but also to help you get a glimpse of this course and its offerings before you sign up.

Offering over 100 hours of PCAT crash course video lessons, 100 full-length tests, over 20,000 flashcards, and over 2,500 practice questions, rest assured that this course covers every subject and topic you need to know in readiness for the exam.

Furthermore, you will appreciate the video explanations containing over 25 hours of detailed answer solutions to all the practice questions in this course.

Another feature you are bound to love is the 75 writing section simulators that will definitely sharpen your test-taking skills, boosting your score on the PCAT. 

By comparing your performance to that of others, CrackPCAT allows you to accurately estimate and predict your PCAT score so you can best identify your strengths and weaknesses.

This PCAT course is designed to automatically update and sync seamlessly on all your devices. 

With the ‘Crack the PCAT’ mobile companion app, You could go from working on your PC at home and picking the course right up where you left off while studying on your iPad during your commute.


– Strikingly similar to the actual PCAT in terms of content and difficulty. 

– Similar test layout to the real exam.

– Offers plenty of practice material.

– It can be accessed anywhere, at any time.


– None. 

2. The PCAT Prep Class Review

The PCAT Prep Class Review

The PCAT Prep Class by Dr. Collins is an excellent PCAT review program that’s been around since 1994, so you know they are very experienced in PCAT prep.

This course costs $275, and once you sign up, the material shall be shipped to you in hardcopy format.

In addition to that, you also get linked with an instructor who will act as your point of contact should you need some one-on-one assistance in any of the PCAT sections.

The high-quality study resources comprise over 700 pages of material in each section, i.e., Biological Processes, Chemical Processes, Quantitative Reasoning, and Critical Reading.

The best part is that this material is always up to date in accordance with the most current PCAT exam version, so you can rest assured that the resource is very representative of the actual exam. 

Furthermore, should any updates come up after you have signed up for the course, you will have the updated supplementary material availed to you. 

On the one hand, the hardcopy material is excellent in that you can conveniently study on the go without having to rely on electronic gadgets or getting frustrated by technical glitches while trying to access a website.

On the other hand, the PCAT is a computerized test, so the hardcopy exams in this course will not give an accurate feel or familiarize you with the real exam, which is often a vital aspect of PCAT prep. 

Nevertheless, this high-quality program comprises condensed study guides for each area and a ton of timed practice exams. You also get unlimited email contact with the instructors, catering to all your study needs and questions. 

All the instructors are highly qualified professors with years of experience in PCAT prep, so they know exactly what you would need to be thoroughly prepared for the exam. 


– Condenses all the relevant material into handy study guides.

– Offers a ton of practice exams.

– Up-to-date content that is representative of the real exam.

– No technical glitches or interferences while studying. 


– Hardcopy material doesn’t give a feel of the computerized test.

3. Kaplan PCAT Review

Kaplan PCAT Review

Kaplan offers two study options: the Self-Paced course for $899 and the Self-Paced PLUS course for $1,299.

The only difference between these two courses is that the Self-Paced PLUS program comprises 2 features not offered in the Self-Paced course: 3 hours of one-on-one tutoring and an additional Math foundation program.

As one of the most expensive PCAT prep courses, it’s good that Kaplan features a free consultation. This way, you can start off by talking to an expert to see exactly where you stand and whether this course would be a good fit for you. 

Additionally, this program also offers some free practice materials that you can use to get a feel of the course before you commit to signing up. 

The video lectures comprising hours upon hours of guided prep are pretty much the best part of this test prep program. 

You get 120+ hours of online instruction and practice and 34 interactive video workshops covering frequently tested topics. All videos are available on-demand, meaning you can access them anywhere, anytime.

In addition to the video lessons, the Kaplan PCAT prep also comes with convenient PCAT review notes, which you can use to supplement your own notes.

A qualified instructor will help you develop a personalized study plan ensuring you maximize your study period and make optimum use of the study resources available to you as you prepare to take the PCAT.

Aside from presenting you with a horde of practice questions, tests, and quizzes, this course additionally features score-boosting strategies taught by experts and designed to enhance your test-taking skills.

The one area where this course falls short is that it could include more material covering human anatomy and physiology. Other than that, though, Kaplan is definitely one of the best PACT prep courses you will find in the market.


– Engaging and high-quality video lessons.

– A comprehensive resource with excellent teacher support. 

– Features some free practice materials. 

– Offers a higher score money-back guarantee. 


– It’s pretty expensive.

4. Study.com PCAT Review

Study.com PCAT Review

Study.com is an online learning platform that prides itself in offering affordable education. Membership starts at $59.99 per month, and you get a 30-day trial period allowing you to check out what the course offers before you can fully commit to it.

You can access some lesson snippets before signing up, but you will need a membership for full access to the course. 

The Study.com PCAT course includes video lessons, quizzes, subject-based chapter tests, practice tests, and flashcards.

The video lessons are a particular favorite amongst many students. 

These bite-sized lessons, created by subject matter experts, are designed to be short and fun, keeping the learner pleasantly engaged but without taking too much time to put a point across.

Another perk is that each video comes with a written transcript, and this combination of written and video lessons is quite handy. The format encourages conscientious note-taking while keeping things interesting with a combination of learning approaches.  

There is a practice quiz after each lesson to help reinforce what you have just learnt, and after each chapter, you get a comprehensive practice test covering all topics within that chapter.

Besides the quizzes and chapter tests, you also get course practice tests that more comprehensively cover all subjects, similar to what you’ll encounter on the real PCAT exam. 

If there is one thing you can be sure of, it is that Study.com will offer you plenty of practice in each section of the PCAT.

Not only that, but you will also find the detailed video answer explanations quite informative, helping you understand why your answer was the wrong choice.  

Furthermore, you can get on-demand help from expert instructors anytime you feel stuck. 

In addition to covering test prep, this program includes a study guide, whereby you are equipped with study aids and scheduling tools to help keep your test prep on track.

Another handy feature is the mobile app, allowing you to conveniently study anywhere, anytime, even when you are on the go.


– Offers a free 30-day trial. 

– Very well-organized lessons.

– The short videos are well-explained and precise.

– Has really nice answer explanation videos. 


– Does not have any full-length practice tests. 

5. PCAT Booster

PCAT Booster Review

PCAT Booster prides itself in offering the most up-to-date and representative PCAT test prep content.

To start off, the program offers two membership options. You could pay $149 for a 90-day membership or $249 for a 180-day membership. 

Furthermore, you can pause your membership and resume it whenever you choose to, so that’s definitely an added advantage that many other PCAT prep courses don’t offer.

The course includes video lessons, practice tests, practice questions, study notes, flashcards, PCAT strategy videos, and recommended articles and reading strategies for the Critical Reading section. 

It is worth noting, however, that perhaps PCAT Booster places more emphasis on the Chemical Processes section, which is the only one that features video lessons.

You have 116 General Chemistry videos and 87 Organic Chemistry video lessons covering important high-yield information you need to know for the PCAT exam.

Besides the chemistry videos, the Chemical Processes section also has excellent study notes and review sheets, helping you fully master all chemistry formulas and understand when to use each one.

Just as well there are plenty of General and Organic Chemistry practice questions to ensure you get in plenty of practice.

As much as Chemistry appears to be the main focus of this program, the other sections have been covered pretty comprehensively as well, ensuring you get a wholesome test prep approach. 

The practice questions come with excellent, detailed answer solution videos, comprehensively explaining exactly where you went wrong and showing you how to navigate the different types of PCAT questions. 

Just as well, you are bound to love the strategy videos, offering step-by-step guidance on how to beat the PCAT.

What’s the bottom line, though? If you are particularly weak in Chemistry and have been struggling with the Chemical Processes section of the PCAT, then PCAT Booster is just the test prep course for you.


– An excellent resource for the Chemical Processes section.

– Easy-to-navigate layout.

– Offers a variety of materials to suit different learning styles. 

– Has very detailed answer solutions.  


– Could offer more video lessons.

What Are The Top Features To Look For In A PCAT Prep Course?

a. Types Of Study Materials

What kind of PCAT study materials is a particular course offering? 

The best PCAT prep courses will offer various study materials, the aim being to cater to learners with different learning styles and help you take in information through a variety of mediums.

Study materials can be video lectures, practice tests, questions, subject notes, flashcards, PCAT books, etc.

b. Quality Of Video Lectures

Video lectures are often the reason why most people go for a test prep course. These videos can present complex information in an easy-to-understand format while appealing to audio-visual learners. 

Watching a video lesson can be far better than simply reading a book, but the lecture has to be done just right to keep the learners interested and engaged.

The best high-quality video lectures will often be presented in a  dynamic visual fashion, featuring visual aids and animations, instead of simply watching an instructor explain something on the screen.

At the same time, the best videos should be detailed yet concise to keep the content delivery short and sweet.

Another aspect is that these videos should be an on-demand resource that you can play anywhere, at any time, and at any speed of your liking.

c. Practice Material

Whether it’s practice questions, quizzes, or full-length practice tests, you will need plenty of practice problems to put your knowledge retention to the test after content review.

The best PCAT test prep courses will offer various problems from various sources and are completely independent of what you’ll encounter in the full-length tests. 

It is also best if a course offers you the freedom to control the parameters in which you can complete these problems: timed or untimed, topic-based or subject-based, etc.

Another thing to consider here is that the PCAT is a computerized test, so if you want to reduce test-taking anxiety on test day, you will need to practice taking full-length exams that simulate the real test. 

d. Value For Money

Value for money isn’t so much how much a course costs as it is how much value you are getting from that program. So choose wisely, taking time to understand exactly what a prep course offers before you commit to signing up.

Some test prep courses can be quite costly, but most students wouldn’t mind parting with the extra cash if it means getting higher-quality study resources and test prep guidance.

Just as well, some courses can be pretty inexpensive, to the point where you may wonder how they actually make money. It may seem that they likely don’t make a dime from offering their test prep programs, yet they still offer top-notch study materials.

Best PCAT Prep Course FAQs

Which Is The Best PCAT Prep Course?

The best PCAT prep course that we recommend is CrackPCAT. 

From their flexible membership options to their numerous study resources, you will love everything this prep course offers. Not to mention that the program is also reasonably priced.  

How Much Does A PCAT Prep Course Cost?

Some PCAT prep courses may cost as little as $150, while others may cost as much as $1,299.

The point is you can pay as much or as little as you can afford. It all depends on what you are looking for in a prep course and using those expectations to guide your choice of a suitable program.  

What Is The Best Way To Study For The PCAT?

The best way to study for the PCAT would be to do plenty of practice. This can be in the form of questions, quizzes, tests, full-length exams, etc.

Not only that but also make sure you take practice problems from multiple sources, as this will help protect you from any question construction bias that may come with using a single source.

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